Sex Kittens Ch. 02 — Debbie

A glimpse into Hunter Deerfield’s private and office life, including how he met his indispensable World’s Best Sexetary. And what sort of work does he do? That doesn’t seem to have made it into these stories…


I arrived at my dentist’s office for my monthly clean and polish — got to keep the smile picture-perfect! A new girl occupied the receptionist’s window: Blonde with dark roots, a pony tail, blue eyes, nice medium tan, short and curvy, perfectly adorable with oh so kissable lips!

I flashed my killer smile as she opened her window: “Hi, I’m Hunter Deerfield.”

She returned my smile with interest! Whoa! “Glad you’re here, Mr. Deerfield…”

“Call me Hunter!”

“Gladly. Call me…” running her tongue quickly over her lips “…Debbie.”

My dick became painfully erect, tenting out several inches. Her smile brightened even further. “The hygienist will be with you soon…” then, in a near whisper, “Lucky her.” I blinked. Someone said something. I was staring at Debbie. “That’s your cue, Hunter. She’s ready for you.” Her lips puckered in a kiss as she nodded toward the waiting hygienist.

“Oh, sorry, coming!”

Another near whisper: “Not yet I hope.”

The hygienist, a reasonably pretty light brunette, took a good look at my trousers before escorting me to the dentist’s chair. She didn’t say much but managed to bump into or rub across my erection numerous times, as well as push her tits into the back of my head. Ordinarily I would’ve joined in her games but all my thoughts were of that delightful creature at the front desk.

When the hygienist finished I stopped back at Debbie’s window; she opened it with another dazzling smile. “Yes, Hunter…or should I wait to hear the question?”

I blinked and gulped. “May I take you to dinner, or something?”

“Certainly, or something…”

“What time should I pick you up?”

“Seven pm, here’s my address.” She handed me a post-it on which she had already written her address. “Goodbye, for now, Hunter!” Another dazzling smile.

When I picked her up she was wearing blue high heels, hose, a light blue dress (mid-thigh with moderate cleavage), her eyes made up a bit more alluring, her lips noticeably more pink than the red she’d shown at work, and her hair loose, shining and down to the middle of her back. Necklace, earrings and a smart-looking black purse completed her stylish ensemble.

We slid into the back seat; I buckled us both into one strap and kissed her soundly as the driver eased into traffic. I had already given him directions. She eagerly returned the kiss and we explored each other with our tongues. I broke off, touched my lips, and realized she wasn’t wearing lipstick, just a clear gloss. I surmised she didn’t see the point in wearing any just to get smeared during the ride. Smart girl!

“So, you’re new at Dr. James’s office…”

“Yes, I thought it might be a good way to meet men.”

“How’s that working out for you?”

“At the moment, I’d say splendidly!”

We resumed kissing.

At the restaurant we were escorted to a table in a secluded corner. A number of eyes followed Debbie as we passed by. I ordered martinis, which arrived quickly, along with fresh-baked bread and warm olive oil; would we care for any appetizers? Debbie glanced at the menu and said “None of these for me, thank you.”

“Very good, your waiter will take your order shortly.”

As soon as the hostess left Debbie took a gulp of her martini, said “You order for us”, and slipped under the table cloth. I felt her unzip my fly and remove my once-again rock-hard tool. She held it and licked the head; I shuddered just as the waiter arrived.

“Is everything satisfactory, sir?”

“Oh, yes, most satisfactory!”

“Shall I come back when the lady returns?” Debbie licked me three times quickly; I had to squeeze my thighs to avoid another shudder and suppress a moan.

“Ah, um, no, she asked me to order.” Debbie took me into her mouth, closed her lips tightly and gave a suck. “Ah, let’s see, I think we’ll have shrimp…” Debbie’s teeth gently closed around me. “No, make that ribeye…” Debbie let go with her teeth and gave another suck.

“Very good sir, how would you like that prepared?”

“Well-done, I mean, medium, medium rare!”

“Very good, and what would you like with that?” Debbie sucked hard, then licked my entire length.

“Ah, ah, corn on the cob? And the house salad..make that Caesar?”

“Excellent. And may I suggest our best Cabernet Sauvignon?” Debbie pushed me in and out quickly, lips closed tight around my cock.

“Yes, fine, thanks!” With that the waiter mercifully left, and Debbie worked me rapidly to ejaculation, swallowing most of my cum and catching the rest in a napkin.

“Coast clear?”

“Yes” so she climbed back in her seat.

“Now that’s what I call an appetizer. Can’t wait for the main course!” She gave me a cum-flavored kiss.

