Sarah’s Pool Side Group BJ Party


Amy met Nancy at NASA, where they both worked as engineers. Nancy is a very beautiful oriental woman, with a perfect figure, five feet tall, with long straight jet-black hair to the small of her back. She always dresses to show off her flawless curves. They quickly found out they had much in common, becoming fast friends. One morning, Nancy met Amy at her home for coffee, then were to go shopping.As they sat to have a cup of coffee, they chatted beginning to loosen up. Getting to better know each other both felt safe to say whatever they felt. Amy told Nancy of her and her husband John sharing cum kisses, along with him going down on her sweet pussy, after being just fucked.“We do that too! I love both,” Nancy put in.Amy went on to tell her how she and John have sucked a guy together. Plus one time she sucked John with a dildo up his ass, making him shoot an extra-large load in her mouth.“I can’t believe that he let you stick a vibrator up his ass while you sucked him. That’s so cool. Pat, my husband, loves it when I fool around with his ass. I’ve been doing it for the last several months. We both enjoy it. He even has his special vibrator. One he picked out. You’re right about how great it is to have a guy explode in your mouth while fucking his ass with a dildo,” Nancy said.“You two do that?” Amy asked.“Sure. I even got us a strap-on we use on special occasions. He adores me greasing him up, then fucking the shit out of him. You ought to see him take it. Particularly when I take out that nice, big, dildo I have. Now I want to get a double-sided one,” Nancy giggled. “You know the type, so while I’m fucking his ass, I’m getting fucked too.”“Wow! Nancy. You are making me so hot telling me all this.”“I love that you trust me, so we can talk about all this. All this talk is making my pussy moist,” Nancy told her.“Well, that sounds tasty,” Amy responded.“Think so?” Nancy said, looking surprised.“Well, to be honest, I’ve been bi since high school,” Amy confessed.“OMG! So am I! But I haven’t been with another woman since college.”“I’m a woman,” was all Amy said, smiling and flashing her sexy green eyes at Nancy.“Does that mean what I think?” Nancy queried.Amy again batted her green eyes at her, leaning in to kiss her on the lips. Nancy responded by pushing her tongue into Amy’s mouth.“Wow! Let’s go get comfier. You don’t know how much I’ve wanted to meet a friend like you. One whom I can be myself with,” Nancy whispered, standing.Amy was more than ready. They both wanted to feel each other’s hands and tongues all over them. Once in the bedroom, Nancy began removing her clothes, as Amy watched. Nancy’s full breasts bounced when her tight shirt came off. Her long black hair covered her like a shawl. As Nancy slid out of her shorts, she looked into Amy’s green eyes smiling. However, Amy had to ask Nancy something first.“I still have the guys on my mind. Help me out a minute. If these two guys love having their asses fingered, and fucked, how come they don’t want to do it with a real guy? That’s what I can’t figure out.”“Who knows about guys? They never say what they want. We have to tell them. I just assume they don’t want anyone to think they’re queer, I guess,” Nancy responded.“Too bad, we could have some great four-ways,” Amy said.“Wouldn’t it be far out to watch John and Pat get it on with each other?” Nancy asked.Amy just shrugged her shoulders as she unzipped her sundress, letting it fall to the floor. She had nothing on underneath. Nancy on seeing Amy nude for the first time gazed at her attractive shape. Amy is 5 foot 5 inches tall, with long flowing red hair down her back. There’s no doubt she is a real redhead, with her creamy alabaster skin, full of freckles. Her large full double-D breasts also with a few freckles, topped with half-dollar size, burgundy areoles, with dark pointed nipples. Amy is one hundred five pounds, with a hard athletic body, hard ass, and red-trimmed, curly pubic hair.At the same time, Amy took a long look at Nancy. She is a very beautiful petite oriental woman, five feet tall, and at most ninety-five pounds. She has perfect dark tan skin, with cute tan lines over her breasts, ass, and well-trimmed black curly-haired pussy. She has a flawless figure, with medium size breasts, dark burgundy areoles, with dark long nipples. Her long straight jet-black hair fell to the small of her back. She also has an attractive flat abdomen, with a very cute ass. Nancy wears a string French cut bikini, which gives her sexy tan lines.Taking a deep breath Amy walked over to Nancy, putting her arms around her waist, rubbing her large, firm, picture-perfect breasts on Nancy’s. Nancy gave her a deep kiss, as a hand moved to Amy’s moist red pussy, letting her fingers slide over her lower lips.