Serena (or, My Wife’s Pregnant GF)


Serena arrived at the bus station, too far into her pregnancy to have flown in. My wife, Danielle, and I were there an hour early: she was beyond excited to see her best friend for the first time in nearly a year. Serena’s train finally arrived; we met her as she got off and I quickly took her bags with a “Let me take those” as Danielle went in for a hug. Or, what passed for a hug given Serena’s current condition: her belly kept Danielle back by well over a foot. She wore a loose black maternity jumpsuit that wasn’t nearly loose enough to hide the enormity of her belly. Quite the sight. Danielle disengaged from the hug to marvel at it herself, quickly becoming too eager to help herself and grabbing Serena’s midsection in both hands.

“You’re huge!” she finally told her friend, the first words they’d exchanged. “Well, thanks,” Serena replied with a chuckle. Danielle finally released her grip. “Hi! So nice to see all of you!” They both laughed and hugged again. The size of Serena’s belly really was something; I had trouble not staring. The only other time I’d met her I thought she was pretty but did not struggle to keep my eyes off her. I hadn’t been around many pregnant women in my life, and the bump really was becoming, functioning as a genuine stare-magnet. Even a touch-magnet as far as Danielle went, as her hands were quickly back on her friend’s belly. “Okay, I’m super exhausted,” Serena finally interrupted the reverie around her form. “Can we go home now?”

Back at the house, Serena collapsed onto the middle of our soft couch with an exaggerated sigh of relief, Danielle taking the cushion next to her; I sat in the recliner next to them. “I don’t think I can do anything for a while,” Serena was apologetic. “Even a damned train ride wears me out at this point. Can we just sit and talk or whatever?” Grinning from ear to ear, Danielle nodded enthusiastically as she started touching the bump again. “Oh my God, yes! I want to know absolutely everything!” She didn’t mention it to Serena just yet, but Danielle and I had recently starting trying to conceive ourselves. Danielle was rather pregnancy-obsessed, naturally, and had really been looking forward to Serena’s visit in order to get the inside scoop. “How’s it going so far? I’m sorry, my memory is total shit: how far along are you even?”

Smiling and with one hand on the part of her belly not currently occupied by Danielle’s hands, Serena filled us in. “Well, I’m 35 weeks along, about 8 months. Let’s see…I was really sick at first, before I even knew I was pregnant. I barfed for like six mornings in a row before Fernando finally told me to take a damn test, it hadn’t even occurred to me. Morning sickness kept going for about 2 months; it sucked a bunch, really takes up most of your time and energy. It was at about 13 weeks that I started showing, I think, just about the same time the morning sickness finally stopped. That was super exciting and surreal.” Danielle was hanging on her every word, alternating entranced stares between Danielle’s bump and eyes. “How fast did you grow? Is it insane?”

Serena nodded, eyes wide. “Yeah, it’s definitely fast and insane, totally. We take pictures every night in the same place and pose in our bedroom, and I can see the difference between consecutive days, even. You absolutely get bigger on a daily basis. How could that not be crazy? If you think you can’t keep your hands off my belly, you should see me. It’s like I’m trying to feel it grow right under my hands, as if I can literally detect it happening. It grows fast, but not that fast…” Danielle was shaking her head in wonder, still rubbing all over Serena’s belly with both hands. “Amazing. Just…wow. How…do you feel, like, about all of it…besides the belly growing and everything?”

Looking into the distance thoughtfully, Serena took a minute to consider, idly rubbing the top of her bump as Danielle gently pushed in on its sides. “Well,” she finally began, “I mean, it’ll probably all sound pretentious or hippie-ish, ‘Mother Nature’ bullshit I could never stand, but…I really feel like some goddess with these magical, feminine fertility powers. Life is growing right in here, inside me. It’s mind-blowing and constantly fascinating what my body is doing, and I’m straight-up in awe of it.” Danielle nodded, eyes wider than I’d ever seen them. “That doesn’t sound like bullshit at all; it’s totally magical.” All three of us were silently staring at her bump, Serena and Danielle both gripping it with all four of their collective hands.

“It looks so fucking good on you, Serena!” Danielle exclaimed. Serena blushed a bit, a sign of modesty I would’ve figured we were beyond by this point, but I could hardly blame her what with my wife’s intense attention. “Yeah…I kind of love it, to be honest. I thought it’d make me feel fat and gross, which is weird because I’ve always thought it looked so cute on other girls. But, yeah, it might make it a bit cumbersome to get around for a couple of months, but I definitely think it looks good on me. Maybe even…sexy? Is that too much of a stretch?” Shaking her head Kartal escort with as much certainty as it could possibly express, Danielle definitively replied, “No, that’s not a stretch at all. It’s super sexy. Right, Dominic?!”

