She Thought She Wanted Revenge


My co-worker Joyce just found out the night before that her husband had cheated on her.  I overheard her telling our boss, Alice, that he had stepped out with his secretary.“That fucking douchebag had the balls to do it in our bed too,” she said through her tears.“How on earth did you find out?  Are you sure?” Alice prodded.“When I got home last night, I saw her driving away from my house.  He was in the fucking shower and I smelled their sex in the bedroom.  That god-damned schmuck.”“Did you confront him?  What’d he say?”“Yeah, I flushed the toilet and when he bolted from the shower I told him to get the fuck out.  He had the balls to smile and ask me if I wanted to do a three-some with her. Jesus Christ, I could fucking kill him.”“Did he leave?”  Asked Alice.“After I called the cops, yeah, he did.  After he left I took all his shit and threw it on the front lawn.  I called a locksmith this morning to change the locks. I need the rest of the day off, is that okay, Alice?”“Hell yes.  Take as much time as you need.”Joyce walked out of Alice’s cube after thanking her and headed straight to her own, next to mine.  We had been cube mates for almost four years at that point and I never thought of her marriage as being in trouble.  It seemed that things were far different now.There were many times that she would be having trouble with a program and ask for my help.  Normally I would stand behind her, looking over her shoulder as I helped out. On a few occasions I even gave her neck rubs as we talked.  She always relaxed when I did and never failed to comment on how nice my hands and the massage felt. I would be lying if I said I had not considered what it would be like to let my hands roam to her chest, or open my fly and lay my dick on her shoulder.“Bill,” she said snapping me from my reverie, “Do you have a minute to walk me to my car?”“Anything for you, beautiful,” I said using one of my pet names for her.“Carry this please,” she said handing me her gym bag.We walked to her car.  She opened her doors and told me to throw the bag on the passenger seat.  After I did she motioned me to come stand by the driver door. She shut the door and opened her window.“I suppose you overheard me talking to Alice?”  She asked.“I did and Joyce, I’m sorry that happened to you.  If there’s anything I can do to help, all you need to do is ask.”“Thanks Bill.  That’s sweet of you.  I can’t think right now even though my head is spinning at about a million miles an hour.  Is it okay if I call you later if something comes up?”“Sure Joyce.  No problem. I’ve told you before, if there’s anything you need I’m always just a phone call away.”“To tell you the truth Bill, I’ve always just listened to that with half an ear.  I’ve just thought you were coming on to me. You would always say that after you rubbed my neck.”“It’s not a come on, I promise.  Just call me okay?”She put her warm soft hand on mine and promised to call if she needed me.  She then rolled up her window and left the parking lot. I went back to my desk and tried not to think about her predicament, but to focus on my work to finish out the week.  I was just about to log off my computer when my personal cell vibrated in my pocket.“Hello?” I queried with only a local phone number showing on the screen.“Bill, it’s me Joyce.”Worried, I said quickly, “Is everything okay, are you hurt?”“No, no, everything is fine,” Joyce assured me.  “Look, I don’t feel like cooking for one tonight, would…  Are you free tonight?”“Sure I am, what are you thinking?”“I’d like to go someplace and just have a nice dinner.  Would that be okay with you?”“Sure,” I said, “what do you say we go to The Reds?  Do you want to meet me there or would you like me to stop by and pick you up?”“No, the neighbors are nosey enough already.  The Reds would be great. I’ll meet you there in an hour.”“Sounds great,” I said starting to run through all I would need to do in an hour.I hung up, called the restaurant and made our reservation, logged off my computer and headed straight for home.  I wanted to grab a quick shower and dress a little nicer than I normally do for work.Arriving at The Reds a few minutes early, I was surprised to see Joyce’s car in the lot.  I parked next to her and we got out at the same time. She had dressed up some too, sporting a flowing blue silk dress that accented all her womanly charms.  Her short blonde hair fell just to her neck above perfectly sculpted collar bones and it was obvious she wore no bra as her nipples were teased by the silk to stand firm against the material.  