Sexual Awakenings Ch. 04


Fourth story in the saga and I am loving the feedback so far. It’s all anonymous anyways so feel free to comment or contact me. Let me know if and why you liked it and what you might want to see happen down the road. The next six chapters are already in outline format so hopefully I can keep up the pace. Enjoy!


Chapter One – The Pre-Show

I can still remember the feeling I had that afternoon. It was a few weeks before my senior prom and it was on a Friday morning. Not only did I not have a girlfriend at the time but I didn’t even have a date yet. However, a lovely young lady had just allowed me to break out of the friend zone with her and she didn’t have a date yet either. I had waited almost too long to even ask her, she would later inform me that she had turned down three others waiting for me to ask, but when she said yes to my request it gave me a high that lasted for days.

The following days flashed by for me. Between class work, baseball practices, and my part-time job I didn’t really have a lot of free time anyways. Other than placing a rental order for a tux I really didn’t have much else to do. In between activities I found myself wondering how she was doing.

‘She’ was a sweet girl named Emily and was a striking eighteen going on nineteen years young woman. Emily stood just below my height and had the prettiest green eyes I knew. I had no idea what she’d be wearing that night, other than to wear green shirt myself, but figured she had it planned out long before I asked her.

I had done some planning myself and left my truck over at my friend’s house on the day of the prom. We hung out for the day and he ended up giving me a ride to Emily’s later on that evening. He would be hosting the after-party that Emily and I would be attending. Inside of the truck’s cab were two overnight bags, one for me, and one for Emily. Mine was standard fare, change of clothes and not much else.

Emily had been rather secretive about the whole thing though. If she had been able to figure out another way to get the bag there she probably would have chosen it. Since we were going to prom in a limo and then being driven to the party she wasn’t left with much choice. Still, I had to promise her four times that I wouldn’t look in the bag at all.

Finally the day arrived and I suited up in my three-piece tux. Since it was an unseasonably cool evening in late May I was not bothered in the least by the vest or jacket. I wore a dark green shirt and black tie under the jacket. Emily and I had arranged for the limo to pick us both up at her house so neither of us had to worry about transportation. My friend, Nick, dropped me off on the way to pick up his date. He came from a family with money and his dad had let him take the Corvette for the night. It was a beautiful cherry red and very powerful. Unfortunately it all was all city roads and no highways but it was still a very sweet ride. It was also over before I knew it. He sped off once I got out and I bounded up the front stairs to ring the doorbell. Her mother answered the door and welcomed me in.

“Well, well don’t you look handsome tonight!” Mrs. Strinn complimented me.

Emily’s mom looked very nice herself that night. She had on a pair of blue jeans and a black sweater that her large bosom appeared to be stretching out. Her blond hair had been pulled back into a ponytail and her red lips shined under the porch light.

She opened her arms for a hug. She seemed to have developed a habit of it lately. On a previous occasion it was a little awkward so I attempted to give her just a friendly hug and bent forward at the waist. Mrs. Strinn wasn’t having that though.

“Oh give me a real hug!” She said and pulled me against her.

As her large breasts pressed against me it was all I could do to stifle an erection. Luckily Mrs. Strinn let go quickly enough before she felt the reaction she had started.

“I see you listened to Emily and wore green. You guys will look very nice together!” She practically squealed. “I’ll let them know you’re here and they’ll be right down.”

“They?” I asked

“Yeah, Ashley is here too.” She replied as we entered the house. “Wait here for her and when she comes down I want a picture or two before I leave.”

“Oh you’re going out tonight?” I asked.

“Yes, Mr. Strinn is taking me out for a nice dinner. He’s already in the garage waiting.” She said as she departed for the living room. “They’ll both be down soon.”

I gulped at the thought of seeing both women together in prom dresses. Both had been in that Saturday detention with me and both had gotten to know me a lot better that day. Since they were best friends I knew they had talked about it but I hoped there wouldn’t be any awkwardness between the three of us. Ashley came down the stairs within a minute or so.

Ashley was a sight to see that night. Normally the school’s head cheerleader would have no problem turning heads, but tonight, she almost made me forget I was waiting on someone else, almost. Her long, blond hair flowed down to the middle ataşehir escort of her back while her blue eyes shone brightly against her skin. The dress was amazingly strapless and very tight on her. I say ‘amazingly’ because Ashley was the owner of a very voluptuous pair of breasts and the strapless dress only further enhanced them and showed off her bit of cleavage. The royal blue material hugged her hips and flowed loose around her legs. I’m pretty sure she blushed when she saw me giving her a long once-over but she directed my attention elsewhere.

