Sharing Most Everything And A Twin!


Sharing most everything and a twin!

It was Thursday.

Why do Thursdays seem to take so long to come around? Maybe because I so look forward to seeing Badger.

I helped him a lot on his allotment plot last week and he showed me how to prick out new seedlings in his shed.

He showed me how to prepare a box of soil, firm it down and make several small holes with what he called a ‘dibber’ and then gently planting the seedlings into each hole.

Of course that had to stir up some banter which Badger and I constantly share, it makes for a good and wonderful relationship.

And also of course, because it wouldn’t be Badger if he didn’t – he stood behind me rubbing me with his quintessential I loved sop much.

The connotations one can derive from the term; ‘pricking out’ and ‘dibber’ can be endless and when we are in heat our sex buds are often aroused.

It is all good fun though and part of being with Badger. Just like it always was, that warm feeling behind. That’s why he bought me a pair of customised jeans with the 4 inch zip at the rear, he just loved to tease me, unzipping and rubbing his well defined hard wear between my ass cheeks. He knew that way I’d soon sink to my knees, twist around and give him a real good deep oral job.

Anyway, this Thursday I was in for a bit of a disappointment and surprise because, on arriving at our usual rendezvous, the allotment hut, I knocked at the door announcing my presence with the line; “Hey Badger, time to get your dibber in action and start prickling out” and who opens the door but this other guy.

I was knocking at the right door wasn’t I? That was the first thing that came into my mind but the guy laughed and said not to be alarmed, that he was Badgers brother Mike, that Badger had a tummy bug and asked him to come, tender the watering at the allotment.

“Oh! Right” I said seeing that he had a likeness to his brother

“No problem, I will see him next week I guess.” I said trying not to look too disappointed, and smartly turned and went to leave.

“Hey, Alex – you don’t have to go. Badger has told me all about you. I am his twin, Mike is the name. Okay we are not identical twins but we share most everything.”

He paused, glanced around looking inside the hut and continued: “except the dibber of course” and I instantly saw the funny side of that.

“Come inside and have a coffee and a chat” he said. “My brother wont mind – he thinks the world of you and I can see why. You have certainly made him feel young again. Good for you mate!”

What started as a disappointment ended as a new awakening in meeting Badger’s delightful brother, who had so much in common with his Badger.

I really hadn’t figured on anything more than just a chat, but what developed quite simultaneously was marvellous;

“I know all about you so don’t be shy, Alex. You are a lovely lad and I can see Badger’s interest in you.”

“He has told you everything, Mike?”

“Of course, you don’t mind, do you? it wont go any further than these four wooden panels.” Mike. Assured; “As said we share nearly all?”

He looked at me straight in the eyes and in his tone of voice I knew what he meant. But how could I cope with that and even if I did like the idea, which I did because of the likeness, how would Badger feel if I’d been with his brother and in his shed -the shed we had shared so many wonderful and perfect liaisons.

And when Mike made his desires more plain, just touching my left thigh in a very provocative way I moved away.

“I cant, Mike, I’m sorry.”

“Why, I will make it nice for you, Alex?”

“It just wouldn’t be fair on Badger, we have grown so close I wouldn’t like to jeopardise all that!”

“Look Alex, you won’t. Badger says it will be okay, trust me, I’m his brother and as said…”

“I know” I interrupted. “You share all.”

He grinned and I felt comfortable with him. Perhaps I would then. He seemed genuine and to be honest, come Thursday’s I was always horny for this so wonderful sessions with Badger. It was just that it was someone else that’s all, well not just someone else, it was his twin brother, with whom he shares most everything!

Thinking about it I cherished the idea of being shared, It made me feel sort of special.

And now the thrill in thinking just how different or similar Mike would be in a sexual way. He was as cuddly as his brother, had a good stance for his middle age and altogether a very attractive ambience about him. Yes he was rather nice.

But never-the-less I still wanted to be sure it was okay with Badger, It was his property after all and what he and I had shared in that shed was very private and sacrament.

“Tell you what” I said to Mike. ” Let’s just go for a walk around the allotment site if you like, to get more acquainted with each other huh? I’ll show you Badger’s Brussels sprouts and onions, he very proud of them and you may know he won best onion qualification early this year at the local horticultural show.

