Sex with the Ex Ch. 02

Big Cock

It was the day after I lost my virginity. Jesse had woken up before me and come upstairs. I awoke to his face and his hand pushing my hair behind my ears.

“How you feeling?”

“Sore as hell. You?”

“Same, but probably not as bad as you.”

“What do we have to do today?”

“Your mom said something at dinner last night about the aquarium. Want to go?”

I moaned. “Noooo. Don’t make me walk around all day. It huuuuurts.”

“I could push you around in a wheelchair.”

“Yeah. I’m sure that wouldn’t raise some eyebrows in my family,” I said sarcastically.

“Well what do you want to do?”

I smiled at him without saying a word. He had obviously taken the hint.

“I thought you were sore.”

“You could make it feel better.”

He laughed and dragged me out of bed only to find that I had undressed myself completely in the middle of the night. I laid out some clothes and went to take a shower. Getting ready usually takes me about an hour and a half, but that day took at least two hours. I wanted to look extra sexy for Jesse because, let’s face it, he was extra sexy all the time.

I went downstairs to find my brother, my parents, and Jesse all laughing at something. Apparently my brother had been giving the stand-up comedy monologue about his first day of high school. I’ll never forget that story. I don’t think I’d ever laughed so hard in my life. We all piled up in my dads truck and headed out to Nashville to look at thousands of different types of fish. I was still really sore, but I wasn’t so focused on it being out of the house. We went to the dolphin show, rode on the moving walkway through the giant tank of sharks and sting rays, and stood there watching the baby otters for at least ten minutes. Every time Jesse touched me, even if we just brushed each other, I couldn’t help but think about the night before. The way he held me as close as he possibly could when he kissed me, the warmth of his skin, the way he worded his sentences like a poet. I guess that kind of comes with the package with songwriters. They’re amazing with words. I tried to push the thoughts away, though. I didn’t want to accidentally end up saying something about it later.

We spent the last half of that afternoon eating lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. I had only been to the one in Nashville once and had some awful memories there, but I was sure Jesse would help me write over those. We sat next to each other in a booth, my parents on the other side, and my little brother at the end of the table nearest Jesse. Lil bro told more stories and jokes that included his hilarious impressions of the ghetto people in our new place of residence. We were all laughing and having a great time when my mom got a phone call and had to get up and leave to talk. Our family always knew that wasn’t a good sign. When she came back she told us that Granddad had checked himself into a temporary rehabilitation center just to improve his health, but she wanted to go to Louisiana to make sure everything was okay. When we got back to the house it was about 3 PM. Mom packed her bags and left, Dad went to the office to finish up some work, and my brother went to hang out with friends. Jesse and I had the house to ourselves for a while. I was pretty down about my granddad even though I was sure everything was fine. I had told Jesse I was going to go change into some shorts, but I was taking too long. He came upstairs to find me going through my scrapbook and looking at pictures I’d taken over the years of my granddad. He sat next to me on the bed, put his arm around me, and kissed my head. I laid on his shoulder, but he laid me on my back, crawled on top of me, and kissed my lips.

“You don’t have a thing to worry about. You know that, right?”

I shook my head. I always loved the way he reassured me Ordu Escort about everything any time I was worried.

“Let’s go to the store.”

“For what?”

“What makes every gloomy day better?”

“Ice cream?”


We got in his car, drove to the store, and came back with more sugar than we could ever possibly eat by ourselves. There was vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream… You name it, we probably bought it. We carried the sacks into the kitchen and laid everything out on the counter, got out the bowls and began creating our own custom sundaes. I was just about to put on my chocolate chips when I felt something hit my face. I looked over to see Jesse smiling big with the bottle of strawberry syrup pointed directly at me.

“Ha. Ha. Very funny. But you know what this means…”

He gave me a bewildered look.

“This means war.”

I grabbed the caramel bottle, pulled the top up and squirted him directly in the face.

Defeated, and with caramel dripping down his face he managed to get out “So that’s how its gonna be, huh?”.

I may have called the war, but he took the first shot and in a matter of seconds we were squirting each other and the rest of the kitchen. I knew we’d have to clean this up later, but I didn’t care at all. Jesse had always been the one person that could turn any day around and make things fun. He could turn a simple homemade ice cream sundae fest into a syrup war and I was not about to crash this party.

