Sandy’s Computer Ch. 04


On the Second day of Ian’s visit, Sandy was not able to meet for lunch so they met again at 9:30 PM that evening. Ian was there waiting in Home Depot Shopping center parking lot. Sandy pulled her car up parallel to his, parked, setting her alarm, opened her door, locked her car, ready to walk to Ian’s car.

As Sandy turned toward Ian’s car, he was already out of his car reaching out his hand to escort her to passenger side of his car. She was delighted to see his face under parking lot lights. He was so handsome to her. She was so attractive to him.

Ian opened his passenger door holding it for Sandy. Sandy quickly slid in, exposing her beautiful legs. She wore a short skirt with pantyhose. As he looked at her, she turned toward him, and then he leaned over to kiss her. Moments passed with an endless kiss.

Sandy said, “Ian lets go’

Closing the door, Ian turned back to driver side, opened his door, slid in and they drove off into night together to his Room.

Grayson Manor was a quaint 1890s refurbished with modern plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. It was set high on a hill with a winding drive and side parking. Its décor was 1890s with furniture from same period. Many people who came dressed in 1890s style, perhaps as a fetish, but none the less all paying homage to this great noble Inn.

Grayson Manor was complimented in warm colors, shades of 1890 style décor, and warm low lighting.

After entering his spacious room, removing their jackets, they faced each other. With eyes locked, he slowly walked to her. “Sandy, do you know how beautiful you are?” he said.

Looking into his handsome face she smiled simply saying, “Thank you.”

He embraced her and putting his forefinger under her chin, gently tilted her lips to his and kissed her like she had never been kissed before, with deep love. His kisses were passionate. She couldn’t get enough of his lips making love to hers.

Slowly without moving his lips from hers, he walked her backward to their bed. Gently sitting her down lying in each other’s arms, their lips were not parting. She loved feeling of his body next to hers. Warm gentle passion took over both of their wills.

Fully clothed and still kissing her, he placed his hand between her legs, cupping her vagina, giving Sandy comfort. She could feel heat rising, naturally parting her legs wide for his access.

His erotic breathing became shallow, his pulse rapid, and his face flushed. His hand moved to her pullover top and lifting it over her head, carefully removed it. She felt Ian’s hand on her bare back, then with one smooth movement, unfastened her ivory satin bra and freeing her warm breasts from their restraints.

He gazed at them, touching them softly, as if they would break. “Your breasts are lovely,” he said. “Perfect, Just perfect.”

Lowering his head and ever so softly, he kissed each nipple, before licking them then gently sucking, first one nipple then the other in a cyclic rhythm.

She drew in her breath as his lips touched her sensitive nipples. He began to latch then suck taking gentle nibbles, at first one breast, then her other. Exquisite sensations shot down from her sensitive breasts to her more sensitive vagina

Sandy felt herself becoming wet, very wet. She reached for Ian’s Urfa Escort penis, but he pulled away before she touched him.

He stood at side of their queen sized bed taking rest of her clothes off. First shoes, short skirt, nylon panty hose, finally her white ivory satin panties.

She lay before him exposed naked, her legs spread wide. He looked at her feminine curvaceous body, looking into her eyes. Sandy was looking back at him. He began to remove his clothes, his shoes, socks; his hands went to his belt buckle.

“Wait,” Sandy said. “Let me.”

Standing up and walking toward him, she took his hands off of his belt unbuckling loosing it. She unbuttoned his pants, unzipped his fly, pulled his shirt out of his jeans, and unbuttoned his shirt, removing it from his shoulders and arms, letting it drop to floor below.

She kissed his broad chest while her hands roamed his muscular arms.

“Do you like this?” Sandy asked.

“Are you kidding?” Ian answered

Sandy continued to respond; “Mmmmmm, I do too.”

Her lips kissed his stomach then lower down to top of his pants; He stood ridged with his hands on her shoulders. His eyes remained closed. He felt her pull his pants and black satin thong down his legs to the floor, where he stepped out of them kicking them aside.

They stood before one another, each naked, enjoying sight of each other.

She looked at his penis and smiled. He was hard, long, and thick. Still looking at his penis smiling knowingly, Sandy said, “Tell me what you want me to do.”

Ian responded; “I want you to touch my penis. Take it in your hand, squeeze slowly, and then milk me”

Moving toward him, she took it firmly into her soft hand, and then looking up at him Sandy said, “Like this?”

Ian felt her hand upon him stroking slowly then responded with; “Oh yeah, Just like that.”

Ian stood tall, closed his eyes, tilted his head back and groaned. In the next moment, he felt her other hand cupping his balls. Ian gasped at her touch.

She loved his reaction. His penis was hard. She licked his penis head stuck her tongue on his tip to taste his precum, before wrapping her lips around him slowing sucking him.

His legs grew weak. What she was doing was driving him insane.

“Stop,” Ian said, as he grabbed a handful of her hair, lifting her head and her mouth off of him.

Ian continued; “I don’t know if I can control myself if you keep that up.”

He led her back to the bed; they lay together skin to skin, with no air between, in passionate embraces. When he covered her breasts with his hands she whimpered, when he lowered his head to latch then suckle, she whimpered. His mouth drawing her nipples, sent rivers of sensation coursing through her. Sandy was in heaven.

She ran her hands over his back and arms, feeling his rippling muscles. Ian felt her wet with desire.

Sandy opened herself like a flower facing the morning sun, and into him spreading her legs. Ian placed his hand over her vagina, dipping his fingers into her depths, opening up a private protected place that for so long had been neglected.

She was deeply enjoyed sensations Ian was giving her. He needed her responsiveness as an act of affirmation.

