Rose and Tom Ch. 01-05


Tom Meets Rose

This is a story of two people from very different backgrounds. Tom is a rather socially quiet 21-year-old senior at a reputable university. Not a skinny man by any stretch, but slowly thinning from years nearing being obese, with much darker hair now. In addition, he now has much shorter hair as compared to his youth, which goes along with his avid biking in the warmer months, although in this town that comes about four months a year. Tom comes from a well-indebted family, who live on the benefit of grandparents who foot much of the ways to stay just ahead. Tom is on a nearly half scholarship to the university, and lives on-campus paycheck by paycheck, keeping enough aside to make it to the local lanes each Wednesday and keep gas in the car.

The other character of interest is a woman named Rose. Rose, a year younger than Tom in age and at the university, is in many ways a genius in disguise. Rose is very curvy, and has naturally very curly brown hair. It will be her smile, very wide and happy, which will appear to Tom first, but before that, I must give a bit more about Rose. Rose comes from well-to-do parents, and a much more comfortable lifestyle. She has two siblings, one younger, one older. Interestingly, the older is a pain in the butt to Rose, and the younger is in many ways a friend as well as a sister…

The story begins as many stories should, unexpectedly, as life intends it to be. Tom was leaving his junior year at the university, and entering his second summer at the university, after a short visit back home. Tom was to return after three weeks’ rest to start a second summer of research and begin in five weeks his elevated role as mentor. Rose on the other hand was to return to the university to start research for the first time over the summer.

Interestingly, and unknowingly at the time, Tom would be mentor to Rose and Carl, by the effect of their not being anyone in Tom’s major to mentor that summer. However, Tom’s Civil Engineering was close enough to Rose and Carl’s Electrical Engineering in the minds of the research overseers, and thus that is how it is that Rose and Tom would originally have to meet.

As part of the research, Tom had to hold weekly meetings with Rose and Carl. Nothing against Carl of course, but Tom over time at these meetings grew very interested in Rose, and from more ways than just academic. And of course, Tom just could not take his eyes off her (and to this day, this is still a “problem” for Tom). Tom kept gazing into her eyes while playing games of Rummy after one of the meetings, which often Carl and Rose would hang out at Tom’s much more spacious and separated living across the campus.

Rose eventually noticed Tom’s inability to not look over, and after one of the meetings, they talked more with Carl already back home. Feelings were shared, and of course, more talking went on into the night. Everything was left that way for the night, but before the next meeting, a long overnight stay-awake led to the build towards a relationship.

Over the next month, the relationship between Rose and Tom continued to form, first in cuddling, then a little learning in kissing for Tom (to which Tom will forever be grateful for patience on). By the end of the summer, hands had explored each other’s bodies, caressing all parts, and learning about each other. Especially the infinite tickle zones on Tom, although Tom came to realize the armpits and feet on Rose are magical spots too, for his own defense.

Given two weeks and change off, Tom drove out to see Rose in her hometown. It was there that the already apparent relationship was officially declared, although their love for each other was already long brewing…

Exploring Rose

Back in Madstop for another semester, Tom has a long week to await Rose to return, but once she does, they get together the first night in town. The biggest part both wanted was to cuddle, and plenty of cuddling went down that night. Tom likes having Rose in his arms, with her warm body keeping his generally cold flesh cozy into the evening. Other than a shift to alleviate arm numbness, all is well the first night back.

That is until Tom decides to rub all around Rose’s body with his right hand. His left hand and arm are holding Rose in place, so Rose does not fall off the rather narrow college bed. First, Tom decides to start at the abdomen, working his fingers outward from her belly button. Eventually, he teases the very top of the pubic hairs and finds Rose’s left breast. From there, Tom massages the lower half of Rose’s breast, stroking its nipple slightly. Rose murmurs a bit, and turns over; resting her back on Tom’s left side and ribs.

Tom, sensing the shift, moves his hand in a rubbing motion back across Rose’s abdomen, and starts to massage her right leg, moving from on top to the inner side. Tom feels heat begin to emanate from Rose as he rubs, and he inches closer to her lightly moistened outer lips, still covered by panties and slacks.

Rose Ataşehir Escort reaches down, and pops the button, to give Tom better access. Tom takes full advantage, working his right hand inside the pants, and begins circling Rose’s outer lips, working her panties in and out of the lips. Tom’s fingers are getting quite warm from rubbing, and not from friction, but from Rose’s heat.

