Sam , Sandy Ch. 02: Wet Beginnings


All characters in this story are completely fictitious. Any likeness to any real person, or event, is entirely coincidental. All characters are at least the age of 18, and are consenting adults in the context of this story.

This is part two in an on going series. To best familiarize yourself with the backstory of Sam and Sandy, I recommend you first read; “Sam and Sandy: Forbidden Urges”.


Sam was laid up in her twin-sized bed staring at the popcorn ceiling that resembled a white washed galaxy. Her head was full of the most vivid memories that took place a few days ago, on her birthday. She could barely believe herself. She was fighting to come to terms with what she had done with Sandy.

“Incest…” She thought deeply to herself.

The word echoed in her head. It bounced in between her ears like a rubber ball. She rolled over on her side and began staring blankly at the wall parallel to her bed. Still deep in thought she started to remember the feeling of her sister’s hot wet body on hers. She felt a tingling on the surface of her body, on every spot Sandra had touched. Slowly, she began to become aroused by her memories.

Sandy had gone to stay with a friend for a few days. Sam was left to fester in thoughts and memories of that amazing morning, by herself. Tossing and turning in bed, Sam wound up on her back once more. She slid her right hand along the fabric of her t-shirt until she reached its end, and she touched her mound. She felt a slight prickle under her finger-tips. She wondered how long before she would have to shave again, and she hoped Sandy would be the one to do it for her.

Thoughts of shaving alone aroused her even more. She began to edge her fingers towards her chunky vaginal lips, and she began to lightly tug and separate them. Sam’s powerful middle finger landed on her semi-wet clitoral hood. She closed her eyes and imagined Sandra leaning over her, teasing her with stimulation. Her light-brown areola began to shrink, and wrinkle like wet finger tips. Before long her larger nipples were erect and making bold imprints of themselves on her white t-shirt.

Sam began to rub her pink knot round, and round. She went slowly at first. She was so sensitive she could feel the ridges of her finger tips as they glossed over her clit. Thoughts of Sandy were putting her in a frenzy. Sandra had unlocked something inside of her sister. Something which Sandy now seemed, unknowingly, to control. These erotic thoughts were bringing the devilish side of Sam to life in this small bed with no audience.

Sam’s knees were now acres apart from one another. Her satin sheets were discarded to the floor and a cool gust of wind from the ambient air tickled her intimacy. She slid her fingers with ease towards her oozing opening. The sounds of their impact on her tight box could be heard through echoes in the room. She slid in one finger, then two. Before long she was passed her second knuckle and penetrating herself deeper than she had ever before.

She began to feel a rush from a nearing orgasm. Her head grew hot as did her groin. She could feel her heart pounding like nearing death in her throat. Her red pedicured toes curled on to her bed sheets, gripping them like a primate. Her soft lips separated and sounds mimicking tiny cries of pain, or pleasure, began to escape her throat. Her eyes saw the back of her head, and in darkness she came. Her fingers began to make random jolts in and out of her wet slit. Her arm felt nearly paralyzed as her nerves tried to catch up with her rebooting brain. She was coming down off of the high she built herself up to.

Before Sam could relax herself her bedroom door flung open. The immediate sound of jingling purses that were hanging from the inside door knob greatly startled her. She threw a small pillow over her beet red vagina.

“Hey hot stuff hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Sandy said with a smirk on her face, and an aged duffel bag in one hand.

“Christ don’t you knock? I was having some alone time. I thought you were mom, or Mark,” Sam said while pushing her self up and resting on her head board.

“I live here too you know,” Sandy said sarcastically.

Sandy tossed her bag on top of her own bed and sat at the foot of it.

“So how was Karen’s?”

“Fine she just dyed my hair and straightened it,” Sandy said.

“Looks cute I like the tinge of blue in the highlights,” Sam complimented.

Sandy said while unpacking her bag in to her bedside dresser, “Thanks, wasn’t sure about the color, but I’m feelin’ it now.”

The empty space in the door frame became occupied by a large figure in the corner of Sam’s eye.

“Oh hey mom,” Sam said cheerfully.

Mom was a larger woman. She stood about 5’10” and about 230lbs. After having two children and a desk job, time had begun to take a toll, but she had such natural beauty even in her plump state she was beautiful. She had jet black hair that seemed more dense than steel. She had şehitkamil escort wide hips that connected a very round very large butt with thighs to match. Above her belly were two enormous size F breast. She had a cute set of plump, full lips that were painted dark red. Her eyes were a beautiful brown. She always took care of her make up which enhanced her natural features.

