Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 01


Taylor was just beginning to enjoy her summer vacation working part time at The Scarlet Lady, the women’s shop that Katherine had made her visit to purchase the sex toys that Kat would use on her to begin her transition from a naïve young coed to a little lesbian dyke. In the span of just a couple of months, her whole life seemed to come full circle. Now here she was working at the store with Jenny who counseled her on the vibrator and restraints Kat used on her back at the dorm.

Katherine had graduated and found a job working at a local marketing firm using her graphic arts skills on ad placements. In her interview, her employer found it extremely beneficial that Katherine was an avid photographer. While most of the clients supplied their artwork and photos, on occasion the firm did photo shoots which could now be done in-house. It was mostly a hobby for Katherine but she did enjoy taking shots of the outdoors and now she actually would be handsomely rewarded for any sessions contracted with the client.

While Lisa, their mistress, had offered the two girls her apartment for the summer, Katherine and Taylor decided on an apartment closer to campus and near Kat’s new job. Taylor still had two more years of college and the location was convenient for both girls. Katherine’s job typically kept her at the agency until well after six and Taylor usually either had dinner made or picked up something for the two of them.

While they had roomed together all year, it was only in the last three months that they had become lovers and nearly inseparable. It was Katherine who seduced Taylor at Lisa’s request — Kat would turn her straight roommate into a lesbian, just like she herself had become. While Taylor had been dating a young man named Dennis, there was no turning back for her once she had her Sapphic flame ignited. She loved Katherine more than anything or anybody she had ever met and knew she was meant to be a lesbian.

Once she came out on campus, she was surprised by how many girls were actually in same sex relationships. Students she never expected were gay attended some of the lesbian parties on campus and Kat and Taylor regularly attended the get togethers, but always went home with each other.

Jenny, a friend of Lisa’s, had offered Taylor a summer job at her women’s shop after a suggestion by Lisa who would be traveling and wanted the girls to look after her Raleigh apartment and mountain house in Asheville. The boutique had a wide array of female apparel from formal dresses and sexy lingerie to adult toys. Taylor still recalled the afternoon when her eyes first took in the assortment of dildos, restraints, and other devices discreetly displayed along the back wall just to the right of the dressing rooms.

Since starting work there, Taylor watched as women of all ages perused through the store, but usually made their way to the back and walking up to the check out counter with an assortment of toys, lubes, and sexy garments.

The young brunette had worked at The Scarlet Lady for three days when a young lady, who appeared to be a student herself, walked into the store. She had long brown hair and was built very similar to Taylor, her skin was pure white and very striking. She had a University of Colorado t-shirt on with faded jeans and sandals with a Louis Vuitton Handbag thrown over her shoulder. Taylor studied the girl looking through a selection of dresses when she stepped in to help.

“Hi, I’m Taylor. Can I be of assistance,” she asked catching the brunette’s attention.

“Yes, I guess so,” she said looking up catching Taylor for the first time. Taylor completely disarmed her with her infectious smile making the young lady feel completely at ease. “I’m pretty new in town and most of my things are still back home and I need a dress for Saturday night. My boyfriend is having a function at his office and I wanted to get something, well, nice but not too over the top,” she explained.

“I see,” Taylor commented. “Size two right?” Taylor said scanning her form.

“Yes, that’s right. Wow you’re good,” the customer complimented her back, a surprised smile on her pink lips.

“Well, I’m a two and we look similar,” she smiled.

For the first time the young woman’s eyes fell on Taylor’s sultry young body. It was a fleeting glance as she looked over the little coed in a beige sundress. It was also apparent that Taylor wasn’t wearing a bra as her hardening nipples were already beginning to betray her excitement.

“So this function, maybe a cocktail dress, perhaps this little black number,” Taylor added as she pulled a short black cocktail dress from the rack.

“Gosh, yes, that’s pretty. I like that,” the young brunette beamed as she took the item from Taylor’s hand.

“There’s a dressing room in the back. I’ll look around and see if anything else strikes me. We staying with black or perhaps a navy,” she asked.

“I’ll go with this right now,” the brunette shot back as she walked back to the dressing room.

It was perhaps three or four minutes when she emerged having removed her sandals, Kadıköy Escort attired in the sexy black dress. Taylor was impressed at the young woman’s figure, 34-25-35 which filled the dress perfectly. That said, the young lady still had on a bra which was clearly visible with the plunging neckline of the sexy garment.

