Sammy Gets It Pt. 01

Alpha Son

‘Fuck YES, cocksucker. Work that fucking mouth on my big dick . . . fucking gag on it you little bitch.’

The words rang out through the relative silence of the locker room – silent other than the slurping, gulping noises Sam Callister made as his pouty, teenage lips slid hungrily up and down eight thick inches of rock-hard teen meat.

Luke Brady, eighteen-year-old athlete, walking wet dream and undisputed king of City Academy, had his big hands wrapped in Sam’s curly blond hair, driving the smaller guy up and down his cock with purpose. He grinned, looking down at the sight of his fat, dripping cock – the cock that 90% of all girls ran away from – sliding in and out of Sammy’s willing mouth, lips distended into a stupid grin as Luke’s heavy teen balls churned their load, bouncing off Sammy’s spit-soaked, precum-sticky chin.

Sam looked up, past Luke’s rippling six pack and heaving pecs, to the cocky grin and twinkling eyes above. He couldn’t believe his luck.


Sammy Callister was a hottie.

Eighteen years old, he already had a hot little body, honed over years of being a water baby; Sam was in and out of the pool every chance he got. The years of swimming had turned him into a lean little twink, every part of his body trim and toned. The only part of his body he could never seem to slim down was his bubble butt; a bouncy little treat, two fat globes that caught more than a few passing glances. His round little butt made wearing his swimming trunks an adventure – as well as seven inches of teen meat ready to burst out at any minute, Sam also had to contend with his butt’s constant escape attempts.

Topped off with shaggy, lightly curly blond hair, big blue eyes and a pair of pouty, kissable lips, it should come as little surprise that Sam Callister was the subject of many girl’s diary entries – girls who were barking up entirely the wrong tree.

Sam’s brother, Jack – now he was the right tree. He was legendary throughout the school despite having left four years ago; he’d spent his last two years tearing through pussy like he was on a mission. With the same features Sam would grow into, plus a few extra pounds of stacked, worked muscle and an oversized cock, Jack had fucked everything he’d ever set his mind on; rumour had it that the three youngest female teachers on the staff, all of whom had left quietly with no warning, had each been on the receiving end of his teen cock. Jack would never say, but the grin on his face told a thousand stories.

Now 21, Jack had fucked his way through university in exactly the same way, gathering a group of similarly hungry, big-dicked friends around himself; they’d made it their mission to wreck as much pussy as possible and they were devoted to the cause.

Jack and Sam’s living arrangements had helped; their parents had both moved abroad for work shortly after Jack’s graduation. Not wanting to disrupt Sam’s education; they’d made Jack an offer: the house was his rent-free, on the condition that he looked after Sam in their absence. Jack had jumped at the chance; Sam’s natural independence made him a low-maintenance ward and what university student would turn down free lodging?

So the two of them had spent the past few years together; suadiye escort Jack surprised himself with how responsible he felt for his little brother and did his best to be around when he was needed, in addition to his university studies and, obviously, ploughing his way through City University’s female population. He’d taken to fucking away from home. It felt weird slam-fucking a girl into the wall he shared with his little brother.

For Sam, growing up like this was both the best and worst thing possible. On the plus side, Jack was much more lenient than their parents, and the two brothers genuinely got on; on the downside, Jack was a hung, perpetually horny muscle stud with a group of friends who were just as hung and horny as he was. For Sam, growing up gay, being constantly surrounded by so much horny masculinity was hard to bear.

He’d experimented, sure – Grindr had helped him to meet some likeminded people and he’d had more than a few opportunities to suck on a stranger’s cock in their car or -deliciously risky – in the house while Jack was out. He knew what he was doing with his mouth, for sure. But Grindr just couldn’t get him quite enough of what he needed.

Occasional, furtive meets weren’t enough. He needed something more regular.

If he was braver, maybe he would have started flaunting himself more. But Sam was a little shy, and he knew what could happen if you approached the wrong guy the wrong way. So he just carried on, frustrated every second of the day, no longer even being able to resort to shoving two fingers in his hole as Jack pounded some stupid girl into submission on the other side of the wall.

