Royal Desires


Miriam closed the door as she was instructed to.

“Now turn around.” Tyrus commanded from across the room.

She did so, turning slowly. He was sitting upright in bed. His bandaged arm and chest were revealed now, the blanket having slipped to his waist.

“Yes, My lord?” She whispered. Her heart was racing. The Prince was handsome, even now, even with the bruising on his body and the disheveled hair. He didn’t smile. His eyes were frozen pools that sent shivers down her spine.

“…I am cold, Miriam. Come, warm me.” He held out his hand towards her and patted the bed.

Miriam nervously ran her hands down the front of her dress and moved to the bed where indicated taking a seat where he pat. It was within arms reach. Oh Gods, she could feel the heat coming off of his skin. This close, she could see every inch of his hard worked muscles, and she could smell the faintness of metal and leather and forest on his body.

“I could fetch you more blankets, my lord.” Miriam offered.

The prince watched her face. One hand rose to gently run through her brown curls. He had a warrior’s hands, rough and calloused, but the way he moved through her hair was so soft, so kind…

She smiled at him. He rested his hand on the back of her neck.

“…That is not the kind of warmth I crave, Miriam.” His voice rumbled down his arm and into her spine and she shivered. Each word was like a secret caress on the inside of her. She trembled there, perched on the edge of the bed.

Tyrus’ other hand came up and pulled the tie off of her one sleeve. When she did not protest, he undid the other one. ANd then he moved both of his hands to her waist, sliding them down to her hips, where his strength pulled her closer. So close their chests were almost touching. She could taste the sweetness of his breath, and see the golden flecks in his cold eyes.

“…Your majesty -” Miriam began, apprehension building inside.

Tyrus put a finger on her lips. “Shh. It is only the two of us here, Miriam. Please. Use my name.” And the coldness in his eyes broke for just an instant.

“…Tyrus.” Miriam breathed.

Tyrus moved upon her, and their lips met with fiery grace. His hands snaked behind her and began to deftly undo the clasps of her bodice. She turned to face him, her own hands, tremblingly reaching out to move over the muscles of his chest and stomach, then curled around his strong shoulders to hold him to her.

Tyrus moved his lips from hers to her chin and then to her neck. Miriam felt each one like an electric shock as his tongue flited out to trace circles by her collarbone, and in a moment, she felt the release of her bodice becoming undone, and his mouth was moving lower and lower.

He was so strong. Tyrus used one hand to hold her as the other pulled himself towards her and then above her. Her hands clasped his waist and felt the cords of muscles there that made an arrow path to his sex. Her eyes, gazing in ecstasy at the ceiling, started to rove over the roiling strength of his body, and as he pulled himself up to pull away the fabric of her blouse, she saw him, erect and throbbing at the juncture of his legs.

“Tyrus.” She gasped.

He caught her eye just as he pulled. Her breasts came free of the linen blouse, and she shuddered at the chill that caressed them in the blouse’s absence.

“Miriam.” Tyrus purred. His hands closed on either side of her face to kiss her deeply, his tongue moving between her lips and caressing hers, pushing himself closer to her until her nipples ever so torturously brushed his chest. She moaned in his mouth, and he returned the sound, like a desperate animal growling in his chest.

He released her, and his hands started to rove lower, cupping her bosom gently, thumbs tracing circles around and around her nipples until they were as hard as his own erection. She arched her back, as if that would make him stop tormenting her.

But he was smiling now.

“Tyrus, please…” Miriam moaned. He had barely touched her, but his warmth, just his proximity was like velvet rubbing on her skin. Trabzon Escort She felt herself opening for him, dripping and warm, and wildly she craved his presence there, between her aching thighs.

Tyrus released her breasts, and pulled back, he started to pull at her skirts, and she tried to help him, unlacing the waistband so that he could slide it from her, revealing her nakedness, finally, to match his own.

He wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her higher up onto the bed, and she was powerless to stop him. But she felt him pressed against her leg and shivered. She wanted nothing more in that moment than to feel him within her. But he had other ideas.

Before she was even settled back down on the bed, his face was over her breast, and she felt his breath tickle her nipple into aching hardness. His mouth closed over it and she cried out when she felt his tongue flicking across the surface, his lips wrapped around it, pulling it into his mouth as if he could drink her whole. She wound her fingers into his hair, eyes shivering shut and head cast back.

Every movement he made was ecstasy, and he knew it, she could tell from how his body moved. When her eyes opened, she could see his hips moving against the softness of her leg, and she could feel how hard and ready he was for her. She knew her place, and she asked for nothing more, but she had more pride in that moment, of her power over him with her body then ever before.