“Now presenting,” Ashley paused and winked at me, “for your pleasure, Emily!” as she directed her arms and my eyes to the top of the stairs.

Emily was a beautiful vision in her dark green dress. It was strapless as well but managed to cover her in a modest manner. From her waist up it fit her tightly and from the waist down it flowed loosely like Ashley’s. As she walked down the stairs her eyes never left mine and she was soon by my side. With her heels on she was right at my height. We posed for a minute or two while her mom took pictures and they then left us after saying goodbye. I then noticed that Ashley had a Polaroid camera in her hands.

“Ok young lovers,” she grinned at her own comment, “Em wanted time to take a few personal pictures to remember the time you’re about to have.”

“Really now?” I was surprised Emily wanted her own pictures.

“Well it’s more Ashley’s idea but yeah, I’d like to have a few of us.” Emily hesitantly responded.

“What about Ashley’s date?” I further inquired as Emily walked us over in front of the fireplace.

“When we get to his place you can stay inside and I’ll take the pictures then.” Emily answered.

“Why would I want to stay in the limo while you go inside?” I cluelessly asked.

Emily stared at me for a long moment before I heard Ashley speak to her.

“Go ahead Em, I promise he will follow your lead.”

“What lead are?” I turned to ask Ashley but stopped mid-sentence.

Emily’s hand had shot out to my groin and easily found my dick. I looked back into her green eyes and stared at her in silence while her hand massaged my dick to its full length. Emily squeezed it, hard, when it was fully aroused. I had just opened my mouth to comment when I heard the camera go off. Ashley had knelt down and shot a pic of Emily’s pose.

“Oh, that’s why.” I commented as Emily squeezed me even harder. “Seriously? You’re comfortable with this?” I asked in disbelief.

Emily had never been known to be so bold. She was eighteen but had managed to hold onto her virginity until two months ago. She was that nice girl-next-door that never caused trouble. So I was a little shocked.

“Is that a problem?” Emily daringly asked.

“Hell no.”

My own hand shot out and cupped her left breast. Emily gasped when I molested her boob through her dress. Even through the material of the dress and her bra I reveled in the feeling of her malleable flesh that I desired so much.

“I said I wanted pictures!” Emily exclaimed. “Of me touching you!”

She threw her hand behind me and clamped it onto my butt. Her nails dug into my skin and elicited a grunt from within me. I saw Ashley move around to my side and take another picture.

“Having fun you two? I’m sure you guys are feeling more than the pictures are showing.” There was a tone of sadness in Ashley’s voice.

“What do you mean?” Emily asked.

“She means you can’t see anything on the pictures.” I said.

“You ok changing that?” Emily asked me.

“As long as you are.” I stated.

Emily stepped close to me and I felt her hands on my belt. The camera clicked again. As a feeling of warmth spread through my own body I reached around and found her zipper. I pulled it down and rubbed her exposed back. Emily sighed and pulled down my own zipper.

“Hey! I didn’t sign up to take pictures of Emily.” Ashley quipped.

Neither of us responded. Emily shoved my pants down to my knees and Ashley took a picture. I let her hold and squeeze my shaft through my boxers for another shot before I pushed her hands away and gently guided Emily’s dress down to her hips. Her strapless lace bra completely covered her beautiful chest but I could still make out her puffy nipples through the design. It was tight on her, perhaps it had to be to be strapless and secure.

Ashley handed me the camera and turned around. So I took my own picture. With the camera in my left hand I placed my right at the top of the material. I stared into her eyes and pulled the bra down, and down, until her right breast was freed. I did the same to her other breast and took a picture. I cupped each of her perky boobs and snapped off more pictures. I even managed to take a profile shot of her and marveled at how her puffy nipples appeared to be elevated off of her round breasts. Then I went to far. I lowered my head to her chest, overcome with desire, and not caring about the other person in the room.

Emily whispered, “Not now Brandon.”

I avcılar escort softly asked, “Why not?”

“Cause then I’ll do something to you, then you’ll do something to me, and none of us will get to prom tonight.”