With the edge taken off my arousal I enjoyed the meal; Debbie devoured the bread, salad, steak, corn, three glasses of wine and everything bursa eskort on my plate I hadn’t finished by the time she’d polished her own. She also proved to be a delightful conversationalist; her interests included reading, bike riding and snow skiing; mine basically centered on women. She asked did I have a ‘type’? I replied “Sure: young, beautiful, preferably attached.”

She laughed and said “I hope two out of three isn’t too bad. What now?”


“Another time. Your place or mine?” Refreshingly direct!

“Either is fine.”

“Perhaps yours; my neighbors sometimes complain, I can be rather noisy…”

Oh, wow, on top of everything else she’s a screamer! “Mine then. Shall we go?”

We made out again on the drive to my condo. After some more kissing she pulled my head down in between her boobs; I kissed what I could reach with her dress still on. I moved my hands underneath her bottom for a squeeze; she wiggled and sighed.

At the condo I carried her to my private elevator and into my bedroom. I dropped her on the bed; she glanced around, said “Nice digs!”, unbuttoned and removed my jacket and tie and began working on my shirt. I unzipped her dress; she shrugged it off her shoulders, then lifted her arms so I could pull it over her head.

Her ‘C’ cup tits looked awesome in a black, lacy bra. I unhooked that while she finished with my shirt. I fondled, sucked and nibbled on her tits while she ran her fingers over my chest and back.

Next she unbuckled and removed my slacks, pushed down my briefs and freed my cock. She said “Impressive!” and began stroking it. I bucked and squirmed while I pulled down her panties.

We finished stripping and she said “Bring it on, big boy!” Guiding my missile into her silo I began a steady fuck as she sighed, moaned and moved her hips in rhythm with me.

After a goodly spell she began gasping for breath and then let loose the loudest scream I’d ever heard: “OH GOD OH GOD OH MY FUCKING GOD!” Her body convulsed and she repeated scream after scream, which entered my ears and washed over me like a dive into a warm pool. Wonderful! I came hard, filling her pussy with spurt after spurt of jism.

Cuddled together afterward, I asked if she’d be interested in working for me.

“Does this job include sex with the boss?”

“Well, yes, that’s likely…”

“Good. And you’re not married? I’m not into being a mistress or Susie Homewrecker.”

“No, I’m not the marrying type.” I wanted to make sure she didn’t have her sights set on me as a husband.

“Fine. Secretary, receptionist, fuck buddy?”

“Yes.” I actually needed an office manager but that could wait.

“Perfect. When would you like me to start?”

“Do you need to give notice?”

“No. Dr. James is married but he’s been putting the moves on me so the faster I get out of there the better.”

“Nine o’clock Monday, then.”

“Wonderful! I’ll be there with bells on.”

“Will you be wearing anything else?”

She giggled. “Yes, at least when I first arrive…” I laughed, kissed her and fucked her once more for good measure. Her screams of ecstasy were simply marvelous. Music to my ears!

Debbie proved to be a perfect fit at my office. Competent and efficient with excellent judgement, I quickly promoted her from Secretary to Office Manager to Executive Secretary with a six-figure salary. We settled into a routine of her giving me a blow job to begin the day, followed by cuddling and a discussion of the day’s schedule and priorities. Sometime in the middle of the day we’d enjoy a good fuck. I had my office completely sound-proofed so she would not disturb the rest of the staff. Sometimes when I was struggling with a knotty problem I would call her back for another screw; quite often a new approach would come to me in the middle of one of her screams.

Six months after hiring her, I realized with some surprise Debbie had not gotten pregnant. I certainly wasn’t using any type of birth control; was she?

“Oh, sure, I take the pill.”

“Hmm, not sure I like that…”

“You’d rather knock me up?” She smiled and arched her eyebrows.

“Yes, that’s what I usually do with beautiful women…”

“Then what? Do they become single moms?”

“No, generally they attract a guy who doesn’t mind their being already pregnant.”

“Oh, well then, I can quit taking the pill if you like. Do you want me to look for a husband?”

“Hmm, actually, sharing you with another man doesn’t appeal to me for some reason.”

“But you’re not thinking about marriage yourself, are you?”

“No, no, not that!”

“Doesn’t matter, we’ll work something out. With what you’re paying me I can certainly manage as a single mom.”

“Thanks, Debbie, you’re such a trooper!”

“Anything for you, Boss!” She opened her purse, removed a wheel of pills covered in foil, tossed it in the trash and headed back to her desk.