He gently ran his teeth over her nipple and her hands tightened in his hair. But his hands were doing other things. He was pulling her chest to him with one muscled arm, and the other was moving in slow caressing circles down to her narrow waist. Then his thumb started to edge in over her thigh and closer, ever closer to the opening she so wished to welcome him to.

Then he released her breast. She caught her breath, eyes blinking as she returned to herself.

Wait, wait, this couldn’t happen, he was the prince! “No, no I cannot!” She frantically whispered, pulling herself up and away from him. She had herself pressed against the headboard, but he followed her on all fours, eyes narrowing like a predatory cat. He reached out and grabbed the back of her head, roughly pulling her in for another passionate kiss. STars blossomed behind her eyes.

When he pulled back to breath, he whispered, “It is too late for that, Miriam. I need you. I need to have you.”

She swallowed her fear as she looked into his crystaline eyes, and her hands moved of their own volition to take his member between them.

His eyes widened, surprised by her sudden forwardness. Her own eyes were surprised, as they froze there in that tableau, both panting like animals, nude and hot in his royal chamber.

And then as he stared at her, she began to move her hands up and down the length of his mighty shaft. His hips moved in time with her hands, and his eyes closed, and for once she felt she was having the effect on him that he had been having on her thus far. She smiled secretly to herself and wriggled down slightly so she could get her face to the crook of his neck, where she carefully placed soft, sweet kisses on his collarbone.

She could feel his arms trembling, and she reached up with one hand to nudge his shoulder, and he moved to her will, laying on his back as she came up beside him.

“We must be mindful of your wounds.” She murmured innocently, still stroking and stroking the hard length of him. He clutched at the blankets beneath him and shut his eyes.

“As you wish.” He breathed.

Her mind was running off with her body, common sense abandoned as she lowered her face to the spearhead of his member. She ran her tongue over the head, glistening already with the sweetness of his arousal. He let out a surprised moan, and it deepend as she wrapped her lips around him and slowly, achingly, yearningly took as much of him as she could into her mouth.

She was surprised with how delicious he was. But she had little time to dwell on it. She felt his hands entwine themselves into her hair this Trabzon Escort Bayan time, and his hips started to thrust upwards with her motions. Her hands took his soft stones and caressed them until they too were hardening with want. His breath was in eager pants, and every muscle in his tight stomach was coiled. She went faster and faster, eagerly sliding her mouth, lips and tongue up and down his spear. He was big enough that breath was coming infrequently for her, and she gasped as she rose up and down on it, curls of her hair bounding about her shoulders.

“Uhhh, Miriam, Oh Gods, Uuughhhh, yes…” His growling words pressed upon her ears, and without knowing it, she had started to playfully grind her hips into the leg she had pinned beneath her.

His back arched suddenly, and he grasped her hair painfully. He exploded into her mouth, shooting his fluids deep down her throat, and desperate not to choke and humiliate herself before him, Miriam swallowed it all as quickly as she could, licking him clean as he trembled and jerked beneath her administrations.

But something was strange – when she withdrew, he was still so very hard, and as her eyes lifted to his face, he was smiling again.

“You can’t escape me that easily, Miriam.” He growled.

She was about to crawl back and away from him, but despite his recent expenditure and his wounds, he reached out and grasped her again, turning them around so that she was flat on her back with a gasp.

Both of his hands were upon her breasts, fingers stroking and circling and gently, oh so gently pinching her nipples until they had hardened again, and her back was arching with pleasure. He pushed her legs apart with his knees, and knelt there between them as he administered his attentions to her firm breasts.

It was a most succulent torture, every stroke of his fingertips sending lightning down her spine, bursting behind her eyes and casting panting breaths from between her lips.

Her eyes shot open in surprise when she felt his breath on her open flower, and then she cried out when she felt the tip of his tongue flick out to greet her lips there. Her legs tried to close, but he was in the way – and he was too strong to cow to her whims. His hands moved from her breasts to her hips, and he lowered his face to her fully, hot breath and warm, wet tongue assaulting her femininity with relish. His tongue parted her lips as she cried out, back arching as if she would explode – but not yet, not yet. When her pussy lips parted, he slowly snaked the whole length of his tongue deep within her, and his lips closed over her opening, and she moaned uncontrollably as he licked and drank of her juices, just as she had.

He moaned and the vibrations almost brought tears to her eyes. He could feel it in her skin, he could feel she had liked it so he did it again, slowly using one hand to caress himself as he administered to her.

She could barely take it. She looked down to see his eyes closed, focused entirely on the task of making her cum and her eyes rolled back. A pressure began to build in her spine and her legs trembled with desire as he flicked his tongue faster and faster -and then something else, oh Gods something else happened – He lifted his face away just enough for one of his strong fingers to make its way inside of her, going in farther than is tongue could reach. She clung to the blankets around her, nipples hard without even being touched, every chill breeze making them burn with pleasure.