“Your uncle James wanted to know if you girls wanted to stay the night. He and aunt Kim just finished the pool,” She said while stepping in to the room with a small basket of folded laundry.

“Yeah that sounds awesome!” Sandy exclaimed.

“Yeah for sure, will aunt Kim be there too?” Sam asked.

“Yes they’re going to BBQ tonight. Me and Mark were going to come too, but we want to take a date night,” Mom said as she lined the dresser drawers with freshly folded clothes.

Sandy reached in to her drawer and pulled out a bright orange bikini top, and then a small thong style pair of bottoms in the same color. As Sam watched her sister she began to feel anxious thinking of what swim suit she would wear. She tried to allow the new found side of her to “hush” her anxiety away. She knew that she could either wear a pair of gym shorts and a shirt like always, or she could use the two piece she received as a gift almost a year ago.

Mom made her way with an empty basket in hand towards the laundry room shutting the door behind her. Sam stood and walked over to her own dresser. She slid the top drawer open to discover her brand new black two piece that still had the tags on it. The top had two large triangular shapes that were ruffled with similar bottoms.

“You’ll look great in that,” Sandy said in a sexy whisper.

Sam’s skin began to tingle at the whispers of her sister’s voice. They reminded her of the soft words Sandy had spoken while in between her legs, in the bathroom. The girls packed their bags and headed for the door.

They went out to Sandy’s car and threw their bags in the trunk. The little VW Golf had made them both some great memories during their time in high school. Sam sat in the passenger seat and began to look out the window through the flaking window tint, and admired the small garden of flowers near their mailbox. She waited for the cool blast of A/C to distract her from the hot Florida summer air.

The car ride had been mostly quiet. They were nearly half way to their Uncle’s home when sandy broke the silence.

“I missed you ya know?” Sandy said out of nowhere.

“Don’t think I went to Karen’s to get away from you or something. We had planned that like a week in advance for her to do my hair.”

“No, it’s okay, really. It’s not like we’re married or something,” Sam said in a shy voice.

“Well, just so you know I touched myself like four times in her bathroom thinking about what we did. I can’t even look at a restroom sign without getting wet,” Sandy said with a chuckle.

“Oh my god hut up,” Sam said while blushing.

Sandy reached across the center console with her long limb. She rested her hand with slim long fingers on Sam’s lap. Sam looked down at her sister’s hand she had chipped black nail polish on her short nails, and a rubberized bracelet with some band name she had never heard of. Sam was a bit set back, but something in her was surfacing again. She relaxed her legs, spreading them slightly in a relaxed manor. Sandy’s long fingers were now on the line of Sam’s tiny cotton shorts and her smooth skin.

A giant smile grew across Sandra’s face and she took hold of her bottom lip between her teeth. The windows were tinted enough that she knew she could get away with doing something, just like she had done a few times in their school parking lot. She moved her fingers in a familiar way towards Sam’s panty line. Sandy poked at Sam’s bikini style panties sliding them over with each nudge of her fingers. She felt the prickly texture of her mound.

“Looks like we have to shave you again soon,” Sandy said while spreading her sister’s vagina apart.

“Yeah, guess so,” Sam moaned while leaning back in her chair.

Sam was searching, blindly, with her right hand to find the seat lever. Once she found the thin plastic shaft she lifted it sending her body to a more horizontal level. Her full thighs protruding out of her little gray cotton shorts. Her shirt pulled up a little exposing her navel. It was a very erotic sight to behold. Sam was just the right thickness, and just the right combination of curvy and “The girl Next Door”.

Sam reached down her tiny fabric shorts and stretched them out of the way of her groin. With one foot on the dash she moved her panties to the side, and helped her sister spread her intimacy. She felt Sandra’s warm touch and she was sent to an internal ecstasy. It didn’t take long for her to drip sweet nectar, that sent beads of fluid rolling down the internal curves of her butt cheeks.

Sam came nearly immediately. şehitkamil escort bayan She could be as loud as she wanted in the car. She managed to get out an “Oh fuck!” a few times before making a high pitched squeal. She had never made the sound before. She usually had to contain herself every time she touched herself, but here she could let it all out. Sandra soon began to slow the little swirls her fingers were making.

