Sex Buddies Ch. 02


This is another real story about another one of my sex buddy, and to protect his privacy and confidentiality, I shall call him Joel for the purpose of this story. Please forgive my poor command in English! Let me know what you think.


Chapter 2: Joel


It was about a year ago when I received this typical and ordinary e-mail, from an unknown sender that introduced himself as Joel. Initially, I was curious about how he might have gotten my e-mail address. Even though I was a big slut, I’d never give out any of my personal details to someone I didn’t know. Being my usual adventurous and daring self, I replied this Joel guy.

“Hello there. May I know how you got my e-mail address?” I replied while thinking of the possible identities of this guy.

“I’m Joel. We exchanged a few mails on I’m that admirer of yours “

I finally knew who this guy was. He got in touch with me on, and his profile was without a picture. He was very into me, and said nothing but nice words to me. I replied a few times out of courtesy, but I didn’t really like the idea of chatting with a faceless profile, so I asked him to shoot me an e-mail, hoping to get a picture from him.

We got to know each other better via exchanges of e-mails. He’s a local here in Malaysia, Malay guy, married with family. He told me that he was outside of my preferred age range as indicated on my profile, but I explained to him that I didn’t mind, and that I’m into mature guys. And when he finally told me that he was 62 and a grandfather with grandkids, he was not expecting me to be so calm and open-minded about it.

Why wouldn’t I be? Older guys are totally my thing. My first ever sex partner, Rick, was 67 when I first met him. To me, age is just a number. It doesn’t say much about two person’s compatibility, and I would never turn my back on someone even if their age is almost triple of mine. I get along extremely well with Rick, because I genuinely liked him, and because he was such a caring and kind person. So in my opinion, older guys are awesome lovers.

I assured Joel that his age was not an issue to me, and that I was willing to be his friend. However, I told him that, for us to be more than friends, I would need to be attracted to him. I then asked him to send me a photo of himself. He was very willing to, but as he was outstation, he did not have access to the photos on his laptop. He asked me to wait for a couple of days and that he would send me right after he got home.

He indeed kept his promise. After 2 days I got another e-mail from him with an attachment. When I opened it, I was not too impressed by the picture that he attached. He was decent looking, with a light brown skin tone and a medium sized body frame. Being almost bald with some hair left on the sides, his moustaches and his averagely built body really place him in the daddy category. He told me that he’s 168cm and over 70 kgs, not muscular but not thin either. Sounded nice but like I said, I was not extremely attracted.

He was very very nice to me, always very caring and polite when we exchanged emails. Occasionally he would crack some dirty jokes and give indications that he wanted me. Despite his strong desire to meet me, he was never pushy and always emphasized that he respects my decision. Overall, he was a pleasant guy to talk to. Very wise, and easy-going too.

After a week or two, he finally popped the question.

“Hi Ted, I was wondering if you are willing to meet me soon? If you are, let me know when and I can fetch you if you need transport. Also, what times are best for you, and where do you prefer to meet? I can book a hotel room if you would like me to, and I also happen to have a private place that I use as my office. There’s a living room with a couch, and also a restroom. Let me know what you prefer, and I’ll arrange.”

I was smiling to myself when I saw this e-mail, because it showed me how much this guy really wanted me. He waited for 2 weeks before even asking me to meet, and everything that could have been an issue for me to meet him have already been considered and taken care of by him. I was happy, because there’s a daddy who was so keen to meet me- he must’ve really liked me. How could I say no to his invitation?

” Joel, I would love to meet you, and I’m free on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. I have to be home by dinner time due to my curfew, anytime before that would be nice. A hotel is nice, but why spend money if you already have a place for us? I can drive to you, just let me know the time and place “

He was extremely happy when he got my reply. He kept thanking me for agreeing to meet him. And I know I’ve made his day just by saying yes. We arranged to meet on Saturday that week at 3pm. But it never really happened because I was occupied with some family issues.

We made plans to meet again several times after that, but I never had the chance to really attend the date. I was in university around that time, Betturkey and shits just kept emerging, preventing me from meeting him.

I felt like the biggest jerk for not being able to meet him for so many times. He was nice and understanding every single time , told me it was okay and that we could reschedule. I could not even imagine how disappointed he must have been.

