School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 14


nb: thanks to gunde, who wrote the first half of this.


“Slut!” A born cock-hogger — and very much not inclined to perceive that as a character flaw — Laura flexed her asshole possessively around the shafts of the two humongous cocks currently filling her anal passage and whipped her head round to stare down Diamond past her shoulder and one of Robert’s thick arms, “Grab a number and wait your fucking turn!”

The curious mixture of wilfully whorish, utterly dong-struck arousal and territorially minded aggression that played in both Laura’s tone and her eyes as she aimed them squarely at Diamond actually caused the boobed American teen porn starlet to flinch. On the verge of taking a step back, she had one foot balanced on the toe of her stripper sandals and its heel angled vertically, its bottom not in contact with the floor.

Then, as Sanddy too fell silent and had her usually so bubbly demeanour replaced by one far more restrained, Robert revealed himself to possess up until then unrevealed aptitude for diplomacy, as evidenced by him spearing more of his colossal fuckpiece into Laura’s ass and making the sexy size-queen whore occasionally masking as a PE teacher cry out in rapturous bliss as the amount of inches of steel-hard, weapons-grade cockmeat shoved into her ass increased.

“FUCK MY ASS!!” If anyone had doubted Laura’s love of anal, the scream that she let out and had bounce off the walls when Charles was essentially cajoled by Robert thrusting forwards into doing the same would have left those doubts totally and irrevocably shattered.

Not that anyone did. In fact, although Diamond had known the statuesque, mega-bobbed, fitness freak blonde sex goddess for less than a day and met her no more than three or four times, ‘anal whore’ would be the first thing that came to mind when she thought of Laura Hart.

“Fuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk yeah!” Going for length rather than volume now, Laura made her scream the soundtrack of Charles and Robert sliding the behemoth of hard, throbbing, vein-ridged and muscular fuckmeat that their cocks had been mashed together to form deeper into her anal passage and forcing her asscheeks further apart, with her hands along for the ride as she continued to hold on tight, “Two fucking horsecocks in my whore ass!”

The presence of all that prime-grade cockflesh in her booty was hardly something that had escaped Laura until now, so that wasn’t the reason for her screaming like that.

“Look at her,” Tearing her gaze away from the point where a pair of ginormous cumtubes were being forced through a hole that originally had seem way, way too narrow to ever accommodate their combined girth, Diamond instead looked at Laura’s face and realized the cause behind the equal parts fitness goddess and fucktoy queen’s scream, “Slut’s fucking proud of it…”

“Yeah…” Exactly like Diamond, Sanddy couldn’t look at Laura sandwiched on the couch between the pair of ultra-endowed studs without wishing she could take her place so hard it actually hurt.

“Whore for anal!” And when her boyfriend screamed at Laura before picking up the pace further and dragging Charles into doing it to, Sanddy’ pussy quaked.

“You fucking fuck!” Almost simultaneously, Diamond and Sanddy turned their heads towards the spot on the table on which the evening’s craziness had initially erupted when Ian’s cock had disintegrated Candi’s birthday cake. Now, he was doing something similar to her ass, and from her raptured screams she appeared to be cherishing every second of it, “Fucking fuck my fucking whore ass! FUCK!!”

There was a distinct pattern obvious to anyone who observed Candi for more than a few seconds in that whenever clear girlcum erupted from her pussy to splash off Ian’s stomach and down onto her trim belly, her screams would get louder and originate from deep down in her stomach. And she’d scream like that every ten seconds or so, whilst her girlish pleading seemed gone for the moment.

“Stupid fucking LAURA!!” Her arms and legs tucked underneath her in a position that left her nuclear bomb of a booty completely exposed to the reaming royale that it was now receiving, Candi kept screaming, “My stupid FUCKING sister not putting a ring on this MONSTERCOCK!!”

If Candi had thought that Ian was going as fast and as hard as he could already — not that she was really thinking much of anything beyond of how fucking fantastic it felt to get her ass drilled mercilessly by the biggest, sexiest cock she’d ever seen — then this would have been the point where she’d found out that she’d been mistaken. Underneath her, the entire length of the banquet-style table started to rock to and fro in tempo with Ian’s pile-driver thrusts into her ass.

Sanddy and Diamond exchanged a quick glance. If getting Robert and Charles away from Laura anytime soon would be pretty much impossible, then somehow coaxing Ian into abandoning his savage pounding of Candi’s ass would be that and more. For a brief couple of seconds, it appeared as though each of the two blonde Yalova Escort teen sexpots — one of them among the top of the school’s formidable gathering of naughty sizequeen sluts and the other already well on her way towards international superstardom in the field of getting dicked and taking facials on camera — would find herself in the unusual role of a wallflower to all the fucking going on.