“You look wonderful,” Taylor complimented her, “That dress is stunning on you. But we might need to get you a plunge bra or if you’re daring, it would look awesome natural.”

Taylor continued sizing her up, adding “and your lines are visible in the back. Perhaps a pair of thongs or seamless hip huggers.”

“I’m Jamie by the way,” the brunette acknowledged, as she looked in the full length mirror. She wasn’t quite sure why it mattered but she wanted Taylor to know.

Taylor meanwhile stood behind the attractive brunette, taking the shoulder straps and moving them up. Her fingers sliding along Jamie’s bare soft skin. Jamie felt Taylor’s warm breath on the back of her neck and could smell her perfume, sweet and inviting.

Jamie was not the least bit attracted to other women but this girl was different. Something about her seemed so open and innocent yet at the same time sexy and alluring.

“May I?” Taylor asked as she rested her gentle hands under Jamie’s bosom. The young brunette was startled but slowly nodded her head as Taylor shifted Jamie’s breasts in the contours of the dress. “Yes, this would look so much better without the bra. You have nice firm breasts.”

Jamie was surprised at how direct Taylor was but thought about the suggestion. “I think, at least for this occasion, we better look at some of those bras you mentioned.”

Taylor waited outside of the dressing room until Janie emerged with the dress over her arm. The two looked at an assortment of bras and thongs when Jamie’s eyes caught sight of the adult toys in the corner. Taylor noticed the brunette’s distraction and smiled, “That’s probably the most popular section in the store.”

“Is that …are those sex items?” Jamie barely got out.

“Yea, we cater to a woman’s most intimate needs. We have just about everything you can thing of for that evening with your partner or alone for that matter,” Taylor replied.

Jamie began to blush and felt a wave of embarrassment. While she knew what a vibrator and dildo were, her experience was pretty limited. She had dated her boyfriend Dave since high school and had been with only one other man.

Taylor sensed how uncomfortable Jamie was becoming and dropped the subject and went back to the task of selecting the appropriate under garments for her.

At dinner that night, Taylor shared with Katherine her day, particularly her encounter with Jamie.

“Think she’ll be back in?” Kat quizzed.

“Yea, she’ll be back. I’m pretty sure. Before she left she mentioned she was starting Grad School here… majoring in Art and Designs,” Taylor informed her.

“No shit,” Kat shot back.

“Yea, I told her I’d be happy to drive her around campus… kind of show her around,” she added.

“You sure she was just a customer. You two seem awful chummy for a stranger,” Kat smiled.

“I don’t know. She seemed so nice – a little quiet. She said she hadn’t really met anybody yet and was new in town…”

“And you just volunteered to be little Miss Hostess! You’re not trying to get in her pants,” Kat teased.

“Damn, I’d like too. She’s really hot but she said she moved here because of her boyfriend,” Taylor responded.

Katherine eased out of the chair in the apartment and sat down astride Taylor’s lap facing her lover. Looking her in the eyes, saying softly, “so did we baby. We had boyfriends too,” Kat purred as she placed her warm soft lips on Taylor’s, kissing her lover deeply.

Three days later, Jamie walked into the shop causing Taylor to smile. She was so happy Jamie had apparently taken her up on her offer to show her around campus. Taylor was presently helping another customer as Jamie browsed the dresses, ever so slowly making her way to the back of the store, perusing through the bikini panties, but her eyes drawn to the collection of toys in the corner.

Seeing no one seemed interested in her affairs, Jamie began to look over the assortment of vibrators and dildos lined up on the shelves. They were all different sizes, colors, and shapes. Some were plastic and soft rubber, others looked like real penises, white, black, even a purple dick!

There were beads, handcuffs, games, lotions, whips, just about every item you could think of for sex play. Jamie looked around the store again. Jenny was in the back office and Taylor seemed occupied with the customer. She picked up a vibrator whose packaging spoke about anal pleasures before spying a flesh colored cock that reminded her of Dave. She was reading the package, when Taylor’s voice broke the silence.

“Find something that interests you?” the young coed asked. Her bright smile and sparkling eyes completely put Jamie at ease.

“I’ve just never seen anything like this,” she confessed. Ataşehir Escort “I’m not sure what half this stuff does,” she added.

Taylor eased down and picked up a soft rubber vibrator and ever so gently placed it against Jamie’s arm. Unsure of the reaction, she went slowly, and seeing no resistance deftly twisted the end of the device sending a soft pulse on the young brunette’s arm.