“This talk is making you wet. I’d freak too seeing those guys doing it,” Nancy told her.Then she pulled Amy to her tighter, as their breasts and nipples were rubbing against each other. While kissing, their tongues probed each other hot mouths. As they did, Nancy pushed a finger into Amy’s tight, dripping vagina. Amy broke their kiss, stepping back, and leading Nancy toward the bed.“WOW! To see them sucking each other, maybe even taking it up the ass. How great would that be,” Amy told her.“I know just what you mean,” Nancy responded. “That would be so amazingly hot!”Nancy sat on the bed as Amy stood in front of her. Taking one of Amy’s hard nipples xnxx in her hot mouth, sucking on it. Her hand returned to Amy’s red, dripping pussy.“Move back,” Amy said as she climbed on the bed next to her.As she did, Amy moved so she was between Nancy’s legs. Letting their cunts rub together as they talked. Amy slowly moved her red pubic hair over Nancy’s black, making a sort of fire-and-smoke-look while their clits were stimulated.“By the way, does Pat know you’re into women on the side?” Amy asked.Nancy adjusted a little so that their clits aligned better. Holding and sucking on one of Amy’s nipples, as her dripping-wet lower lips slid over hers. After a few minutes, Nancy stopped, looking into Amy’s green eyes, to continue talking about her husband.“No. I haven’t told him. All he knows is I have done it with women before. In college.”“Has he ever asked to see you do it?” Amy asked“No, never. What about you?”“My husband knows all about me. We’re very open to each other. He’s even watched me with other women. Even joined in. He doesn’t care what I do, as long as I tell him. Same with me. We’ve shared women, men, other couples, everything,” Amy told her.“Wow! All that sounds great. Maybe we can share him some time too.”With that, Nancy took hold of Amy’s hips and worked her very wet pussy over hers. It felt marvelous. They now moved in a synchronized rhythm of humping each other’s pussy as they talked. Being stimulated by not only their humping but the talk they were having.“John will do whatever I ask,” Amy told her.As they played, both women were getting very relaxed. Then a great thought came to Amy.“Hey, why don’t we see if we can get the guys to loosen up a little? How about we get together to let them watch us get it on? We can put on a great girl-girl show. Then perhaps we can inspire them to try each other out too.”Nancy leaned into Amy, running her hands over Amy’s large, firm breast, pinching her nipples, then kissing them softly.“Don’t you think it might freak them out a little to see us eating each other’s pussy?” Nancy asked.“So? Let them get freaked,” Amy alleged with a shrug. “John knows I love to be with a girl. You know as well as I do that they’ll love it. I know at least John will. Every guy fantasizes about two hot women making love right in front of them. I know John will go crazy over you nude. I do. You have a perfect figure. Plus you have one thing I’ll never have. A perfect tan with sexy tan lines.”“And I know Pat will love seeing you nude. Especially your large tits and ass. Not to mention your red pubic hair. He’ll freak over that.”Nancy fell back on the bed to think, but Amy moved to sit on her chest, a knee on each side of her head lowering her trimmed, red furry, wet pussy onto her cute face. However, Nancy kept talking.“You’re right!” A wicked grin on her face. “I’d gamble they would love to see us making love. I know they’ll want to see us nude. It will be so wild to watch their response.”“We’ll hold that thought. You got me all hot and wet. I need to feel your tongue. Now!” Amy told her.She was too horny to think about anything else. She was dripping her sweet nectar in expectation of Nancy’s tongue attacking her pussy.“I needed to feel your hot wet tongue in me. Besides John has seen me go down on my friends Sarah and Noel before,” Amy said, as she placed her wet red pussy over Nancy’s lips.However, soon Nancy stopped licking her.