As she rounded the front of her car, I had to wonder if she had any underwear on at Pendik escort bayan all as her firm ass slid smoothly below the blue dress. She was certainly a sight to behold. I knew she worked out daily in the neighborhood gym every morning, but her work attire gave no hint to the lithe tight body she possessed on her five foot eight frame.“Thank you so much for this Bill.  I can’t tell you how much this means,” she said placing her hands on my shoulders and giving me a peck on the cheek.“I told you I was never more than a phone call away,” I said as we turned to walk into the restaurant.“Wait,” she said stopping and taking my elbow, “I need to say something to you before we go in.  I was on the phone with my sister all afternoon. Long story short, she told me I should get revenge on that shit hole.  I just want you to know this, our going to dinner isn’t that. I mean, it is a little, us being seen in public together where people I know might see us, but I’m here because you’re a friend and I trust you.  Know what I mean?”“Of course I do.  But before I forget to say something, I have to tell you that you look spectacular.  I always knew that you’re beautiful, but all the rest of you, my god, why have you been hiding it under the clothes you wear to work?”She took my arm and started strolling toward the entrance and said, “Because I never wanted to be objectified. I like what we do in work and, well, work should be just that, work.  Now, I have some ground rules for our conversation during dinner, okay?”“Sure, what are they?”“Just one.  No talking about that cheating son of a bitch.”“Agreed,” I said opening the door for her and objectifying her ass as she walked in.After I pushed her chair in I sat next to her at our table in the middle of the restaurant.  Our conversation flowed easily across all sorts of topics. The food was excellent and the wine was even better.  We danced a couple of times, mostly slow stuff. Her firm breasts pressed to my chest excited me to no end. Holding her in my arms I was careful not to let our groins come too close.  The last thing I needed was for her to feel how excited she made me feel, lest she think my lust was getting the upper hand.Of the two bottles of wine we consumed, I think I only managed a little over two glasses.  She never seemed impaired, that was until I had paid the check and we stood to leave. Her balance was a little off so I held her by the waist as we walked out.  It felt really good to hold this woman in my arm as we approached our cars. She began digging in her purse for her keys, so I stopped her.“Joyce, I really don’t think you should drive.  Let me drive you home, then I’ll come back in the morning and bring you back here for your car.”“I’m fine, really,” she said beginning to walk unsteadily on her own.She almost fell and I caught her and said, “No, you’re not.  Come on.”I led her to my passenger door, opened it and helped her in.  I had touched her neck on several occasions when I gave her the quick massages, but that didn’t compare to the feeling of touching her magnificent body, even if it was fully clothed, dancing or just walking together.“Bill,” Joyce said almost as if she were out of breath, “here, take my keys and get my gym bag please.”“It’ll be here in the morning,” I assured her.“No, I’ll need it tonight.”“Okay,” I said taking her keys.  I unlocked her car, grabbed the gym bag from the passenger side, locked her car back up, went back to my car, threw it in the back and got into my seat.  I called into the restaurant to let them know her car would be there overnight because I was driving her home and then called the police and did the same.  We did not need them trying to figure out why it was parked there.As I started my car, Joyce said, “Bill, would I be too much of a bother if I stayed at you place tonight?  I could just crash on your couch.”“I’ll have none of that,” I replied.  “If you’re going to be my guest, then you’ll stay in my guest room.  Are you sure?”“I just can’t go home and sleep in that bed.  I slept in my own guest room last night. My back was killing me this morning.  It’s no wonder my guests don’t stay for more than one night,” she said chuckling.“Okay, your wish is my command,” I said pulling out of the parking lot and heading home.Once we were in the house, I led Joyce to my guest room, pointing out the other rooms and bathroom as we went.  I put her gym bag on the bed and turned to leave.“Wait, Bill.  Can you help me with this,” she said turning her back to me and indicating the zipper of her dress.I got behind her and slowly lowered the zipper.  So Escort Beykoz many naughty and wonderful things went through my head as more and more of her skin was exposed.  