Saturday, Chapter 4 – Part 1


I woke around eight on Sunday morning; totally refreshed after the deepest night’s sleep I could remember. After taking a long shower I went downstairs and made coffee and toast; no one was around, I guessed they were all still in bed.As I sat at the kitchen table eating, my mind played over the events of yesterday and I felt my cock beginning to stir at the thought of being naked with Tom, how he had touched me and sucked me and how natural it felt. My mind raced; I’d sucked and played with his huge cock, I’d had sex with his brother and family. I wanted to strip off right there in the kitchen and be naked again but thought better of it.Instead, I walked over to the sink and washed the plate and mug. I wasn’t wearing underwear and I could feel the bulge in my thin shorts pressing against the counter. I pushed my hips forward slightly enjoying the pressure. Tom’s last words to me as I’d left yesterday evening flashed through my mind:“No wanking at home. We don’t want you to waste any of your energy…”I left the crockery on the drainer and hurried out to the shed. A minute later I was cycling up the road towards Tom’s house.In my distracted and happy state of mind, I’d forgotten to put on my watch so I had no idea of the time when I knocked on his door. He’d asked me to come back this morning if I wasn’t busy to which I’d readily agreed and here I was, standing outside wondering what today had in store.Tom opened the door dressed smartly in beige trousers and a white short-sleeved shirt with a burgundy cravat. I did a bit of a double-take. I’d only seen him in a dressing gown or naked and somehow seeing him as the respectable gentleman was a bit of a shock, but it certainly suited him.“Morning Steve, bright and early,” he smiled. “Did you sleep well?”I nodded smiling. “Yeah Tom, best ever, thanks…”He winked at me with a grin.“We’re going out today. I thought I’d show you something different. It’s Sunday, so not a workday. Come on.”I followed him over to the large four-wheel-drive parked on the gravel and got into the passenger seat. As we pulled out of the drive and headed down the quiet country lane, he put on some classical music and we started chatting. He asked me about myself, hobbies and ambitions and stuff and told me about his career as a designer in the aeronautics industry which fascinated me. I felt totally relaxed and ease with him.It was a pleasantly strange feeling; I didn’t usually like company much and felt like a bit of an outsider. I guess I was just different from the other kids my age. My girlfriend Jenny understood, but she was away on holiday with her parents at the moment.I realised that I drifted off into my own thoughts and when I looked up we were driving through the beautiful countryside; sheep grazing in meadows interspersed with woodland in a patchwork covering the gently rolling hills. Although I knew the local area pretty well, I didn’t recognise this spot.After a few minutes we turned into a narrow lane and Tom drove slowly. In the unlikely event that we did meet another vehicle, there was no room to pass. Ahead I caught a glimpse of a long reddish roof hidden behind tall trees and a minute later we turned into a secluded drive that led up through magnificent old Beeches. Tom parked in a corner of the car park and got out without a word.I followed him and as we walked through a gate in the tall neatly trimmed hedge he stopped. A large Edwardian country house, almost completely covered in lilac wisteria was surrounded by lawns, ornate flower beds, topiary and trees. A fountain with frolicking cherubs stood in the middle creating the gentle sound of splashing water.Tom turned to me smiling.“Fancy a swim?” he asked.I looked back with a confused frown having no idea what he meant, still trying to take in the surroundings. He chuckled quietly, enjoying teasing me, knowing that I would enjoy what was to come and making me wait to find out. He held out his hand and took mine. It was the first time that we had touched this morning.“Come on, I’ll introduce you and show you round.”He led me along the brick path through the garden and across the gravel courtyard to the front door. The young woman behind the reception desk looked up and greeted him.“Good morning, rus escort Mr Stevenson. Nice to see you again.”I watched her as she and Tom made whatever arrangements were necessary. Her dark blond hair was tied back in a short ponytail with a few strands hanging down either side of her pretty face. She was wearing a smart white blouse and the top three buttons were open revealing quite a lot of her nicely rounded breasts which were clearly in no need of support.Tom turned and handed me a pen to sign the visitors’ book and it was obvious where my gaze was focussed when they both looked at me. She just smiled as I blushed and shakily signed my name.Tom led me down a carpeted corridor to another reception area. Behind a large glass wall on the left, there was a gym full of weights and various exercise equipment. There was no one behind the desk. We turned and went through a wooden door into a large changing area with benches down either side and rows of lockers at the far end.As Tom undid his cravat and started unbuttoning his shirt he looked at me with a grin.“There won’t be many people about at this time of day but later it’ll get busier.” He folded his shirt neatly and put it on the bench. As he undid his trousers he looked at me again.“You won’t be needing your clothes.”I sat down and took off my trainers then stood and stripped off my t-shirt and shorts feeling my cock already stiffening as I folded them. We walked over to the lockers and put our clothes away. Tom handed me the two keys.