Secret Ch. 04


[Dear reader, this is the fourth of five chapters.]

Secret 4 — We’ve Got Bush, and More! (Gary does strip tease, then Lisa, and they lose control.)

It took Gary a full minute to get used to dancing like a stripper. Lisa had the music up a little loud causing the girls to yell for him to get going. As he opened up to the idea he partially lifted his shirt exposing his abs, and then lowered it. He swayed to the music running his hands over his torso.

The girls clapped and squealed encouragement to him. Camille yelled, “Off with the shirt!”

Gary did his best to tease them with the on and off motions of his shirt. When he finally did take it off, he swung it over his head and threw it in Camille’s lap to peals of amusement.

Up until the shirt came off the girls were just laughing and joking. At the sight of his muscular back and torso they briefly quieted down and shot a knowing glance to each other.

Gary tried unsuccessfully to make an erotic show out of taking his socks off. The girls booed when he shot each sock toward them like a rubber band. Lisa at last yelled, “Get rid of those pants!”

With straight legs Gary bent over and looked at the girls through his legs, stroking his fingers across his butt. The girls howled with appreciation. He walked over to Lisa with his hands on the top button of his pants, inviting her non-verbally to unclasp his pants. She reached around him to rake her open palms across his buttocks as she brought her hands together in the front and erotically unbuttoned the top of his pants.

Gary danced over to Camille to give her a chance to unzip him. She looked a little shell-shocked with the challenge. Camille slowly extended the fingertips of both of her hands to touch Gary’s chest and abdomen. Her fingertips trailed down to his zipper.

Camille squealed, “I can’t do it!” She turned away hiding her face in her hands and giggling.

Lisa reached into her purse on the side table and retrieved a dollar bill. She stretched out and provocatively placed it in Gary’s pants pocket, causing all three of them to bend over with laughter.

Gary straightened to start unzipping his pants. At the point where the top of his pubic hair was showing Lisa spoke without diverting her eyes, “Here we go!”

Gary jerked his pants down to his thighs but left his black briefs in place, pretending to actually expose himself. Both girls fell for the deception gasping and flinching in their seats with loud “Oooh” sounds.

With his briefs in place Gary wiggled his hips and lowered the somewhat loose fitting khakis. He pulled them off his feet, sawed them back and forth between his legs, and threw them to Lisa. Gary pranced around in his black briefs to the girls’ cheers.

Lisa produced another dollar bill and handed it to Camille. Gary knew his role and stepped close to Camille as she squealed with excitement. Gary’s groin was at the level of her face. She took her time inspecting Gary’s near naked muscular body while delicately placing the dollar in his elastic waist band.

During the dancing Gary had decided he would not strip totally naked. Everything up to now could be explained as innocent fun and games between good friends. They could all maintain their dignity the next time they faced their boyfriends and his girlfriend. He was sure the girls would feel the same way.

But he was wrong about Lisa. She started off the evening slightly horny. Now she was extremely horny, somewhat drunk, and worked into a sensual frenzy. She had no intention of allowing the game to end at this point. She motioned for Gary to approach her.

Lisa reached for the waist band of Gary’s briefs and he mistakenly thought she would be rewarding him with another dollar. Instead Lisa used both hands to seize his last piece of clothing. Gary immediately bent forward and tried to stop the movement of Lisa’s hands saying, “We don’t have to do this! We’ve had plenty of fun already.”

Camille stood up and chimed in, “Lisa he doesn’t want to!”

It was too late. Lisa didn’t even hear the other two objecting. She pulled down as Gary tried to back away, and his slightly swollen penis popped out into the open. Gary’s face flushed as he gave up trying to resist. He straightened up and Lisa pealed his briefs down his thighs, managing to caress Gary’s bare ass in the process.

Camille’s eyes seemed as wide as saucers as she focused on her first live man’s penis. Her hands covered her mouth as she yelled, “Oh my God! I can’t believe this!”

With Lisa’s help the briefs made it all the way to the floor. Gary was now completely nude. He was emotionally rattled and did not attempt to dance any more. He simply stood still as the two girls gazed shamelessly at his cock. Gary had thick pubic hair that covered a small area. His nice-sized penis jutted out from his body and curved downward reflecting his lightly aroused state. It was fitting that the music ended abruptly.

Lisa leaned forward in her seat with an eager smile. She considered grabbing Van Escort Gary’s dick and pulling it directly into her mouth but decided against it. She finally looked up and noticed that both Gary and Camille were a little shocked. Lisa figured they would get over it.

