Saving Atlanta: Upside Down (Chapter 3)


“So talk to me, what happened?” asked Leah.“I mean, it was overwhelming, I couldn’t do shit and I wasn’t used to it,” replied Aline.“So what about it struck out to you? What happened? Did it help?” asked Leah.“I mean most of ’em give up after a couple minutes but he kept going and going and going, I felt worn out as fuck after a while. He even mocked me but I couldn’t do jack shit. In a weird way though, it feel good to be humbled,” said Aline, in her southern accent.“Let’s see what Hannah gets outta this,” said Leah, eyes rolling.The woman in question that Leah was talking about was named Hannah Stedham Barsby III, better known as just Hannah, and she had a history to her. Hannah came from a well-to-do southern family and had been on the end of generations of great mixing.  Hannah’s father married a beautiful woman of Dutch and Scandinavian descent, giving her a unique look. Hannah stood at a little over six feet tall, had an athletic volleyball player body, blonde hair, and looked exactly like volleyball legend Gabrielle Reece. Back in college, Hannah played volleyball and was one of the top players in the nation but her dreams to play in the Olympics did not materialize. At the age of twenty-nine, despite a failed athletic career, Hannah made a lot of money in the financial sector. Unfortunately, the long work hours and lack of constant exercise had made her aroused yet frustrated.The behaviors displayed by Hannah were those of a domineering woman and the area had no men who could really challenge her. What this led to is Hannah being reported for workplace bullying, at one point even grabbing a young short blonde during after work hours and physically dominating her which ended up being recorded. The blonde loved it but Hannah had broken company rules, given the option of either stepping down or seeking help from a therapist.When the idea of sex therapy was first proposed to Hannah, she rolled Escort Gölbaşı her eyes, often remembering nights where she had to use a Sybian to fulfill her desires due to the men she was used to in Atlanta. Given how boring she found the therapy, Hannah thought why not fulfill her desire of dominating yet another man. Leah warned Hannah that Trent and Kash are not like men from Atlanta, they are from NYC, to which Hannah rolled her eyes.On a hot day in Atlanta, the blonde walked to Trent’s apartment wearing short shorts and a tank top while being covered in sweat after a workout. Truthfully, Hannah did not even bother to shower or look clean, she thought she would just dominate the poor man and have her sweaty body odor add insult to injury. Trent laid on the couch nude, stroking his cock while looking at Hannah’s social media profile. After arriving at the apartment and opening the door, Hannah was shocked at the sight while the door closed behind her.“So you gonna give therapy or watch porn all day, doctor?” said Hannah, in her southern accent with a disrespectful tone.“Trent, nice to meet you,” replied Trent, in a lackluster tone.“Oh save the formalities, yankee, aren’t you supposed to give me some weird shit sex therapy,” said Hannah, breathing hard.“Nah, I am just gonna fuck ya,” replied Trent, standing up but finding himself a couple of inches shorter than the blonde.“Huh, fuck me, what do you do all that? Pull on that thing?” said Hannah, smirking as she grabbed and smacked the cock.“Look at me, I am so bad with my cock,” said Hannah, mocking Trent as she grabbed and started to lick the cock. Trent stood rolling his eyes as Hannah grabbed the cock and licked it, eventually putting it in her mouth and sucking it with confidence. Hannah had just bent down and was looking at Trent with her bright blue eyes, shaking her head aggressively as she continued to Keçiören escort suck the cock. The blonde could barely fit all of Trent’s cock in there, gagging a bit. By this point, the aggressive blonde was used to men cumming so Hannah looked up at Trent, who had a disinterested look on his face. Hannah stood up straight and looked Trent in the eyes, a slight look of worry on her face.“Alright, you got a poker face, so what?” said Hannah, pushing Trent who still managed to maintain his balance.“Southern belle, you need to learn some respect,” replied Trent, looking at Hannah.“Oh, you gonna teach me?” said Hannah, laughing, as she tried to push Trent again.The nude man bear-hugged the taller blonde and had a tight hold on her, even putting her on guard. Hannah noticed both of her feet elevate off of the ground and despite her best efforts, found herself carried on Trent’s shoulders. The blonde’s eyes opened wide, amazed at the deceptively powerful man who managed to lift her up. Instead of fighting it, the patient Hannah noticed she had little to no option, being carried around by the man who gently put her down on the floor with her legs up.Hannah laid on the carpeted floor with both legs elevated high, resting on the standing man’s shoulders. Trent had his hands on Hannah’s buttocks, pulling down the short shorts to her elevated knees. Now Trent grabbed at the dark panties which hugged the robust buttocks of the athletic blonde, slowly trying to pull them down while Hannah slapped his hands away and fought the seduction. The blonde who had never been challenged was in an awkward position, her upper back on the floor as her lower back elevated off of it with her legs shooting up, resting on Trent’s shoulders. For Hannah, it was more exhausting to move her arms with her body elevated upside down. Hannah took deep breaths as her heart sped, Trent staring down Kızılay escort bayan at her, kissing and licking her feet whenever they got close to his face. Due to Hannah’s feisty nature, Trent held on tightly to the buttocks, knowing how exhausting it will be for the blonde to reach her hands back to get his hands off.Trent made his left hand flat yet loose and sneakily slipped it into the blonde’s panties, provoking deep breaths and moans from her. The nude experienced man had slipped the hand right on the pubis area, covering the pussy and managing to get some fingers on the clit. Hannah’s legs stretched as she moaned, closing her eyes and feeling a powerful rush of arousal grab her.“Fuck!” said Hannah, taking deep breaths as her heart sped.Now the mind games had begun and Hannah was in a catch twenty-two, let the hand remain inside of the panties and it was only a matter of time before the aggressive man went to work. Hannah knew that with such tight space to work with inside of her panties, Trent could finger her aggressively with more intensity and an orgasm was a minute if not seconds away. If Hannah pulled the panties off, then her pussy was more than fair game. “Make a decision,” said Trent, standing over the woman.Trent’s hand started to run around more aggressively in Hannah’s tight panties, occasionally flicking her clit and finding a warm home in her pussy. The way the arms coiled around kept Hannah steady, making it almost impossible for her to change possible. Trent had a flow to his hold, moving with Hannah who tried to break from him. While one hand sat in the panties, the other squeezed on Hannah’s well-toned buttocks, making her breaths deeper.“Oh fuck,” said Hannah, closing her eyes and letting out a long breath.The creative Trent put the other hand underneath the panties and extended it on Hannah’s well-toned abs, squeezing down aggressively. Hannah had a tickling and arousing feeling as a result, extending her body but still keeping her in place. For Hannah, the writing was now on the wall with her panties, they were stopping her from doing anything about Trent’s active hands. The tightness of the panties kept Trent’s hands on Hannah’s body no matter where she moved. 

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