I was proven right about her being braless, but wrong about the lack of all underwear. Her thong was nothing more than string, at least from the back.  Mesmerized by the expanse of beautiful flesh, I stood frozen in time until she cleared her throat.She turned, holding the straps of her dress to her shoulders and said, “Thanks, this room is lovely.  What time do you normally get up on Saturdays?”“Um, seven or so.  You?”“About the same I guess.  I’ll see you in the morning.  And Bill, thank you.”“Sleep well,” I said exiting her room and shutting the door.I remember thinking that I would have given almost anything to have planted a camera in that room.  What a body she had been hiding all this time. Her husband was more than just a fool for cheating on her, he was a plain, downright idiot.  Any guy in his right mind would give his left nut to be with a woman like Joyce.Entering my room and closing the door, I got undressed and climbed into bed.  I thought about the beauty in the next room. Her clear soft skin, her beautiful face, her breasts pressed to my chest as we danced, her beautiful tight ass swaying invitingly beneath her dress.  In short order I ruined a handful of Kleenex, rolled over and fell into a dreamless sleep.I awoke to the wonderful aroma of coffee.  Opening my eyes, I saw the steaming cup on my bedside table.  My covers were at the bottom of the bed, so I must have kicked them off sometime during the night, and since I sleep in the nude, I was on full display whenever Joyce had brought the coffee in.  I truly hoped she enjoyed the sight of me as much as I would have enjoyed seeing her. I pulled on a pair of gym pants and a tee shirt, brushed my teeth, peed and headed down to the kitchen. The sight that greeted me as I came into the kitchen was one I will never forget.  Joyce’s naked ass.She stood at the stove in only an apron.  It was tied at the waist, concealing her front, but her gorgeous butt was on full display for my horny eyes.  “I hope you don’t mind me borrowing one of you aprons.  I heard you up and decided to make us some eggs,” she said as she moved over to the sink.Her pink lips parted slightly as she glanced over her shoulder at me.  She had applied a small amount of makeup making her a true visage. So much more than I had ever thought the night before.  The naked globes of her ass protruded slightly from the back of the apron. My first thought was to strip, stand beside her and kiss every inch of exposed skin.“Bill,” she said.“Uh, yeah, you’re fine, I mean, that’s fine.  I don’t mind in the least.”“How honest can you be with me?” she asked.“Totally honest, but you’re making it hard to think, wearing just that apron.”“I don’t think that thinking is the only thing I’m making hard,” she said grinning and looking down at my expanding crotch.“Well damn, Joyce, how do you expect me to react seeing you almost completely naked.  Christ, you are stunning!”“Thanks,” Joyce said as she went back to the stove and turned the eggs.  “Just sit at the table and enjoy your coffee while I finish these up.”“How ‘bout I get us some OJ to go with ‘em?”“Good,” she said.  As she put the eggs on two plates she asked, “Did we do anything last night?”“Yeah, we went to dinner,” I said as she put the plates on the table and sat next to me.“No, I know that, what I mean is when we got here, did we do anything?”“No, I showed you to your room, undid your zipper like you asked and then went to my room.  Why?”“That’s why I want to know if you can be totally honest with me.  I don’t really remember much after we got to my room. Do you always sleep nude?”“Except on really cold winter nights, yeah, I do.”“When I brought you your wake up coffee, I noticed a wad of Kleenex in your wastebasket.  I was wondering if you needed them to clean me up.”“No, I needed them to clean myself up.  This is kind of embarrassing, but after I got you to your room, thoughts of our dancing and of you, well, I got kind of worked up and I had to masturbate before I went to sleep.”“Really!” she retorted.Shit, what had I done.  Now I was mortified, I had just admitted to objectifying her and stroking one off.  But here she was sitting next to me, practically naked and asking me about my spent tissues.Then she relieved my worry by saying, “When I climbed between the sheets, I had the most realistic dream of you and me, well, doing stuff.  I touched myself and I was so wet, I was sure the dream was real. Cevizli escort I masturbated to you last night too.”“Well,” I said after swallowing, “aren’t we just two peas in a pod?  Now it’s my turn to ask you something. Do you always cook in just an apron?”Joyce smiled and said, “When I brought in your coffee you were sporting a really nice morning woody.  