So when Sammy found himself in the school locker room at the end of the day, with Luke Brady – dressed just in a towel, ready for the shower – grinning over at him, he didn’t quite know what to do.

‘Alright, Sammy?’ Luke carried on grinning as he sauntered over, leaning against the lockernext to Sam, towel tantalisingly close to sliding off those perfect hips.

‘Alright Luke,’ Sam mumbled, feeling vulnerable in just his boxer shorts, fumbling through his locker for something to wear, trying to ignore the big, shit-eating grin on Luke’s handsome face.

‘Have a nice time at Bridley Copse last night?’

Sam froze and went pale, all at once. Bridley Copse was notorious; a small, wooded area not far from the Academy, it was common knowledge who went there, and what they went there for.

‘I missed the turn for home,’ Luke offered by way of explanation, ‘and ended up down Bridley Lane. I was turning around to come back when I looked over and guess who I saw hurrying for home?’ His grin, if possible, got wider, and he reached out and ruffled Sammy’s hair. ‘Get some nice dick?’

Sam flinched – he had, in fact; a guy he’d never seen before. He’d only arrived in the copse a few minutes earlier when this man (somewhere in his 20s, with a gym fit body and a shirt that showed it) stepped out from a nearby tree. ‘Good boy’ was all he’d said, then his hand had been on Sammy’s head and the teenager had found himself gagging on a thick, dripping cock. The stranger had cum all over his face; he’d been hurrying for home in case he hadn’t managed to wipe it all away.

‘Sam yakacık escort mate, don’t panic,’ Luke said with a laugh. ‘I’m not bothered, it’s the 21st century, knock yourself out.’

‘I don’t – I haven’t told anyone -‘

‘Nah, probably ain’t had time with all that dick in your mouth,’ Luke chuckled. ‘Speaking of which . . . ‘ he sauntered to the far side of the locker room, to the bench that sat flush to the wall, and sat down, leaning against the wall, his ripped, athletic body rippling as he did. ‘I was thinking’ – he took hold of his towel – ‘what good is a cocksucker’ – he slid the towel slowly, slowly down – ‘if they ain’t sucking cock?’

The towel fell away; Sam’s mouth fell open as eight thick, dripping inches of rock-hard teen flesh sprang out from underneath. Meaty, sticky and with big, cum-filled balls hanging below, Luke’s throbbing teen cock was the tastiest thing Sam thought he’d ever seen. ‘I -um -‘

‘Yeah yeah it’s fucking awesome, I know, you don’t need to chat about it just get the fuck on it,’ sighed Luke, beckoning Sammy like a misbehaving child. As the smaller guy slid to his knees, Luke’s lips curled back in a grin. ‘There you go. Stick that tongue out.’

Sammy looked up at the stud with slightly glazed-over eyes, opening his mouth wide and sticking out his tongue. Luke’s eyes widened in delight and he slapped his fat, heavy shaft forward three, four times, slapping the big dick across the bottom boy’s tongue. Precum splashed across Sammy’s face, sticky globs settling in his hair and on his face.

‘Oh fuck yeah,’ hissed Luke. ‘Wrap those lips round my cock and suck me, bitch.’

Sam responded immediately, his pouty lips stretching over Luke’s fat cock as he slurped down half the shaft, his tongue massaging the meat as it slid past his lips. As his hands came to rest on Luke’s muscled thighs, Luke’s hands wrapped into his hair, pushing down insistently.

Sammy’s throat made a gurgling, gagging pop noise and Luke’s dick slid in deep, stretching out the teenager’s throat as he did so. His balls came to rest on Sam’s chin and Luke’s eyes fluttered closed as he muttered, ‘Fuck Yes.’

Luke thought back to every failed blowjob he’d ever had, every girl who’d coughed or gagged, every girl who’d backed away, every girl who’d left without even trying, and then looked down at the eighteen-year-old boy on his knees, balls against his chin, lips stretched obscenely wide, big blue eyes looking up at Luke in submission. Fucking perfect.