“Take these back to Debby, would you? I need to use the bathroom. Put a towel around yourself, we have to be covered in reception.” He pointed at the wooden shelf with piles of fresh towels and disappeared through a door.I stood there for a moment, my cock semi-hard. I still had no idea what this place was. I’d never heard of health clubs or spas, but the feeling of standing there naked was thrilling. I walked slowly over and picked up a neatly folded towel, shook it out and wrapped it around my waist, trying to adjust it so the bulge at the front wasn’t too obvious.Finally, I stepped forward, opened the door and walked barefoot back up the corridor towards the reception area. The carpet felt warm and soft on the soles of my feet. The young woman behind the desk looked up as I nervously entered. I saw her eyes scan up and down my body, lingering for a while at the bulge in the front of my towel. She smiled at me.“I’m Debby and you must be Steve,” she said in a friendly voice as I held out the keys.“Tom, er… Tom asked me to give you these,” I said nervously.“Thank you, I hope you enjoy your stay. I’m sure you will,” she said glancing down at my towel again. “Mr Stevenson is such a nice gentleman.”I tried to smile and hurried back down the corridor feeling my cock straining against the soft fabric of the towel. Tom was waiting for me outside the changing room and led me through some double doors into a large indoor area. The warm atmosphere was in sharp contrast to the coolness of the tiles under my feet. Tom removed his towel and draped it casually over his shoulder.“No need for these now,” he smiled. I followed suit and stood next to him naked again. It felt wonderful.There was a forty-foot heated pool with semi-circular steps leading down into it. He pointed across to the right. There was a large sunken Jacuzzi in a side area.“The steam room and sauna are through there,” he said pointing at the doors behind.I followed him over to the far side of the pool where floor to ceiling windows looked out onto more lawns and gardens. We went out through the French windows onto the shady terrace and sat at a table overlooking the garden. We were the only people there.“I thought you might like some coffee before your swim?” he inquired.I stared at him with a wide smile on my face. “Um, yeah, that’d be great.”As if on cue a young waiter appeared carrying a tray and placed it on the table in front of us.“Your coffee, sir.”Tom looked at him. “We haven’t met before, have we? What’s your name?”“It’s Michael, sir.”“Well Michael, please call me Mr Stevenson. You don’t need to be so formal with us.” Tom glanced over in my direction and Michael’s eyes followed. yenimahalle escort Michael quickly looked back at Tom.“Yes, s… er, Mr Steveson,” he said nervously. “Will there be anything else?”“No, not for no., I’ll call if we need anything.”Tom chuckled to himself as the young waiter walked back to the hotel.“He seems like a nice lad,” Tom said as he poured the coffee.As we sat sipping our coffee another man walked across the terrace. I watched as he removed his towel, spread it on the chair and sat down at a table nearby. I guess he was in his early fifties. He had neatly cut hair and a moustache that were only slightly grey and his chest and stomach were covered in dark hair. He looked like he kept in shape. Between his legs, I saw that his cock was easily on a par with Tom’s. Tom looked at me and smiled.“You’ll see plenty of naked bodies today Steve, and no doubt you’ll get to play with some of them too, I certainly will.” I looked back at him and he just winked handing me the plate of croissants.“Better keep your strength up. You’re going to need it.”I took a croissant and started eating as the young waiter reappeared with a tray and took it to the nearby table. He placed the coffee and a newspaper in front of the man and had a brief conversation that I couldn’t make out. When I finished my coffee Tom suggested that I go for a swim saying that he was happy sitting here on the terrace. So I got up and walked a little self-consciously across to the French windows with my now hard cock bouncing between my legs. It felt strange but exhilarating being naked out here but I was enjoying it immensely.I walked slowly down the steps into the pool, feeling the warm water creeping up my calves, and then my thighs. It reached my balls as I stepped off the last step and I stood there with my arms hanging loosely by my sides feeling the water lapping gently between my legs. I took another step forward and spread my feet a little.The water was caressing my balls and the underside of my cock which was responding rapidly. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation. After a few moments, I took another step forward keeping my eyes closed, and then kept walking, arms spread out slightly for balance as the warm water engulfed my swollen erection. When it reached my hips I stopped and stood still again. It felt incredible as the water moved around my balls and cock; I forced myself not to reach round and start rubbing it and just stood there feeling the tingling sending waves of pleasure up through my body.In the midst of my reverie, I heard the door open so without looking round I leant forward and started a lazy breaststroke towards the far end of the pool. About three-quarters of the way down, I stopped and tested the depth. I could only just reach the bottom on tip-toe. I took another couple of strokes and then started to tread water sending swirling currents up between my legs and gradually turned to face the front.A guy was standing by the side of the pool folding his towel and he put it on the