“Diamond,” Sanddy wasn’t interested in being a wallflower, and needed practically no time at all to figure out a way to figure out a way to escape that fate, “I’ve got an idea.”

“Yeah,” Although she might not have been quite as inclined towards creative pursuits as Sanddy, Diamond was a huge slut who’s already one-tracked mind had only gotten more so since her arrival at the school that morning, “Let’s make these fuckers go off like fire hydrants.”

“Like you said,” Giggling at Diamond having the exact same idea as her, Sanddy played with a lock of bottle-blonde hair and made her tits come together through a quick and well-planned draw of air into her lungs, “It’s like we’re whore sisters or something!”

“Hmm,” While matching each step that Sanddy took as they began to advance towards the sofa, Diamond threw a dirty glance at each of the Hart sisters, “Does that mean you want me to tongue your gaping, freshly fucked asshole later?”

“Shit,” Seeking out Diamond’s eyes with her own again, Sanddy again dropped the cheerful act, but this time it was in favour of something far sluttier, “Diamond fucking Gazongas fucking my ass with her tongue…”

“Slut,” Figuring that it was no fun doing it when no one was looking, Diamond suppressed the sudden urge to tear Sanddy’s dress off, “You’ll return the favour.”

“Can’t wait,” Matching Diamond’s pace perfectly, Sanddy widened how far out behind her heart-shaped bubble butt would swing with each step that she took.

“Hey, Robert,” Stopping just short of the threesome on the sofa, Diamond snaked an arm possessively around Sanddy’s waist and copped a feel of her huge, exposed tits, one that quickly came to involve her teasing the teat and engorged nipple of the other young vixen’s right breast, “I think I’m stealing your girlfriend!”

“Then I’ll just steal her back!” That the sluts’ unspoken plan was working to a tee before they’d even set it into motion properly was made evident by Robert flinging himself forwards with increased speed and violence into Laura’s ass, making her shriek in ecstasy and Charles bash himself against the back and seat of the sofa in order to keep up with him.

“Don’t worry, babe,” To further the contrast from her reporter act from before, Sanddy pulled her lips back and bared her pearly teeth in a smile that was borderline diabolical as she glanced at Diamond again, “She’ll be our fucktoy whore.”

“Fucking slut,” Since the hem of Sanddy’s dress was where it was, it was easy for Diamond to jab two fingers in underneath it and stab them into her soaked cunt.

“Fuck! Well, yeah,” The rise and fall of Sanddy’s tits got more violent as she instinctively bucked her hips onto Diamond’s digits and narrowed her eyes into slits, “That sweet pussy of yours is gonna look so fucking good with ‘Robert’s cumdump’ tattooed across it.”

“WHORES!!” Robert was listening in, and it was the sofa, Charles and Laura in particular who took the brunt of it, with the maths teacher again having to go faster to keep up with his cock as it was dragged faster into Laura’s ass by the equally colossal fuckpiece it was pressed again, the piece of furniture starting to make noises like it was being torn apart by friction, and the tanned, monster-jugged blonde screaming her head off and squirting all over said maths teacher.

“Fucking break that asshole in two, babe!” Despite getting her pussy drilled by Diamond, Sanddy kept going, and the size of her tits as they projected out from where they sat high and proud on her chest meant that even when she rammed those spherical orbs of flesh into Robert’s back, Diamond still had plenty of room to keep pumping her wrist, “Come on, it’s Laura Hart, complete fucking whore for anal!”

“That’s rich coming from you!” That Diamond had two hands was something that she reminded Sanddy of by shoving two fingers of her other hand into the gap between her cheeks and threading them through her sphincter.

“FUCK!!” Both her nether holes impaled — albeit neither of them with the monstercock that she craved so bad her pussy was drooling for it — Sanddy started to lose it. Throwing her head back so fast that Diamond narrowly avoided it, she threw her arms round Robert and had her fingers meet round the base of his schlong.

“Come on, Robert!” Being pulled along by her boyfriend’s thrusts so her holes were slammed onto Diamond’s fingers, first her pussy when he rammed his way forwards, then her ass when he threw himself back to start all over again with the ramming, spearing and shoving of his drooling, throbbing fuckpiece into the stacked PE teacher’s bronzed booty, Sanddy started to work Yalova Escort Bayan him over verbally, “You know how bad I fucking need it!”

