Sensualist Pt. 02 Ch. 01


By Paris Waterman

All sexual acts herein are between people 18 years of age, or older.

Please note that this is Volume II in a series. It can be read on its own, although reading the first volume will help put matters in their proper perspective. PW


Chapter 1

Wherein Donnie buys a house — Telling sordid tales to female freshmen – Fucking the female freshmen

September of Donald’s freshman year was a virtual whirlwind of activities between swimming practice, classes and meeting up with his realtor, Nikita Konstanty, to find furniture for the house and precious private moments with her. There simply wasn’t enough time in the day to just sit back and relax.

Donald did buy the first house that Nikita had shown him. It was an older building, and wanting to retain as much of the “old-timey” feel of it as possible, he left the basic structure intact and under the knowledgeable guidance of Nikita, arranged for the partial renovation of the interior.

The building was actually 3 stories, with a ground level basement entry that had two sets of stairs leading to the main floor. The entire upper floor became his bedroom and study and included a huge master bath that had a Jacuzzi large enough for four people and a separate shower with a two heads. The main level contained an updated kitchen, dining room, living room, family room, a full bath and a sun room alongside a screened in porch.

The ground level or basement had two apartments replete with kitchens, full-sized bathrooms and fairly large master bedrooms, making them highly desirable quarters for either student or faculty needing accommodations.


Nikita spent considerable time helping Don furnish the entire house, taking him to consignment shops and one very useful used furniture store to show him pieces she thought would serve him well. He accepted everything shown him, except for a statuette of a cat, which he hated. The house was half furnished in a week. He also had two additional bedsprings and mattresses ordered from a local mattress store. When they arrived, Nikita suggested he place an ad in the Athens newspaper and in the school bulletin looking for female tenants. The suggested rental price would off-set his mortgage payment and even give him a small amount to spend as he saw fit.

“Umm, Nikita, I have a question about us, I mean, our relationship, um, it appears to be ongoing. Is it?”

“How sweet of you to ask; yes, I think so, Donnie. That is if you want it to be. There are dozens of young ladies here in Athens who would love to … what’s the expression? Oh, yes, jump your bones. They seem to like one-night stands, or for that matter Spring Break type vacation sex. But I’m here for the duration. You on the other hand, are a student who is also on the swim team. You’ll be traveling … a lot in that regard. That means–at least to my view, that what we have is basically a casual relationship. Now don’t get me wrong. I like you. I love fucking you, and I’d like to keep on fucking you. And yet you need to understand that while I expect you to have other … casual flings, you had better realize that I’ll have an occasional fling of my own.

“Perhaps we should set some ground rules. Not now, let’s let that thought germinate for a while. I think you should consider our relationship. I mean, what happens if our feelings toward one another change? You or I might meet someone else who we want to be with–period. Or, failing that, how often should we meet? Daily, weekly, every other Tuesday?

I prefer we keep our arrangement a secret as long as that’s possible. It’s a small town, people will talk eventually. Are you all right with that? More to the point. Are you okay with me meeting other people, without you being present? What about STD’s? How often should we be tested?”

“Wow, sounds like you’ve been lying in wait to pounce on me,” Donnie said with a slight frown.

“No Donnie, not at all. Everything I’ve said is purely practical … practical in that these things happen. They do matter. What we have isn’t a one-night stand, it’s an affair. There are complications when one has an affair. I live here in Athens. You go to school here. There’s a difference. And it’s a big one. I’m not ending our thing, Donnie. I’m just clarifying it. Think about what I’ve said here. Let me know your thoughts. I don’t expect you to accept everything I said. Maybe you’ll even add a few questions of your own. That would be fine.

“You’ve got a swim meet coming up, right?”

“Yes, going to Florida in a couple days.”

“So let’s talk about things when you get back. Remember this isn’t an ultimatum, Donnie; it’s just a discussion about things that matter to me–to us. Now do you want to get on top, or shall I?”

The swimming/diving team had already gone to Alabama for a meet, but because they had not arrived in late August for pre-semester practices, Dolph and Donnie were not invited, nor were two of the other freshmen. The high school All-American prospect, Niğde Escort Biff Chambers, was, however, and placed third in the freestyle, which was impressive as Alabama’s best freestyle swimmer was a rising Olympic contender and had set a new national record in that event during qualifiers the same day. Needless to say, Biff made the varsity. Dolph and Donnie were on the list for the next road trip, which was at Florida the following week, and were both excited about competing for the first time.