Tom slides his finger around the side of Rose’s panties, and begins to rub directly on the outer lips. After teasing the outer lips for a few minutes, Tom proceeds to enter his finger into the outer lips, picking up a bit of her moisture, before rubbing the upper region near her clitoris.

Rose nearly jumps from the initial pleasure derived from Tom’s finger rubbing her clitoris. As Tom continues, eventually Rose asks for the finger to rub a little lower.

“Lower, rub a little lower,” Rose requests. Tom shifts his finger maybe an inch down if that, and Rose states “gooooooodddd” as the intensity of her pleasure rises.

Tom goes a bit lower with his finger every so often, teasing the opening to her vagina and grabbing a bit of lubrication to keep from irritating Rose as he continues to bring her closer along.

Eventually, Rose wants a little more from the finger, saying “I want your finger inside me.” Rose pulls off her pants and slides her panties down, to make Tom’s work easier. Tom responds by sliding slowly one finger inside her vagina, and begins to work his finger a bit.

“Yeah, now move your fingers along the front wall. You can feel around a bit if you would like.” Tom feels about inside the warm and now very wet environs, feeling the many folds and ripples of her vagina, before returning to the front wall, and beginning to stroke gently against the wall of her vagina.

After adjusting to Tom’s stimulation, Rose wanted even more, and asked Tom to “work your fingers harder.” Tom complied, and after finding a rhythm, Rose began to get really excited. “You like this, don’t you.”

Of course, Tom liked it, since, as Rose gets more excited, he gets more excited too. His penis was quite stiff by this point in the action, but Tom was determined to worry only about Rose having fun for now. After a couple of minutes of hard stroking, Rose started to release her cum, which Tom realized when Rose was uncontrollably shaking and then suddenly pressure built around his finger with the introduction of more fluid into what felt like a really moist environment to start. Thirty seconds must have passed and Tom had pulled his finger out, when Rose returned to normal.

During this time, Tom noticed as he had sat up just before bringing Rose off, that the colors of the skin are different. The brownish color of pubic skin and the outer lips changes to pink at the inner lips and clitoris, as well as the vaginal opening. The fluid is a clearish to white, more white where it’s thick to clear when thin.

As Rose returned to normalcy, she saw Tom looking down at her body. “You like what you see?”

“Yeah, a lot,” Tom answered.

Touching Tom

With Rose very satisfied with Tom’s hand exercises on her body, Tom returned to laying flat on the bed. However, Rose felt Tom wanted more, as she lifted her left hand over her body to stroke Tom’s body lightly, starting on the outer side of his left leg.

Tom was startled by Rose’s touch initially, but relaxed very quickly. Just her touch was sending a response all through Tom’s nerves, and rapid enjoyment spread all over his body. As Rose moved up on top of his leg and then rubbed the upper half of the inside of both legs, Tom’s breathing started to become slightly noticed. His penis also stiffened quite a lot from the massaging of the legs, and began to warm.

Rose watched Tom’s penis bulging. Then, Tom loosened his belt and undid his button on the dress pants, even going as far as to remove them to give Rose better access. At first, Rose returned to massaging Tom’s thighs, and would alternative legs, with some stroking over Tom’s underwear to tease his dick. To make it more exciting for Tom, Rose also played with his balls a bit, rubbing all about the scrotum.

When Tom could not take the constriction his underwear was causing on his dick anymore, he loosened them from underneath and Rose slipped them off. This left both Rose and Tom completely nude. Rose could tell Tom liked this situation, and his penis was already quite hard and stiff. Tom wanted more attention there, but Rose went back to massaging his thighs first.

Then, she sat up and shifted around so her back was facing Tom. She leaned over and with her right hand starting stroking Tom’s balls and rubbing the near inside of his legs. With her left hand, Rose began stroking Tom’s penis directly, by closing her hand around it and pumping up and down.

Although physically the same way Tom used to masturbate on his own, with Rose doing the work it felt far more exciting and Tom became aroused very Kadıköy Escort quickly. Rose watched Tom’s dick swell and turn very red. Then, she leaned over a bit more and lightly licked Tom’s dick. Tom had never felt a tongue down there before. Meanwhile Rose kept pumping away, and as Tom’s muscles tightened, he could feel his balls preparing to spew.

Tom asked Rose, “don’t stop, that feels so good.”

