Sexy Time


Sexy Time

Copyright June 2020

You stop me just inside the door with a passionate kiss, letting our tongues twist and dance in each others mouths. You slip your hand inside my jacket and feel nothing but skin. You slip the jacket open enough to see I’m wearing nothing but black fishnet stockings and high heels.

You groan and grab my ass letting me feel how turned on you are as I can feel your cock growing harder against me. You pull me fully inside and shut the door. Pushing me against the wall, you begin kissing me again playing with my tits and squeezing my nipples with your fingers making me moan in your ear. I pull away from your kiss, look you in the eyes, and say “Taste me.”

You nod and slide down positioning yourself comfortably, you put one leg over your shoulder for better access and suck my clit into your mouth. You alternate between sucking and licking my clit toying with my lips and you slip your tongue inside my pussy as my juices start to run freely. I grab on to your head and am grinding my dripping wet pussy against your mouth.

You have me dripping, needy for release, but instead of giving it to me, you stand up, take me by the hand and lead me into the play room. You have all your favorite toys laid out in various places throughout the room. You stop and turn to me now stripping me of my jacket so I’m now bare except for the fishnets and heels. Your wearing only sweatpants with no underwear, and they are hanging dangerously low on your hips.

You turn all business like now that we’re in your play room, as you turn to me with a blindfold in your hand and instruct me to get on my knees. I kneel down and you place the blindfold on my eyes. You then tell me to put my hands behind my back and open my mouth. I do as I’m told and smile as I feel your hard cock brush against my lips. You slowly slide all the way in my mouth as you entwine your fingers in my hair to help guide my head the way you Sincan Escort want me to move to match the thrusts of your hips. Slowly and repeatedly I’m swallowing all of your throbbing cock as you thrust in and out.

You remove the blindfold and tell me to look at you so you can see my sexy eyes. I look up at you as you continue to fuck my mouth and you take one of your hands and start playing with my nipples. You tell me then you want me to blow your mind while you fuck my mouth. I then bring one of my hands up and start stroking your cock while I take over sucking on it as hard as I can instead of just letting you fuck my mouth. You groan and pinch my nipple. I feel your cock pulsate as you’re getting close to exploding. I just start sucking harder making you grab the back of my head as you thrust into my mouth as you cum. I swallow and make sure I’ve licked everything off your cock that I can.

Shaking your head, you pull me up to a standing position, kiss me again, and whisper, “Now, it’s your turn to cum.” Taking my hand, you lead me over to the bed where you have your handcuffs ready on the bed posts. “Lay down in the center of the bed.”

I get up on the bed and hesitate momentarily to which you smack me lightly on the ass just enough to cause a sting making me draw in a quick breath. “Do it baby,” is all you say. I lay in the middle of the bed hands laying across my stomach, waiting for your next instruction. You sort of lay next to me, but not fully laying down. You take my hands and place them above my head and then you half way roll on top of me pinning me in place. You lean down and kiss me while taking one hand and raising it fully above my head and handcuffing me to the bedpost. You continue kissing me while repeating and handcuffing the other hand.

Once my hands are secure, you run your hands back down my arms caressing my skin, whispering to me how soft Etlik Escort my skin feels to you. You nibble on my neck, trailing kisses down my collarbone until you get to my breasts and you take one nipple in your mouth gently biting it causing me to moan and arch my back trying to push it further in your mouth. You push me back down with your body weight and continue moving downwards quicker now so you can secure my legs so I can’t move so easily.

Once you’ve securely handcuffed my ankles you pause to view me spread eagle now on your bed. You kneel down on the bed and start kissing at my knees working up my thighs until your kneeling between my legs. You look to make sure I’m watching you as you bend down and flick your tongue across my clit. I immediately try to arch my back to give you better access but am stopped by the restrictions of the cuffs. You suck hard on my clit making me moan as you slip first one finger, then two inside me. I can feel your cock growing and throbbing against my leg.

You reach across to your side table that has our toys on it and then lift me up slightly and spread my ass cheeks as you bring out my “princess plug” as you have began calling it. You wet it with your mouth and slowly slip it in my ass making me moan. You look up at me, “Good girl, always keeping it so tight for me, and your so wet, dripping baby, do you want me?” You begin finger fucking me again with two fingers while waiting for my answer.

As my that first orgasm hits me, I rock my hips against your hand and say, “Yes, baby, I want you to fuck me, I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t stand up!”

You pull your fingers out of me slowly, and crawl up kissing my body along the way until you slip your hard throbbing cock into my pussy. You thrust your cock all the way in until your balls slap against my ass. Another orgasm hits as both your cock and the plug have now Çankaya Escort filled me completely. You pull back and thrust in again hard and another orgasm causes me to squirt and now my juices are flowing every where as you keep pounding into me and reaching down you start playing with the plug causing them to keep coming.

You ask me if I’m ready for my ass to be fucked and I tell you, “Yes.” You stop long enough to un-handcuff my hands and feet, then you pick me up and just throw me back down on the bed. Pulling me into a kneeling position on all fours you spank my ass before spreading my cheeks to remove the plug.

You groan telling me how good my ass looks to you. You slowly start sliding your cock in my ass and my moans start growing louder the deeper you get. You lean over kissing my neck as your sliding deeper until your balls hit my pussy. I rock back against you and you tell me how good it feels.

You begin to slowly move planning on taking your time fucking my ass, but I’m so worked up, I’m thrusting back against you and you soon begin to lose control. You grab a handful of my hair and start pounding my ass, I’m begging you to fuck me harder and faster as you feel my ass slamming against your thighs over and over you pull me up to you by my hair and tell me your going to cum in my ass.

I answer you by turning my head and kissing you. While at the same reaching around and I grabbed your ass and I dug my nails in just enough to get your attention and then drug them across your ass scratching you knowing it would drive you crazy. In response, you growled and shoved me down grabbing my hips and pounding into me as hard as you could as you lost control. You reached down and semi-gently pinched my clit, and I orgasmed again, just as I felt you throb and explode in my ass, you thrust in fully to make sure I got everything you had. You slowly pull out of me and turn me to you for a kiss.

Breaking the kiss, you look me up and down over again and ask, “Fishnets?”

I look at you and smile with a devious grin, “Well, you told me I couldn’t surprise you with anything. I wanted to prove you wrong.”

Shaking your head you smile and say, “Ok, well, you proved me wrong.” Then you kiss me again as you lay down on the bed holding me.

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