Share the Road


On a short vacation, I am riding my Harley on a deserted stretch of road, enjoying the beautiful day, getting lost in my thoughts. I notice a bike parked off the shoulder and slow to see if the rider is around. I see no one, and continue my ride. A short distance ahead I see you walking alongside the road. I can tell you are the missing rider by your leathers. The way they fit your body sends a chill up my spine.

I slow, and as I do you turn and stop walking. I come to a stop just behind you and ask if you need help. A sheepish grin tells me what I needed to know… you’re out of gas. I offer two solutions to the problem. I can go to the nearest town, get a can of gas and return, or you can ride bitch. You laugh, and I feel my pussy clench… I love your voice. I can tell by the way you carry yourself, your slight arrogance, confidence and the look in your eyes, that you like control. The sub in me is instantly attracted. I wonder if you can see it.

You tell me you will wait by your bike while I fetch the fuel, hand me a few Rize Escort bucks and off I go, promising to return as quickly as possible. It takes about 30 minutes, and I return. You put the fuel in the tank, and make sure your bike starts. You tell me that while I was gone you looked around and that there is a great view from across the grassy area where we are. I am a little apprehensive, you are, after all, a stranger. But for whatever reason, I shove my unease to the back of my mind. There is nothing about you that makes me feel that I am in any true danger.

We walk to the edge of the grassy area and I see that it drops off to a few large boulders with a beautiful view of a valley. You hold out your hand to me and I take it, letting you lead me to the boulders. We spend several minutes making small-talk. Then you lean toward me and touch my cheek. You tell me I am beautiful. With one hand you cage my jaw, and I immediately relax. I know now that you did notice my submissive tendency. With your other hand you wrap my long Rize Escort Bayan braid around your fist and tug until my neck is bared to you. You kiss it, biting gently, but firmly, the kisses turning more passionate as you move to my jaw and then my mouth, laying claim as you explore with your tongue. Breaking away, you take off your leather jacket and spread it on the rock, motioning for me to kneel. I do and you stand before me, unbuttoning the fly of your jeans. I gasp as your cock falls heavily into your hand. It’s beautiful, long, thick and veined, pulsing in sync with my pussy in silent communication of lust.

I reach up and wrap my hand around it, and take it into my mouth… I cup your heavy balls in one hand, kneading them, keeping the other firmly on the base of your cock as I lick and suck greedily. You groan, your hips bucking toward me, spurring me on. You wrap my braid around your fist again and pull. I moan and I feel your cock jump. You moan again and I increase my efforts.

Suddenly you pull Escort Rize me away, I whimper at the loss as you pull your cock from my lips. You tell me to take off my jeans, and as I do, you produce a condom from your pocket and quickly sheath yourself. You order me down on all four and drop to your knees behind me. With your hands on my hips you enter me with a hard thrust.

One hand finds my breast under my shirt,you pinch my nipple hard and I cry out from shock and pain. The other hand once again finds my braid,pulling hard, bending my neck back towards you. You set a rhythm, hard and punishing.

The only sounds are our moans and groans as we both race to orgasm. I reach mine first, screaming and writhing … you thrust a few more times and with a shout you join me, your loud grunts heralding your release.

You collapse over my back, and we both fall to the rock on our sides. Lying there a few minutes until we can breath normally again, you discard the condom, we button back up and then share a laugh over what just transpired, easing the sudden awkwardness.

We walk back to the bikes, and discover that we are heading in the same direction for at least a couple more days. We decide to ride together, share the road and perhaps a bed or two before going our separate ways.

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