“FUCK!!” Screaming even louder than Sanddy, Laura was climaxing wildly, pulses of her clear juices no longer merely splattering themselves across Charles as he huffed and pumped his hips underneath her, but soaking the sofa too, “Rearrange my insides, you fucking studs!”

“Need what?!” Buzzing with adrenalin and lust, Robert pushed the tempo even further, making the spike heels of Sanddy’s boots tap loudly against the floor each time that they regained contact it with it for a fraction or so of a second.

“Your COCK!!” Sanddy’s pussy juices were dripping off Diamond’s fingers and her eyes were barely opened, “My slutty ass can’t go five minutes without getting stretched by it!”

“Yeah, you’re addicted to having your asshole gape from your boyfriend’s sexy fucking horsecock, aren’t you?!” Now Diamond rejoined the conversation, whilst clinging to Sanddy whilst she clung to Robert, “Aren’t you, ‘sis’?!”

“YES!!” Sanddy’s juices weren’t so much dripping off Diamond’s fingers any longer as pooling in the palm of her hand.

“I’ll fuck your face first!” Robert promised, in between thrusts that would have made a lesser slut than Laura pass out. Instead, Laura just had her eyes rolled back and her pussy going off like a miniature geyser every five seconds while she screamed like a banshee, “Force you on your knees and make you suck the taste of this slut’s ass off my cock!”

“Oh fuck YES!!” The prospect of oral sex seemed to appeal to Sanddy.

Satisfied that Sanddy was getting in on the action, Diamond popped her fingers out of her holes and noisily sucked her fingers clean of the other teen babe’s pussy juices as she headed for the sofa.

Diamond might have been all toned muscles and generous curves, but she certainly wasn’t heavy, not even with the spectacular booty that she brought with herself everywhere she went and which ballooned out behind her to stretch the back of her slutty dress and make it sound like it was going to be torn apart from the bottom up every time she took a step. But still the piece of furniture groaned when she dropped onto her knees in it and the angle of its legs widened.

“Fucking Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell,” Hissing at the stud sitting next to her, his face contorted into a determined grin as he worked diligently not to be left behind by the tempo of Robert’s thrusts, “Fucking giant monstercock… Fucking bull balls…”

To his credit, Charles didn’t miss a beat in keeping his hips gyrating up and down when Diamond moved one hand in between his legs and began playing with his nuts, though her squeezing one of the big, brawny orbs did cause him to come to a halt and let rip a particularly hefty discharge of precum that was rocketed deep into Laura’s ass and triggered Robert into doing the same.

“You know this sofa is fucking ugly,” Diamond hissed at Charles again, “Some stud should fucking wreck it.”

Grunting, Charles started up slamming his dick into Laura’s booty all over again, and the gaps in the sofa’s frame increased the further he got his schlong past the boobed blonde babe’s super-stretched ringpiece.

‘THUMP!’ Wrapped up in what they were doing, no one in the room paid any attention to the LCD screen, even with the loud noise booming from the hi-fi, high-end sound system attached to it.

‘THUMP!’ Although understandable, the group’s ignoring of the new development up on the screen was a bit of a pity. Because it meant that they missed how Zoe’s head turned and something flickered in her eyes as she ceased feeding herself by holding one hand up over her face and letting the fat cum-ropes dangling off her fingers swirl lazily into her gaping gob to instead stare lustily at something off-screen.

Due to how the cameras that had covered the doubly one-sided orgy were positioned, even if they’d been watching, Diamond and company would have only have heard the door to the room being knocked clean off its hinges and sent flying to the floor by that second punch.

“Finally…” Zoe purred, smiling wickedly and back to fondling her huge tits — now heaving with excitement — as a completely naked and decidedly male figure came strolling into view of the cameras. Tall, obviously too old to be a student and blessed with a physique that meant he could have wrestled bears for fun and make most bodybuilders sob with envy, the most impressive thing about the ripped and rugged newcomer was his absolutely massive, steel-hard fifteen inch cock that throbbed angrily as it pointed straight at Zoe like it was claiming its next victim, “A challenge.”

“You know I just drained twenty-four studs,” Undaunted by the man’s appearance and the aggressive demeanour with which he advanced upon her, Zoe bared her teeth in a cocky smile, “Really think you got what it takes to go one-on-one with me, Dick?”

“That’s Mr. Reamer to you, slut,” Flexing his cock, Mr. Reamer — the school’s shop teacher Escort Yalova and the main reason why so many of the student-sluts had developed a keen interest in woodwork — kept moving straight for the cum-drenched blonde sexpot.