“Sure, Would like that. Betturkey And no, I didn’t know about my brother winning a computerising for his onions” he grinned mischievously.

I’m glad he agreed, it would give me the opportunity to phone Badger when I visited the allotment toilets, so long as he didn’t want to go too. If he did I would pretend I didn’t after all and use the mobile phone outside.

It was that important to me to get the sanction of Badger, I would just hate to upset him.

I needn’t of worried. Badger said he and his brother were very close, that he was up from his home in Wales for a week and staying with him. So it was up to me what ever I wanted to do, and the allotment shed was there for our pleasure,

“Tell you what Alex, Badger continued; ” I have been thinking about this for a long time but wasn’t sure how you’d feel about it, but now I can see that you are attracted to my brother maybe the three of us can get together some time in the future, would you like that?”

I was flabbergasted, Lost for words for a while but flashing through my mind was a picture of the three of us. I gulped and managed to get the words out; “Okay Badger, that would be nice because Mike said you share almost everything, so why not?”

Mike came out of the toilets with a lusty grin, almost like he knew I had been phoning his brother.

“You know I said I didn’t want to go for a pee Mike?, well I do now, just a mo Huh?”

He grinned some more muttering something about; “Well yes, you will need to be comfortable.”

I could not help thinking, as I was guiding my cock into the urinal that very soon – if Badger was anything to go by, Mike would be enjoying taking his pleasure with it and thinking of that, I felt my a swell in my groin and knew then that it will be just fine with Mike.

As we walked back Mike was full of compliments. “You have a great carriage, Alex and I love the way you dress.”

“The braces and tight jeans are your brother’s thing, he says they bring out the very best in me” I said,

Mike slowed to let me get ahead and then replied; “Yes I can see what he means ” and I saw him have a quick feel of himself which was a real turn on for me. I was in ore and wished I was feeling it but I thought it wouldn’t be very long and I just knew as we made tracks back to the hut that I would soon be stripping for him and enjoying whatever that led too.

Just before he opened the door he gave me a quick slap on the rear which I knew was a signal for what was to come…

At least I was comfortable in my head now that all was fine with Badger and he would not be cross. Maybe I could just pretend it was Badger as things progressed if I closed my eyes.

This was some special time coming up in my life.

I enjoyed the walk with Mike, We talked some and enjoyed the countryside. He is a writer of local history and is married to Angela.

Naturally I delved for more information in the direction, wondering why he was interested in a homosexual relationship and so on.

He said he was happily married but the sexual side of their marriage was more or less dead, that is could do with something to re-energise it but he had lost interest in wanting to do that. He’d always had designs on going with another guy and it wasn’t until he’d got talking to his brother that made him think, and with his brother saying just how good it was with me, he would like to try. He explained too that he would be quite frank in telling me his wife was not interested in anal sex ,which was rather a turn off .

And there was Badger going on about just how good it is and what a great fuck I was that he got a rise thinking about it.

I said that he and his twin really did share and wondered what else he knew about Badger and me.

“Would you like to see some pictures of Angela?” Mike asked on our return, taking an envelope from his pocket.

“Wow!” They were not just picture pictures if you know what I mean, one or two of them were and she was a really beauty – I couldn’t understand what he saw in me looking at her attributes. But the other six he handed me beautifully showed them both together in the most intimate positions.

I complimented him – she was really gorgeous and it did make me a little bit apprehensive about his interest in me. But that is what he wanted and his obvious keenness in wanting me made me feel rather special.

“I will have to introduce you to Angela, perhaps next time we come down here on holiday. Perhaps the three of us can get together, I really think she may lime that..”

“You’d want to do that?” I gasped.

“Look, Alex I have always been open and honest with Angela. I have already said I am meeting you today so she knows the score, and do you know something?”

“What’s that?”

“I do believe this is the element that might just put a new spark into our marriage.”

I was baffled, how did he mean? I asked him.”

“Well let’s put it this way Alex, she was not at all put back, in fact quite the contrary Betturkey Giriş – and there was me thinking well just maybe she’d like a bi-sexual thing.”