Rose said back, “it’s supposed to feel good.”

Tom knew he was about to ejaculate onto Rose’s hand, and Rose kept pumping Tom all the way. Tom breathing by now became very noticeable, and as Tom’s felt the surge of semen move in his body, he also was slightly shaking, which gave away his seconds later ejaculation to Rose. After maybe twenty seconds, Tom was finished spewing all over Rose’s hand and his body, at which point Tom grabbed tissues to clean off Rose’s hand first, and then more for his body.

Once cleaned up, they both saw the time, and decided it was time to sleep for the night. Rose fell asleep in Tom’s arms, as Tom continued to massage Rose’s abdomen and stroke her face, as they lay on their left sides with Tom behind.


Coming off a great night at Tom’s apartment, Rose and Tom parted ways for the day as Tom’s father visits the university. Tom’s father does this from time to time, as he gets bored back in Brides Square. However, later that night, Rose returns to Tom’s apartment to hang out.

Rose and Tom have a couple of shows they enjoy watching together, one of which is a long-running sex advice program.

After Rose lays in Tom’s arms through the entire show under the covers to stay warm, Rose reached back to tease Tom a bit by rubbing the front of his pants. Tom quickly reached down and undid the belt and button rather than wait for Rose to push this time. Of course, Tom had been using his right arm to rub all over Rose during the show, so Tom had been working Rose for a while, so her hand’s shifting was of no surprise.

Rose and Tom had explored each other using hands, and Rose had mentioned how much she liked having her pussy eaten. Tom on the other hand had never had the opportunity before, and wanted to try it. The only rule Rose had about oral sex was that she does not like her partner ejaculating into her mouth. After standing up and fully undressing, Tom wanted to give Rose her pleasure first.

First, Rose tried to lay flat and have Tom approach from the end of the bed, with his head between her legs. However, Tom not long into it was getting sharp pains from his neck, and so at least for that night it was clear that position was not going to work.

Instead, Tom leaned over and starting a long-winded kiss with Rose, eventually working their tongues into the act. When Tom needed to separate to get air and give his mouth a break, Rose came up with an idea.

Rose said, “Tom, there’s another position we could try.”

“Oh, what’s that?” Tom asked.

“We could get into a 69, with me on top,” Rose answered.

“Sounds like something worth trying,” Tom said. Rose got back up on her feet, and Tom tried to setup somewhat for it. Rose lies down on top of Tom, but quickly Tom saw his one oversight in getting ready.

Tom needed his arms and hands to assist him if this was to work. “Rose, I need you to shift a leg for a second, so I can get my arms back behind you.”

“Ok,” and Rose shifted just enough to clear one arms, and then the other leg for the other arm.

As Tom looked up now, the only issues he had now was keeping his neck up and not gagging on Rose’s pubic hair. Using his hands, which as he prepared the scene was stimulating Rose, he cleared a path for his tongue to reach beyond Rose’s outer lips and work her inner lips and clitoris region. With this ready, Tom began to stroke Rose’s inner lips and clitoris with his tongue.

As he worked, Rose began kissing and licking Tom’s penis, causing it to slowly become warm and stiffen. Over time, as Tom’s tongue excited Rose’s clit, she began to suck on Tom’s penis, working her mouth up and down Tom’s shaft. They kept working on each other’s, with Rose alternating between mouth and hand on Tom’s dick, until Tom got worried he might ejaculate into Rose’s mouth. Rose from time to time would start vibrating from Tom’s tongue, which would force Tom to stop since he could not hold position at those moments.

Tom finally gave warning that he was close to spewing. Rose then sat up a bit and finished Tom off by her hand.

Meanwhile, Tom shifted to using his finger to bring Rose off, in quick sequence. Rose becomes very excited with Tom’s finger inside her, working the walls very rapidly, pumping her through her first round of orgasm. Her cum on Tom’s finger was an additional bonus to the enjoyment Tom got from licking her pussy with his tongue. Tom licked his finger clean and told Rose, “I really like the taste of your cum.”

Now that both were satisfied with each other’s work, they cleaned Bostancı Escort up and cuddled for the rest of the night, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Rose and Tom Get Close for the First Time

After a long night of cuddling at Tom’s apartment, Rose and Tom went about another Friday at the university. After classes and his meetings across campus, Tom invited Rose over for dinner and some cards.