Now I was on the spot, and it was my turn to blush. Serena laughed as she swooped in to save me: “Jesus, Danielle! Don’t ask your husband if I’m sexy! He hasn’t even given it a touch yet, for Christ’s sake! Oh, I didn’t mention all the attention I get, all the stares and touches. It’s slightly embarrassing to say, but…I fucking love it. I can’t get enough of the attention. I arch my back and stick my belly out as far as it’ll go when I notice someone looking, I lift my shirt up the moment it seems like someone’s coming in for a sudden touch. I’m all about sharing the experience, you know? It’s way too amazing for just me and Fernando to get to experience it. The magic belongs to the world!” She and Danielle laughed; I forced out a giggle. Serena was really selling the whole pregnancy thing to a degree I hadn’t imagined I’d buy so fully into.

“What about the shitty stuff?” Danielle asked. “It’s all been rainbows and candy you’ve told us about so far, but I know it’s not all such a blast.” Serena laughed and nodded. “Yeah, yeah, it has its downsides, absolutely. I mean, the belly is cool, and I’m not complaining about my boobs swelling.” She laughed nervously for a second. “The hips and ass curves are okay, too, but the feet and ankles? Not even a little bit sexy, and pretty damned painful, what with footwear being a requirement when I’m in public. And the stomach issues. Once the morning sickness stops, it’s just a few short months until the constipation and reflux. Sorry, Dominic, if this is too much information.”

Danielle dismissively waved this concern away, never looking away from Serena’s face. “Yeah, my stomach’s a mess, I’m constantly exhausted, achy all over the place, peeing every 20 minutes. But honestly, the good really does outweigh the bad. These are minor annoyances in the face of the amazingness of it all, really.”

I noticed a smile creeping across Danielle’s face as she seemed to work up the courage for her next request. “Okay, Serena…I think we’re going to need to see that belly of yours, if that’s okay? And probably rub it, too, just so you know.” Serena laughed and nodded as she promptly stood up and removed her jumpsuit in one smooth motion, revealing a white tank top and blue maternity shorts underneath. “It’s no problem! I told you, I love the random stares and rubs: why wouldn’t I want the same from you guys?!” Astoundingly enough, Danielle’s eyes were able to get even wider in amazement. I could feel my own face’s demonstration of awe, too, in my staring eyes and blushing cheeks. Serena seemed to note my simultaneous interest and trepidation.

“It’s okay, Dominic; come on over,” she said. Danielle’s hands were already all over Serena’s newly-bared bump; no need to reassure her, apparently. “Dominic, get your ass over here and feel this, it’s amazing!” my wife shouted at me. I obeyed the ladies, approaching and sitting on the other side of our pregnant guest. She grabbed both of my hands, avoiding Danielle’s roaming hands as she placed one of mine on the top of her bump and one on the left side. “The baby’s right here,” she told me, pushing the hand on the left side firmly into her belly. “Up here is just empty space, which I think feels pretty neat, too.” Danielle nodded her enthusiastic agreement with this as I gently pushed both of my hands into the bump. The firmness of the part with the baby was remarkable, as was the firm-yet-soft, more liquid-y nature of the emptier section.

Her bump had some soft blonde hair on it and a faint but dark line running down its center (a “linea nigra,” I learned later). The entirety of it was remarkably smooth, practically blemish-free. Her outie belly button was a particularly fun feature; she giggled when I took a modest liberty and gently flicked it. I explored all of her bump with both hands and eyes, silently taking every bit of it in. It was my first bare pregnant belly experience, and it was truly remarkable.

I was almost painfully erect after a minute or two, quite undeniably more so than a simple platonic massage would have gotten me. Seems I find pregnancy arousing. I’ve never thought to seek it out or thought about it that much at all, but the proof was insistently struggling against the crotch of my jeans (which, luckily, fit in such a way that my hard-on wasn’t instantly noticeable).

“Can you stand up?” Danielle asked Serena after we’d both been lost in silent examination of the bump for three or four minutes. Serena stood, Danielle instantly gripping her belly in both hands and lifting it up a few inches. “It’s so heavy!” she exclaimed. “Oh, shit…no offense, Serena!” Serena simply smiled. “Get in there, Dom.” I required no further encouragement, quickly replacing Danielle’s hands with my own and lifting the drooping belly in both hands. It really was remarkably heavy, its dropped position hardly surprising once Kurtköy Escort its weight was felt.