He took a firmer hold of Sammy’s head and bounced the kid up and down a bit, fucking his throat, grunting with pleasure every time Sammy made that gurgling pop-squish noise as Luke broke into his throat.

‘Fuck YES, cocksucker. Work that fucking mouth on my big dick . . . fucking gag on it you little bitch.’

Sam looked up at Luke. He could feel a mixture of spit and precum dripping off his chin; felt the hot mix as it dripped onto his chest. He didn’t care. He was delirious; thick, hot cock buried in his throat, those warm, heavy balls bouncing off his chin. His lips felt stretched and distended, the thick flesh of Luke’s cock widening them out; his throat was so full, his neck ballooning with every thrust, precum occasionally hosing şerifali escort him down from the inside.

Luke’s hands on his head felt so right. The words felt so right. Cocksucker, bitch . . . Sammy had always loved sucking cock, but this was something different. He loved being on his knees, hands in his hair, a hot, muscled stud above him, holding him in place and using him to get off. He’d never been happier.

Luke started to pick up the pace. Rising into standing position, he kept his grip on Sam’s head but this time just held him in place. His hips took over the work, driving his fat, dripping cock deep into the willing hole in front of him. Sam gurgled around the huge piece of meat, his face getting in more and more of a mess; his body shook with each thrust but he didn’t resist it; Luke needed to get off and Sam was happy to be the hole he used.

As Luke kicked it up a gear, driving his cock into Sam’s willing mouth with maximum force, a voice echoed into the locker room.

‘Oi, Sammy! Car’s outside, let’s fucking go!’

Sam froze. Jack was picking him up today. How did he know where he was?

In panic, Sam pushed against Luke’s legs, trying to extricate himself from the situation, but the bigger, stronger lad just gripped his head harder.

‘No no no, little faggot – I’m so fucking close, you don’t get to leave me hanging. Take – my – fucking – cock.’ Punctuating each word with a brutal thrust, slamming into Sammy’s throat so hard that his eyes fluttered and his hands fell away.

‘Did you say something, Sam – what the fuck??’

Dazed, glazed and with a throat full of cock, Sam was able to look over to the other side of the locker room – where Jack was standing, looking perfect as usual, mouth open in shock as he was treated to a full view of his little brother being used as a Fleshlight.

‘Two seconds mate – I’m just about done,’ said Luke nonchalantly, as though he was using a tool Jack needed rather than face-fucking his little brother’s brains out. ‘Yep – just – about -fuck – fuck – FUCKING TAKE MY LOAD, YOU COCKSUCKING LITTLE SLUT!!’ He grabbed Sam’s head, slam-fucking the teen’s face, and then roaring in pleasure as he held Sammy still, his cock balls deep in that stretched-out throat, blasting jet after jet of thick, sticky teen cum into the little slut’s throat.

Jack watched, frozen to the spot, as the young stud emptied his balls into Sammy, using his little brother’s hole in exactly the same way Jack was accustomed to doing with the women of City University. Sam, for his part, was gurgling and gulping the load down like he was hungry for it; Jack watched as Luke slowly withdrew his big dick from Sam’s swollen lips, the smaller guy slurping enthusiastically along the length, cleaning that cock exactly like a good little slut should.

Luke slapped the kid in the face with his sticky, semi-hard cock, and looked over at Jack with a grin. ‘All yours, mate.’ With a cheerful whistle, he stepped over Sammy, grabbed his towel and sauntered off towards the shower without a second glance at the cum-glazed, panting teen in a heap on the floor.

‘J-Jack . . .’ gurgled Sam, cum bubbling out of his mouth as he spoke. ‘I -‘

‘Just . . . just wipe your face,’ Jack muttered. ‘I’ll wait in the car.’


I live and breathe for feedback guys – drop me a line and let me know what you liked! I’ve got a few chapters planned out, but let me know what you want to happen to Sammy next 😉


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