“Huh?” I was still confused.

“Well, she showed no remorse, In fact I could see her eyes light up. I really do think she would maybe like the three of us to get-together.”

“You mean? …”


I was thinking everything was happening unexpected in my life. First meeting up with Badger’s brother for a good set to in Badger’s domain and now this, . But I’d never been with a woman let alone share one on a bisexual basis. But thinking about it maybe it would be nice, life was for learning, Badger had taught me so very much about sex and I loved him for that, and all those beautiful happenings we had shared together in his allotment shed.

But now the thought of something new presented me with new horizons. Then the pictures Mike had just shown me fucking his wife flashed in my mind .Low and behold I was getting a real fruity hard on which Mike was quick to notice.

“You would like that huh Alex?, just you and me and the Mrs. Just think of the new possibilities, I could have all the ass I needed while she enjoyed your, cock, as you can see she loves cock -you would really like her Alex.”

I was stuck for words, all I knew is that I had a real hard on which needed urgent attention and Mike was already going through the motions or rubbing me up through my jeans. It was going to be heaven.

“It feel so good and full, Alex” he whispered going down as he rubbed me and sniffed me there.

“Badger told me all about your zip-up jeans so he could fuck you in your jeans.”

“He certainly has shared with you” I breathed, feeling his hand go around my rear searching for the zip.

Like brother, like brother I was thinking. But it was fine, I wasn’t going to object.

Well he made no hesitation in unzipping me at the back and his other hand was still feeling my cock.

“I have the best of both worlds” he smiled, his hands deliciously feeling through the unzipped rear and front of my brush jeans.

“I can understand why Badger so likes you in braces the way they truly enhance the look of your hind.” he felt me some more at the back and at the front simultaneously.”

“You feel so good, Alex. How about we take these off so that I can get a good look-see?”

My whole being was tingling now that we had got the preliminaries over, and I knew I was in for a new thrilling episode with the delightful Mike.

I slowly dismantled with his help and enjoyed the way he eyeballed me, His expression said it all and as he began to massage himself I placed my hand over his and nodded my head to whisper that I would do it.

I unzipped him and saw that he was half hard beneath his briefs. I began to squeeze and massage and felt it start to swell in my hand, it felt divine and I could not wait to get a proper look.

We just stood there for a moment in the sheer magic of that first so intimate moment enjoying and being enjoyed. In my book there is nothing like it. It is an initiation for things to come, it was a moment just to be there together facing each other and gently rubbing each other up.

His cock felt warm and lovely, he slid down his briefs and it sort of popped out and upwards. It was so lovely.

Unlike Badger he wasn’t circumcised so I was going to enjoy a whole new thrill. We closed our eyes and continued to discover each other in feeling, touching, cupping and squeezing until we were both well and truly stiff.

He whispered for me to twist around, he said he wanted badly to feel how it would feel between my ass.

That was so good, I turned and stooped slightly for his pleasure and immediately felt his heat slide between my ass cheeks as he gently stretched them apart.

“Alex that is so fuckable and whole” he breathed and then I felt the wonderful surge of his cock- head against my hole and cherished the moment with this brand new guy.

I wriggled for him, that’s what Badger liked and reached my arm beneath, under my crotch until my hand reached his warm firm hanging balls, squeezing them as he massaged his cock against my asshole.

It was so soothing and I felt as comfortable with Mike just as I did his brother and just felt we were both perfectly matched for what was to come.

“My brother knows how to pick ’em. I adore your ass, it is made for all the fucking it can get”

I responded with those throat sounds and leaned over steeper so he could examine me like he said he wanted to. He wanted a real close-up of my brown hole. I closed my eyes adoring the moment and wondering if he would do the same as did Badger at this point.

Well he did. When I felt his stretch my cheeks wide apart again and glanced around to see him on his knees, stiff wanking himself as he pushed his face between my cheeks it almost felt just like Badger having his weekly suck and oral and I was more than happy just to chill and enjoy that certain feeling that Betturkey Güncel Giriş one cannot describe because it is so beautifully gratifying and wonderful.

But I did say it was almost the same. The difference was Mike had a moustache and although t tickled at first the feeling became more sensual as he started to push his tongue into me and circle.