Three weeks later I was struggling with how to finance a particular project. I felt it had a lot of potential but there were a number bursa escort bayan of complications. It was like I was trying to fit a square peg in a round hole: anyway I turned it, something didn’t quite fit. I decided to put a round peg in a round hole: “Debbie, can you join me in my office?”

She trotted in with a smile: “What’s up Boss?” I took a cushion off the back of the couch and put it at one end; she stretched over it, ass elevated. I didn’t allow her to wear panties at work so I paused to admire the view. My cock hardened; I moved behind her, dropped my pants and boxers, and thrust into her vagina. It was well lubricated from my our earlier fuck session. I began screwing her while mulling over the project. It seemed my thoughts just kept running along the same lines; Debbie screamed a couple of times and had an orgasm, but I felt I needed a fresh approach.

I pulled out, reached a hand in to scoop up some lubrication, smeared it on her cute bunghole, and shoved my tool in her backdoor. “Ah, this feels good, I think you’re getting used to it this way.”

“Yes MOTHER OF FUCKING CHRIST I think you’ve stretched me out GOD FUCKING ALMIGHTY a bit.”

I began a steady fuck while talking out loud about the project. In between screams she asked a few pertinent questions. Then she asked: “Have you considered “CHRIST FUCKING JESUS offering convertible preferred shares FUCKING GODAMN FUCK ME NOW with the conversion price tied to current interest HOLY SHIT I’M COMING!” –pause for an orgasm — “rates?”

I enjoyed her screams of ecstasy so much it took me a minute to absorb what she’d said. Oh. heavens, she’d nailed it! I shot my load into her ass, gave her luscious tits a good squeeze, turned her over for a kiss and said “Have I told you lately how marvelous you are? Go write yourself a $15000 bonus check and I’ll sign it.”

She giggled; “That’s a mighty expensive fuck, boss, was she worth it?”

“Every blessed penny!” She giggled again, kissed me back, cleaned herself up, reminded me I had a conference call in twenty minutes and headed back to her desk. What would I ever do without her! Oh, and the bonus check was on my desk for me to sign five minutes later.

Two days later Debbie informed me she was with child; I felt very pleased.


The test said I was pregnant; I decided to treat myself to a new dress. I strolled in to one of my favorite boutiques. As I looked through the inventory, I noticed another customer, a very striking woman with wavy, shoulder-length, light copper-colored hair, white skin with cute freckles, large, hazel eyes and full, red lips. She was taller than me, almost six foot in heels, long-legged, a shapely figure and a simply beautiful face. I smiled at her and she said “You look like you’re having a very happy day!”

“Oh, yes, I just tested positive, I’m having a baby!’

“Congratulations! Is your boyfriend excited?”

“I don’t really have a boyfriend but my boss will be pleased, he asked me to go off the pill and it worked!”

She frowned. “Screwing the boss is part of your job?”

“Oh, that’s more of a perk than a job requirement. He’s quite droolworthy and we agreed sex would be part of the deal when he hired me.”

“So is he married?”

“Oh, no, he’s not the marrying type, his main hobby is chasing women.”

She gave a melodious laugh and I smiled again.

“Would you like to grab a bite to eat? I’m Crystal.”

“Hi Crystal, I’m Debbie, let me just buy this little number, what did you have in mind?”

“Thai? There’s a nice place around the corner.”

“Too spicy for me at the moment.” I patted my belly. “Italian?”


Lunch was scrumptious. Crystal pecked at her food; I ate everything that wasn’t nailed down aside from spicy meatballs. We talked and laughed; her laughter was like wind chimes. Crystal paid the bill and asked “Care for a walk?”

I said “Shopping!” We wandered through a dozen stores; she bought me a pair of stylish pumps, I bought her a cute hat. We looked at maternity clothes but it was too soon for those. I invited her back to my place for coffee. As soon as we entered my apartment she pulled me to her for a kiss. I responded eagerly. Our tongues explored our mouths and wrestled with each other while our arms pulled each other into a tight embrace.

She broke off, gazed into my eyes; “Debbie, have you ever kissed a woman before?”

“No, Crystal, but I imagine you have?”

“Just you. I was actually trying to decide where to go and what to wear to meet guys!”

“Don’t try to tell me that’s a problem for a knockout like you!”

“Oh, I can always find a guy to take to bed, but haven’t had much luck lately with anything more serious. It’s been a year and a half since I broke up with my last steady. Turned out he wasn’t interested in marriage or children.”

I took her hand, led her to the couch, put her arm around me and said “You know, my boss said he didn’t like the idea of sharing me with another man…”

“Didn’t say anything about görükle escort a woman, did he?”