Lisa turned to her friend, “Well Camille, here’s a real man’s cock, up close. What do you think?”

Camille gradually came out of her emotional fog to attempt an honest answer. She lowered her hands away from her face and without thinking stepped closer to Gary.

Camille responded dreamily with her head tilted studiously to one side, “It’s different from what I expected. It’s not very pretty. And even though I never felt one with my hand, when my boyfriend and I made out his seemed bigger and harder.”

That got Gary’s attention! “Hey! I’m not at my best here! I can do better if I’m excited and not worried about what my girlfriend would think.”

Finally Camille took her eyes off of Gary’s dick to see his distressed expression. “Oh, I’m so sorry Gary. You really have a beautiful thingy.”

Even though Gary acted as if he was insulted, he was flattered that both Camille and Lisa were fascinated at seeing him naked. Camille was especially focused on his penis, and he enjoyed the erotically charged atmosphere. The feeling even made his dick twitch. But the show was over and he looked around on the floor trying to locate his underwear.

Lisa was excited and she could feel the sensations of her pussy calling for attention. She took control, “Gary, this is the first time Camille has seen a cock. She needs to understand how one works. Sit down right here on the floor and don’t dress yet. I’ll put on a good show for you so that she can learn.”

Gary had totally given up on controlling this situation and decided to see what Lisa intended to do. He plopped down on the floor, semi-reclining backwards on his arms. He quickly checked to see if Camille was watching him. She was still focused on his penis leaning against his thigh. Gary made sure to sit in a way that Camille would continue to have a good view of his prized possession.

Lisa sauntered over to turn the stereo back on, choosing a slower tune this time. Gary and Camille were going along with Lisa’s request without questioning her. Camille sat in the comfortable living room chair.

Lisa stepped up onto the couch. Her footing was a little shaky but it served her purpose since it was right in front of Gary. Lisa swayed with the music for a while then turned her back to Gary, held the backrest, and swayed her shapely ass at him. The part that thrilled Gary was that while she was bent over grabbing the backrest her loose t-shirt was billowed out and he could see the bottom swell of her ample tits swaying to the music. Lisa arched her back and looked over her shoulder at Gary seeing that he was mesmerized.

Lisa stepped backward off the couch straddling Gary’s feet but still facing away from him. She bent down and raked her fingertips along his legs as she backed up toward him. Gary started feeling a little carried away looking at Lisa’s erotic ass movements and seeing glimpses of her swaying tits.

Lisa backed up until she passed over Gary, giving the sides of his face plenty of contact with her thighs. She dragged her nails along his chest and finished by straightening up with her fingers in his scalp. She turned to her friend.

“Camille, you need to come touch his cock and find out what if feels like.”

With that comment Gary’s dick jerked up a couple of inches along his hip. Camille jumped to the edge of her seat and squealed in surprise, “Oh look, it moved! I can’t touch that!”

Lisa said with a broad grin, “That’s too bad because he obviously liked that idea.”

From her position standing behind him Lisa bent down over Gary. She kissed him lightly on the lips then bent further down and kissed his chest. Lisa’s loose t-shirt started to fall down around her chin. She reached down to brace herself on Gary’s thighs and let the t-shirt fall over her head and into Gary’s lap. Her beautiful round naked tits were even with his nose. Gary looked at her and gently placed his hands on Lisa’s face. As Lisa straightened up she lightly caressed his erect dick.

Gary was quickly losing all hope of self control. At this point Lisa did not intend to exercise self control. She straddled over Gary and stepped up to the edge of the couch as Camille exclaimed, “Lisa you can’t do this!”

Lisa ignored the warning. With her feet together she began to wiggle out of her last piece of clothing, the sweat pants. Gary reached up to hold her warm hips as the sweats hit the floor. She was totally naked.

Even in Gary’s sexual fog he could appreciate Lisa’s good looks. She moved in a very provocative and agile way. Her legs were not long but shapely and she had an extremely small waist. Lisa’s ass was pale and beautifully round. As she partially turned to look at him Gary could see her soft round tits that were set high on her chest.

Even Van Escort Bayan from behind Gary could see that Lisa’s shapely ass and engorged pussy lips were open to his view and she swayed them to the music. He pulled as if to plant her on his rigid member. Lisa allowed herself to lean back toward him and then giggled, moving Gary’s hands and straightening to a standing position.

