She Smiled at Me


Throughout high school I was a typical jock. I played football and basketball and dated a lot. Mostly though, I was interested in sports and beer. So, although I dated a lot I had never done anything more than some heavy making out in the back seat of my car.

Soon after graduation I joined the navy and was sent to San Diego for basic training. It was soon after that when I had my first experience…

I was traveling cross-country from San Diego to my assigned duty station in Norfolk VA and throughout the trip I had been having car trouble. Little things began to go wrong like my dashboard lights flickering, the electronic gages moving wildly and the radio turning on and off. These things didn’t seem to effect how the car was running, so I continued on to Norfolk.

I got in the general area of Norfolk at about 1 am. About that time the entire electrical system in the car gave out, leaving me with no head lights. I pulled into a crappy little bar in Portsmouth, VA. and went inside to see if it would be ok for me to leave my car in the parking lot until morning.

When I walked in, I was so out of place. The bar was filled with rough and tumble biker-types who clearly did not appreciate having a newbie sailor in their midst. Being young and dumb, I shrugged it off and went up to the bartender to ask about leaving my car. She was in her mid-20’s and very attractive but she had a hard edge about her. She was tall, about 5′-10″ and had reddish-brown hair to the middle of her back. I noticed her tight jeans right away, and her tight white tank top… the uniform of a bar maid at this type of bar.

I explained my situation to her and she said it would be fine to leave the car. She asked me if I wanted a beer. It was right before closing time and I decided that I really had nothing better to do as I didn’t need to check in until 8 am the next morning, and I still hadn’t figured out how to get anywhere with no means of transportation.

As she made her rounds for last call, she asked me where I was going to go with no car. This was not the neighborhood to walk around in at 2 am. I told her I would probably walk the 5 miles to the base and check in with my ship. I suppose she sensed that I wasn’t really sure what to do.

She asked if I wanted to stay at her place until morning, stating that I could call a tow company in the morning. Being rather inexperienced with women, it never crossed my mind that she may have other things in mind.

About 2:30 we left together and got in her car. She drove me to her house, which was about 10 minutes away. It was a dump, but I had seen worse. The exterior was run down and in need of both paint and carpentry. I figured that this beat any other offer I would probably receive that night so I just decided to make the best of it and figure something out in the morning. Walking in, she told me to have a seat on the sofa and she Bostancı Escort would get us a drink.

Again… I never suspected a thing.

She told me that she wanted to get out of her smoky bar clothes and that I should make myself comfortable. With that she turned and walked away. It was a classic move, making sure I was watching her with every step she took away from me.

I was sitting on the worn sofa in the living room watching her TV when she came back into the living room. She held a beer in her hand and was wearing short, short, shorts and the same tank top she had on in the bar. This time, however, it was obvious she had no bra on underneath. She took my breath away.

I could see her dark nipples under the material of the white tank top which was stretched tightly across her breasts. Her breasts were full, and swung loosely beneath the thin material with each movement of her body. She smiled at me, knowing what was going on in my head. She then sat “Indian-style” on the sofa facing me, the smile never leaving her face. I tried not to look at her, but she wanted me to look. Her shorts were pulled tight against her crotch, only a thin band of denim hiding the soft skin beneath. The cut-off edges of the shorts so tantalizingly close to the soft spot where her legs joined. My eyes traveled up and down her thighs, pausing to take in how smooth her skin looked. She smiled at me again, knowing I was excited by this sight.

I was sipping the beer, trying to catch glimpses up the legs of her shorts as she moved on the sofa. Finally, she simply took the beer from my hand and leaned forward, lightly kissing me. Not a word was spoken…

Her hand went to my chest, then slowly her finger tips traced downward to my belt. I was so nervous, sitting there, not moving. She smiled at me and moved to the floor, her body tight between my thighs. Never breaking eye contact with me, she undid my belt, then the button, then slowly lowered my zipper. I could hear each and every metallic sound as my zipper was lowered.

When she had my pants undone, she pulled on the thighs of my jeans. I knew she wanted them down. I moved my hands to the waistband and pushed my jeans down over my thighs; past my knees… she pulled my shoes off, then my pants. This left me wearing only a tee shirt, with this beautiful woman kneeling between my thighs.

I had never had oral sex before, but knew it was about to happen. She looked down at my now hard cock, and took it in her hand. She began slowly feeling its length, moving her hand up and down, and gently squeezing the shaft. Her thumb pressed against the underside as it moved up my now hard cock, milking the pre-cum to the head…

She wrapped her hand around the shaft of my cock, leaving the head exposed. She looked up into my eyes, and lowered her head. I have the image of her head moving toward my cock Ümraniye Escort burned in my memory.