As usual, Rose was the queen of rummy and Tom was the king of pinochle. In the background, the usual array of nonsense infomercials was on the tube, and of course, Rose and Tom were enjoying the wonderfully lame Brits trying to sell worthless stuff.

In between hands of cards, Tom and Rose would make out a bit on the downstairs couch before dealing out the next set of cards. When Rose and Tom got bored with the cards, they both moved upstairs into Tom’s bedroom.

Once there, they resettled down on Tom’s bed, and cuddled while watching comedy for quite a while. Under the covers, Rose unbuttoned her pants and slid them down a ways to give Tom room without freezing her lower legs. Then, Tom began massaging Rose all about her body, focusing on her nipples and then later began working down into her thighs. Tom’s fingers worked smoothly across Rose’s silky skin, and Rose started to notice. Maybe it was Tom’s warmth on Rose’s naturally cool body that led to her body’s reaction.

Then a commercial came, and Rose turned over a bit, moving from lying on her left side onto her back. Tom adjusted his right hand, and began working Rose’s inside right thigh, from the knee towards the inside of her hip. As he drew closer, Rose’s face flushed a bit from the attention coming closer to her pussy. Tom knew he was on to something and so with each pass up and down her inner thigh, he drew closer in. Finally, he was teasing the outer fringes of Rose’s thick and gnarling pubic hair. But Tom was just starting to have some fun…

Just then, Tom decided to tease by rubbing a finger over Rose’s pussy through her panties. After continuing for a couple of minutes, he dares a finger around the band of her panties and begins fingering her outer lips, slowly, so as to extend his teasing. Eventually he reaches the inner lips and her clit.

By then, Rose has become well-lubricated by herself from all the excitement caused by Tom’s finger. Tom uses this to his advantage, and begins fingering Rose’s clit, which begins to really excite Rose. At this point, the show ends, and Rose and Tom decide mutually to focus on each other, leaving the tube on for disguising noise.

Now, Rose decides to slip out of her pants completely, and Tom opts to do the same, as by now he’s getting pretty warm under the covers. After removing their pants, Rose and Tom resettle under the covers and pick back up, with Tom stimulating Rose’s clit with his right pointer finger, while Rose begins with her left fingers to stroke Tom’s penis and balls through his briefs.

Rose then begins giving Tom help on what feels good and not good. “Tom, be gentle and make sure you have enough lube on your fingers.” Tom takes this advice, and dips down near her vagina’s opening for extra lube before continuing on with pleasuring her clit. After a few minutes of Tom’s working on Rose’s clit, and a few degrees of heat gained throughout Rose’s pussy, inner thighs, and the rest of the pubic region, Tom began to shift his fingers down and tease her opening.

“As you enter, work your fingers on the upper wall of my vagina, like this” as Rose shows Tom to hook his finger as he inserts in. While Tom’s fingers are out, Rose slips off the panties to make Tom’s work easier. After a bit of getting used to the motions of his finger against the folds of Rose’s vagina, Tom gets it down, and begins giving Rose a real workout on the inside of her vagina.

And does Rose react to Tom’s finger getting it right. Rose begins to tense up and her body starts to convulse. That and a radiant face that Tom had only seen a few times were the clues that Tom had Rose close to orgasm.

“Harder, Tom, keep that up,” as Rose closed in on absolute bliss. Right before she came, Rose said,

“Tom switch back to my clit.”

Tom moved his finger back to her clit, and Rose instantaneously was cumming, not buckets, but enough to finish coating her pussy and vagina with fresh cum.

For a few minutes, Rose then turned her attention to Tom, and it was then that Tom’s virginity would be put on the line. Rose asked Tom, “Are you ready?”

Tom said “Yes.”

“Are you sure?” Rose returned.

“I’m sure,” Tom stated.

With that, Rose had brought along a condom that night, knowing Tom hadn’t planned on tonight being his first time ever. She fetched that, and then returned to bed, with it on the edge of the bed. Meanwhile Tom removed his briefs in anticipation.

Rose then starts to stroke Tom’s penis directly, as if Tom were to receive a hand job. Once she had Tom to a state of pre-cum, she asked if Tom “was ready to try the condom?”

Tom said “sure,” and Rose then slipped the condom down Tom’s warm and hard penis. Rose then gave Tom the option on positions, “How do you want to try intercourse for this first time?”

Tom said, “I want to try being on top”

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