Sam’s Sexual Awakening Part 5


Life is funny. Just when you think your ship is sinking and it is hopeless, a lifeline appears. My inept attempt to have sex with my teenage neighbor, Sharon, had resulted in a humiliating and dangerous premature ejaculation–dangerous because of the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. And even though we dodged that bullet, I was too embarrassed by my performance to ask Sharon out again.Of course, that was MY problem. Sharon probably felt that I had dumped her because we’d had sex–if you want to call it that–and the mystery was now gone from our relationship. She likely thought I felt she was now “used goods.” I’d considered that might be going through her head, but I also couldn’t get over the thought that she might be telling anyone who would listen what a lousy lover I was; someone who could only last for sixty seconds. In short, a laughingstock, albeit with a huge dick. Regardless, I was too embarrassed to talk to her and find out her true feelings.But now, after my visit with middle-aged Mrs. Collins, I was on cloud nine. I had performed well by all measures that I could think of (including the size of my cock…she measured it with a tailor’s tape to be ten inches long and a whopping eight inches in circumference when hard). At least it seemed that way once we started seeing each other regularly thanks to my “job,” and it felt like this might be a regular thing. It looked to be a great summer: I had employment–sort of–and a guilt-free fuck partner who was not only gorgeous but also experienced and old enough that commitment was not even a consideration. This would be like sport fucking–or so I reasoned. I figured that I’d go off to college in the fall and return during holidays to resume where we left off. Keep in mind, however, this was the conclusion of an eighteen-year-old senior in high school whose idea of planning for the future was scraping enough change to buy five gallons of gas. As previously mentioned, my brain stem was lodged in my verifiably large cock.But to paraphrase Bobby Burns, the best-laid plans can easily go to shit.My mother, despite her eternally positive demeanor, was not doing well. My good luck with Mrs. Collins was tempered by the fact that it would be a depressing summer with hospitalizations and eventually hospice for Mom. At that point, we all prepared for the inevitable. Mom seemed to handle it better than either Dad or me. She had carefully made all the necessary arrangements and seemed at Ankara bayan escort peace with her situation.”No one gets to leave this earth alive,” she reminded me. Her religious convictions provided a sort of haven as well. She knew she was only going to a better place. I was not as convinced, but I held my tongue for a change and did my best to support her convictions despite my skepticism.And earlier than expected, that summer she passed–peacefully, thanks to hospice and strong meds. We suffered through all the stages of grief and threw away tons of food, mostly nameless casseroles and a multitude of cheese trays that were continually donated by friends and neighbors. By late July we had resumed a normal life again.My affair with Linda Collins continued, but with diminishing fanfare. Our family situation dampened things to the point where we occasionally had wild sex and let it all out, but for the first half of the summer much of my leisure time at her house was more like a counseling session. Linda was very sweet and let me bare my soul to her (and occasionally other things) while she listened and provided a shoulder to lean on. She became almost a mother to me, which seemed a bit incestuous in retrospect.Sharon, my college-aged neighbor who was the first to know me in the Biblical sense, offered condolences as well, and we eventually did have what amounted to sympathy sex. She invited me over to her house when her parents were away on a trip, and we ended up in a tangle on their king-sized bed. As it turned out, I had misinterpreted her reaction to our misadventure in the front seat of my car.We were in her living room on the couch, watching tv and drinking some of her parents’ wine, snuggling and doing lots of hugging. I let the sympathy card play out until I finally had to stop her.”Look, Sharon. I truly appreciate your concerns, but I’m ok. I don’t mean to be ungrateful, and I am happy that you invited me over, but let’s talk about anything other than how I’m dealing with all these emotional issues. I do think about them, but I need a break from all this. No disrespect to my mother whose memory I cherish. OK?””Oh, Sammy. I’m so sorry.” She looked at me with those teary doe eyes, waiting for what came next.And with that, we were locked in an embrace, passionately kissing and groping. Her tongue explored my mouth, and we were like two snakes in heat. In no time I had Sharon’s sweater completely Escort bayan Ankara off, her bra on the floor and her slacks unzipped. Sharon held up her end by unzipping my fly, and after