A soft “Wow” escaped my lips. “Try carrying it around all day,” Serena said with a bit of contempt. “It gets a bit less fun.” I felt sympathetic to her plight, but somehow further aroused by the difficulty she was experiencing. Feeling like I might just cum in my pants, I took a brief break, removing my hands and diverting my gaze from the bump to slow my raging arousal.

“All right, that’s enough of a workout for me,” the preggo said as she sat back down on the middle cushion. I sat down next to her as Danielle did the same; my wife sighed as she landed on her cushion. “I’m a bit envious, I must admit,” she said quietly. “Serena, I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m sure Dominic won’t mind if I tell you at this point: we’ve been…trying.” Squealing with delight, Serena threw both her arms around Danielle and pulled her in as close as the bump would allow.

“Oh my God, that’s the best news! I’m so freaking excited for you guys! Hmmmm…” She looked thoughtfully into the distance, tapping her chin with her right index finger. “Yeah, you guys need a bit more access than I’m willing to throw at random strangers. You need more info to see what’s ahead. So…who wants to see my boobs?”

Danielle laughed and clapped. “YES! Oh my God, Serena! I haven’t seen your boobs in so long! I totally remember them, though…” I gave my wife a sidelong glance; she blushed slightly. “It was just in saunas during spa days, Dominic; don’t be a perv.” I laughed and shrugged, which Serena took as the all-clear to remove her tank top and reveal her breasts to the room. Seeing them plop down onto the top of Serena’s bump, Danielle gasped. “Holy shit, Serena! They’re fucking huge! And your nipples are dark as hell!” I had nothing to compare them to pre-pregnancy, of course, but they were indeed impressively large and dark-nippled.

“Those aren’t even the main events, guys. Wait till you see this shit…” Serena grasped her right breast in both hands, pinching her flesh towards the nipple. Translucent liquid sprayed into the middle of the room. All three of us cracked up, apparently universally amused by the demonstration of this bodily function. Breasts revealed and shooting fluids all over the place, my arousal had risen back up to what it reached during our “lifting the belly” phase. I should probably have diverted my gaze again, but there were bare tits in the room and I’m only human. I’d just have to withstand my painfully hard dick till I could maybe slip away and jerk it real quick.

“This feels so great!” Serena said with a great deal of jubilation in her voice. “I don’t think I really was before, not that I was overly shy or anything, but I think pregnancy’s turned me into a total exhibitionist. Hard to deny as I’m showing off my titties to my best friend and her husband whom I’ve met all of two times now. Am I making you guys uncomfortable or anything?” With a dead-serious look on her face, Danielle slowly and pointedly shook her head in the negative.

I didn’t know how to respond, as I certainly couldn’t reveal the extent of how much I was into the exhibition. I felt my face redden once again. “It’s fine with me, really,” I said quietly. “Oh, come on, Dom, isn’t it crazy sexy? I’m way into this. You’re not totally digging this?!” Serena seemed to want me to be aroused. I blushed further.

“I don’t want to make things awkward, Dom…I say with my tits still out.” Serena moved to grab her tank top, which Danielle quickly snatched out of her reach. “Wait a second. He’s on the fence, I can tell. How would you feel about the full reveal, Serena? I think we can get him into it.” Serena smiled and looked to me; Danielle shook her head vigorously. “No, no, don’t ask him, he’s just going to get more awkward. Just do it so we can convert him and he can settle down.”

There was no way in hell this was going to make me “settle down,” but I wasn’t about to object to seeing the entirety of Serena’s maternal form. The pregnant exhibitionist shrugged and pulled down her shorts in one quick motion, tossing them into the middle of the room. Her unkempt blonde pubic hair and visibly engorged vulva were incredible sights to behold, as was the fact that she had to hold her hanging belly out of the way for us to even see most of her crotch. I was perilously close to shooting in my jeans.

Attempting to look past her massive bump at the pubic area she was showing us, Serena laughed aloud. “So, yeah, definitely an exhibitionist, it’d be fair to say.” We all laughed again, Danielle shaking her head slowly in disbelief. “You’ve got an outie pussy, for Christ’s sake! I didn’t know that was even a thing that happened! And you desperately need assistance with your pubes, honey. I can help later if you’d like…”

Serena smiled: “Much appreciated, sweetie.” They were starting to flirt a little bit, if the sudden cute pet names could be read into at all. Was this heading somewhere even more interesting than full frontal pregnant nudity? Only time would tell. Pendik Escort One thing was for sure: I wanted so, so badly to knock up Danielle at the earliest possible opportunity.