Jamie closed her eyes, allowing Taylor to move the soft cock up her arm, just to the tip of her shoulder. She wanted so bad to rub the wand over the front of the girl’s blouse, across her breasts, but she knew this wasn’t the time…not the place. She removed it and turned it off. “Do you have any toys,” Taylor asked, as if it were commonplace.

“No, I mean I’ve seen them. My roommate in college had a vibrator and she used it. I mean never in front of me but I knew she did,” Jamie explained until her sentence trailed off.

“This boyfriend of yours, Dave right? Please don’t let me offend or embarrass you. I only want to help. About how big is he?” Taylor inquired.

“Big?” Jamie looked back puzzled.

“I mean,” Taylor began as she picked up a 7″ cock and a 9″ cock, one in each hand.

“Oh my God,” Jamie shot back. “Not QUITE that big, looking at the 9” cock that wobbled in her small hand. “More like the other,” nodding in the direction of the smaller seven inch cock in her left hand.

“Okay, then let’s fix you up with this,” Taylor said nonchalantly as she reached for a pink eight inch rubber dildo with a built in vibrator. Just a little something extra,” she winked.

Jamie was almost shocked as Taylor moved to the check out counter stopping only to pick up some lube. “You’ll want this too. Nothing like some good easy glide.”

“Cash or credit?” Taylor spoke without looking up as she opened the package and placed batteries in the device insuring it operated efficiently.

“I can’t believe you are making me buy that thing,” Jamie blushed but she handed over her credit card as Taylor swiped it, handed it back and wrapped up the cock.

After calling out to Jenny that she was headed out, the two new friends darted out the door for a brief orientation of the campus before Taylor drove Jamie to her favorite wine bar. The two enjoyed several glasses of Cabernet before Taylor convinced Jamie to drop by her apartment to meet Katherine.

Jamie was feeling a little tipsy, when Katherine opened the door seeing the two new friends cutting up outside laughing over something Taylor had said. Kat was disappointed she had missed the party as she ushered the nearly drunk girls inside. Taylor introduced her new friend to Kat who silently agreed with Taylor that Jamie was indeed a stunning young lady.

Taylor was opening up another bottle of wine but Jamie begged off asking for an ice water to try to regain her senses. Looking around the apartment, Jamie took in several framed photos, mostly black and whites of scenes and a few of Taylor. One in particular had Taylor wearing extremely short shorts and a top unbuttoned but still covering her breasts as she dipped a bare foot into a stream. It was innocent but so sexy Jamie thought.

She also couldn’t help notice a picture of the two roommates, arm in arm, only Katherine had long blonde hair, past her shoulders, unlike her short but sassy style she wore now.

“Did you take all these?” she asked Kat.

“Yea, photography is kind of a hobby. I always wanted to be a professional photographer, maybe own my studio…. maybe will one day,” Kat added as she slid into a chair with a glass of wine.

“Gosh, you are really talented,” Jamie gushed.

“There are some others there in the book on the table. Mostly outdoor stuff,” she added as Jamie took a seat on the couch. She knew she needed to run. Dave would likely be back at the apartment but she also knew she needed to sober up a bit.

Jamie was impressed by the photos of farms, animals, the beach, and many, many of mountain streams, woods, and a gorgeous waterfall. But she was unprepared for the photos of Taylor. All in various states of undress, outside, laying on a huge flat rock, also photos at the beach. Taylor had a gorgeous body and seemed to possess a beautiful tan.

“Oh my,” Jamie punctuated flipping the page as a bare naked Taylor lay by a stream on a flat slate gray rock. Her eyes closed and the sun kissing her ripe breasts. Jamie was frozen as her eyes took in Taylor’s sleek form, her shaved mound and ripe breasts capped by two hard nipples.

Both Taylor and Kat knew the page she was eyeing from her expression as Jamie closed the book and set it down. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know there were personal photos…” she stuttered.

Taylor cut in, “It’s just pictures. I love to model for Kat. I mean, no one sees it but us and I feel so sexy having her shoot me that way,” Taylor added.

“Taylor said you were majoring in art right?” Kat inquired of the embarrassed brunette.

“Well yea, I guess I’m just sort of not used to seeing friends…or people I know…naked,” she Bostancı Escort stammered.

“Please don’t be embarrassed,” Taylor assured her. “You’re an arts student. Tell me what you think,” she added.