The Florida Meet.

Nothing dramatic occurred during the Swimming Team’s trip to the University of Florida. Donnie and Dolph finally got into an actual event, although neither of them placed. Coach Flippen commended both on improving their times over that of their best practices, saying something along the lines of: “I guess your competitive juices were flowing. But I expect your performances in practice to be about the same as any competitive event you swim in.”

The highlight of the trip was Dolph and Donnie catching two of the Florida girl swimmers sixty-nining off in an alcove where they thought they were safe while their team was involved in the diving competition. They didn’t disturb them, but watched them, neither of them masturbating, most likely because the other was standing alongside. The girls never knew they’d been noticed.

But on the team bus ride back to Athens when the bus stopped at a roadside cafeteria, Donnie had his first collegiate sexual experience when he and Dolph sat with two of the female swimmers from their school and Dolph couldn’t contain himself, blurting out what they had seen to the two girls, Darci and Olivia.

“What!” Olivia said raising her voice so much that Darci held her hand over the other’s mouth.

“Details,” Darci demanded, and only then removed her hand.

“Well …” Dolph began. “It was during the diving competition …”

“They were in an alcove off to one side. I’m sure they thought no one would be able to see them,” Donnie added.

“We, um, just watched. We, um, didn’t …”

“They never knew we were there,” Donnie added again, filling in Dolph’s omissions.

With her arousal evident on her flushed face, Olivia repeated Darci’s earlier request for ‘Details.’

“Really?” Donnie said, recognizing an opportunity when he saw it. “You want the juicy details?”

“YES!” both girls said simultaneously.

Donnie put an arm around each girl and drew them close. When Olivia balked at his obvious move, he said, “You want everyone in the cafeteria to listen in on us?”

Olivia quickly shook her head from side to side, and Donnie went on with his description of the two girls sixty-nining one another.

“I think we got there just before they did,” he said. “There were no preliminaries that we saw …”

“You mean they just did it?” Olivia asked, seemingly shocked.

“I mean there was no small talk at all. They … um, just got to it.”

Donnie noted that Olivia’s flush had darkened considerably, and that Darci was squirming around in her chair trying to find a comfortable position, but not succeeding.

Dolph was hiding his erection, holding onto the menu after the server had requested it, saying he wanted to peruse other items for possible takeout.

Donnie tightened his grip on each girl, pulling them closer to him. At this point, Olivia’s right breast was fully pressed into his arm. Darci, much smaller than Olivia in the breast department, would have had to be face to face with Don for any noticeable impact on him from her breasts.

“Um, I don’t know if you two want all the details,” he said and paused.

They did, both said. “Don’t hold back on our account,” Darci said, her voice slightly higher pitched that usual. Olivia nodded her agreement with Darci.

“Okay, well, I could see that the shorter of the two wasn’t wearing a bra. Her taut nipples poked out of her cotton t-shirt …”

Donnie paused and looked at each girl in turn. “Is this too graphic?”

“No!” they replied in unison.

Donnie saw Olivia’s hand drop into her lap and press down into her crotch. He shot a glance at Dolph, who understood him immediately and grinned at Donnie, before nodding his head. They were going to score with these two after the bus got to Athens, Dolph was sure of it.

Donnie coughed once to clear his throat and then said: “The taller girl made the first move.”

Olivia’s breast was now fully pressed against his arm and he could feel its hardened nipple.

“She, um, used her fingers to sort of tweak a nipple through the thin fabric, and then she said, ‘Well now, someone’s glad to see me.’ The shorter girl laughed nervously and bit her lower lip. I think it was the lower lip. Dolph was it the lower lip she bit?”

“Um, yeah,” Dolph replied, “The lower one, yeah.”

Donnie picked up where he’d left off: “The shorter one was embarrassed, but didn’t want things to stop there and said, ‘I’ve been thinking about this all day, once I knew Niğde Escort Bayan for sure you were coming. I’m so damned horny'”

“Oh my God,” Darci gasped. “I can’t believe you could hear them.”

“We were only about ten or twelve feet from them,” Dolph said. “I mean, we were there first. They happened along after we’d settled in.”

Donnie added, “I really think that they had scouted the alcove out previously and decided it was the perfect place to meet during the swimming meet.”

“Hearing that, the taller girl said, ‘Well I won’t keep you waiting any longer!’ She kissed her, a soft dainty kiss … are you sure you want to hear all this?”

