Saturday Night Gets Intense (Julie , Ron, Ch 9)


Chapter 8:  Tamara Stays OverThe next morning, I woke Tamara with a gentle kiss.  As her eyes fluttered open and she saw me, she smiled warmly.  I slid my hand between her legs and caressed her.  She cupped her hand behind my head and pulled me in for a more energetic kiss as my fingers slipped into her.She released my neck and caressed my cheek as she looked lovingly into my eyes as my fingers slid within her and my thumb gently rested upon her clit.  I started gently circling her clit as I began speaking.“You are about to crawl, on your hands and knees, looking for Ron so you can suck his cock as he awakens,” I said quietly to her as I watched her eyes grow wide as her head moved once, up and down.  I continued, “I know that might not be your first choice, but I don’t care.  I do care about licking you.  For as long as, and to what degree, you make Ron satisfied, I will do the same for you.”I punctuated that last line by thrusting my fingers deeper within her, pressing my thumb more firmly against her clit, and flicking my tongue across her nipple.We crawled together to Ron, me following her and occasionally nipping at her ass.  I was even able to lick her twice on the way.  We found Ron just as we’d left him the previous night, splayed out on the couch, though I was happy to see he already had a beautiful case of morning wood.Tamara crawled across the floor towards him as I gently called his name — I didn’t want him to miss the image of Tamara crawling for his cock.  His eyes fluttered open, first seeing me on my hands and knees in the doorway before turning to see Tamara, her breasts swaying with each movement towards him.I’m guessing she licked her lips at him as she approached because I saw his cock twitch with anticipation.  And then she was on him.  I watched her take his cock deeply into her mouth, applying some of the lessons I’d offered her the previous night.  Suddenly, I saw her throat bulge as her nose descended fully to his abdomen.Damn! I thought, She’s deep throating the first cock she’s ever had in her mouth on the second try.I watched her, mesmerized, as she alternated between suckling the head of his cock while swirling her tongue around it and plunging all the way down him, attempting to swallow him whole.  I glanced at his face before returning my eyes to one of the most amazing blowjobs I’d ever witnessed.“Unless you want him pumping down your throat or in your mouth, you should stop now,” I told her as I watched his abs tensing.She surprised me by plunging down on him again and holding herself there while making swallowing motions.  Ron started groaning as he emptied himself down her throat.  As his hip thrusting and pulsing subsided, Tamara slowly eased her mouth off of him.He pulled her up beside him on the couch, pulling her to him with one hand on her ass while the other cupped her head and pulled her in for a deep, passionate kiss.  As their lips parted, she sat up a bit, guided him to shift over, lying fully on his back, and straddled his hips.She seemed to be grinding herself against his softening cock while she encouraged him to fondle her breasts.  I was still watching from the doorway and decided to join in.  I crawled up between his legs behind her and started licking Ron’s balls and peritoneum.  His quick intake of breath, followed by her groan told me I’d likely started him towards full erection again.I watched her pussy lips, spread over his cock as she slid up towards the head and back towards his balls, moaning every time she reached his balls as his cock ground against her clit.Then his hands grabbed her hips and ass and pulled her further up, asking her, “Do you want it?” as he held her in place.“Yes,” I barely heard her whisper before he pushed her hips back.  I watched his cock slipping easily all the way into her.  She threw her head back and moaned.He Ankara escort held her there, still for a moment as he let her pussy adjust to having his cock stuffed into it.  I took that opportunity to lick the base of his shaft, above his balls, and stick my tongue up into her with him.  I felt like I’d turned a key in an ignition, as she started moving on him immediately.She didn’t raise herself up and slide back down him.  Instead, she just shifted her hips around, grinding herself onto him and moving his shaft around within her.There was too much movement for me with her ass twerking all around as she used him like a dildo without having to hold onto it.  I shifted around to the front and gradually maneuvered to access her clitoris.  As soon as I found it, her wild gyrations stopped with a sudden intake of breath.I swear I was there less than ten seconds before she exploded.  I had to move away again as she thrashed about on top of Ron.  I could see his hands on her hips, trying to contain her enough that he didn’t slip out of her.As she finally came down, resting her hands on Ron’s chest, still breathing heavily, she reached out to me, pulling me in for a kiss.  My hand found her breast and my palm brushed against her nipple.She guided my face to her breast and I started licking, kissing, and suckling every part of it but her nipple.  