Scent of Another Woman


Jack was a hard-working gentleman, married with two kids and a highly stressful job. He needed sexual release often as he was a closeted, dirty old man. His extremely perverted thoughts were slowly on the brink of action. His lovely wife Sarah was a country girl from Oklahoma with huge, milky tits and the juiciest ass cheeks north of the state of Texas! She was also a hard-working professional in the medical industry and had become sexually complacent in the later years of their marriage. Jack had patiently waited for his voluptuously shaped wife to allow “sensual relations” on special occasions. Her constant excuse of being too exhausted from work for their sexy time and that fact that she had curves for days was broaching the point of eruption.

It was no surprise that a fondness for phone sex quickly developed for Jack. A weekly stress relieving ritual it soon became as he began to eagerly anticipate these phone sessions. Exhausted Sarah was after all parading around in her usual tight, breast squeezing tank tops and ass hugging shorts. With this constant state of arousal she was causing, something had to be done!

Having spoken with many phone sex operators over the years, none were as talented and creative as Brooke. Her city-girl accent really made his cock, too small for her, rock hard. He knew Brooke had a fondness for well hung men and she was used to getting 7 to 8 inches on a regular basis. It became a topic they visited often during their hot and heavy calls. She would tease him relentlessly about his little dick and he loved it.

From the moment he heard her silky, sensuous voice he knew he had met his match; he was hooked. He was used to controlling the calls and calling all the shots like a porn director, but not with Brooke. She took control and read him like a cheap, dirty paperback, just like the kind Sarah kept in her nightstand. He used to jerk off to them and sometimes they would read them together in more feisty years of their marriage. During their numerous phone sessions Brooke was able to sharpen her instincts and knew just what, how and when to say it. She played Jack like a cello; she was a virtuoso at her craft. Brooke had the key that unlocked intense climaxes like never before. The dirty old man loved it; he couldn’t get enough!

Over the years he and Brooke grew closer, and one day the dirty old man finally got enough courage to ask for a sexy, gently worn pair of her dirty panties. He eagerly awaiting the response to the texted request. Watching the little dots wiggle back and forth on his phone, he grew nervous wondering what she was typing, was this too much to ask? Had he crossed Anadolu Yakası Escort the line? Then finally, the little “ding” echoed from his phone, he nervously opened her response…

If she would send them, he had something very naughty planned for her dirty undergarments, something that he hoped would spark a desire that hadn’t been ignited in years. He remembered a story Sarah once told him about an experience she had in her first marriage before Jack…

Apparently, one night her ex-husband brought home a topless dancer only a few months after they had been married. He wanted to turn his new bride into a little slut and watch her play with another woman she had never met.

He got them both drunk and watched as Sarah and the dancer played with and sucked on each other’s sensuous big titties. His huge cock grew quickly, hypnotically gazing at them as they ate each other’s pussies and asses into the night. The candlelit glitter sparkling off their saliva ladened breasts and erect nipples set a very hot and horny mood. Watching them 69 each other like a horny pervert from the corner of the room, he began to uncontrollably stroke his huge, veiny cock. After edging his pulsating dick for a while, his big sexy balls bouncing up and down, began to fill with hot, creamy cum. The pressure building inside those balls took him to the point of eruption.

With that huge, hard, throbbing cock in hand, he walked over to Sarah. Sights set directly on her curvaceous ass, he blew wads of hot creamy cum all over the milky, porcelain skin of her voluptuous cheeks. He soon came again watching the dancer lick up all his creamy cum like a little kitten lapping up milk. Her tongue dipping into each puddle, scooping it gently to her parted lips. Tranced by the dancer tongue bathing his wife’s ass, he felt fulfilled by what his bride had become.

When the two had finished, he sat back and watched them doze off drunk from booze and lust. He cuddled up next to them and passed out staring into the glistening puddles of cum on those beautiful ass cheeks.

Quickly picking up his phone, Jack read the response to the text, it read very nonchalantly “I’m sure that can be arranged.” Seemed as if he had made a big deal out of what was a simple request to her. After he thought about it, he realized all along this dirty minded lady was always up for something naughty. She would love what he was about to do with her dirty panties, if she only knew… His heart pounded as his carefully, crafted plan came to fruition. He eagerly awaited the days for the panties to arrive. On the day he found them in the mailbox, Avrupa Yakası Escort he was ecstatic. He knew what he must do…

Before he opened the zip lock bag Brooke sent them in, he called to tell her the panties had arrived. Introducing this new element to the call made for one of the most intense and exciting phone sex calls ever experienced by either of them. His face was pulled like a magnet to the sweet scent of her enticing pussy and ass. He felt so close to her, her scent now ingrained in his brain. Her pussy smelled of lavender and as he rooted his nose around the crotch of the panties, he soon discovered where her cute little asshole had been parked. It smelled like candy and made him feel warm and extremely aroused.