“Not at all!” We resumed kissing. She undid two buttons on my blouse and reached in to caress my boobs. I sighed, undid the remaining buttons and unhooked my bra. She took a tit in each hand, massaging them and rubbing my nipples, which became hard. My pussy became hungry and wet. She broke our kiss, took a boob in her mouth to lick and suck, and reached under my skirt to gently stroke my inner thighs. I moaned and bucked. She switched boobs while pulling down my skirt; I kicked off my shoes and lifted my hips. She soon had me completely naked.

For someone who had never been with a woman before she did a fine job of fingering, licking and sucking my pussy and clit and brought me to a powerful orgasm. Then I undressed her and returned the favor.

We spent the rest of the afternoon making love; then ordered pizza and cuddled on the couch watching Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn in Charade. When that ended she said she needed to go home to check on her cats; would I like to see her place? I packed a few things for the night.

Turned out she shared a four-bedroom townhouse in Lenox Hill with no one but two cats. “I know, way too much for just me, right? My aunt and uncle sold it to me when they moved to Florida several years ago. I always planned to fill it with children. Haven’t had much luck on that score, yet!” She was looking at my belly when she said that. I gave her a big smile but made no comment. Certainly the idea of raising my children in such a place was tempting, but we had only just met so I didn’t want to rush things.

We spent the night in each other’s arms, which felt simply wonderful. We made love again in the morning. She fixed coffee afterwards; noting the paucity of food in her fridge I went to a nearby market and came back with ham, eggs and waffles for a hearty brunch, and all the fixings for a picnic. We spent the afternoon in the park, fixed baked potatoes for a light supper, and cuddled again for another movie before spending the night together.

I set my alarm early, kissed her goodbye; she said “See you tonight?”

“Meet me after work, I’ll text you what time.” I ran by my apartment to shower, dress, grab breakfast and arrive at work promptly at 7:45.

After giving Hunter his morning blow job I blurted out “Boss, I had the most wonderful weekend! I fell in love!”

“Oh? I thought I wasn’t going to have to share you with some other man…”

“Her name is Crystal. We met shopping and totally hit it off. She’s simply wonderful!”

“Hmm, perhaps I should meet this paragon…”

I poked him in the side. “Don’t get any ideas, Boss! I’m happy to do almost anything for you at work, but I want this for myself. Hands off!”

“OK, World’s Best Sexetary.” He smiled and squeezed me with his right hand. I couldn’t see his left but figured he had his fingers crossed behind his back. Humph! But I thought he really would think twice before doing something that would tick me off.

I kept my apartment but spent every night with Crystal. She went to doctor’s appointments and Lamaze classes with me and fixed up one room as a nursery. On our way to bed at night she liked to stop there, holding me from behind with her hands cradling my growing belly and my head tucked under her chin and pillowed against her breasts.

Finally the day came: my water broke, I had steady contractions, Crystal announced it was time to take me to the hospital. I texted Hunter. I was in labor all afternoon; he arrived about seven pm and little Daisy popped out an hour later. It occurred to me that Hunter had sired many children but had never been present at their birth. All three of us held her and I thought this was a lucky child!


Arriving at the hospital I sprinted up five flights of stairs to reach Debbie’s room. I saw her straining and sweating, and, of course, screaming at the top of her incredible lungs. A nurse actually dropped what she was holding and covered her ears, but I smiled, reassured Debbie was doing just fine. The second thing I noticed was the vision of loveliness holding Debbie’s hands, coaching her to breathe and wiping off her brow. Here I was at the birth of the first child I would claim as father and I had a massive hard-on!

I was at a loss where to position myself; the logical place would be on the side opposite Crystal but then she could hardly miss seeing my condition. I walked around there, facing away from everyone, turned around and dropped to the floor before taking Debbie’s hand. Crystal’s eyes briefly widened; she gave me the hint of a smile before returning her attention to our shared lover. That smile nearly did me in, but I forced myself to focus on Debbie and took one of her hands.

Debbie clutched my hand in a death grip and resumed screaming: “GODDAMN YOU BOSS HOW THE HELL DID I EVER LET YOU TALK ME INTO THIS YOU I HURT WORSE THAN I EVER IMAGINED THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT…” She kept screaming for another hour until little Daisy popped out.

Debbie gasped, the nurse cleaned Daisy off and handed her to Crystal, whose face was perfectly angelic; Crystal handed her to me and I was filled with wonder; I placed her in Debbie’s arms and she smiled and cooed and radiated pure joy. She looked at me and at Crystal and said, “We did it!”

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