It was hard to do but I agreed with her. I let her pull her bra up and her dress.

“Ashley, one or two more pictures please?” Emily let her know I was done.

“Umm wait Ashley, I need one more.” I said as I spun my forefinger in a circle.

Emily seemed confused for a second until she realized what I wanted. She turned her back to me and let me bend her top torso forward. I was able to lift her dress up with only one hand and soon had it over her hips. Emily wore a matching pair of panties on her round bottom. They were bikini style and revealed the bottom half of each cheek for my viewing pleasure. I snapped a quick picture and then grabbed a good amount of one cheek before I took another, and another.

My next move went too far again, though I did come close to getting what I wanted. With a quick yank I pulled her panties down to her thighs and saw her light pink flesh waiting for me. If I hadn’t have fumbled the camera I would have a nice picture of her fully exposed. But as I adjusted it and pressed the button Emily had stepped away from me and let her dress fall down.

Emily stood up, now with a beet red face, and I handed the camera back to Ashley who turned around with a smirk on her face. Emily gave me a stern face and shook her forefinger at me.

“Alright Emily, let’s get these last few pictures taken so we can go pick up Mike.” She directed us.

“Well, just so you know Brandon, I was debating whether or not to do this. Ashley said I might as well and I got a little jealous cause I think, and still think,” she shot a look at her friend, “that she just wants to see it again. But you are my date tonight, and I want to take full advantage of this little photo session.” Emily said as she knelt in front of me.

I watched her hands find the waistband of my briefs and pull them down below my butt. It was quite the ego boost when both ladies gasped as my eight inch shaft bounced free of its confines. I couldn’t help but smile as Ashley took a picture.

“Only two more left for your cartridge.” Ashley warned Emily.

“Better make them count then.” Emily commented.

She wrapped her right hand around the base of my dick and squeezed it again. The head turned a light purple and Emily signaled for Ashley to take a picture.

“Last one Em!” I reminded her.

Emily leaned in close to the tip of my dick and extended her tongue until I could feel it just barely touch me. Now it was my turn to gasp out loud. I heard the loud click of the camera and Emily let me go. She stood up and walked over to Ashley where they looked over the pictures of me. I saw the few I had taken lying on the coffee table and leafed through them. Except for the last one, which was blurry and unidentifiable, I told myself that I might have a knack for photography. They came out looking pretty good and I’d be using these on lonely nights for sure.

“So we can go now?” I turned to ask and saw them in a heated conversation.

“Oh we both know you won’t do anything with them anyway.” Ashley pointedly whispered to Emily.

“Doesn’t matter if I don’t! These are mine and maybe I will use them!” Emily shot back and pulled the pictures out of Ashley’s hands.

They realized I was watching them argue and both ladies blushed in slight embarrassment. Ashley flashed a look of annoyance at Emily and Emily stuck out her tongue to Ashley. Then both friends laughed.

“I’ll still have pictures of Mike anyways.” Ashley mumbled under her breath.

“So are we ready to go?” I asked again.

They gave their dresses a quick pat down to smooth out any wrinkles. We exited the house, locked the door, and piled into the limo. Emily and I took the back seat to ourselves while Ashley took a seat on the left bench seat.

“Wanna see your pictures Brandon?” Emily asked once we were on our way.

“I’m uh, I already know what I look like thanks.”

“How about just one? The last one I took?” Emily pressed.

She held it in front of our faces. Now it was my turn to blush. Ashley had captured an exquisite moment. Emily’s tongue was fully extended and the tip was just barely touching the head of my dick.

“Guess what?” She quietly whispered in my ear. “I want to do this to you later on!”

If my erection had subsided at all after the photo session it was quickly brought back to life after her words. I lightly groaned in response and made Emily giggle.

“Haha, thought you’d like to know that.”

“Kinda makes me wish we got separate limos.” I whispered back.

“You guys really know how to make someone feel like a third wheel.” Ashley commented.

“Sorry Ashley, we were being rude.” Emily apologized for us.

We made small talk for the next ten or so minutes until we got to Mike’s house. The limo pulled to a smooth stop and both ladies got out.

“We avrupa yakası escort won’t be long.” Ashley said when she got out.

Emily left next but turned around and said. “Just in case you forget what’s waiting for you.” Then her rosy lips were pressed against mine for a few seconds.