I felt movement again and glanced down long enough to see Ron’s hands on her hips, moving her up and down his shaft as he thrust within her.  I returned my attention to her breast, taking her nipple into my mouth and nipping at it with my teeth.  She moaned appreciatively at our combined attention.Ron continued to fuck her as Tamara and I kissed and fondled each other’s breasts.  At one point, he released her hip long enough to nudge my thigh.  I took the hint and repositioned myself with my now dripping cunt over his face.  As he pierced my wetness with his tongue, I moaned into Tamara’s mouth.  We spent the next ten or fifteen minutes grinding ourselves on Ron, Tamara on his cock, and me on his face, kissing and fondling each other the whole time.Looking down briefly between kisses, I saw Ron’s abs as he thrust into her, his muscles rippling beneath his skin.  I watched his hands grab her hips tighter and could tell he was beginning to build towards his own release.I flicked my tongue across her nipple and looked into her eyes.  “You don’t have long,” I said with another flick across her nipple, “to get off of him before he cums deep inside you,” I finished before taking her nipple into my mouth, sucking and tonguing it with abandon.“If I let him cum inside me,” she asked me almost breathlessly, “will you eat it out of me?”I almost came then and there, finding myself only capable of nodding at her, wide-eyed, as she put her hands against his chest again as she helped him lift her and plunge back down upon him.I lifted off Ron’s face and moved behind her again.  Using my hands on her hips, I helped to slam her down onto my husband’s cock.  She started crying out as she started her next orgasm, and I looked into my husband’s face as he came deep inside her.  Her wild movements meant that, by the time she eased off of him, more of his cum was dripping down his balls than inside of her, so I attended to him first, cleaning up as much as I could without using my hands.By the time I was done with him, I kissed the head of his once-again erect cock, and told him to stick it wherever he wanted to.  Then, I turned my attention to Tamara.I crawled up between her legs and started, lying on my belly, licking as far under her as I could.  I know I found a trickle of Ron’s, as the taste was so familiar.  And I think I found one dribble that was completely Tamara.  Mostly, though, I tasted their combined wetness as I worked my way back to her Ankara escort bayan leaking lips.Just as my tongue parted the base of her opening, it released a gush of fluid, which I sucked up, drinking deeply from her fount.  I shifted to get a better angle, and, as I raised my hips to get my knees under me, I felt Ron’s cock against my lower back.Moments later, I’m licking Tamara from top to bottom and in between every fold while Ron’s cock is, ever-so-slowly, penetrating me.  All that I had seen thus far this morning, the taste of both of them in Tamara’s cunt, the agonizing slowness of Ron entering me — everything combined perfectly for me and I went off the edge.  Ron’s cock never left my pussy and my mouth never left Tamara’s, but I came so hard I saw stars.As I came back down, Ron shifted his hips just enough to move my lips against Tamara’s labia.  I immediately started licking her, tonguing her, suckling her, and fingering her to try to give her the level of orgiastic bliss I’d just found.Meanwhile, Ron tried to hold my hips as still as possible to allow me to please Tamara while he simultaneously fucked the ever-living shit out of me.  I don’t know who came first or who came last, but I know I brought at least two orgasms from Tamara and that I had at least three myself.  (Ron had already cum twice that morning, so I wasn’t too worried about him.)“Can I just hang out here today and go home tomorrow?” Tamara asked as I dozed with her thigh as my pillow.“Ron,” I murmured, “can Tamara stay the day and another night?”“It depends,” I heard him reply, never opening my eyes, “do I get to lick her folds again and bring her to orgasm with my mouth?”“As many times as you like,” Tamara’s voice responded, “as many times as you like.”“Then it’s settled,” I said, slipping a finger into her glistening cunt, “Tamara’s staying for the weekend!”Ron made breakfast as Tamara and I cuddled, still naked, on the couch.  We didn’t reach any earth-shattering climaxes, but we did keep each other aroused with fingers and tongues and nipples and labia and, only occasionally, clitorises.When he returned with plates of eggs, toast, and bacon for us, I was pleased to see he, too, was still naked and mostly erect.  I love watching his erect cock bounce along when he walks to the bathroom after sex.  (Though I do wonder how he pees with it like that, but, not my problem.)  It was no less enjoyable to watch it bouncing towards us as he was mostly focused on the food and seemingly unaware that his cock was taking our attention off of his culinary creation.He gently set my plate at one end of the coffee table, then moved to the other end to place Tamara’s in front of her.  He then stood, clasped his hands in front of him, and announced, “Breakfast is served,” still seemingly unaware of his turgid member.