Samantha’s Self Pleasure Ch. 02


Just in case you missed the first of my ‘Self Pleasure’ stories, here is a short description of myself. My name is Samantha or Sam, and here is a short, but pleasurable story about how I enjoy myself when I’m all alone…… I’m a larger, shall we say ‘chubby girl’, but not too fat and definitely not skinny! I’m an Aussie girl and have a curvy figure, large breasts, chubby tummy, wide hips, and a nice big butt!! I am a brunette with green eyes and a wicked smile, mainly due to my pouty lips.

This story is the second in a series of self-pleasure stories that I plan to write. I thank you all for the great feedback and again, when the next story is written, will depend on your feedback, so please be nice , if you want more stories…. This story is how I pleasure myself when I am alone and watching a porn dvd…..enjoy!!


I have a nice cosy set up. A large 80 cm TV, surround sound, hooked up through my stereo for that ‘special’ sound. I have a large black leather couch that I lay on whilst watching my special porn movies (its so easy to wipe down and clean once I’ve finished; if you know what I mean!!)

I close the curtains, and switch off the light. I pop my newest DVD into the player and ease myself onto the big couch. As I wait for it to load, I begin to undress. I start at the top, unbuttoning my shirt and slipping it off my shoulders. I then reach around and unhook my bra, releasing my big creamy white boobs. I cup them with both hands, pushing them up and at the same time pinching my nipples, twisting them lightly between my fingers, watching them instantly harden. I continue my journey, sliding my hands further down, past my chubby tummy, stopping briefly to play with my belly ring, then going further. I hook my thumbs on either side of my skirt, then lift my big ass off the couch and slide my skirt down. I spread my legs, looking down to see a small dark, wet patch escort şişli on my panties. All this and I haven’t even touched my pussy or even started watching the movie! Oh god this is going to be good!

The menu suddenly appears on the screen, so I go straight to ‘play movie’. The movie begins with the credits rolling as some ‘sexy’ porn music fills my ears. I can’t help but give a cheeky smile to myself in anticipation of what I know is going to be a great night! I run my hand down my big sexy body, stopping at all the right places. I first come to my big fat tits, squeezing them in both my hands, pinching my nipples, letting them harden, then lifting them to my mouth. I poke my tongue out, licking and sucking my hard nipples into my mouth. They are like little pebbles, as hard as ever and oh so sensitive. I close my eyes imagining they are another women’s nipples or even a hard, tender clit. A wicked shudder passes through my body, causing my juices to flow from my cunt, soaking my panties even more. I release my breasts, letting them fall free, as I continue down towards my most sensitive and private spot. I catch my fingers in the waistband of my panties, lift my big ass off the couch and pull them down, removing them completely. I am now completely naked.

I put my feet up on the coffee table, spreading my legs wide. I look down: what a sight! My pussy is soaking wet already. My pubic hair is wet and stuck flat to my cunt, causing my fat cunt lips to poke out even more. I reach down with my right hand, running my fingers from the asshole up through my sticky cunt hole and over my hard clit. I moan out loud, and whilst my mouth is open, I lift my sticky cum covered fingers to my mouth, licking them and tasting my own love juice. Mmmmm.

Somehow, my pussy is getting wetter, juices running down my crack and over my asshole. I look up at the almost forgotten movie, taksim escort bayan as a nice big-tited blonde bends over a park bench and takes a nice, thick cock up her cunt. She is moaning like a slut in heat, begging for it harder and faster. Just then another women enters the screen, lying down on the bench, legs spread just in reach of the blonde sluts mouth. She immediately bends down and eagerly dives into the blonde’s cunt, eating her pussy like I’ve never seen before.

Wishing I was the sexy blonde, I close my eyes and image myself getting pounded by a big hard cock and tasting a sexy, juicy pussy. I drive two fingers deep into my sticky box, causing a moan to escape my lips.

I have always loved a bit of variation in my sex life, even whilst masturbating, so I get on my hands and knees, put my head down and stick my big ass high in the air. I spread my legs a little and reach in-between them for my pleasure box. My cunt lips are big and puffy from my earlier fingering and my clit is poking out from between them, just begging for attention. The hard little nub is so sensitive, I lightly run my fingers over it and my entire body shudders. Oh god, I’m so horny!

I focus again, rubbing my pussy, spreading my juices from one hole to the other. They both beg to be filled; to be pleasured and I need it now! I put extra pressure on my fingers as they pass both holes, teasing myself more and more, as my fingers ease shallowly into my pussy and asshole as they pass. I can feel my orgasm building, oh god I need this.

Hearing a loud scream, I open my eyes suddenly, looking up at the screen just as the blonde thrashes around, screaming as she cums on the guys big cock. The guy pounds into her cunt hard and fast now, moaning and calling for the blonde slut to take his load on her face. She pulls her wet cunt from his hard pole, quickly turning around escort beşiktaş and swallowing his cock. The other woman joins her as he blows his load all over their faces sexy.

I sit back up on the couch, placing my legs wide apart on the coffee table again. I can’t take much more; my fingers are furiously slamming in and out of my cunt, as I rub my hard clit with my other hand. The movie is now forgotten; this is all about my pleasure, my orgasm! I focus on my fat clit, mashing it round and round, up and down as hard as possible. Looking down past my big fat tits, all I can see is my hand moving all over my clit so fast it’s a blur. I rest my head back on the couch, close my eyes and enjoy the final moments before my orgasm. I am now moaning loudly and constantly now. I have never been one to hold back, especially when the build up has been so long and pleasurable.

‘Oh fuck, oh fuck!’ I moan out loud ‘Oh yes, rub it harder you slutty bitch!’ I encourage myself. I pinch my hard nipples with my left hand as my clit is getting the workout of a lifetime by my right. ‘Cum you slut, cum all over my hand you dirty whore! Ahhhhhhhhh’ my whole body suddenly tenses, as my cunt explodes in a wet orgasm. I continue rubbing my clit as juice squirts from my cunt hole, covering my hand, asshole and couch. I take my left hand from my tits and slam three fingers deep into my squirting cunt fountain, causing my back to lift off the couch and my whole body to lunge forward in pure ecstasy. I feel like such a dirty slut! Here I am, lying half on, half off my couch, resting my widely spread legs on the coffee table with my fingers buried deep in my pussy, and covered in my own sticky cunt juices! I love it!

As my orgasm subsides, I continue to rub my hands all over my sexy body, enjoying my curvy figure. My clit is still way to sensitive to even lightly touch, but I have always likes tender hands to rub and massage my body in the aftermath of a passionate sex session (even if it was with myself!)


NOTE: So how did you enjoy that? Tell me if you would like me to continue the series. Any ideas? Feel free to express them with me….kisses.

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