Jamie slowly picked the album up again and thumbed through where she left off. Picture after picture showed Taylor in one nude pose after the other, each one more and more revealing as she parted her legs exposing her vagina, another standing under a falls as the water splashed across her nude form. Still another as she cupped a breast in her right hand, and her left seemed to stroke her naked pussy. Her fingers disappearing into the folds of her womanhood.

Jamie felt a warm feeling rush over her body and the familiar feeling she had as Dave made love to her. She was aroused just looking at these photos of another woman. She thought it odd but there was no denying it.

Setting it down again, completely flushed, she had to gather her thoughts. “You are really beautiful. I don’t know what else to say. They are very, very sexy. Not at all obscene… just beautiful,” Jamie added as she gulped hard on her ice water actually preferring it was a hard shot of tequila or something.

“Kat and I are headed up to the mountains this weekend and you mentioned Dave was headed to the beach to play golf. Why not join us?” the young coed asked.

“Oh, no. I couldn’t do that. I mean, we just met….” Jamie tried to reason.

“Nonsense,” Taylor chided. “You’re a mountain girl and it’s the closest thing to home since you left. Besides, you’ll love it there and maybe we can get some shots in. You can watch Kat in action.”

Katherine had to chuckle at the irony of what Taylor was saying. Jamie still had no idea the two girls were lesbian lovers and if they had the weekend alone with Jamie, Kat was sure the naïve young grad student would come back a changed woman.

“I don’t know,” Jamie shrugged.

“Look, go home and talk it over with Dave. I’ll bet he’d much prefer you to take a gal pal trip to the mountains than sit around the apartment by yourself waiting on him to get back,” she reasoned

“Alright, I will. I’ll ask him when I get home…which by the way, I better go. I’m already very late,” Jamie informed them as she glanced down at her watch.

Taylor kissed Jamie on the cheek as they said their goodbyes.

Jamie drove home with the visions of Taylor running through her mind. She had never been attracted to women and loved Dave more than anything in the world but she couldn’t get the nude images of Taylor out of her mind. Her soft, round breasts capped by the dark brown nipples. Her shaved pussy and lean toned legs.

She looked over in the passenger seat at the Scarlet Lady bag. In it her new purchase – the nine inch vibrator. There was the fleeting thought if Dave wasn’t up for a little randy love making, no problem. She might just take care of matters herself. Actually, she kind of hoped he stayed down in the den and watched TV. She might just have plans of her own.

Later the next day when they discussed their plans, Dave encouraged Jamie to explore this new friendship with Katherine and Taylor. So the girls took Friday off as they and Jamie headed up to the mountains to Lisa’s Asheville house. The drive up was filled mostly with stories about Jamie and Dave. Jamie shared how the two had dated on and off since high school and her fondness for the arts. As they headed up the inclining road, Jamie began to think about home and how much she missed Colorado.

It took several hours to arrive but Jamie was taken back by the beauty. Lisa’s house was nothing short of amazing. Set back in the woods and very isolated from neighbors. It was the main reason she had asked Katherine to keep an eye on it as the home itself was filled with its share of valuables, mostly artwork and a few family furniture pieces.

The girls made quick work of unpacking the car as they had planned to stay through Sunday. While Taylor fixed a light supper, a baked chicken breast and a salad, Jamie walked around the grounds of the house taking in its amazing beauty.

Katherine had made up a batch of Madras – orange juice and cranberry with Absolute Vodka as Taylor looked through Lisa’s vast CD collection and selected some light jazz. Jamie had asked questions of Taylor’s social life, specifically about boys, that Taylor had managed to steer around, simply stating she wasn’t seeing any guys in particular now. So the conversation turned more toward State and how she enjoyed the campus when Kat announced she was taking a quick shower.

Several minutes later Jamie’s attention was drawn to a nearly naked Katherine who walked back through wearing only a pair of pink thongs as she made her way to the freezer for ice and loaded her glass with a refill of the refreshing drink. It’s not that Jamie had never seen a naked girl before, but Katherine was so nonchalant about her nudity.

Taylor saw the surprised look on Jamie’s face and thought she needed to say something, “You’ll have to forgive Kat. We’ve been together so long she forgets what’s appropriate.” Taylor then looked in Kat’s general direction, “Maybe you should put something on… I think you’re making Jamie feel uncomfortable.” Somewhere deep in Jamie’s mind the words “we’ve been together” caught the attention of a little suspicious voice.

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