He finger fucked her, first with one finger, Urfa Escort Bayan then two fingers, at same time nibbling her nipples. Her hips were moving up and down. Removing his fingers and finding her hard little nub, caressing and massaging it, then he moved to her ‘G’ Spot.

Her hands that had been lying across her stomach suddenly fell to either side and grabbed a handful of bed clothes in her fists. “

Oh! Oh!” she moaned. “Oh yes.”

Ian instructed her; “Spread your legs wide. Pull your knees up and drop them to the side. I’m going to drink from you now.” Sandy complied.

He gazed at her smoothly shaved pussy. So pretty he thought, so pretty.

Putting his hands under her hips, he pulled her to bed edge kneeling on floor before her. Ian lifted her legs over his shoulders.

Lowering his head he opened her vaginal lips. Ian licked her vaginal slit from bottom to top and back down several times repeatedly, before flicking her clit with his tongue back then forth. Ian was relentless, with precision, he manipulated her hard and sensitive clit with his tongue, first tight circles, growing smaller and smaller, until finally his teeth gently held her clit, slowly teasing it. Sandy felt her clit harden, and rise above her hood.

Ian watched her clit enlarge, protruding from her hood protection, glistening with moistness. He sucked each droplet.

She couldn’t lay still. Her mind and body had entered another world. Her hips were moving up and down on their own accord. Just when she thought she couldn’t stand it a second longer, he took her clit into his mouth and sucked it. Sucked it so hard she thought he would suck it clear off of her body.

He could hardly hold on to her clit, she was bucking so hard. Ian felt Sandy’s hands holding his head he knew it wouldn’t be long. She held his head pressing it hard into her vagina.

She began to feel that wonderful sensation just before waves of her explosion. A feeling of being suspended in an ever rising state of glorious sensation waves beginning at her toes, rising upward then settling in her vagina. Sandy had orgasmic sensations so intense that they are almost painful.

Sandy reached a point of no return; she catapulted over an edge of intense feeling. Still holding his head firmly into her vagina, she exploded, releasing herself into an out of body experience. Wave after wave shook her body as she cried out loudly with wonder of it. Sandy ejaculated into his mouth her wetness, which he drank. Gradually she subsided into an almost peaceful and restful state of calm.

He lay down next to her and held her close so gently, so tenderly, as she enjoyed every delicious spasm which continued deep within her.

When she came down from her climax, he told her that he had never been with a woman who cried that loud when she climaxed. At first it had frightened him at first, thinking he had hurt her. She assured him that he had not hurt her, that he had made her feel so good she couldn’t contain her pleasure. He told her that he loved Sandy’s responsiveness.

She held his penis in her hand while they talked; she saw evidence of Ian’s excitement. As he lay on his back, she lowered her head to place a kiss on the head of his penis, and then dipped her tongue into his tip Escort Urfa tasting him.

He grew harder as she licked his penis, and slowly began to draw circles around the head with her moist tongue, kissing and making love to it with her mouth. She was learning to lap him with her tongue, while massaging his balls with her fingers.

He groaned and began to thrust his hips while she sucked his cock gently wrapping her lips around him, drawing from root to tip. He sucked in his breath as she gave him same careful attention to his tightening scrotum, licking and sucking each ball gently. Going back to his penis, she began sucking in earnest, fast, slow, then harder and faster.

Suddenly and urgently, he laid her on her back entering her wet vagina as she guided him inside her. His thick penis was so big it pushed against her cervix. Each thrust of his hips, his hard body against her softness felt wonderful. She felt responsive and like a woman again.

They moved in unison, moving in cyclic rhythm, feeling every sensation of skin against skin, with no air between; they were fucking, gloriously fucking. Ohhh fucking is so good. Their room filled with sounds of flesh upon flesh, quick and shallow, breathing, hearts pounding, lifted them to newer heights.

She’s so tight, he thought, so tight. He felt his balls tighten up and as began slapping against her vagina. Fucking each other, Ian felt his orgasm building, his balls tightened.

Then Ian said loudly; “Sandy, I’m cumming, cumming.”

She felt warm semen shooting flooding inside her, as inner muscles involuntarily squeezed his penis.

Ian orgasmed, Sandy orgasmed, her vagina sucking him dry. Both briefly left this worldly place, this room, entering a far, far away place, each having an out of body experience. Then both began to subside, coming back into reality. He collapsed aside her and they lay together, gasping for breath, coming down from paradise.

When they recovered, after talking, she turned on her side with her back to him, and placed his arms around herself. They were coupled, spooning in union as one.

She loved the feeling of his body nestled against hers, so warm and comforting. He rubbed her curves and buttocks while she stretched like kitten. Suddenly his hand probed her depths, and surprising her, he entered her again from behind.

He filled her. Sandy was instantly moving with him. She gave him better access by kneeling while he thrust deeply inside of her.

Over come with desire, Sandy cried out to him. “Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He did. They climaxed almost together. Both lay in each other’s arms once again.

Much to the surprise of both, they made love one more time before they had to leave. They were good together. They were in union together as one.

After dressing, she went into his arms. Both kissed passionately. Heat began to rise again. Reluctantly, he held her at arm’s length.

Sandy whispered, “I don’t want to go, but I have to.”

“I know,” Ian said, “you have to go.”

One last embrace and they separated, each flushed with renewed desire.

They left their room at Grayson Manor saying their good-byes with a kiss, a hug, and a smile.

Sandy returned home finding an email message from him, telling her how much he had enjoyed their love, how wonderful she was, and how he had forgotten what it was like to be with a loving woman.

Ian told Sandy how much he looked forward to chatting with her, and continuing on. She was so happy to read of his enjoying her pleasure then she smiled

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