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It was nearly 5 and I was waiting for my last parent conference of the day. After a full day of teaching chemistry to high schoolers and nearly three hours of back to back parents meetings with concerned parents, I was tired, cranky and definitely not looking forward to this next meeting. Angela had been having problems of all sorts in my class and I had no idea how to discuss this with her parents. My worries were interrupted by a soft voice.

“Excuse me, Mr. Peters” she said walking in out of the pages of a magazine. A magazine with very adult fantasies. Her dark hair framed a knock-out face with blazing eyes and a full, pouty lips. Her business suit was unbuttoned to reveal a sliver of lace and an eyeful of bosom. Her dress stopped a few inches above her knee, covering well-rounded hips. My reverie was broken as she continued, “I am Angela’s mother, Mrs. Burton”. She continued to walk toward allowing me to admire her swaying hips on black pump heels a little longer. I grabbed her hand to shake thinking if she dresses like this to work, who gets any work done in that office. Forget hand shakes, let’s shed these clothes and fuck. This was quickly followed by “get a grip on yourself, man. This is a parent of a child in trouble.”

I started with the usual things getting her to share her concerns. I nodded sympathetically, starring directly in her eyes, mainly to make sure my view did not drop to the inviting cleft between her solid breasts. She spoke about how her daughter had become rebellious and hard to speak to, how her friends were not always savory, how different raising a daughter in this cosmopolitan world was so different from how it had been her native Peru. I understood and soon we were talking about growing up today and what we observed as parents and teachers. I told her that Angela had many excellent qualities including a sharp mind for science if she had more confidence in herself and is she spent more time on studies.

“That’s what I tell her, but it is hard when her father is away on business trips so often”, and then she was quiet. I waited for her to continue, but she turned her face away.

“Go on” I said, and after a long silence she told me about problems she and her husband were having, the women he had in other towns and how this was messing up Angela. Tears formed in her beautiful eyes. I looked at her face and then down to her chest where I could now see her lace bra and the beginning of dark areolas above the lace. She must have hug nipples for that much to be visible, I thought. I remembered who and where I was and I stood up and went across the desk and brought her to her feet and held her as she cried quietly. I could feel those lovely breasts against my chest and I thought of her daughter’s body in comparison to this goddess. Most men are surrounded by mature women and lust after teen flesh. I am always in the company of young women with their tight asses in tighter pants and firm, perky tits pushed up with the latest push-up bras, so I crave women with round hips and breasts I could sink my teeth into. Mrs. Burton was definitely such a woman at her prime and I could feel my dick twitch against her belly Ordu Escort as I held her. After a few minutes she stopped, kissed me on the cheek and said she had better go.

“Call me if you ever need to talk” …or want to do anything else, I thought as I saw her ass walk away from me. Her skirt was tight enough for me to catch glimpse of panty line left by her thong panties.

It was a few weeks later when I got a call after school. It was Mrs. Burton wanting to come talk to me. I was surprised as Angela had really got her lovely young ass in gear and was doing much better.

Mrs. Burton walked in, even more of a wet dream than last time. She was wearing a similar tight skirt and open business jacket. She sat down at one of the lab benches and began,

“You said I could call you if I needed to talk, and I do. The bastard wants to leave me. He says he no longer finds me attractive.”

“You are gorgeous, Mrs. Burton” I mumbled staring at her breasts, but noticing that I could not see a hint of lace this time.

“Call me Marta,” she said standing up. Her dress had move up her delectable hips but she made no move to push it down. I could see her golden tan thighs and wondered about what was between those legs. She walked toward where I was and sat down at the lab bench before my face. She licked her lips and said, “I got a distinctive feeling last time that you did find me attractive …a feeling against my stomach when you held me.”

She smiled at me and opened her legs. I could look all the way up and I could see her lace panties.

“ I think you can make me feel beautiful again”

I stood up and revealed my now erect cock straining against my teaching pants.

“How is this for a opening argument” I said looking down at my groin. She threw her head back and opened her jacket revealing two equally weighty and erotic breasts with large, round nipples. I started and maybe even drooled because she laughed and squeezed them both, like a porn star might. She then grabbed me through my pants. I ran my hands up her legs, bunching her skirt at her hips and exposing the crotch of her lace panties. I knelt down and inhaled deeply. I could see her dark pubic her under the thin, moist fabric. I teased her by putting my mouth against the cloth and sucking at it. She had been wet for a while because I could actually drain some pussy nectar from the crotch of her panties. It may have been my imagination but I swear I tasted some picante mixed with pussy also. I slipped a finger in and groped around the wetness. With my teeth and my free hand I took off the panties and was rewarded with a sight of the hairiest pussy I had seen in a while.

“Hmmmm…and you smell like pure sex.” I said as I held aside her pussy hair and dipped the tip of my tongue to her lips. She moaned as my tongue touched her and grabbed my head for leverage.

She threw her head back and said “I want to be naughty. Fucking in your daughter’s chem. class…that seems so dirty …oooooooooh,” she had to interrupt that thought as I had started licking her entire pussy including periodic jabs at her hooded clit. I slipped two fingers into her pussy Ordu Escort Bayan and started moving them around in her increasingly sloppy pussy. With my tongue I focused on unhooding her clit and then I sucked it. She started shaking and as her moans became louder and louder I stuck one wet finger up her asshole. I looked up to see her long fingers working her nipples. The combination of my attention to her clit and the new pressure against her bunghole sent her over. She trembled all over, but held my face firmly to her crotch.