“Now what?” Amy asked.“Do I get to fuck John? I’ll let you fuck Pat.”“We’ll just go with the flow. But if you want to fuck John, be my guest. Right now you have a hot, sexy, horny girl needing some tongue action,” Amy responded smiling at her.Nancy wasted no time licking her hot, wet friend. Amy grabbed hold of the headboard and began to dance on Nancy’s mouth. It didn’t take long before Amy came hard, rolling off as her climax swept through her. Amy felt warm all over as waves of orgasm flowed to every part of her body. Once Amy’s orgasm waned, Nancy wasted no time moving to sit on Amy’s face, facing her feet.Nancy sat straight up at first, moving so Amy licked her hot, tight asshole. Then she fell forward so she could lick her black-haired dripping pussy. Leaning down, Nancy rested her head on Amy’s soft red fur-covered pussy, savoring Amy’s expert tongue work. Amy placed a finger in Nancy’s tight, dripping vagina as she licked her. Moving her finger slowly in and out.Amy felt Nancy grip her ass checks hard, so she knew she was about to come. She now placed two fingers in Nancy’s tight vagina, as she licked and sucked her clit. Nancy swiftly exploded in orgasmic bliss. It erupted in her like a small volcano, then moved to a colossal eruption. It seemed like Nancy came for about five minutes, as she moaned loudly taking deep breaths. Afterward, she stayed laying on top of Amy for a while, then turned around to kiss her.“I needed that. It’s been so long since I felt a woman’s tongue on me. I love it so much! I now remember how much fun being with another woman can be.” Nancy told Amy.They fell asleep holding each other, content. After a nice nap, the women got up and took a long hot shower together. Once dressed again, they did what most women love to do, SHOP.The next day Nancy took care of everything for the four of them to meet up. She has this quality about her, she adores planning things. Nancy arranged for all of them to have dinner at their place. Nancy and bakire porno Amy prearranged it so that they would spend the night. This will be due to Amy worrying about them having too much to drink. This way they could just relax, setting the stage for the very fabulous evening they had in mind!By the time everyone finished dinner, they had drunk a couple of bottles of wine. All four were feeling very loose, cracking dirty jokes and goofing around. Nancy and Amy were wearing loose halter tops with small gym shorts, the type where half the ass peeks out the bottom. Neither of them wore bras or panties.“It’s hot in here, how about we take our clothes off?” Nancy suggested.“Sounds good to me. I’m hot too,” Amy added.Nancy and Amy stood, starting to undress. John and Pat looked at each other, seeming to like the idea a whole lot. Off came their halter tops. The guys were just sitting, watching, and enjoying the girls’ strip show. John was staring at Nancy’s perfect ‘C’ breasts, appearing full and firm, with dark maroon areoles and hard, long, dark nipples. Also, Nancy has flat abs plus a perfect ass.While John was adoring Nancy’s perfect figure, Pat was adoring Amy’s. Staring at her large double-D, creamy breasts, with light maroon areoles and hard pointed nipples. Amy could tell he liked her figure, perfect skin covered in freckles, her hard six-pack abs. Not that Nancy is fat, far from it, but Nancy is a trim, soft, woman. Not a hard athlete like Amy who does marathons and Ironman races.Amy then turned to face away from the guys as she slowly put her fingers along the waistband of her shorts, lowering them. Amy made sure to slowly bend as she lowered her shorts. Showing off her flawless hard ass. As she bent over, her sweet thin pussy lips came into view, making sure she was fully exposed. Amy also made sure to take her time getting her shorts off. Then she slowly turned to show off her well-trimmed red furry pussy. Pat particularly treasured her red pubic hair.Nancy stood next to her, watching to see how the guys reacted. Then Amy moved closer to Nancy, kissing her on the lips. Kneeling in front of her, Amy slowly pulled Nancy’s shorts down. Amy grabbed her around the waist and kissed her naval, which had a cute diamond heart ring in it. The area below her flat belly was a perfect triangle of jet-black pubic hair.Now they were both fully nude. They both were watching the guy’s reaction to them. The guys were just sitting on the couch staring. Neither said anything. Their eyes were traveling all over both women’s nude bodies, their cocks fully erect. What was stimulating John, was Nancy’s cute tan lines. For Pat, it was Amy’s red pubic hair.