She turned to Camille, her entire body flushed with excitement, “I’ll bet you think his cock looks big and hard now, don’t you Camille!”

Camille automatically stared at Gary’s dick. It was not only hard and pointed straight up, it had grown to such a size that it looked scary to Camille. Even the color was frightening with highlights of red and purple. She looked at Gary’s face and he looked like a different person. He was totally focused on Lisa and he looked like he clearly wanted to fuck her.

Lisa turned around to face Gary. She had a thick black bush that lay down fairly flat against her skin and was not very big. Her pussy lips were prominent and had a rosy engorged color. She sat down on the edge of the couch smiling but looking intently at Gary. He moved as if to approach her; but she laughed as she used both feet to shove him gently back to a seated position on the floor.

Lisa grabbed the pitcher of margarita mix. She crossed her ankles above Gary’s face and slowly poured the mix onto the area between her tits.

From Gary’s position he looked straight up past Lisa’s legs at her hot pussy and the trembling mounds of her tits. He saw her pour the drink mix on herself. He became vaguely aware that the liquid was headed down her body toward him. As a few drops hit his face Gary tried to catch them in his open mouth.

Gary drank a few sips of the margarita dripping off of Lisa’s legs. At that instant he became totally lost in the moment. He did not think about his girlfriend or about Camille across the room. As if his mind had blinders, he could only see Lisa’s juicy pussy.

He moved toward Lisa and she tried to push him with her feet again, but this time he grabbed her ankles and spread her feet to either side of his hips. Gary moved forward above Lisa. She giggled and flinched, folding her knees together and turning her face away from him. Gary was determined. He rose above Lisa and almost roughly grabbed her face. He kissed her as if he was hungry.

Lisa resisted but only for an instant. She kissed him back passionately, throwing her arms around his neck and pulling his chest against her large vibrant tits. With a groaning noise that was almost a growl, Gary lowered his mouth first to Lisa’s neck and collarbone. Then he directly placed his mouth on one of her tits, licking away the sticky drink along the way.

Lisa groaned in pleasure and arched up to meet his powerful advances. Gary did not spend much time lingering as he continued to kiss his way downward. Lisa spread her thighs as he kneeled on the floor with his face hovering over her moist pussy. Gary paused a moment to take a good look as Lisa breathed heavily causing her pussy to move up and down.

From nearby came Camille’s voice, “You two are crazy!”

Neither Gary nor Lisa seemed to notice. Gary reached under Lisa to get a double handful of her wet ass cheeks and buried his mouth in her pussy. Lisa threw her head back and almost yelled, “AHHHHHHH, I NEEDED THIS!”

At first Gary was out of control using his lips and tongue indiscriminately. As he calmed down some he began to concentrate on Lisa’s clitoris. He let go of Lisa’s ass with one of his hands and inserted two fingers as far as he could into her vagina. Lisa groaned loudly and pushed back against him. He pulled back some with his fingers and tried to concentrate on Lisa’s g-spot.

It did not take long before Lisa was bucking back and forth against his face and fingers. With her tits bouncing wildly, her back arched, and her face in a grimace, she yelled, “OHHH SHIIIIT THAT’S IT!!!! I’M COMIIIIING!!!”

Lisa continued to wriggle on the edge of the couch as Gary slowed his motions. Both of their faces were completely flushed and their breathing was heavy. When Gary determined that Lisa’s orgasm was complete he moved forward preparing to mount her.

Lisa caught her breath and gently pushed on Gary’s chest to stop him. “Gary, we still haven’t fucked. We can stop now and still manage to explain ourselves to your girlfriend and my boyfriend.”

Gary was poised with his straining dick a fraction of an inch away from Lisa’s pussy opening. Her hands were on his chest to stop him but her legs were caressing his sides and pulling him toward her.

“Lisa, we’ve got to know what it would feel like. Let me just use the tip to find out, and we still won’t really fuck.”

Without hesitation Lisa responded by enthusiastically wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling him up against her waiting tits. With her entire body Lisa squirmed up against him and Gary likewise wiggled up against her. It felt like a super-charged hug to both of Escort Van them.

Gary was on his knees, bent over Lisa who had her ass just on the edge of the couch seat. In the process of rubbing passionately against each other the head of Gary’s dick came across Lisa’s hot wet opening. Gary paused, and then pushed, but only enough to set the very top of his member in place. Lisa’s legs were wrapped around his back and when Gary and Lisa felt that contact of genitals lining up, they said in unison, “AAAHHHHHHH!!!!”