“Tyrus, … Oh, Oh Gods, you… Oooohh, Tyrus, Uhhhhh Uhhhh, deeper, please, Oh Gods, Tyrus, I… I need you Tyrus, Oh, uhhhhh.” She moaned, barely in control of the words she was saying.

Another finger joined the first, and together they moved in and out as his mouth danced on the sensitive lips of her womanhood.

It came in waves, and his other hand grasped her hips and kept her pressed to him as she arched and screamed in surprise, crying out in pleasure. Lights flashed and dimmed in wave after wave, and he lapped all of it up like a contented cat between Escort Trabzon her legs.

She panted there as he crawled up the length of her body. They were both glistening with sweat, and when they kissed,their mingled juices flavored the air between them, and she found she was even more aroused than she thought possible. She could feel his continued, aching hardness press against the skin of her belly, and she reached down to stroke it, her own legs shaking with the orgasm that had just claimed her.

When she opened her eyes, she saw how hungry he still looked. She opened her legs, wrapping them around his waist and moving in slow, deliberate circles, caressing the head of his spear with her still wet womanhood.

He narrowed his eyes at her and he used one arm to pull her up and off the bed, standing there upright. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, breasts bouncing against his chest. He moved to the nearest surface, a dresser,and sent things crashing to the floor as he pushed her up onto it. As she reached back to steady herself, he reached down and guided his spearhead to her opening. When she felt it there, she bit her lip, eyes desperately seeking his.

She wanted to say no. But she was out of time. He pushed himself into her, and she was so wet, so aroused there was little resistance, save for the tight, deliciousness of her canal.

He grunted heavily as he slowly, inch by throbbing inch, pushed himself inside her, arms wrapped around her waist so she couldn’t escape if she wanted to. He lowered his face to one breast and took her nipple into his mouth as she moaned down the entire length of him.

When he was hilt deep in her warmth he paused to breathe, pulling her ever closer to him.

“Take me, Tyrus, take me.” Miriam murmured into his hair. He clamped his lips over hers and withdrew to the hood of his shaft, paused long enough for her to shiver in anticipation, and then thrust his whole length back into her. The dresser shuddered along with her, and he withdrew and thrust again, grunting his pleasure. Their eyes rolled back in their heads as he pulled out and then thrust in again and again, their fluids scenting the air and dripping down his muscular thigh.

And he thrust faster, as deep as he could – she felt it up in her throat, explosions dancing on her skin with each pounding thrust. And he went faster, heaving, rocking the dresser on it’s legs, the sound of their meat sliding and slapping against one another a visceral savage sound that made her pant.

“Uh, Hm, Uhhhhh, Uhhhhhh, Yes, Uhhh, Tyrus!” Miriam moaned, head thrown back, hands clamping the dresser as he rammed deeper and deeper, deeper than she thought possible into her.

“UHH, UHH, OH, Mmm, yeah, Miriam you… UHHHH, are so tight, I… OH Gods, Uhhhh Uhhhhh…” Tyrus was losing his words by the moment, thrusts faster and faster, sweat gleaming on his skin.

“Harder, Tyrus, oh Gods, please, OH OH, yes, OH!” Miriam exclaimed, the building starting to boil at her spine again. “OH, Tyrus, I’m… I’m…”

Tyrus gripped her hips with both hands and started to pull her towards him with every thrust of his hips. “I … I want you to cum for me, Miriam. Oh Gods, yes, uhhh, Oh Gods, I can … I can feel it, uhhhh uhhh, Miriam, cum for me, cum for me!” Tyrus’s movements were frantic, over and over he pounded into her.

The sensations were too much. Miriam cried out over and over, vision a blur, and somehow she had both her hands on her breasts, fondling herself, twisting the delicate nipples there as he watched her do things to herself.

“I’m… Oh Gods, TYRUS, OH OH yeah, OH harder, OH TYRUS AHHHH, I’m – I’m cumming for you! OOOOHHHHHHHHH!” Miriam called out, louder than she intended, and in that moment, Tyrus groaned with her, and she could feel him pulsing between her legs, and both of their hot juices merged, tensed, flexed, pulsed and throbbed together, each sensation sending new currents over their bodies.

Tyrus’ movements slowed. Miriam gasped for breath as he withdrew, letting their combined fluids go where they would without care, and he picked her up off the dresser and brought her to the expanse of his bed, laying her down and coming up beside her.

He kissed her shoulder, her closest nipple, her neck.

“Miriam. You are mine now. Mine.”

Miriam smiled.

She was alright with that.

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