“Excuse me,” Tamara spoke, head tilted up as if looking Ron in the face, but I could see her eyes locked on his cock, “but do you have any sauce?”He turned towards her, his face already forming a querying look, as if ready to ask what type of sauce she might require, but the turning of his hips brought his cock close enough for Tamara to catch it in her mouth.She then grabbed his ass cheeks and drove his cock right down her throat pumping him in and out, though never fully leaving her throat — I should know, I was watching very closely — for what had to be thirty full seconds.  Suddenly, she surfaced for air, grabbed his cock and pumped it energetically as she aimed it at her plate.She glanced at me, asking, “Do you want some, too?” just as his first pulse sent a white rope onto her toast and one egg.  I quickly nodded and watched as she aimed his cock toward my plate, wildly motioning me to bring it closer.  I picked it up and held it towards his cock as the second strand shot forth.  Escort Ankara More of it hit my wrist than my food, so I continued and caught the last bit that shot out from him right across both of my eggs, allowing Tamara to catch the dribbles at the end, finally wrapping her lips around him to suck the last bits of his sweet, salty seed.“Women spice up the evening, but men season the morning,” she said, apparently making up a new idiom on the spot.  My mind immediately went to cucumbers, and I felt my pussy leaking.Ron went to grab his plate and came back, pretending to complain, “You both got my sauce on your eggs, but what am I going to put on my eggs?”The light banter continued as we ate, with some subtle innuendo at times and very direct statements of want and desire at others.  Ron finished eating first and started to clean up a bit.  Taking his plate, the salt and pepper, and the butter back into the kitchen.  Just as Tamara took her last bite, Ron walked back in, took her plate, and disappeared again.“He cooks and cleans up, he’s easy on the eyes, and he fucks like a stallion,” she said, watching his ass until he rounded the corner.  “I’m really glad he was willing to share you with me, and I’m really glad you’re willing to share him with me.”I set down my plate, then, and walked over and straddled Tamara’s lap, our pussies almost touching.  As I leaned in to kiss her, our nipples grazed each other’s breasts.  Then our tongues were intertwined and our hands explored each other once again.I sensed, more than felt, Ron behind me.  Then his hands joined Tamara’s in their exploration of my skin.  She was mostly focused on my neck, arms, and torso, while he slid his hands down the outside of my thighs before pulling back to massage my ass.As his hand slipped under me, I lifted slightly, to give him access.  And access he did.  Two fingers immediately slid into me, making me moan into Tamara’s mouth.  But then I felt his hair under me and Tamara groaned into my mouth as I assumed Ron’s tongue had parted her labia again.I never turned around to look, so I still don’t quite understand how he was licking her pussy while finger fucking me quite energetically, but I do know that I came first.  It was while I was shuddering above her that I heard her protest.“No! Don’t stop!” she cried out, “Please don’t stop!”I felt my husband’s strong arms as he lifted me gently off of her and lay me on my side.  He propped my head up with a pillow so I could watch without effort before returning to drop to his knees in front of Tamara’s spread legs.“Please,” she whimpered at him, reaching for his face.  I watched my husband lean in for a loving, tender kiss before he pulled back and lowered his head.  What followed was a master class in cunnilingus.  He brought her so close to orgasm more times than I could keep track of.  At one point she was begging him for his cock.  At another point, she tried to grab the back of his head and grind his face against her, but he slipped out, stood up, and looked down at her, speaking softly, but firmly.“If I’m going to lick you to the most powerful orgasm I can offer, you have to behave and play by the rules.  Rule 1:  Your right hand can do anything to Jules you can reach.  Rule 2:  Your left hand can touch any part of you. And Rule 3:  Any touches of me must be caresses.“Do you want to play by the rules so I can make you quake?”  The last line was delivered much more sternly than the soft tone of the first part.Tamara’s eyes were wide as she looked up at him, only occasionally stealing a glance at his cock, which was at her eye level and pointed directly at her.  She nodded and mouthed the word Yes.“Right hand,” he said, still somewhat sternly.  Her right hand went to my hip and started sliding up and down my thigh.“Left hand,” he said, much more softly.  Her left hand slid up her own thigh, past her hip, and lazily landed on her breast as she started idly twirling around her nipple.He smiled before dropping back between her legs.  He continued to almost torment her for another fifteen minutes before she started begging and pleading with him to send her over the edge.

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