bench before walking casually down to the deep end. He was around forty I guess, trim and athletic-looking; he nodded at me as he walked past.I swam the final few strokes to the end of the pool and reached up to grab the edge. Turning, I spread my arms out along the top and rested my back on the cold tiles. I glanced down to see if my erection was noticeable but under three feet of water, it was a wiggly blur. The guy did a graceful dive and started swimming lengths with a professional-looking front crawl; I just stayed still letting the water caress me.After a while I pushed off with my feet against the wall and did some lengths, sticking to breaststroke, my cock enjoying the novel sensations. On the way back on the eighth length I stopped and rolled over onto my back. I floated with my swollen cock laying across my belly. The other guy was wearing goggles and had his head under the water most of the time and paid me no attention. As I stared up at the wooden ceiling I imagined I was laying there floating with my cock was standing up fully erect and that people were swimming up to me and taking turns to play with it and suck it. I felt it twitch and began squeezing the muscles inside making it throb.With my ears underwater I didn’t hear the doors opening or see the couple that walked in. By the time I rolled over and swam down to the end of the pool, they had disappeared into the sauna. I climbed up the steps and walked around the edge of the pool to explore the steam room and sauna area. As I walked my cock was standing out, bouncing with each step. Opening the door to the steam room I was hit by a wall of heat and closed my eyes against the steamy mist.As the door closed behind me I slowly opened them and let them adjust to the atmosphere. I could make out wooden benches around the walls that rose up to a double tier on the right-hand side. As I walked over to the bench I could feel beads of sweat forming on my brow. I sat down and tried to breathe deeply – I’d never been in a steam room or sauna before and it took a while to adjust.Soon sweat was pouring from every part of my body and I had to keep wiping my face to stop it running into my eyes. I was about to get up and leave when the door opened and a man walked in. He sat on the upper level of the bench on the right, out of sight of the door placing his folded towel beside him. He looked across at me and smiled and nodded. I nodded back. He was around Tom’s age, maybe a bit younger, I couldn’t tell – then I recognised him as the man with the newspaper from earlier. He kept smiling as he opened his knees wide giving me a clear view of his enormous penis. He started to rub it slowly as he looked at me.“Do you like it?” he asked. “Tom said that you might like to play with it?”I couldn’t quite believe what he had just said. ‘Tom wanted me to play with him?’“I’m Marcus by the way. Tom and I are old friends and as you can see we share a lot of the same interests.” He slowly pulled the foreskin back over his thick shaft revealing the huge purple knob which was still swelling. He kept on working the skin up and down in a slow rhythmic movement. I looked at him, still confused.“I’m sure Tom would love to hear all about what you get up to in here,” he said by way of encouragement and beckoned me over. I stood nervously and stepped towards him. He looked down at my erection which was standing at full mast.“Mm, Tom was right, you do have a nice cock…” he reached out and took my hand placing it on his thick cock and started to move it slowly up and down. He took my other hand and cupped it around his enormous balls and then sat back with hands either side of him as I nervously started to rub him. ‘God,’ I wondered, ‘are all older men as big as this?’“Mmm, that’s nice, pull the skin all the way back, yes like that…”With each stroke, his shaft thickened and the purple knob got bigger, my fingers couldn’t reach around it but he kept moaning softly so I knew he liked what I was doing. I was sweating profusely and beads were running down my face dripping onto chest and belly and running down between my legs.Marcus was even bigger than Tom and when his cock got to full size it was ten inches. Without prompting I leaned forward and started to lick all around his huge shiny knob bringing deep moans of satisfaction from him.“Tom would love to watch this,” he said to me as I sucked it.I looked up at him my tongue sticking out and ran it around the rim of his enormous glans in answer. He smiled down at me.“You are a good boy, aren’t you?”As I started to try and get more of it into my mouth, I heard the door open. I quickly raised my head but Marcus pulled me back down and held my head in place. I almost gagged as his huge knob filled my mouth stretching it wide.As I recovered he released the pressure and moved my head slowly back and forth letting me get used to the size in my mouth.“Don’t worry Steve, it’s nice when others want to watch…”I glanced over as I continued sucking and saw a middle-aged couple sitting on the bench in the corner. The guy was closest to us and his wife (or so I assumed) was rubbing his cock bringing it to an erection. She gave me a smile and I went back to focus on Marcus. I began to massage his huge balls as I sucked and licked him and wrapped my free hand around his shaft bringing more deep moans.I heard moans from the other bench and when I looked over the woman was bent forward with her husband’s cock buried deep in her mouth. He was staring intently at me sucking and playing with Marcus’ huge tool. The woman looked up for a moment and when she saw me looking at them she raised her head.

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