Sextoys R’ Us


-Jane… what is THIS?

I looked up from my book, and turned red when I saw my boyfriend Alan hold up what looked like a prop from a Star Wars movie.

-It’s a dildo, I said.

-A dildo? said Alan. It looks like a crystal sword to me.

-Well, it is, sort of, I said, and took it from him. You hold it like this… and then you stab the pussy with it.

-Sounds cruel, said Alan. Doesn’t it hurt?

-Not at all, I said. Do you want me to show you?

Alan grinned widely.

-Please, do, he said.

We went into the bedroom, and I quickly stripped and stretched out on the bed. Alan kept his clothes on, and sat down at my feet. I took out a tube of jelly from my nightstand table, and lubed up the crystal rod.

-Now, look and learn, I said.

I opened my legs so he could get a really good view, and then I slowly inserted the crystal rod into my pussy. I moved it in and out.

-Amazing, said Alan. Does it feel good?

-Very nice, I purred.

-Can I try it? said Alan.

I was surprised but delighted. Alan took the dildo and began to move it in and out of my pussy, careful not to hurt me.

-How does that feel? he said.

-It’s making me horny, I said. Please… a little faster.

He increased his speed, and as he began to realize how much I could take, also his strength. Soon, he really was stabbing my pussy with that little sword, completely fascinated by watching the transparent shaft gliding çapa escort in and out of me. He put the thumb of his free hand over my clit and rubbed it, just the way I like it. The double pleasure made my legs shiver, and I grabbed on to the headboard for support, and arched my back, pressed myself against Alan’s hands.

-Oh, Alan, that’s so good! I moaned. I’m coming! Ooooohh..!

Alan looked at me when I came, his mouth open, his eyes fixed at my face, his breathing heavy. He kept fucking me with the rod as long as I moaned. When I calmed down again, he pulled it out of me, tossed it at the floor, got up, and ripped off his own clothes. He jumped me, shoved his dick inside of me, and began to thrust harder than he had ever done before. I had never seen my calm, stable boyfriend this wild. He held on to my shoulders, he kissed me feverishly, he licked my neck, my ears, he sucked on my earlobes, he bent his head down and licked my nipples, and he fucked me, fucked me, fucked me! until we both came, moaning into each others’ ears.

-That was incredible! he whispered in my ear. I’ve never been so turned on in my life! Do you have any other fun toys?

I opened my nightstand table again, and took out a small buttplug with rings on it.

-It’s kind of small, isn’t it? said Alan.

-It’s a buttplug, I said. For the ass.

Alan’s eyes widened.

-Let me get up, and I’ll show you, I said.

He let go of me, and I fatih escort got up on all four.

-Lube it up with the jelly, I said. Then put it inside my ass!

-Won’t that hurt? he said.

-Not if you do it carefully, I said.

Alan put a big glob of lube on the buttplug and smeared it in. Then he got behind me, pulled my ass-cheeks apart, and put the plug against my asshole.

-Push it in! I said.

Alan carefully pushed the plug inside my ass. I could feel it stretch me out.

-Now what? he said.

-Now you come here and let me get you big and hard and nice again, I said.

Alan laid down, and I went to work on his dick. I sucked it the best I could, but it just wouldn’t get hard.

-Are you too tired? I said.

-A little tired, but I want to go on, said Alan. Come on, work with me!

The last part was for his dick, which he jerked on with all his might.

-Don’t wear it out! I said. I’ve got a little something here…

I took a cockring out of my goody-drawer. A black leather cockring with long strings hanging down. It looked a bit like an Native American piece of art.

-What’s that? said Alan.

-A cockring, I said. It will make the blood stay inside your dick, and keep it hard, until you untie it and take it off.

I put the cockring around the base of his cock, and tied it. Alan’s semi-hard dick grew hard.

-OK, let’s party! I said.

Alan got behind sarıyer escort bayan me, and put his swelled-up member inside my wet pussy. He started fucking me doggy-style, and for each time he thrusted into me, he also pushed on the buttplug, making it feel like he was fucking me with two dicks, instead of one.

-Oh, God! I moaned. That feels so good!!! Fuck me, Alan! Make me come!

-I’ll make you come, Jane, Alan panted. I’ll make you come, all right!

He leaned over my back, and played with my breasts as he fucked me. I felt like we were two animals, mating. Alan completed that vision for me by biting my neck. I came, even stronger than before, and, Alan told me later, much more loud.

-Jane! he said. Can I take you in the back?

This was truly a night for new adventures! Alan had never expressed any interest in anal sex before. I suddenly felt I wanted his big dick up my ass.

-Yes! I said. Take it, it’s yours, Alan!

Alan withdrew, pulled the buttplug out of my ass, and before my ass had a chance to pull itself together, he pushed his dick inside of it, and fucked me.

-I don’t hurt you, do I? he said.

-No! I grunted. Fuck my ass, Alan! Come inside my ass!

-Aaaarrgh!!! Alan yelled.

He fucked my ass, fucked it hard, and I rubbed my clit, eager to come again. Alan beat me to it. With a growling sound that I had never thought my sweet little boyfriend able to utter, he filled my ass with his sperm. I could feel it dripping out of me. I rubbed away furiously on my clit, while Alan pulled out of me. He laid down and watched me play with myself, and he blew me a kiss when I came. Exhausted, I laid down next to him. We cuddled up, and fell asleep like that.

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