I was truly busy, but I felt like the real reason I didn’t meet him was because I didn’t like him enough. I could’ve forced myself to make time and meet him.

Until this one time, he must’ve been really upset for not being able to meet me again. He told me that he will wait for me no matter how long it takes, but asked me not to make him suffer for too long.

I felt really guilty when I read that reply, hence I made up my mind to repay his kindness and meet him for real this time. We set up a date at his office on a Saturday , 3pm. This time I made sure I was available, and I drove to his office at around 2.30pm.

Soon, I arrived at the place where his office was- Kelana Jaya Square. It was a building with 4 blocks and mostly tenanted by corporation as their office. I parked my car at the basement parking, located Block D where his office was, and took the lift to Level 1.

When I got out of the lift, I followed the direction given by him in his previous text. I turned left once I exited the lift lobby, and there was a row of shop lot units and they were mostly empty. Soon I was standing in front of his office, and I felt my heart pounding faster and faster. The door of his office unit was semi-transparent. I could see a shadow sitting in front of a desk behind those doors. I took in a deep breath and knocked on the door.

The shadow got out of his chair and instead of walking towards the door, he walked to the other side of the room and wrapped a towel around his waist- he was not wearing any pants! He crept closer towards the door and unlocked it.

When the door opened, I saw Joel in a white singlet, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He smiled at me and invited me in. From his smile I could tell that he was nervous to meet me too. As I moved into his office, he led me past his working desk, a rack full of books and a wooden folding screen towards the living room area. There was a rectangular shaped couch, with a huge rug that covered the whole living room. It was certainly a cozy office.

We both sat on the couch while checking each other out. Joel certainly looked better than the picture that he had sent me. His light chocolate skin looked better and so yummy(delicious) in person, contrasted by his white singlet. His body looked average in size, and his body looked smooth. Judging from the way he was looking at me, he was more than excited to see me. That gaze he gave me, it was like he would start to rape me right there and then.

“Nice place you have here. So is this like your private little space?” I broke the silence and asked Joel.

“Yes. I come here whenever I want to have some alone time, whether to work, relax or just sleep.” Joel answered, his eyes glued to my thighs the whole time he was talking to me. I was wearing Hawaiian patterned shorts, and my big, pale thighs were obviously getting a lot of attention from Joel.

“I see. You must’ve brought a lot of young boys back here huh.”

“Not really, just a couple of regular “play mates”. You’re actually the youngest guy who agreed to meet me.”

” About that, Joel. I’m very sorry that I kept canceling our dates. I was really busy and I knew it was not nice to keep you waiting for me like that. I feel very bad about it. I’m going to treat you right today.” I said while reached out my hand and caressed his thighs.

“It’s okay dear. I’m just glad that you’re here with me now.” Joel said to while he crept close towards me, laying his lips on mine. He tested my boundary by slowing placing a peck on my lips, then pushed his lips harder against mine, and finally he inserted his tongue into my mouth. I took it in happily, as he was certainly a good kisser.

It got a little wilder and we were adjusting our positions at this point, no longer sitting side by side. As he kissed me harder and harder, Joel got onto me and pressed his average sized body on mine. We passionately kissed for a long time, before I broke the kiss.

“Oh my, if I knew you could kiss like this, I would meet you a lot sooner.” I teased him while biting my lower lips. Joel was a great kisser. This was very important to me, as I value foreplay as much as the real thing, maybe even more.

“There’s a lot more that I can do to you, sweetie. My only mission for today is to make you feel good, because you are such a sexy lovely boy.”

I was extremely turned on by his kind words. Without wasting another second I took off my T-shirt, exposing my fair, chubby and smooth body. Joel could not resist looking at my curvy body and he placed his hands on my chest, then he held my face with both of his hands, before he pulled me in and deep kissed me again. Betturkey Giriş

I took off his singlet and caressed his smooth chest , then I gently pinched his dark nipples. A soft moan escaped his mouth. Joel kissed me harder and he completely conquered me when he kissed my neck and body. I was moaning like nobody else existed.