“Of course we do,” Darci replied, and Don went on, saying: “They continued the soft kissing for a while before I saw the shorter one’s pink tongue slip into the other’s mouth. After that the kisses grew more torrid.”

OHHH!” Olivia sighed.

“Mmmm,” Darci groaned happily.

Dolph closed the meager distance between himself and Darci. They were now thigh to thigh. Darci appeared not to notice, but moments later her hand dropped to his thigh and gave it a light squeeze.

“Mmmm, yeah,” Donnie sighed. “I don’t know if torrid is the right word for what was happening.

“They were making out, right?” Olivia asked.

“That’s certain,” Donnie replied. “By this point their hands were everywhere.”

Dolph chimed in with: “The taller one had one hand under the other’s t-shirt fondling her tits … oh, sorry about the language …”

“Don’t be, tits, boob, ta-ta’s, whatever, Darci said and followed with a laugh. “You’re just telling it like it is.”

Dolph cupped Darci’s left breast and said, Ta-ta’s?” It was the first overt move on either man’s part. Both were relieved when all Darci did was brush his hand away, saying, “Not now … the story, please!”

Ignoring her, Donnie moved his arm from Olivia’s shoulder to her breast and tweaked her nipple.

“Oh you!” Then lowering her voice to a whisper, “Don’t … not here! Maybe on the bus … you know? You could sit with me and …”

Letting his hand drop from her breast, Donnie nodded affirmatively and picked up where he’d left off.

“The shorter girl’s hands were busy too, squeezing her … Ta-ta’s,” he said with a grin that had the others laughing giddily.

“Breathing hard, the shorter one asked, ‘Do you play with girls a lot?’ Meanwhile she’s kind of rolling the taller girl’s t-shirt up, exposing her boobs. They were really nice looking too,” Donnie added.

‘Some in the past,’ the taller one answered shyly. ‘But not for a long time.’

“They kissed again and it lasted for quite a while, and when they ended it, they were both hotter than a 4th of July pistol.”.

“So you never ‘did it’ for them?” the shorter one inquired, her voice filled with a need to know.

The taller one answered, saying, ‘No, not much.’ I guess I’m more of a pillow princess.”

“My God!” Darci exploded, “He’s tellin’ the fuckin’ truth!”

“Of course I am,” Donnie blurted. “Why the hell would I lie to you?”

“To get into my pants, for one!” Darci shot back.

“But you just said I wasn’t making this up!” He said, hoping the logic would hold up.

Olivia was giggling non-stop.

“Stop it, Liv,” Darci said snappishly, caught between her friend’s childish behavior and her own embarrassment at being caught foolishly. “We should go,” she said and started getting up.

“I’m not leavin'” Olivia said, through her giggling. “He’s nice …” turning to face Dolph, she added, “You too, sweetie.”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, Liv, c’mon we can sit on the bus.”

“You go if you must. I’m staying. I wanna hear if they go down on one another.”

“LIV!” Darci said, her voice rising in alarm.

Other people looked their way, and embarrassed again, Darci slipped back into her seat, a sulking expression on her face.

“Go on, Don, finish your story. Did they really do it?”

“Yes they did, Olivia. The taller one confessed that she really liked oral sex.”

“Oooo!” Olivia cooed. “I knew it!”

Darci feigned disinterest, but was listening to every word Donnie said.

“She … the taller one admitted that she really got off on oral. ‘I hope you don’t mind, but I need to touch …’ Donnie paused, and looked directly at Darci and Olivia in turn. “Should I keep going?”

When Darci nodded affirmatively, he knew he’d be banging both girls before the night was out. Team members or not, he would do them both he thought as he resumed the story.

“I’m sooo bad,” the taller one said. Maybe a second later the shorter one said, ‘me too!’

‘Let’s just do this!’ the shorter girl said and striped off her t-shirt, then her shorts and panties.”

Dolph interjected at that point, saying excitedly, “Don’t forget the scrunchy she pulled out of her hair and how she said, ‘Okay, I’m ready!’ as she spread her legs in invitation.”

“Oh yeah,” Donnie said wistfully, “She raised her knees, opening Escort Niğde herself up, you know?”

Both girls nodded their heads. Oh yeah, they knew all right.

“I admit the combination of her innocent-like approach followed by this lewd display was an incredible turn-on.”

“Are you hard, Donnie?” Olivia whispered breathlessly.