And it was interesting too that unlike Badger he seemed to enjoy spanking my ass cheeks, gently but enough to make my bum sting a little.

“Just say if I go to far” he whispered between massaging my ass with his mouth after each slap, But I was quite happy receiving this guys joy in sucking and licking me there and his balls felt like putty in my hands as I heard him grunt each time I squeezed, feeling the need for his stiff fuck with all the pampering he was giving me.

He said he’d like to fuck me with my jeans on and so I pulled then up again, fastened them to my braces and watched him enjoy my stance, bending over for his fuck after he’d unzipped.

He was breathing very heavily and I knew I was in for a good rough one, he was quite huge and I hadn’t even had the opportunity to suck him yet, but first things first, he wanted my fuck and I wanted his deep inside .

“Where does Badger keep the fucking’ lube” he yelled and I could see he was frustrated, He was wanting my fuck and how! I said it was beside him on the bench, he said for me to lean across the bench and give him my best arch and there I was, just like it was with Badger, all set for him, all ass for him and how!

He rubbed the lube into my hole, at this stage Badger liked to stretch and prepare it first with a vibrator shaped like his cock and had great fun fucking me up with it. Should I tell Mike I wondered? but maybe not, he seemed at a point of no return so it was going to be a good hard stiff throbbing cock inside me with absolutely no preparation.

The language was different, Badger was almost silent except for the grunting but Mike was yelling he was going to fuck my ass blue and afterwards he would fuck me more, on the armchair, on the floor, he wanted to feel how it fucking felt from behind, the front, sideways, scissors and all..

An he almost got it into me first time and yes it did hurt. I moved side to side feeling the heat of the bulge inside, he had me like a nail hammered into a board and was hammering the head deeper into me as I felt him start to thrust..

I gritted my teeth and took the strain, but then his fuck numbed me and it felt so nice then, sliding in and out of me.

With Badger he’d pause occasionally so we could both feel the throb of each other in deep fuck. But Mike seemed to want to get on with it, he whipped it out of me several times and plunged it in again making me jump and yell.

And then he nailed me, making me sit stretched wide over his lap as he pounded me with cock again, his hands busy with my cock and balls and I was away in a complete frenzy – then after all that he took me laid flat out on the floor from behind, wiggling over me and pressing it up my well stretched asshole like a piston engine.

I was getting to the point of not return and felt the spurt as Mike took it in his mouth and forced his into mine as we lurched into a sixty nine position.

Now I lavished the taste of rampant cock once more but this a little different, something I could get my tongue into, sucking him up beneath his foreskin and stretching it back to get a good taste of his pungent earthy cock

We were both full of each other for the final surge and the taste of his hot spurting cum filled my mouth, dribbling down the side of my chin,

I felt myself cum too like a volcano, he was sucking me all up like a good’un’ It felt good and wonderful and we just laid there until we’d sucked each other dry.

As with the habit with Badger; after a break I started to get my briefs and jeans back on, and made sure the little zip at the rear was fastened. It was just long enough for Badger to be able to fuck me in jeans, which was one of his things, and sure enough his brother had tried it too, but not for long, her preferred them off,

“What are you doing Alex?” Yelled Mike seeing I was dressed. “You fucking take them off again, we are not finished yet by any mark!”

Wow! Now this was different to his brother, by this time he was spent but I could see Mike had other ideas.

“I want to make the best of that ass while I can get it” he grinned. “You Don’t mind me being a bit forceful do you?”

I guess I didn’t, it made for a change and I was okay with it. But grasping a new erection he said he needed a Pee. I showed him the little door which adjoined to the chemical loo. There was running water from a tank which was useful after Badger and I had messed up a bit, and with Mike it was no exception.

But I didn’t expect him to come back holding what he was holding in his hand. And no, it wasn’t his cock, it was Badger’s new anal vibrator he’d only used only once with me, he must have left it in the loo after last time, washed it in the water basin I guess.

I explained to Mike and he was most taken by how it worked. “Multi speeds, a choice of angles and even variable surfaces for greater sensitivity, I bet the ribbed one feels good Huh Alex?. I guess, knowing Badger, he has already tried this with you?”

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