Sapphire Eyes

~Note: This is a story I wrote years ago and for that I apologize for the lack of skill. I just felt as though I needed to post something. Enjoy or despise, I suppose. ¦~

Kya walked into the classroom after school was over, having been told to meet her English teacher, Ms. Larson, then. The room was empty so she took a seat in the chair facing Ms. Larson’s desk. As she waited for her to arrive, she ran over in her mind what she possibly could have done to cause this meeting.

The door opened and Ms. Larson entered, shutting the door behind her. She wore her usual attire, a short above-the-knee length black skirt with a light blue button-up blouse. Settling into her desk she turned her sapphire blue eyes toward Kya, and smiled. “So, Kya, do you know why I asked you to meet with me?” Kya squirmed in her seat as she stared into Ms. Larson’s beautiful eyes, her smile causing her body to feel warm and tingle everywhere.

“N-n-no, Ms. Larson, I haven’t any idea why you called me here today,” Kya muttered, feeling her powerful gaze upon her. Ms. Larson stood up and walked over to Kya, standing at her side.

“Well, there’s a rumor going around that you have a crush on me, Kya. I’ve heard it during your third hour class and among the other classes as well. Instead of asking around, I thought I’d go straight to the source and question you about it.” Kya’s heart pounded so hard she thought it would fly out of her chest.

“Uhm…well…” She felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment and heat, conflicting with her current emotions. She shifted in her chair. “To be honest, Ms. Larson, I do have a bit of a crush on you…” gorukle escort bayan she murmured, letting out the breath she’d been holding. Ms. Larson chuckled, amused my Kya’s shy reaction to her question. She moved closer to her, bending so that her face was level with Kya’s.

“Well, it seems we have to fix that situation then, don’t we, Kya? And, please, call me Hope,” she whispered, closing the space between them so that their lips met. Kya started, her heart stopping at the feeling of Hope’s lips on hers. She thought back to the many nights she fantasized about her full lips against hers, molding with hers; the feeling of her fingers traveling through her long black hair. The remembrance of those fantasies caused a pool of wetness to gather beneath Kya’s skirt. She squeezed her legs firmly together, trying to stop the feeling.

Hope pulled away, much to Kya’s disappointment, but reached down to her blouse and began to undo her buttons, Kya’s eyes widened, watching every movement of Hope’s hands. As she plucked open her blouse, Kya buried her face in Hope’s chest. She inhaled, taking in her lilac scent. As Kya’s fingers entangled themselves up in Hope’s fiery red hair, Hope wrapped her arms around and tugged her closer, pressing her hips into Kya. Kya pulled away, puzzled, as she felt something prodding at her from under Hope’s skirt. Lifting her skirt, Hope revealed a large strap-on dildo.

Kya’s eyes widened, her mouth dropping open. Once again slipping her arms around Kya, Hope ran her hands up under her blouse, undoing the clasp on her bra. She seized the tail of each side of the front of Kya’s nilüfer escort bayan blouse, and wrenched outward, tearing the buttons off of her blouse. Removing the blouse and bra, she straddled Kya’s lap, the tip of the strap-on pressing against her soaking crotch, and cupped her breasts.

Hope traced her thumbnails over Kya’s nipples, observing as they hardened even more. Kya shuddered and arched her back, grinding herself against Hope. Hope smiled at how sensitive Kya was to her touch, and bent down, taking Kya’s rosy red nipple into her mouth, lapping at it with her tongue. Allowing her fingers to travel across Kya’s soft skin, she marveled at how smooth it was, and traced delicate designs in her succulent flesh. Kya shuddered, biting her lip and pulled Hope up against her, trying to catch another kiss. Grinning, her teacher resisted, teasing her, massaging her breasts in her hands.

Kya whimpered, scraping her nails down Hope’s back, causing her teeth to grind against each other. Nipping at her neck, Hope slipped her hand beneath Kya’s skirt, thrilled to discover she wasn’t wearing any panties. Feeling the wetness dripping between her swollen lips, Kya’s lover stroked her slit softly with two long fingers, prodding at her entrance but not penetrating it.

Unable to hold back any longer, Hope plunged her fingers inside Kya, surprised at how wet she was. Kya cried out and bucked her hips up at her, burying her face into Hope’s neck. Wrapping the young girl’s legs around her waist, Hope moved her from the chair to the edge of her teacher’s desk and laid her down, removing her fingers bursa otele gelen escort bayan and lifting them to her mouth, licking them clean.

She then bent over; capturing the girl’s lips, allowing her to catch a glimpse of what her desire tasted like, then lifted her own skirt and began gliding the head of the mock-cock up and down Kya’s pussy. By then Kya was panting hard, clenching and unclenching her fists, until, finally, she was unable to take it any longer and brought Hope’s lips to hers, then whispered breathlessly, “Fuck me, Hope, please. Don’t tease me any longer. I want to feel you deep inside me, feel you quiver as you come. I’ve wanted you for so long, and now I finally have you…Just take me…”

And with that, Hope thrust her hips hard, entering Kya so fast she almost flew off the desk. Kya locked her legs around Hope as she began moving in a fast-paced rhythm deep within her depths. As she rode her, Kya unbuttoned Hope blouse, wondering why it was still on, and discarded the cloth to the floor. She gazed at her love’s breasts, marveling at their beauty and glad that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

Kya molded her lips around Hope hard nipple, suckling hard, while pinching the other with her hand. Hope moaned softly, throwing her head back and picking up the pace at which she was fucking Kya. Both girls were nearing their orgasm and just as they were about to reach their peaks, Kya slid her hand between them and rubbed Hope’s throbbing clit beneath the base of the strap-on, causing her orgasm to hit hard and fast.

As Hope’s orgasm rocked through her, she thrust her hips mightily one last time, letting Kya’s own orgasm ripple through her in waves, rocking her body. They both laid there, exhausted. As their breathing slowed Hope propped herself up on her elbow and smiled down at Kya.

“My lady…We must get you in trouble more often.” Kya grinned and the two kissed as the door to the classroom clicked shut quietly…

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