It was a tough temptation to resist, but I must admit that I hoped you would come into the kitchen looking and dressed the same way.  I was hoping maybe you are a nudist. Maybe I would get to feel a little more of you against me than the few times it brushed against me while we were dancing.”“Shit Joyce.  I am a nudist, but you’re my guest here and you’re going through something I wouldn’t wish on an enemy.  I’m really trying hard to think of you, just, you know, platonically.”“Fuck platonic,” she said standing and untying the string to her apron.  “Now, get those clothes off and stop treating me like I’m broken or something.  If you’re a nudist and this is your home, then you should just be the way you want to be.”I drank all of her in.  Perfect round globes topped with pert puffy nipples adorned her chest above a completely bald pussy.  Light from the morning sun outside gleamed off her slightly moistened lips. She sat back down and I shook my head trying to clear my mind of the lascivious thoughts that coursed through me, stood and stripped out of the few things I had on.  My cock was at about half staff and growing as I sat back down to finish breakfast. Joyce had looked right at my cock after I had stripped and I could see her smile a little as she licked her lips.How, I do not really know, but we managed to finish breakfast.  Together, naked, we washed and dried the dishes and had everything put away in about five minutes flat.  I refilled our coffee mugs and I led her to my den.“So, what do you normally do on Saturday mornings?”  Joyce asked me.“I normally put on a robe, grab the paper from outside, put the robe away and do the crossword.  What do you do?”“What I do doesn’t matter in your home.  Go. Go get the paper. I’ll still be here when you get back.”So, I did just that.  I sat back down on the couch and folded the paper in quarters and picked up a pen.  Joyce moved next to me and asked if she could work the puzzle with me. She took my arm in hers and snuggled against me as we worked though the clues.  The smell of her and the feeling of her warm naked skin on mine made it very hard for me to concentrate. She was making all kinds of things very hard.“Bill, I think you need some attention,” she said placing her hand on my thigh and gently pawing me with her fingernails.I turned my head to look into her eyes.  She stared back at me then brought her soft supple lips to mine.  We slid against each other and I felt her lips part, inviting me, letting me know that platonic was the last thing on her mind.  Our tongues met and danced in a wet, slithering waltz. She tasted of coffee and hunger. I let her know of my own hunger and passion.  Her hand came to rest on my fully erect cock and her fingers slowly wrapped themselves around me as she began slowly squeezing and stroking my hardness.  She turned into me, straddling my knee and working herself against me slowly with a deliberate rhythm to match her rising and falling fist.Let it never be said that seduction is one sided.  With one hand on each cheek, I pulled her to me, helping her grind herself on my leg and intensifying the pressure of our lips, of our passion. I wanted, I needed more.  I moved my hands down and began to explore her wetness. Her lips felt puffy as my finger slid up and down through her wet slit. I sunk two fingers deep into her, causing her to groan into my mouth.  Deliberately, I matched her pace with each stroke of my meat. Her clit rubbed against my leg, her breasts pressed into my chest and her wetness flowed through my fingers. She was on fire and she pulled my head harder down against her lips.  I stroked her ass hole with my other hand as my assault on her cunt quickened. Her legs were the first sign as they began to quiver against mine. She pulled from my lips and threw her head back, exposing her neck to me. This was another of her erogenous zones.  First licking, then nibbling and finally gently biting and sucking on her neck threw her over the edge.She came in a convulsive orgasm that shook through her entire body.  When she could breathe again, she melted against me and I held her gently in my arms and stroked her silky hair.  She lifted her head and looked into my eyes, smiling all the time. Joyce kissed my lips tenderly, and then she kissed my chin.  I knew where she was going as her body slowly slipped down mine and her kisses, like the touches of butterflies made their way down my chest and stomach.  She stopped at my navel and explored me with her tongue as her hand once again wrapped my cock in a warm firm embrace.

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