“See for yourself,” he said non-committedly.

She accepted his dare and ran her hand lightly along the bulge in his slacks. “Mmmmm, impressive,” she murmured, more to herself than anyone else. Darci glowered at her and Donnie, but secretly wished she had had the nerve to do it herself.

“Yes, isn’t it?” Donnie replied with a knowing smile, and winked at Darci. “Anyway, the taller girl cut her off, saying, ‘I want to be on top.’ And just like that she sat on the shorter girl’s face.”

“Ohmigod!” Darci gasped, followed by Olivia’s “Holy shit!” a moment later.

The aroma of female arousal filled my nostrils. I must admit I thought I could actually taste her, although that’s impossible,” Donnie said wistfully.

“Ooooh,” Olivia sighed.

“While I couldn’t see much of the shorter girl’s face, I could see the other’s quite clearly; there was open mouthed, wanton desire etched across her eyes and mouth–her tongue washed lightly over her lips in anticipation. She gave a tentative little smile and asked sweetly, “You ready?” then bit her lip as she waited for a reply.

“The shorter girl promptly pulled her closer and moaning with delight began kissing and licking away at her.”

“Ohmigod!” Darci gasped again, only to be followed with an echoing ‘Holy Shit,’ from Olivia.

At this point both Olivia and Darci had their hand or fist pressed against their respective pussies, making no attempt to hide their actions from Dolph or Donnie.

Donnie left them to pleasure themselves as best they could for a couple minutes before interrupting them by announcing that the bus was ready to leave and they had better get a move on. The later was not meant as a pun.

While the girls sat alongside Dolph and Donnie–Darci with Dolph, and Olivia with Donnie, nothing further was said about the lesbian duo. In fact, the only words uttered by either girl were when Olivia whispered into Donnie’s ear: “You can sneak us into your dorm room, right?”

Donnie nodded affirmatively and gave her upper thigh a squeeze. Olivia shuddered.

Back on campus, they made directly for the guys dorm room. Dolph opened the door and the girls practically stumbled into the room. They were dressed alike: short shorts and T-shirts with Georgia Swim Team across the fronts. Dolph and Donnie were not that different, khaki shorts and similar T’s. It was the normal wear for all members of the Swimming Team.

Once inside the room, Dolph smirked and said, “Now we can watch our own swim team members turn lezzie for us!”

“Oh, you!” said Olivia, the more slender of the two girls.

“We’re not into that!” snapped Darci.

“What are you into?” Dolph laughed wickedly as his erection loomed pointedly in his shorts.

“I think it more correct to ask them what’s going into them, Dolph,” Donnie said so amicably that neither girl reacted for a moment, thinking he was defending their honor.

Then after a long second or two, Olivia shrieked, “Oh you!” and then burst out laughing.

Darci tried to remain serious but succumbed to Olivia’s laughing fit and joined in. It wasn’t long before all four were laughing with the girls hugging the guys.

Donnie noted that Darci’s nipples had hardened under her t-shirt and imagined how her pear-shaped tits would look with her bouncing up and down on his cock.

“Don’t be such a pervert,” Darci said sharply seeing his eyes on her chest; only to discover her words had no import to Donnie at all. He merely smiled at her and eyes fixed on her nipples, licked his lips. She found herself shuddering with anticipation.

“Have a seat, Olivia,” Dolph said, patting the bed where he was already sitting. “I’ll get us a drink.” Dolph got up and went to the mini refrigerator, opened it and took out four bottles of Mountain Dew and one bottle of Vodka, poured the entire contents into a wooden wok, normally used for cooking stir-fried food, but which had served as a punch bowl before at parties, and then handed each girl a clean plastic cup. After selecting a cup for himself to kicked things off by scooping the cup into the wok and half filled his glass before toasting the others in the room.

Both girls followed suit and along with Donnie toasted Dolph and then emptied the concoction down their respective throats.

“Ewe!” Olivia blurted after finishing her drink. Donnie studied her with renewed interest. She was a tad shorter than Darci and more rounded with heavier breasts and a crowning mane of thick black hair. He liked her looks; virginal, but sensual, for even in her casual clothing she reminded him of a typical teenage slut.

He recalled how aroused both girls had gotten with his telling of the lesbian encounter he and Dolph had witnessed. But more importantly he remembered that he hadn’t really gotten to the serious sexual play the two lesbians reached, but had ended after describing their erotic foreplay and ended when they actually got into it.

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