“Not like I could forget you anyways.” I called out as she left.

Needless to say but my erection quickly subsided in the lonely silence that now surrounded me. Especially as I became my own worst enemy with my thoughts. I imagined the two of them copying the photo session I had just enjoyed. Emily taking pictures of him for Ashley’s sake. It bothered me even though I knew Ashley had just taken pictures of me. It bothered me that Emily was looking at another man’s equipment. I let the silence surround me and tried to clear my mind.

Chapter Two – Backseat Fun

The side door was unexpectedly thrown open and disrupted my thoughts. Emily’s beautiful face appeared and her luscious body followed as she entered the limo again. She couldn’t have been gone more than five minutes. I reached out and pulled the door shut behind her. Emily turned to face me and placed her right hand on the side of my face.

Gently, she guided me to her warm lips and we shared a long uninterrupted kiss. She tasted sweet, like a berry that I couldn’t name at that moment. So shocked was I, so overcome with passion, that the thought to cop a feel never even crossed my mind. We just enjoyed each other’s kiss for a solid minute, or two, before she broke off. Emily pressed the button to lower the divider between us and the driver.

“We can go ahead and leave. The other two decided to take their own car.”

“Umm, is that barrier also soundproof?” I asked.

“It is. Would you also like me to let you know over the intercom when we are near our destination?”

“Yes, we would.” Emily responded.

As the driver put the limo in gear Emily raised the divider back up until it was closed again.

“Now where were we?” Emily turned her attention back to me.

“Wait, so Ashley and Mike aren’t coming with us?”

“What’s wrong, I’m not enough for you?” Emily arched her back and thrust her ample bosom towards me.

“Haha, not at all Em, not at all.” Without another word I snaked an arm behind her neck and pulled her face to mine.

This time I could sense more passion in her kiss, more fire. I decided to test how much. Both of my hands met in the middle of her back and found the zipper to her dress. As soon as I gave it a little tug her lips pressed even harder against mine. Encouraged, I pulled the zipper down as far as it would go. I let the dress go and felt the front fall against my chest.

Emily wasted no time in reciprocating my move. Her hands slid under my jacket and pushed it off my shoulders. While I wrestled myself out of it I felt her go to work on my buttoned shirt. After the first few were opened I parted my lips and pushed my tongue between hers. Our warm muscles wrestled for dominance and my shirt was soon loosed and tossed on the limo floor. Even though our kisses had just ramped up I broke off so I could lift my t-shirt over my head. Now topless, I leaned back in my seat.

“Let me look at you.” I exhaled.

Emily moved from the rear seat to sit on a side bench. The view was very invigorating. Emily’s dress managed to somehow keep most of her covered but I could see the top half of her bra now. Then I made eye contact with her. I stared into those beautiful emerald eyes. And I couldn’t look away. I realized I could stare at her all night but I also wanted to continue the dance we had already started.

“I think you should be topless like me.” I grinned.

“But the dress is all one piece. If I become topless then I’d also have to be umm, bottomless.” Emily managed an innocent look somehow.

I briefly thought how hot she was and how thankful I was that she said yes.

“Then I’d guess it’d be my turn to match you.” I responded in turn.

With a smile from ear to ear on her face she lifted her dress up her curvy body, over her head and shoulders, and threw it in my face. It bought her a few seconds before I could gaze upon her semi-nude body. As I carefully pushed and moved the dress off to the side I found myself wishing Emily had brought the camera with her.

Her sexy body was practically laid bare for me. Though she kept her legs crossed I could at least see her clearly defined breasts. Her green bra was still in the way though. I wanted that bra off of her as quickly as possible. I wanted to see her breasts defy the law of gravity.

“Come on Brandon. Quit staring and stalling, and get those pants off!”

My hands went to my belt but my eyes stayed glued to her chest. Emily giggled as I fumbled with the buttons and zipper but I soon had them off my hips and pushed them down to my ankles.

“Now what?” Emily softly asked.

“Now you come back over here and sit next to me.”

Emily blushed but moved back and sat on my left side. Our lips met and our mouths instantly parted open. As our tongues resumed their dance our hands explored the others body. She ran her nails up and down my back, hard enough to get scratched, but not deep enough to cause pain. My hands located the clasp on her bra and made quick work of it. I came up for air and to see her bare chest.

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