“Fucking Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell,” Taking advantage of Charles being busy matching each savage thrust from Robert into Laura’s ass, Laura kept working his balls with her fingers and leaned in closer to give him a reminder of the sheer size and incredible firmness of her knockers while she kept the dirty talk coming.

“Fucking Beast-fuck Chuck,” Chuckling at her applying an American nickname to the unmistakably English maths teacher, Diamond set about pushing some buttons, all with the combined aim of making both studs cum quicker and get Charles even more riled, “When are you gonna drop the whole absent-minded professor act, huh?”

“Yeah, that’s right,” When Charles’ eyes flicked towards her, Diamond knew she had him, “Don’t pretend like you don’t know you’ve got a total slut-breaker of a cock.”

“Fucking MONSTERCOCK!!” Intentionally or not, Laura now chimed in, her pussy going off to unleash several thick gushers of girlcum at the double-dick stuffing that her ass was on the receiving end of.

“Listen to that fucking whore,” Never one to miss an opportunity to help a fellow slut get reamed even harder, Diamond pushed on, “You know she wants it bad!”

Grunting and gritting his teeth, Charles stuck to the same pace as Robert when the two of them extracted their cocks from between Laura’s cheeks — stretched outwards so far the combined girth of the two schlongs shoved between that they were practically facing different directions — but then he caught them both off-guard through the force with which he slammed forwards again.

“FUUUUUUUCCCCKKKKK!!” Emptying her lungs in a scream that bounced off the walls and having her eyes go wide, Laura was struck by an extraordinarily powerful anal orgasm that kept her screaming and kept her pumping out sprays of girlcum as Charles continued to spear the inches in through her radically distended ringpiece and Robert chased after him.

“Come on, Chuck!” Grinning evilly while the armrest behind her broke loose and fell to the floor due to the sofa starting to come apart at the seams, Diamond wasn’t finished urging him to fuck the top-heavy, cock-addicted Miss Hart with all the force that he could muster, “She can take more!”

“My name’s not Chuck!” Not only was Charles talking a lot louder than Diamond had ever heard him before, but as he threw her a quick look and gave Laura an even more violent thrust of his hips as he half sat, half laid underneath her, Diamond saw something in his eyes and in his expression that was definitely new: raw, naked aggression blended with primeval fuck-lust. It almost made Diamond cream herself.

“Holy shit, Diamond! You totally made him snap!” Noticing the upturn in tempo both due to Laura’s fuck-fevered screams getting louder and Robert speeding up as she clung to him, Sanddy peeked out from behind her boyfriend’s shoulder to look at her new BFF, Sanddy was grinning from ear to ear.

“Not yet I haven’t! Not yet!” Milking Charles’ testes of shot after shot of precum that were blasted from his cock straight into Laura’s bowels to slosh around and in between the two monstercocks being hammered into them, Diamond narrowed her eyes and managed to catch his attention, “Then what’s you name, Mr. Hugecock-Assdestroyer!”

“Charles Woodcock-Splatterwell!!” Charles’ knees shot up as he put so much into his next three thrusts that his feet only barely stayed in touch with the floor. Over the sound of Laura screaming in bliss, Sanddy crying out her excitement and Robert groaning darkly as the pace at which Charles and he were anally double-teaming the delectable blonde got even wilder.

“What’re you gonna do when you’re done with this slut!?” It was only her desire to goad Charles even further that stopped Diamond from diving in between his legs to suck on his balls and lather them with her spit. Every time that a powerful pulse rocked his brawny nuts, more clear juices poured from her smooth-shaved, swollen cunt.

“FUCK YOUR ASS!!” The meek academic had taken a leave of absence and been replaced by what sounded and looked like the world’s angriest drill sergeant as the amount of adrenalin and testosterone pumping round in Charles’ system reached critical levels.

“Wow! I think Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell’s gonna tear Diamond a new one, honey!” Still sporting a beaming smile, Sanddy was enjoying how the throbbing of her boyfriend’s cock as she kept her fingers circled round its immense base was making her arms twitch like she’d been lifting weights all day.

“She deserves it!” Dripping with sweat and powering through the fatigue with so much gusto that it went away completely, Robert was drilling Laura’s booty like a man possessed, not so much fighting off the rising need to cum as ignoring it completely.

“Yeah, you’re gonna make this American porndoll bimbo your fucktoy, aren’t you?” Her tone of voice and her smile signalled quite clearly that Diamond was looking forwards to no holds barred anal reaming courtesy of Mr. Woodcock-Splatterwell, “Aren’t you, Mr. Megadong-Fuckherhard?”

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