a considerable struggle, released my cock from the prison of my pants and began stroking it to a sizable erection.”God, Sammy, I think it’s even bigger than the last time I saw it,” she gasped as my thick penis continued to grow in her small hand. “I’ve been thinking about your cock ever since that night, but I couldn’t tell myself it was as big as I thought it was. Here’s the proof. Please tell me you have a condom this time.”With a Cheshire grin, I looked up from nibbling on a pink puffy nipple, fumbled in my front pants pocket, and pulled out a sealed package containing a prophylactic. “Trojan Magnum at your service, ma’am. I’ll even let you put it on me.” I had purchased a dozen for Mrs. Collins, but she was on the pill and preferred sex without any artificial obstacles. I had used a condom once with her, and we both agreed sex was better without it. But I knew better than to suggest that with Sharon.”Wait, I want to try something before you put on that raincoat.” Sharon eyed me mischievously. “I want to see if I can fit you in my mouth.” And never taking her eyes off me, she lowered her head and stretched her lips to fit over the head of my cock.My suspicions seemed to be confirmed. Sharon’s fellatio was incredible, possibly even better than Mrs. Collins, although that would be a coin toss. After a few minutes of licking, kissing, and swallowing as much of me as she could muster, she looked up, gasping for air and breathing hard.”Just don’t cum in my mouth. If you are going to cum, tell me! I’m a little weird about swallowing cum.””I promise.”I realized that after my first round with Sharon in the front seat of my car, my promises could be construed as empty. Encouraged by my confident oath to restrain my sperm, she hesitantly licked the underside of my glans and put the head back in her mouth, eyeing me warily before returning to full concentration on the task at hand. My stamina had improved appreciably with Mrs. Collins, and I was pretty sure I could hold off for some time with Sharon. But then when she resumed her deliberations, I began to have my doubts. She licked and kissed my shaft like a pro, alternately sucking just the head and then forcing more of it until she gagged. Her fingers, unable Bayan escort Ankara to surround the shaft, worked like a slow-moving piston in concert with her mouth. After a few minutes of lovemaking with my cock, she looked up and struggled for air. “Let’s get on my parents’ bed. This isn’t all that comfortable.”Indeed, she was hunched over at an awkward angle of attack as I fondled her perky breasts and rubbed her pussy through her panties while she made love to my prick. She stood and stepped out of her slacks, naked except for a pair of thong panties. “C’mon, Sam. Follow me.”And I did, her perfect cones jiggling and her sweet ass swaying with each step.The bedroom was an old folks’ idea of comfort. Family photos adorned the dressers, and the bed was covered with shams and frumpy, decorative pillows. Sharon swept them to the floor with a couple of swift arm motions and directed me to the middle. My pants, boxers, socks, and shirt found the floor. I jumped into the center and rolled onto my back, my cock stiff and leaning slightly like a famous Italian tower, still glistening from Sharon’s fellatio.”Should I remove my panties? I’ll be naked and embarrassed. Don’t look.”All fake modesty aside, Sharon had the body of a nineteen-year-old goddess. Her firm torpedo-shaped tits sat like twin peaks on her chest, the large pink nipples swollen and puffy. Years of gymnastics training had toned her to the point where her ass was as round and hard as an apple. Placing her thumbs on each side of her waistline, she swayed her ass and slid her panties slowly down in a mock strip tease, turning away and showing me her perfect derriere as she looked over her shoulder, smiling. When she bent over to slip the panties off, she revealed pussy lips with just a smattering of downy pubic hair. She turned around and I could see that she was untrimmed–no shaved pudendum for her. She bore a tiny V of ginger-colored pubic hair. My memory of her pussy in the darkened front seat of my car had faded, but in the full light of her parents’ bedroom, I realized it was a thing of beauty. Her labia were not as large as Mrs. Collins, but her clitoris was huge.She jumped on the bed and kissed me. Then she reached down and stroked my cock to ensure it was still at full mast.”I think you’ve been practicing, Sam. I gave you my best blowjob and you are still standing, so to speak. A lesser man would have shot his wad by now.” As she spoke, she kissed and licked just the glans, and even inserted the tip of her tongue into my piss hole. I was only slightly disappointed by her revelations about the quality of her fellatio. Sharon was proud of her skills.”I promise I’ll do better than the last time. I’m still embarrassed about it.” Her faith in my stamina to this point encouraged me.

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