“Let’s save some for later,” Sandy said while licking her fingers clean of her sister’s cum.

“There better be a later,” Sam sad with a devilish grin.

Sam huffed and puffed as her body began to relax and tingle after her orgasm.

A few stop lights, and a half dozen turns later the girls pulled in to James’ drive way. Sandy looked over the roof of the car to her sister. They both gave each other a stare of lust and desire. They smiled as Sandy walked to the passenger side of the car and grabbed Sam’s hand. They both made their way to their Uncle’s large wooden door. Sam grabbed at the heavy brass knocker and made their presence known to the home.

The deadbolt made a heavy sliding noise before the castle like door flung open. Aunt Kim stood in the door way sporting a vibrant red bikini. She was sort of a cross between Sam and Sandy. She was taller, but not as tall as Sandy, nor as thin. But, she wasn’t as short or heavy as Sam. She sort of fell in between with C-cup breast and sun kissed skin as she loved the beach. She had nice legs that were just the right length and thickness. Her long blonde hair was always hidden in a bun, usually accompanied by a flower. Her stunning blue eyes, and the smell of coconut lotion were always the first things you noticed about her.

Kim bounced up and down in excitement to see the girls. Her tan breast bounced up and down in her top as she extended her arms for hugs.

“Oh my god Sandy I love your hair, how are you girls?” She asked happily.

Sam and Sandy had their heads separated by Kim’s. Both of them could smell a sweet fruity smell followed by a strong presence of alcohol. They knew Kim was tipsy. She almost always was, but not in a bad way she just liked to have a good time. It was actually when she was the nicest, and most fun too.

“Oh my gosh girls come in put your bags in the guest room and swap over to your swim suits, your uncle has the grill going,” Kim said while gingerly walking to the sliding glass door that led out to the pool.

The girls closed the door behind them and made their way to the large guest room where a king sized bed centered the room. Immediately Sandy started to remove her clothes down to absolutely nothing. Sam had seen her nude a million times before, but now she stopped to enjoy the sight. Sam especially loved how perky and perfect her sister’s breast were. Sam too, started to undress. Her large breast dropped from her bra as usual. She felt the skin on her shoulders tug against the weight of her D-cup breast.

Sandy was already dressed in her tiny orange two piece. It may as well had been dental floss holding the little triangles together. After Sandy hit 18 she wore what she wanted. Mom was usually the conservative type, or she knew how teenage boys thought. Sandy was sheltered with modesty for a long time, and she always hated it.

Sam’s eyes inspected Sandra’s perfect smooth model body. She was immediately aroused by the sight of Sandra’s ass that was fully exposed, and split in two by a thin orange piece of fabric that disappeared between her legs. Her perfectly shaped mound behind a stretched out triangle, her nipples covered in the same way, but with smaller sized shapes.

Sam quickly got dressed herself. Searching in her bag she pulled out the top and she covered herself with it. She placed the black triangles over her heavy breast.

“Can you tie it for me?” Sam asked her sister.

“Of course.”

Sandy looked down at her bottomless sister and admired her perfectly plump, and round ass. She knotted her sister’s top and made a line for the door.

“Cover up that sexy thing and lets party!” Sandy exclaimed while opening the door.

“Oh shit, I forgot my bottoms,” Sam said with worry in her voice.

“I’m sure Kim has something you can wear give me a sec,” Sandy said while leaving the room.

Moments later Sandy returned with a very skimpy pair of bottoms. They were lacy, not typical for a bathing suit.

“She only had a thong clean, but they’re basically the same thing,” Sandy said while tossing them to her half naked sister.

Sam sighed to herself. This was not easy for her. So many years of being the shy girl had made her embarrassed from nearly anything. It had taken her so much self convincing to wear the bikini. She really wanted to have a good time and decided to just go with it. She held the panties below her knees and lifted a leg at a time in to each hole. Pulling the smaller sized underwear over her thighs, escort şehitkamil she felt them get tighter the higher up her legs she went. About a foot from her waist she had fears they wouldn’t make it over her plump butt. The lace slid to the bottom of her cheeks and came to a halt. Sam tugged hard at the waist line of the thong until they jumped over her ass making her cheeks plop down with gravity.