“Wait, wait. Time out.”

He was tilting his head forward and closing his eyes.

“I think I got it up my nose. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna need major showers now.”

We both laughed.

“Yeah. I think I have some in my eye.”

“Come here and let me see.”

I walked toward him until we were face to face. He lifted my eyelid and made me roll my eye around. He said it was clear, but he blew on it just to make sure. I dropped the bottle of syrup onto the floor and kissed him. He threw his across the room so he could pull my body closer to his until we were fully pressed up against one another. By the way, strawberry and caramel definitely isn’t the worst combination of flavors ever. He slipped his hand up my shirt and started digging his fingernails into my back and I moaned. That very blatantly turned him on because he sighed through his nose with his lips pressed on mine and his fingernails dug deeper as they made their way down my back and his hand squeezed my ass over my jeans. He took his hand off for a second and all of a sudden I felt a hard smack on my ass. I tilted my head back and let out a loud moan. As I tilted my head back he bit my neck and I could feel my knees about to give out. I backed him up a couple of steps before slamming his body against the fridge and kissing him harder. His hand was on my ass again and I reached my right hand between our bodies to rub his dick. He already had somewhat of a boner. I loved feeling his huge cock through his pants. It felt just like old times. Everything got really heavy really fast and I could barely hold myself together. I just wanted him inside me again. Immediately.

I took off his shirt quickly before dropping to my knees to unleash his cock from his pants. I licked under his shaft all the way from the end to the tip before flicking my tongue back and forth on the head. He got harder and harder the more I worked his dick. I took his pants off the end of his feet and he motioned for me to stand up. He took off my shirt as I raised my arms above my head and then pulled off my shorts. I kissed him some more as his body was still pressed against the fridge and then made him lay on the counter. I crawled on top of him and played with his cock in my hand, alternating Ordu Escort Bayan between making twisting motions with the rhythm of our tongues and rolling his balls around. I grabbed the whipped cream and the chocolate syrup and squirted the chocolate syrup all over his chest, took the whipped cream in hand and covered his balls and his dick with it before drizzling some chocolate syrup over all of it. I could telI Jesse liked it because his breathing got even heavier and louder and he managed a “damn”. I licked the tip of his cock exposing his blood-red head that looked like a cherry. Opening my mouth wide, I took his left nut into my mouth and sucked it gently before swirling my tongue all over it, licking off all of the whipped cream, repeating on the right, and pulling with my lips on the head of his cock. The closer my lips got to the end the louder his moans got. My hair was already sticky from our war so it didn’t really matter that it was getting extremely messy now, but he pulled it back and held it anyway using it to bring my face to look him in the eye as I bobbed my head up and down on him. Before too long I felt his balls tense up and his leg started to twitch.

“Where do you want to cum?”

“Get on your knees and open wide.”

“Yes sir.” I did as I was told and he started jerking off. His body kept twitching more and more and he had to lean back.

“Yes, baby. Jack that cock off for me. Shoot your load in my mouth.”

He groaned so loud and I felt my pussy juices soaking my thong and start to run down my legs. The noises he made were so incredible. Guys that moan are extremely rare and I LOVED the sound of his voice… not words, but noises to tell me how bad he wanted me.

“I’m gonna cum.”

“Yes, baby. Cum hard for me. Please.”

I opened my mouth as wide as I could and he aimed his cock directly at my mouth.

“Fuck, Peyton…. Fuck. FUCK! Here it comes….. Here it comes… Aggghhhhhh!!!!”

His head fell back as far as it could as his hot cum filled my mouth and I swished it around with my mouth open letting him watch before swallowing it. Guys always went crazy for that, or at least that’s what my Cosmo magazines led me to believe.

“Lay on the counter and spread your legs.”