I then felt her tongue touch the tip of my cock. A shock went through my body. She flicked her tongue across the tip several times, and then she pressed her lips around the head. I had never experienced such a feeling. Holding the head of my cock between her lips, her hands moved to the tops of my thighs, and her head lowered. She took the entire length of my cock into her mouth in one slow motion. I could feel her wet mouth engulf me inch by inch. Then back up, I could feel the cool air on each exposed part of my cock, wet with her saliva…

My head fell back against the sofa and I closed my eyes, never imagining that such a feeling was possible. I felt strong, powerful, and in control… but I knew it was she who was in control. She sucked me at her pace, knowing that with each movement of her lips and tongue on my cock that it was she who controlled me. I didn’t move, didn’t run my fingers through her hair, I didn’t take her head between my hands and force her to suck at my pace… I sat there, submitting to her on her terms.

She stopped after a few minutes and again smiled at me. No word was spoken as none needed to be. She stood up and took my hand in hers, gently pulling me up off the sofa. She lead the way to her bed room, and I followed.

Standing next to the bed, she removed my shirt and I stood before her nude. I just stood there, not sure what was expected of me or what I should do next. She read my thoughts and slowly removed her tank top. I was in awe as she stood topless before me, our eyes locked. Slowly, she lowered her eyes downward, looking at my naked body. I did the same, always following her lead. My eyes explored her face, and lower, down her neck and across her upper chest. My gaze stopped at her perfect breasts. They were neither large nor small, but just perfect. Her nipples were dark and hard, the skin slightly crinkled from both the cool night air and her own excitement.

Her hands moved slowly up the side of her torso and cupped her breasts as if offering them to me. Our eyes locked again as her hands moved down over her flat tummy to the button at the waist of her shorts. She looked down, and so did I. I watched as her fingers released the button, and then lowered the zipper. The shorts fell to the floor on their own and she stepped out of them.

…and there we were, both standing naked in front of the other. Our eyes exploring each other’s body and our minds feeling the excitement build.

She sat on the bed and held my hand in hers. She gently pulled me down onto the bed next to her and I, of course, complied.

She then pushed me back onto my back and lay next to me. Her head was resting on my chest and her hand was lightly stroking my chest. This was so comfortable, so familiar, so soothing…

Her Ataşehir Escort hand moved lower and began to wonder if this was a dream. Lower still her hand moved, until her finger-tips touched my soft cock. I began to stir… my cock responding to her touch for the second time that night. She took my cock in her hand, squeezing it as it hardened. Squeezing and gently stroking…

Her head began to move down my body. I could feel her lips kiss my nipples, her tongue flicking across them. …and as her head moved lower, she kissed and licked her way down my tummy. All the while her hand continued to squeeze my cock, coaxing it to its full length.

I shuddered as I felt her lips touch the very tip of my cock. Gently, she kissed the point where her lips made contact with my cock. Her hand released my cock; the only contact was her lips lightly touching the tip. Her tongue flicked out again, across the tip. Then she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock. Her tongue moved back and forth across that sensitive part of the underside, beneath the head.

I closed my eyes and moaned, as her lips parted and took my cock between them. I could feel the hot wetness of her mouth engulfing the head of my cock. She sucked… hard… approaching that thin line between pain and pleasure.

I felt her mouth open slightly and move further down the shaft of my cock. Slowly… I could feel my cock being sucked into her mouth inch by inch. It felt so warm and wet as she applied just the right amount of pressure, while lightly dragging her teeth across the shaft.

She pushed her mouth and lips lower still until I could feel her nose against my balls. My cock rested fully inside her mouth, the entire length surrounded by her hot wet mouth. She then began to move her mouth up and down the shaft, sucking hard when just the head remained in her mouth. She could sense that this was much for me and that I would not last long. But, it was not about lasting long, it was about her desire to suck my cock, to make me cum… to swallow me and make me hers.

My orgasm built quickly because of skilled technique and I didn’t hold back, knowing this is about cum, not lasting long. My muscles relaxed and I just enjoyed the feeling of her mouth milking my hard cock.

As she began to taste the pre-cum she increased the pressure her mouth was placing on my cock. Knowing I was close, she pushed her head down, again letting my cock fill her mouth, and then she pulled back very slowly… Releasing my cock inch by inch… feeling my building orgasm…

My body tensed and she knew what was about to follow. She sucked harder on the head of my cock while her hand squeezed and firmly stroked my shaft. I started to cum… one powerful shot, than another. I could hear her swallowing quickly as my cum flooded her mouth and instead of backing off, she began to suck even harder.

Her hand squeezed its way up the underside of my cock, coaxing each drop of cum from me… I gasped, then sighed as the last of my cum pumped into her mouth and she swallowed one last time as I felt my cock begin to soften in her mouth.

She looked up at me and smiled…

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