She lay back with her dress still bunched up and her pussy dripping her juices. I slipped off my pants and shirt and went back to her wide open pussy. As I licked her wet pubic hair, I noticed a little tattoo to the side. It was just a red heart, but the sight of this on the crotch of the mother of a student on mine and the fact that she had just come on my lab bench made me thrust my tongue into her again. But this time I licked her the other way and found my tongue circling her brown asshole. Sweat had started running down her body and had collected in her butt crack. I inhaled her pure scent deeply.

“Move your cock so that I can give you head” she moaned as I stuck my tongue into her open, tasty asshole. She helped my legs up and positioned them on either side of her face.

“Wow! Do you students know you keep this weapon locked in your pants?” she asked and then started licking the head of my cock.

“Yummy tasting too” she said and licked me from head to base and back again as I continued to lavish attention on her rear. As my cock became harder and reached its full length, this position made it hard for her to get the whole length in to her mouth so we turned around with her on top. I started tonguing her pussy as she sucked my cock harder. She massaged my balls and in response to my tongue returning to her asshole, she started probing mine.

“I want your cum in me,” she said in the naughtiest voice I had heard. She pushed me up and lay back on her back holding her ankles apart with her hands. Just as I was about to enter her she said, “You know what would really turn me on? Fuck me at my daughters’ bench.”

I walked her to where Angela sits. Marta bent over the bench and pulled off the skirt. I grabbed her ass and started squeezing. I pushed my cock between her ass globes sand ran my hands to her breasts, massaging them for the first time through her jacket. She opened the last of the buttons with one pull, exposing completely. her bra less tits. I was amazed again at how firm they were for a woman with a teenage child. My cock throbbed in appreciation against her asshole and she felt that.

‘Come inside!” she ordered and I did, massaging her erect nipples with one hand and finding her clit with the other. I stroked her slowly and patiently, until I could feel her dampness growing. Her moans became more urgent and she reached around and pressed me deeper into her. I looked down at her beautiful wide ass and noticed that her skin was one golden tone from her black pumps right to where she was bet over Angela’s chemistry desk. I figured this woman had found a place Escort Ordu to suntan naked on her belly, and the thought of this gorgeous woman lying naked in the sun was enough to get my cock throbbing in anticipation of an explosive orgasm.

“You have the most beautiful ass in the world,” I said running one finger along the deep crack.

“My husband prefers skinny Asians” she replied

“Forget him. He is missing out on real fucking with those tight assed women. I love the way your ass moves while I fuck you, the way your tits fill my hands as you bend over, the way your pussy muscles are well toned enough to massage my cock with every thrust, the way your clit stands up when I lick it, the taste of your pussy and asshole …”

I got no further with this guided tour of her luscious body as she started to moan louder and shake with her building orgasm.

“Fuck me …don’t stop …harder” and she started moving her ass faster bringing me to the brink.

“I can’t hold it anymore” I screamed as waves of her orgasm took hold of her pussy. As she contracted inside, expelling ounces of fluid, she brough me over the edge. I yelled as I came in her pussy, great spurts of white gooey semen filling her honey pot.

We kept moving together for a while, me collapsed over her back. I t seemed like she was rubbing some of her crotch juice against the lab bench. I pulled out, but amazingly I was still semi-hard. This had not happened to me since my twenties. Marta laughed and said

“You make me feel like a college slut again,” and got down on her knees in front of me, “they used to call me the blow job queen.” she said and took me into her soft, warm mouth. Her lips formed a tight seal around my head and she pushed the skin back gently with her teeth. The feel of her incisors on my exposed head was enough to bring me back to full erection. She kissed me from the head to the base over and over again, and then moved to my scrotum. She licked me so that I could feel the tip of her tongue outlining my balls. She moved further and tongued my asshole. I groaned in pleasure so she kept that up for a while, using her agile hands to stroke my cock.

“Oh lick my ass, you empress of blow jobs” I groaned as I looked down and saw this gorgeous latina move her face all over my nether parts. Her tits caught my attention and I grabbed them. Her nipples were indeed huge covering nearly half her breast surface.

“Let me fuck your tits” I said as she finished with my rear. She smiled and placed the head of my cock against her nipples. She pressed her erect nipple into my peehole where she had been tonguing me a few minutes earlier. My pre-cum coated her tits. She then placed the entire length of my cock between her massive globes and pressed them together. I started moving in copulation, and with each upward thrust, I reached her wet lips. She opened them and sucked me in. I could not hold back and I told her so.

“Come in my mouth, on my face, on my tits …” and with those words I did. The first shot hot her lips and cheeks; the second went deep in her mouth. She swallowed it and rubbed my still coming rod against her soft breasts as I covered he tanned titties with white, thick cock fluid.

“You are beautiful,” I said as she wiped the come on her face and tits with her fingers.

“I know that when I am with you” she said and stuck her fingers in her mouth to lick off the last of my cum.

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