He jerked off to Brooke’s sensual, commandingly bossy voice and it was almost too much for him to handle.

She explained how she was going to fuck her little sissy bitch boy while he wore a pink “Brooke’s Bitch” monogramed dog collar around his neck. She then would stuff her dirty, sweaty, workout panties into his gaping mouth. He imagined all he could do would be to lie there and take it up his ass. He loved imaging the beautiful Brooke fucking him, he was more than aware of how stunning she was. She had sent him pictures in the past and she was a goddess! She had such soft, gentle features, yet a commandingly bossy look about her. She was born to dominate him, and he was born to be her bitch.

He loved submitting to her, allowing her to hike up his legs and push her big, veiny dildo deep into his ass. He imagined a mirror on the wall behind them, peeking around her sexy treadmill toned thighs, he gazed at the reflection of her amazing ass cheeks. Her undulating hips pushed her thick, veiny strap-on cock deep into his ass. He loved how deeply she thrusted and the feeling of the veins massaging his prostate. She liked to watch how each thrust made his little cock dance around in his polka dotted panties. It made her feel powerful and horny to see him like this.

He loved tasting Brooke’s sweaty ass while she pounded his. He groaned in pleasure and mumbled through the dirty panties how much he loved it. “Don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me” he would mumble. She would slap him, spit in his face and ask him if that’s what dirty purvys liked, “Getting pounded by a beautiful Goddess? Who’s the boss, tell me, Who’s the fucking boss? You’re my little bitch and you’re gonna lie there and take it because you know you f-u-c-k-i-n-g love it!” He loved it when she called him a “dirty purvy,” it made his little dick very hard. It was pure heaven for Jack, but the best İstanbul Escort was yet to cum.

After that early morning call, he left the scent of Brooke’s panties all over his face and eagerly waited for Sarah to return from the hospital where she worked the night shift. As she turned the corner to greet him in the kitchen, he stopped her, remaining completely silent, removed the purse from her shoulder, leaned in and gave her the most passionate kiss he had ever given her in years. Spreading the scent of another woman all over his wife’s face and neck, his cock began to grow in his pants. He could feel it pulsating in his pants and she could feel it grow against her thigh. She could tell something was different but wasn’t sure why this kiss was making her so wet. He hadn’t made her wet in years just by a kiss, what had gotten into him she wondered?

After he left for work, Sarah noticed it was harder than usual to take her post-shift nap. She usually dozed off quickly from exhaustion but this time she realized she was feeling horny instead from Jack’s kiss. Something about that kiss stirred a desire in her not felt in years.

She reached into the nightstand and grabbed her favorite sex toy, an anniversary gift from Jack for their 20th. He loved watching her use her new pulsating clit sucker on herself. It drove her wild and gave her multiple orgasms every time she used it. As Sarah lie there sprawled out completely naked on the bed unknowing that she had the scent of another woman’s pussy and ass all over her face, she thought about that night her ex brought home the glitter clad titty dancer.

She placed the little oval hole of the toy over her clit and increased the intensity setting. With her pussy pulsating with pleasure, she fantasized and remembered how it felt burying her face in a complete stranger’s pussy and ass. Her pussy was drenched thinking about the dancer that night, brought home by her perverted ex-husband. To the background sound of her toy slurping up her pussy juice she began to remember…

So sweet and tangy the dancer’s pussy tasted, her asshole like cinnamon. She was amazed at how well she remembered all these details. It turned her on so much watching his hand from the shadows slide up and down the cock poking into the flickering light. The thought of big balls bouncing up and down full of hot cum danced in her head. She then remembered that stiff huge cock and how his veins pulsated in the candlelight. Little did she know she would marry another perverted dirty old man years later.

Jack smiled that night as he stared at the stain on Sarah’s side of the bed that hadn’t been there that morning. He knew that the scent of another woman made his wife cum hard enough to stain the sheets with her pussy juice. He couldn’t wait to tell Brooke about what he had done. Jerking off at the thought of it, he loved that Brooke’s scent drove them both passionately out of control.

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