The counter was cold, but my back warmed it quickly. He pulled off my bra and then my panties and kissed from my knees all the way up to my lips and shoved his tongue in and out of my mouth between my lips simulating him tongue fucking me. He grabbed the strawberry syrup from off the floor and squirted some on each nipple and tons on the top of my pussy. He put his lips around my right nipple and sucked and the syrup ran down my pussy, brushing my clit as I moaned. He took the other into his mouth and nibbled it before circling his tongue around it and inching his body down, kissing my naked skin as he went. He kissed the very top of my slit before sliding his tongue down and shoving it into my sweet pussy. A blaring moan made its exit out of my teeth as my body jolted. I ran my fingers through his hair as he flicked his tongue back and forth on my g-spot and stared me directly in the eye. I can only imagine the faces I was making. It felt so good. I was still a little sore from the day before, but he was making that pain nonexistent.

“Have you ever put ice or anything cold up there?” he asked.

“I’ve never put anything up there period until last night.”

He smiled at me and it scared the hell out of me. The ice cream was probably a little melted by now, but nevertheless he took off the lid, swiped two fingers through it, came back to stand next to me and shoved his fingers into me. Finally something was filling me up.

“FUCK! YES!” My back arched and the top of my head was even with the counter. I opened my legs Escort Ordu wider so he could have easier access.

He kissed me and moved his fingers in a “come hither” motion hitting my g-spot. I loved it so much. He was moving back and forth between my lips and my boobs with his mouth. My body tensed up and he sensed that I was about to cum and moved his fingers faster.

“No. Wait. Stop.”

He looked puzzled.

“I want to cum together.”

He turned me on the counter so that I was laying with my pussy facing him and slammed into me hard.

“OW! WHAT THE FUCK? I’m still sore!!!”

He grinned. “Yeah. You are. But now I’m all the way in you and we don’t have to spend time working our way up. Honestly, I just knew I could do it cause you’re so wet.”

“Can you blame me?”

“Hmm, maybe.”

I sat up to press the tip of my nose against his with his dick still buried in me. We were eye to eye.

“Fuck me.”

The demand was enough. He began thrusting pretty fast. I had to lean back and press my hands on the counter to hold myself up. He had one hand pressed against the small of my back to stabilize me and the other slapping and squeezing my tits or teasing my nipples. I reached one hand down and rubbed my clit. The sensation was even better than the night before. My tits, my clit, and my vagina all being pleasured at once. It was almost too much to take. He was so deep inside me and the friction was so warm. I tightened my muscles around his cock and he went breathless. His knees trembled and he had to lean forward to lay his head on my chest. I sat up straight and held his head there with one hand, occasionally feeling his lips sucking on my nipples, and rubbed my clit with the other.

“You are so damn tight, baby. Aggghhhhh….. Fuck. I love your pussy.”

“Mmm…. I love it when you talk to me like that. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

I pressed my lips against his hard before pausing so we could catch our breath. I couldn’t stop moaning with each thrust. His dick felt like it was made specifically for me. It was so damn good I was aching for more.


His thrusts got quicker and we pressed our noses together, staring into each others eyes and trying to breathe. I felt my body tense up and I knew my clit was about to give me an eruption. I rubbed it faster and faster.

“Fuck me, Jesse! Fuck me hard! YES!”

My pussy tightened and spasmed all over his dick and his thrusting got faster and harder as well as his heart beat and breathing.

“Fuck, Peyton. I’m gonna cum inside of you.”

I felt myself tensing up from the inside and I knew I was about to have my second orgasm from the core.

“I’m gonna cum with you, baby. Fuck the hell out of me.”

My pussy was still clenching around his cock and each time it did his thrusts got faster. We were both about to cum HARD.



I felt my orgasm as his cum shot up against my pussy walls and we both screamed at the same time. Even after we had cum, he didn’t stop fucking me for a few seconds. We wanted to make it last as long as possible.

“Mmmm…. Baby you’re so fucking sexy,” I managed to say with very little breath.

Our hearts were pounding loudly against each others’ chests. He held me there for about five minutes before we licked the syrup off of each other. Even though it was no longer visible we were still sticky so we went to take a shower. We took turns lathering each others bodies up with soap and watching it drip down and spent the rest of our time cleaning the kitchen and cuddling. Lil bro got home an hour before Dad and we went out for coffee and dinner. It was so hard to contain our constant sexual tension in public. I wanted to fuck him everywhere we went. If it was at a restaraunt, it was on a table. At school, on a desk. In stores, behind the clothing racks. We weren’t in love with each other, but we were falling in love with sex. And when you’re in love, you can’t hide it from anyone.

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