“Well? We’re waiting.” Nancy told them.They knew exactly what she meant. Both men stood taking off their clothes, unzipping, and pulling down their pants. Both women beheld the big bulges in the crotch of their briefs. Then the briefs came off too. Their hard cocks sprang out, poking straight out like flag poles.Amy thought Pat’s cock looked great, she couldn’t wait to taste it. Likewise to see how it felt in her now very wet pussy. Nancy felt the same about John. Both girls now knew this was a prelude to something more, hopefully, what they planned. Except the guys could hardly have guessed just what sort of an evening they had planned!“Look at you guys. Your cocks sticking straight out. I’d say looks like something was getting you two excited,” Nancy observed.“I wonder what it is?” Amy added as she kissed Nancy on the cheek.“I don’t know,” Nancy supposed, putting her arm around Amy’s waist. “Nonetheless I think I know how we can make their excitement grow even more.”“How, Nancy? They look pretty much fully grown to me.” Amy asked, perfectly aware of the answer.“Like this,” she said, reaching for Amy.The two of them began kissing, then groping each other’s tight bodies. Amy caressed Nancy’s black soft fur, while Nancy moved to suck one of Amy’s hard nipples. Soon both had fingers exploring each other’s wet, creamy pussies as they kissed. Nancy and Amy were so awesomely hot, they could raise a hard-on in a dead man! Let alone two horny, young men who were watching them, with shocked expressions. Amy could tell they were making the guys want them even more.“What you girls are doing is great, I love it. I’ve never seen two girls kiss before, let alone finger each other’s pussies,” Pat stated about their exhibition.“We’re just having fun,” Amy murmured.They continued with their erotic girl-on-girl sex show. While the two guys were staring at them attentively, slowly, stroking their hard cocks.“So this is what you two do when we’re not around! You’re a regular pair of vagetarians,” Pat presumed lightheartedly.“Well, we do enjoy each other now and then. You know, it’s a change of pace from cocks!” Amy said, reaching over to give John’s cock a squeeze.Then the girls got into a sixty-nine position, Nancy on top. They began feasting on each other’s pussies. They made sure the guys saw them savoring each other. They lapped away at each other’s pussy until they both came together, which didn’t take long, because they were so hot and keyed up from their plans. It was also their first performance in front of anyone. That just made it even hotter for them. As their first orgasm flowed through them, they floated in the bliss of climaxing. Once their breathing settled down, they disengaged, bedava porno getting on all fours.“Come on guys. Come fuck us from behind.” Amy told them.“Yeah, come fuck us. We both need a cock in us. Being side by side like this you’ll both get a great view of our asses,” Nancy edged them on.“And us being fucked.” Amy put in. John was the first to move. Getting behind Amy, he rubs his hard cock up and down her wet pussy lips. Placing a hand on each of her hips, he slowly pushes forward letting his rigid shaft go into Amy’s tight, very wet vagina. Once in, John leisurely starts moving in and out of her.Pat is watching intently as John begins to slowly fuck Amy, while he settles in behind Nancy. Like John, he moves his hard cock up and down Nancy’s lower lips, then pushes into her wet very tight vagina. As he begins to move in and out of her slick pussy, Nancy reaches back to play with her clit.John is enjoying not only Amy’s tight red pussy, but watching Pat fucking Nancy, right beside him. John was enjoying the view of Nancy’s perfect tan-lined ass as she got fucked. John gets a finger wet and slick from Amy’s pussy juice. Once done, he places the slick finger, in Amy’s tight puckered asshole, Amy lets out a soft moan of pleasure.After a very few minutes, Amy begins to climax. As her orgasm hits her, she slides forward, making John’s