Gary and Lisa each began to merely rotate their hips without going forward or back. The effect was to simply rub the large head of Gary’s dick around the sensitive opening of Lisa’s throbbing cunt.

“DAMN this feels good!” Lisa said with enthusiasm. She and Gary continued to gyrate without penetration. Eventually Lisa wanted him to go just a little further so she pretended to accidentally push against him. Gary dutifully pulled back without going deeper. The next time she tried to push against him Gary knew it wasn’t an accident but he teasingly stayed back anyway.

In frustration Lisa exclaimed, “Just turn me over and FUCK MEEEEEE!!!!”

Gary was ready. It was almost a blur to see him quickly pick Lisa completely up and spin her over. She exhaled a grunt of surprise, “UHH!” But Gary was gentle as he set her back down in a kneeling position on the floor with him. She was facing the couch as Gary reached around to caress her neglected tits and leaned forward with her until her torso was resting on the couch.

Both Gary and Lisa were breathing so hard and fast they were almost gasping. Gary straightened up to grab his cock and aim it into her hot eager pussy.

Camille was standing nearby and yelled, “You two can’t do this! You’ll get in trouble!”

Neither Gary nor Lisa seemed to hear Camille. Gary placed the head of his dick at Lisa’s entrance. Lisa arched her back and looked over her shoulder at him as she breathed, “AHHHHH!”

Lisa pushed back against Gary and he leaned forward into her. His dick slowly and easily penetrated Lisa to the hilt. Lisa made a high-pitched squeal through clinched teeth, “YESSSSS!!”

Camille yelled, “OH, SHIT!”

Gary finally showed that he knew Camille was in the room. He stayed fully penetrated in Lisa as he slowly turned his head to look at Camille. He unhurriedly pulled back until the head of his cock was out and visible to Camille. He held it for her to view. Lisa looked back at him impatient for more thrusting and grunted, “Uh-uh-uh-uh!!” As Gary returned his cock to the entrance of Lisa’s pussy, she also turned her head to look at Camille standing in the room with them.

Gary used both hands to hold Lisa’s waist as he gradually penetrated her again. She pushed back against him with her back arched. When he got as far as he could, Gary began to grind himself even deeper into Lisa and she did the same thing back to him. They both looked over at Camille.

Camille turned on her heel and left the room. Burned forever into her memory was the sight of Gary fucking Lisa. He was in a kneeling position and upright while Lisa was bent over the couch seat on her elbows. Both Gary and Lisa had expressions that were surprisingly calm looking, with almost distant looks in their eyes. Lisa’s white skin was flushed. Her large tits were vibrating and her hair was in her face. Gary had pushed so hard that his and Lisa’s knees were off the carpet. Gary seemed to have every muscle flexed to get maximum penetration, from his ass to his chest, back, and arms.

Gary and Lisa ignored Camille leaving the room. Sliding his hands over her hips, Gary took his time withdrawing and plunging into her depths. With each joining motion they both groaned in pleasure, “Uhh, Uhh, Uhh!”

Gary curled himself forward to rest his torso on top of Lisa so that he could reach his hands around to play with her tits. Lisa was fairly loud with her guttural exclamations of pleasure. It occurred to her that Camille might be able to overhear them and that caused Lisa to be even louder.

Each thrust was a little faster. Gary moved his mouth to Lisa’s ear, “You’re too hot for me to last very long.”

“I’m OK, I had an orgasm. I just want you to come deep inside me.”

Gary moved one of his hands to Lisa’s clitoris and stroked her. He knew that he would come too soon for her to orgasm with him, but he enjoyed pleasuring her and feeling his penis slide into her.

The momentum grew and Gary moved his hands high up on Lisa’s thighs. He was still bent over her with his chest resting on her back as he pulled her against his core with more and more force.

Lisa could tell that Gary was getting close to climaxing. Between hurried breaths she yelled words of encouragement, “That’s it!, …Oh!OH!OOOH!, …Fuck I needed this!”

Gary built up more speed and gradually lifted his chest up to get better leverage. He held Lisa’s hips firmly as he started plunging and pulling as fast as he could. His hips were slapping into her ass and making loud smacking noises that echoed in the room. Gary’s head tilted upward and the veins on his neck expanded. Suddenly he shoved forward into Lisa causing her whole body to slam ahead into the back of the couch.

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