“All right, I’m just going to throw this right out there,” Danielle began confidently. “At this point, why aren’t we just fooling around already? I know I’m way into it, Serena’s preggo exhibitionist ass is almost definitely into it, and I’m pretty sure giving Dom the full view has gotten him in the mood, too. What do you guys think?” Serena laughed and nodded: “Yep, definitely on board.” They both looked to me.

“Wait, actually, let me just make a quick call…” Serena said, grabbing her purse and the cell phone within. She had a quick conversation in Spanish with her Chilean husband, Fernando, then, without ending the call, placed her phone on the coffee table. “Yeah, Fernando’s fine with it as long as we let him listen. So…Dominic?”

I wanted very badly for this to move forward, but still felt a little too shy to directly say as much. “I…” Danielle interrupted my halting attempt at speech. “Okay, maybe he needs just a bit more convincing, Serena. Let me just slip into something more comfortable…” She was nude in about three seconds. “…and let’s just start with the girls for now.” She leaned in and began to make out with Serena, one hand on a milk-swollen breast, the other on the bump. Serena’s hands both went directly to Danielle’s invitingly ample bosom.

Maybe acting more hesitant than I actually was had some fringe benefits, like getting to watch this hot action for a while. I let them go on for a solid five minutes, their petting progressing to genitals during that time. “Okay, it’s hot,” I said, finally. “Fucking finally, you prude,” Danielle half-jokingly chided me. “Just no penetration between you two, all right?” Serena and I both nodded: the rules were set, and it was go time.

We all headed to the bedroom. “Why the hell are you still wearing clothes?” Danielle demanded about a millisecond after we entered the room. I stripped quickly but carefully, not wanting my still-extremely-hard dick to get caught in my jeans’ zipper. As soon as I’d gotten nude, the secret of my intense arousal was, of course, revealed to my playmates. “Ohhhhhhhh!” exclaimed Serena. “Have you been playing it a little coy there, Dom? Someone’s seriously excited!”

Danielle was shaking her head, eyes wide as she stared at my erection. “Christ, I don’t think I’ve ever seen your dick that hard! You ARE into this, you perv…” She took my erection in her hand as she kissed me deeply. Serena tapped her on the shoulder after we’d made out for about 30 seconds: “Sorry, but I’m gonna have to play the hormonal preggo card: I need that dick in my mouth…now.”

Laughing at her friend’s directness, Danielle disengaged from my dick as Serena took her position on her knees right in front of me and got to blowing with speedy enthusiasm. Laying on the floor next to her, Danielle was able to easily access Serena’s bump and pussy with her hands, one grasping the bottom of the belly as the other worked the vulva and clit. Unsurprisingly, Serena’s impressive oral technique mixed with my long-standing erection led me to cum within about 90 seconds of her getting her mouth around my cock.

I shot right into her mouth, forgetting to even ask her preference in the heat of the mind-blowingly sexy moment. She didn’t seem to mind one bit, collecting my cum in her mouth and swallowing like a pro even as she came herself from Danielle’s stimulation of her clit, complete with loud moaning despite her mouthful of well-contained semen.

With my having entered a refractory period, it was time for the ladies to really focus on each other. They got into 69-ing position (Serena on top with her bump resting on Danielle’s chest), but didn’t immediately go at it with their mouths, opting instead to spend a few minutes inspecting each other’s pussies with eyes and probing fingers (they’d never seen each other’s genitalia before, Danielle later confirmed). “It’s all sticking out, I love it! I want one!” Danielle gushed over Serena’s pregnancy-swollen vulva, which might reasonably be referred to as an “outie” in its current engorged state. “Well, yours is just about perfect, honey,” Serena replied. “And so well-groomed down there! Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Danielle had run out of patience, placing her mouth directly onto Serena’s clit and applying audible suction. Taken by surprise, it took Serena 30 or 40 seconds to reciprocate, her face finally reaching its proper spot buried in my wife’s cunt. There were a multitude of audible mouth-work noises and moans of pleasure; by my rough count, it seemed like they both got the other off three times. It was impressive work.

I’d spent the past ten minutes happily watching their sexy spectacle, but was finally hard again and eager to rejoin the action. Serena moved onto her back right next to Danielle, both of them still breathing hard from cumming so damn much. I got above my wife and slid right into her pre-moistened pussy. We both moaned and we each kept one hand on Serena’s delightful, impossible-to-ignore bump, still so tantalizingly within easy reach. Serena rubbed her clit with one hand and finger-fucked herself with the other as we rubbed her bump. She got off twice before Danielle came.

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