hard cock slide out of her. As she climaxes, Amy squeezes her long muscular legs together, tightly. John now places his knees on both sides of her thighs. Amy’s breathing is heavy as her orgasm starts to subside. John pulls her hard perfect ass checks apart to eye her sweet pussy. Lining up his rigid cock he slides into her tight vagina, while she is lying flat. Pat and Nancy watch intently, enjoying Amy’s now stretched-out form being fucked from the rear. Soon another orgasm rips through her, squeezing John’s cock. Amy is lost once again in orgasmic bliss.Nancy is still playing with her clit, while her husband Pat is slamming into her tight dripping vagina. There is a distinct slapping sound as he fucks her. Nancy starts to come, her climax flows like a river through her. As she is coming her tight vagina starts squeezing Pat’s cock. As she is still climaxing, Pat pulls out his cock, to start coming on Nancy’s open pussy and asshole. As his creamy cum shoots from him, he rubs his cock-head over her pussy lips coating her in his creamy cum.Nancy still on all fours, her pussy now coated in man cum, crawls up by Amy’s head. She moves to sit in front of her, legs spread wide. Amy raises her head and begins licking Nancy’s cum soaked pussy clean. The guys just look at one another, amazed. John is still sliding his long cock slowly in and out of Amy’s tight vagina, driving her senseless from the pleasure.Both men are amazed at how Amy went at licking Nancy’s cunt and ass clean. Very quickly Nancy started to come again from the great tongue-lashing Amy is giving her. As waves of orgasm again sweep through her, Amy starts to come too. Her pussy contracts around John’s cock and he feels his orgasm about to explode. Pulling out of her, he moves to knell by Amy’s face, as she continues licking her friend through her orgasm.Rubbing Amy’s cheek with his cock-head, she turns to take his rigid cock in her wet mouth. Almost instantly he starts shooting his hot, creamy cum in her mouth. A lot runs out falling on Nancy’s wide-open pussy, some landing on her black curly pubic hair, dripping down over her lower lips. Amy releases John’s hard cock once it stops spewing. As she once again goes to licking Nancy’s pussy clean of cum. John strokes the last of his cum on Nancy’s pussy.As Amy is devouring Nancy’s cum soaked pussy, her hand plays with herself. Once again Nancy starts to come from Amy’s skilled tongue work. As her climax starts, her moaning increases as she holds Amy’s head to her. Amy starts coming with her. Both women moan loudly while breathing deeply, as their mutual orgasms hit them.The sensation is so intense Nancy pushes Amy away. Falling on her back, she crosses her legs, to keep Amy away, as the massive climax sweeps through her. Amy’s climax is just as massive. Once released, she rolls over on her back.Once both have rested for a few minutes, Amy looks at Nancy nodding at her. Sitting up they ordered the guys to lie on the floor. They lay side by side, their hard cocks sticking straight up. The girls stand and kiss as they switch husbands. Nancy mounts John, while Amy mounts Pat.Both girls slide easily onto the guy’s long rigid cocks. Each guy is surprised, plus very glad to have the other’s wife sitting on his cock. The girls start to fuck them nice and slow cowgirl style, holding hands. Leaning over Amy and Nancy kissed, then started to ride them hard and fast. Their thick cocks filled them to the brim as they ride. The guys watched as both women’s breasts bounced as they danced on the hard cocks.Now and then Amy leaned forward to rise her hips so Pat’s cock almost comes out of her before she slammed back down on it. Amy looked over to watch Nancy riding her husband John, she was doing the same. Amy could see she was watching her too. There was something special and wild about seeing your lover fuck someone else. Especially was the case with John and Nancy because they were both her lovers!“Did you like watching me eat your wife’s pussy?” Nancy asked John. “Amy has such a sweet pussy, doesn’t she? Do you like to rim her asshole? I do, it’s just as sweet isn’t it?” Nancy kept chatting, “you know, Amy never told me how great your cock feels. It fills me up. I love riding your big hard cock. Do you like the feel of my tight, little pussy?”

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