He stopped and helped me take off my shorts and underwear. Joel literally stared at my naked body for a minute while I just lay there on the couch with my erected penis. Normally, my penis would not become erect unless I play with it. But Joel made me feel so good I was already hard.

Suddenly, Joel buried his head on my left thigh and kissed it vigorously. The sensation was so strong I let out a high pitch scream, as I had a few sensitive spots on my inner thighs. Joel just mercilessly kissed on my inner thigh while holding it with both of his hands. As if it was not bad enough, he buried his head into the crack between my thigh and pubic region. It felt so good I had to bite into the pillow beside me to resist the urge to scream.

I had to stop him, it was too much to handle. I gently pushed him away and asked him to take off his pants. He removed his towel and underwear. His circumcised penis was hard underneath a small bush of black pubic hair. His penis is dark brown in color, and about 5” in length. It’s above average for an Asian, and his penis had just the right size.

Joel stood beside me, completely naked, his cock swinging right in front of my face. I grabbed his penis and put it into my mouth. I sucked on it gently and licked it from the tip of his penis to the base of his sacks. Joel moaned and moaned while petting my hair lovingly.

I sucked his penis for a while, before he stopped me and got on top of my body again. Kissing me deeply, his hands ran wild on my body. This experienced older men was bringing me to places I’ve never been to before. I completely surrendered and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

“You’re so beautiful. Everything about you is so beautiful.” I could only thank his kind words with my moan.

“Oh daddy this feels too good. Please don’t stop.”

“Lift up your legs for me little angel.”

I did as I was told, and I did not expect what was about to happen next. He pressed my legs onto both sides of my face, and he buried his face into my ass. He was rimming me! His skillful tongue was licking my butt crack like it was a lollipop. He tongue fucked me, occasionally gently biting my butt cheeks and underneath my balls. I was in cloud 9. It felt so good my dick was rock hard still, and due to his extremely skillful rimming, I needed Joel to fuck me immediately.

” Please daddy, fuck me now. Please.” I begged him as I grabbed his rock hard dick, its head was swelled to a point where it was already purplish in color. Without a word Joel got off me and went to the corner of living room. He grabbed a black colored pouch, which was filled with condoms and lube. He took out a condom and lube and passed it to me. I skillfully put on the condom on his penis and applied some lube on his whole penis.

“Put some on my hole too daddy.” Joel squeezed some lube on his hand and applied it around my boy hole. He gently inserted a finger into me and my whole body shivered in response. After a while he inserted another finger into my ass and started to loosen my ass up.

When I felt a pat on my ass I knew it was a cue for me to get in position. I got on the rug on my knees and rested my body weight on the couch. Joel got behind me and rubbed his cock on my butt crack. I lifted my ass slightly to give better access to Joel. He pushed his hips against me.

I felt his penis pushing against the opening of my ass. Thanks to the lube it did not take long before his giant dick head slid into ass.

“Wooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss.” I cried out when I felt his dick head penetrating me.

“Relax dear. I would never hurt you.” Joel kissed me on my shoulder while slowly thrusting forward.

I felt him entering me deeper and deeper, inch by inch, until his body was against my butt cheeks. He was completely in. He continued caressing my thighs and kissing my back to help me relax.

“Fuck me now Joel, fuck me hard!” He did what he was asked to do. He started to fuck me with an incredible rhythm that you’d never expect from a 62 year old. He fucked me so hard you could literally hear the sound of him slamming into me. I was losing my mind, and my erection too. It felt extremely good, but the position I was in made me lose my erection. But it didn’t really matter to me. I was in heaven.

Joel pulled out and turned me, slowly setting me onto the couch on my back. He lifted my legs and penetrated me again. He fucked harder and harder while deep kissing me and stroking my cock.

“Ted I’m going to cum soon. Are you close? Let’s cum together.” That idea turned me on like mad and I looked down at my dick. It was hard again.

“Let me stroke it myself. Fuck me with all you’ve got.”

Joel Betturkey Güncel Giriş fucked me harder and faster while I jerked my cock full force, determined to cum together with my daddy. I felt the orgasm approaching in less than a minute.

“I’m going to cuuuuuuuuummmmmm daddy.” Joel responded by fucking me even harder, like he was like a madman.