Sam looked even more like an object of sex. She was pouring out of that thong. The only nice part was it wedged between her lips a little, and rubbed nicely on both of her tight holes. She was beginning to like the feeling.

Sam slid the sliding glass door open to find Kim and Sandy in a beautiful pool. The nearly year long renovation had paid off, it looked like an oasis. James was at the grill when he caught sight of his niece in an even more revealing outfit than her sister had on.

“Hey hot stuff how ya doin’?” James asked with a smile.

“Hi,” Sam said in her usual shy tone.

“Food will be done in a minute, was expecting more but everyone bailed. That’s just more booze and burgers for us!” James exclaimed as he went back to tending the burgers.

Sam made her way to the steps. Her ass bouncing around the tiny thong like two bouncy balls. James took notice and felt a jolt of nerves waking up his flaccid cock. He turned back to the grill peeking over at all three girls when ever he was sure he wouldn’t get caught.

“Hey girl! Come over here we were just chattin’ some. Sandy told me your college plans. How exciting!” Kim cheered.

“Yeah it’s cool we’ll still be together,” Sandy said before wrapping her lips around the opening of a glass bottle.

James yelled from the other side of the pool, “Burgers are done I’m hoping in.”

James cannon-balled himself in to the pool and swam over to the three ladies. Some time passed while the four of them enjoyed drinks and talked about the girl’s plans for school and beyond. The food was cold, but the drinks were too. Everyone was feeling a bit docile.

“Hey lets play volleyball,” Kim said with a relaxed tone.

James unraveled the net and grabbed the floating ball from the edge of the shallow end. Sam and Sandy both played throughout school and loved the sport. Everyone quickly set up. Sam with Kim, and Sandy with James. The game was more playful than it was competitive. At one point James hooked his hands under Sandy’s arms and lifted her in to the air to spike the ball.

Kim hit the ball high up setting Sandy up for a perfect spike. Her competitiveness made her momentarily aggressive. She jumped up to reach it and felt a pair of strong hands under her arms. James was lifting her again, but this time with all the force he had. Spiking the ball as hard as she could she floated an inch, or two, out of James’ hands. When gravity took hold of her again she quickly connected with her uncle’s strong hands. Her body being wet slipped right through them.

One of James’ hands caught the bottom of Sandy’s top ripping it clean off her body. Everyone paused for a moment and stared at Sandra’s bare chest. The late afternoon sun caused the water on her body to look like a thick clear coat of glaze. Her b-cup breast were tipped with soft pink puffs of beauty. It was a very erotic sight. Sandra looked at the group and laughed.

“Dude they’re just tits relax.”

Kim caused everyone to look at her as she shouted, “Hell yeah!”

Kim had taken her top off as well. As mentioned before she was the party type. James and Sam started to laugh. James locked eyes with Sam for a split second. Sam felt like he was waiting for her to undress as well. Sam just smiled and shyly nodded her head “no”. James reached down in to the water and pulled his board shorts off and hung them over his head. Everyone was starting to laugh. Kim and Sandy both reached below and their hands surfaced revealing their bottoms in hand as well.

Everyone looked at Sam, but before she could say anything Sandy had paddled to her.

“Come on it’ll be fun! Arms up,” Sandy said while undoing the knot in her sister’s top.

“Oh my god you’re nuts,” Sam said while laughing.

Sam grabbed the top and peeled it off of her D-sized hangers. Kim’s eyes got big as she was impressed with Sam’s chest. James did not even blink.

“Now it’s a party!” James said.

A moment of silence fell on the group until Kim broke it.

“I’m turning on the music,” Kim said as she got out of the water.

The group watched Kim emerge from the water revealing her gorgeous back side.

“I’m hungry we should eat something already,” James said as he got out.

Sam tugged at the borrowed bottoms, but could not get them off since they were wet and tough to stretch. Both girls made their way to the stairs as well. Sandy got out first her wet nude body now illuminated by the patio lights. Sam emerged with the bottoms still on and took notice to her uncles cute ass. James was very in shape, she was hoping to see cock, but the back view wasn’t so bad.

“Aunt Kim I can’t get these things off can you help?” Sam asked helplessly.

“Oh sure honey I can just cut them it’s fine,” She said while leaning over the bar top with one hand pulling out a pair of scissors.

Kim walked over to Sam and grabbed at the waist of the thong.

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