Sanford E Xavier Institute: Chapter 4


Tricia and I were back in my big green van, navigating the evening traffic downtown on our way back to campus. Our time in the park together had flown by, and we had run straight into the evening rush hour. I turned onto Broad street and eased in behind a line of cars only to come to a full stop.The heat of the afternoon was starting to fade but the inside of the van was still like a sauna. I pulled my shirt off and cranked the AC to blast, the sudden gust of chill air blowing caused Tricia’s dress to flip up in her lap. Her bare pussy reminded me I still had her itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot thong in my pocket. A shiver ran up her body and she hugged herself, pushing up her breasts; her erect nipples strained against the soft cotton of her dress.“Thanks for the AC, if it doesn’t cool this monster down soon, I’m going to have to strip off this dress,” she advised me.“You don’t need to ask permission, you know.”“I wasn’t,” she answered and smiled at me. A tiny drop of perspiration beaded on her upper lip and I kissed it away. She said,“When you just stop and kiss me like that you inspire me to expose myself to your wanton desire.””Is that Blanch Dubois in ‘Streetcar’?” I asked.“No, Tricia Xavier in the Big Green Monster!”The truck in front of me eased ahead and I pulled up into the gap, moving one car length at a time. It had now taken about five minutes to get that far. Getting back to the campus before night fall was proving to be a Herculean task.“God, I could use a cold beer right now,” I prayed.“Hell, I’d drink from a garden hose right now. Aren’t there food trucks on South Street?”“We’re still almost three blocks from South Street. And I don’t have the Chopper conversion installed on the van yet.” The question sat Escort Gölbaşı between us for about five seconds.“Can you drive the van?” I asked.“Yeah, but I’ll fly if you buy. Besides, in this heat and traffic, we may need other means of persuasion.”There was movement ahead of me and our line of cars lurched forward another fifteen feet or so. I dug out a five dollar bill and a couple of ones and handed it to her. “You haven’t eaten off a food truck lately. Seven bucks might not cover it,” she said.“It’s all I got with me,” I answered.“Okay, there’s always ‘other means of persuasion.’ You don’t happen to have a hair ribbon so I can tie back this hair?” She looked at me skeptically, as she knew I didn’t have one. I reached into my other pocket and took out her polka dot thong.“There’s this.” I handed it over.“I can make that work.” Twisting it a couple of times she pulled her hair back and bound it with her panties. It looked like a hair scrunchy all bunched up on the back of her head. She checked in the mirror and smiled. “Not bad, I have to remember that.”When she opened the door a gust of hot wind blew her dress up and her naked bottom was the last thing I saw. Then she was off down the sidewalk. After a while, the traffic started to ease up, and I could move the van down the block. About five or ten minutes later I was coming up on South Street and spotted her walking back to the van. I stopped long enough for her to jump back in, she was completely soaked and the sun dress was plastered to her body.“Well, did you find that garden hose after all?” I asked.“No, I was so hot when I got to the food truck and there was this fire hydrant open nearby spraying onto the curb and four guys in front of me. Keçiören escort So I tapped the nearest guy on the shoulder and asked him if he’d ever seen a wet t-shirt contest.”“Oh my God. So you had to do other means of persuasion.””Had to, chose to. Little of column ‘A’, little of column ‘B’. Anyway, I stepped into the spray and the clingy cotton transformed into a transparent veil over my boobs, they could see my brown pokies. Now two of them are looking, and they tap the guys in front, who just turn and stare. So I walked past them up to the window. Here you go,” she handed me a chilled bottle of Evian and my five dollar bill.“It was only two bucks for two waters?” I asked.“No, that’s what I ‘paid forward’ for the guys letting me jump the line. The girl at the window had seen my show so she gave me the water free! I mean mostly free, when I was leaving another girl from the truck stopped me by the back door and asked if she could see my pussy.”“Well, you can’t say no to that.” I shot her my ‘horny’ grin.“Obviously. Looks like the traffic is breaking up. There was a bus stalled blocking a lane and a half down the block, they were getting it towed away when I saw you drive up.”As we were only forty-five minutes stuck in the downtown rush hour, some commuters would say we were lucky. But the campus and the Frat Houses were still another twenty minutes away even on empty roads. The sun was sinking further, pale pink colors showed in the few puffy clouds in the sky. We had to hurry.“You’re going to have to change in the back of the van,” I told her.“Nuhn uh, it’s nice and cool up here.” She slipped the wet dress over her head and started fishing in her gym bag. A towel came out and she dried Kızılay escort bayan her nude body in my front seat. Again I was having a hard time concentrating on maneuvering the van through the remains of the traffic. I had to slam on the brakes when I let my eyes linger too long on her naked display.“Watch the road, driver!” she growled over at me, grinning.Finally, we had crossed downtown to the outer belt highway. I raced up the entry ramp and headed toward the campus. She pulled the transparent bikini bra from the bag and slipped into it. Her erect nipples were still plainly visible and the car in front of us rapidly slowed down. The driver had gotten a peek and wanted to see more; I almost rear-ended his car. The dude eased over to the right and waited until I got even with him, then yelled something out the window. Tricia turned and waved at him, and I sped up and passed him.The next vehicle up was a construction truck, and from his seat, the driver got a great look at naked nookie. Again aware of eyes upon her, Tricia decided then to pull a brush out of her bag and fix her hair. She leaned closer to her window pressing her boobs against the glass as she found her reflection in my side mirror. Then the Construction worker matched my speed, watching her primp. Then he slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting a bus and I was able to get away from him.We were now racing too fast for more than a fleeting glance at my honey, coming up on our exit for the campus. Still bottomless, Tricia got out her cell phone and dialed it. “Hey Lyla, are you anywhere near fraternity row?” She put the phone on speaker and held it in her lap, then went on to explain to her Dare Ring friend that she had to do a dare at a campus function and wondered if the frat party fit the guidelines.“I don’t see why not,” Lyla answered. “Which frat party are you going to? I’ll be at the ACE’s later if you want to meet.” “We’re going to the MAD house party. DJ thinks it will be less crazy,” she said. She pulled the tiny skirt out of the bag and pulled it on.

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