The next thing that happened, was the extreme contraction of my ass, then strings after strings of cum being shot out of my dick, onto my body. Joel must have felt my orgasm, because his dick was pulsing in my ass as he moaned loudly before collapsing onto my body. We came together.

Extremely exhausted, we just rested in each other’s arm for about 10 minutes. Joel’s flaccid cock must’ve slipped out when we were resting, and his seeds were still wrapped in the condom. He got up and went into the bathroom. He returned later with tissue paper and cleaned my cum-filled body and my hole for me. We just lay there on the couch for about 30 minutes before we went for another round of intense love making.

“You’re such a beautiful boy. I like you very much.” Joel said to me while staring into my eyes. Both of us, naked on the rug and extremely exhausted.

“Thanks daddy. You’re a beast. I really enjoyed myself.”

“Then fuck with me again.”

We both smile and kissed again and again before I told Joel that I had to leave. He lent me a towel and offered me a shower before I headed home a satisfied boy slut.


“Hey Ted. Up for some love making?”

It was a text message from none other than my Malay sexy daddy, Joel. We have been hooking up, a lot, ever since our first meeting in his office. The sex was so amazing I just had to keep meeting him for more. He’s got me hooked.

“Hello Joel. You know that I’d never say no to making love with you. Meet you at your office in an hour?” I was free that day, and in serious need of Joel’s loving.

“I was thinking we could go somewhere else. Meet me at this address in an hour.” Joel’s text message had an address attached in it, and it said “Holiday Inn Glenmarie, Subang”.

I have not been there before but I knew that it was a hotel. I was happy, because Joel would spend money to bring me to a hotel, but I decided it wasn’t right for me to let him do that, so I called him with my cell phone.

“Hey sugar daddy” I playfully said to him when he picked up the phone.

“What?” Joel laughed after he replied.

“Now that you’re starting to spend money on me, shouldn’t I be calling you that? How much did it cost? Let’s share the cost.”

“Don’t worry about it my dear, I got that complimentary room from GlenMarie as my company often let our clients stay there. It’s their way of saying thank you. So it’s free of charge.” Joel explained in a playful tone.

“I see. But you could’ve redeemed it for other boys, or your family. It makes me feel really guilty when you are so nice to me. Let’s just go to your office shall we?”

“Too late for that, I’m already resting in my recently redeemed room. Besides, think of it as a pre Chinese New Year gift. I really enjoy and appreciate your company too, so stop worrying and come to daddy now.”

After I got off the phone with Joel, I immediately got into my car, and drove towards him while replaying our conversation in my mind. He was kind, as usual, and it was so sweet of him to redeem his complimentary room for our little rendezvous.

Thanks to the help of a navigation application, Waze, I arrived at my destination within 20 minutes. It was a very grand hotel, and I drove past this huge golf course before I arrive at the car parking area. After parking my car, I walked towards the lobby area, feeling insecure about my outfit, as I seemed to be underdressed. I was in my usual casual wear, a T-shirt, Hawaiian shorts and sandals.

I fastened my pace and located the lift, but it required room card for it to operate, so I took the stairs instead. In no time I got to the right level, and searched for his room number.

“Special delivery at your door, sir.” I texted Joel as I stood outside of his room. I am a very playful boy, and instead of pressing the doorbell, this was my way of informing him of my presence.

After about 3 minutes, I heard him unlocking the door of his room. When the door was opened, I was not surprised to see Joel, who only had a towel wrapped around his waist, and was wearing nothing else. He enjoyed being nude whenever he could, and I personally think that it’s hot too.

After he invited me in, he proceeded to move further into the room. After I closed the door, I did not follow him, instead I started to undress myself quietly, until I was completely naked. Joel was expecting me to follow him, but when he turned around and saw me naked, he approached me again and started to kiss me like a hungry predator.

We hugged each other tight and I could feel his warmth, the smoothness of his skin and his raging hard on poking against my thigh. As we kissed we tangoed step by step towards the bed. When we arrived at the edge of the queen sized bed, I skillfully sat on the bed and moved backwards. I didn’t need to tell Joel what to do, cause within seconds he was already on top of me, kissing me while his hands ran on all parts of me.

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