Room Service


I turn at the sound of the knock on my hotel room door. As I walk towards the door, I call out, “Who is it?”

“Room service!” the female voice answers.

I open the door to see you standing there smiling. You have an overcoat on, and immediately I wonder if there is anything under it.

I pull you into the room and push you against the wall as our mouths meet for the first time. We kiss passionately, hungrily; all the desire and sexuality of our letters spilling out in the first kisses. Our breathing is heavy and our hands search each other’s bodies while our tongues enjoy the warmth and the moistness of each other’s mouths.

My hands reach down and undo the buttons of your overcoat. Sure enough, you are naked underneath. We quickly pull it off, and I push you back up against the door, my body pushed full against your nakedness. At first we try and speak between the kisses, but the passion is too intense and we give it up, realizing there’ll be plenty of time to talk later.

My hands reach up and find your breasts. Each hand cupping your wonderful tits, my thumbs and fingers rubbing and pulling your nipples. Every once in awhile I pinch one of them, causing you to flinch a little, making you breath a little harder.

You can feel my cock bulging against my jeans, wanting out, wanting you. But not yet. I move my head down and take one nipple in my mouth. The hand that had been on that breast moves quickly down between your legs. You are very wet already. In fact, your juices are beginning to drip down the inside of your leg. My fingers easily begin to slide inside you, my thumb and forefinger finding your swollen clit without any trouble.

My tongue flicks at your nipple, making it hard. My warm mouth feels amazing on your exposed breast. My other hand continues to rub the other nipple, pinching and pulling it.

Soon I move to the other breast. The hand that was in your pussy slides out, allowing my other hand some time inside you. My fingers are wet with your juices, and I move my hand to your just-sucked nipple and rub it again for a second, not really stopping, but just playing. It continues up to your mouth where you begin to suck my fingers. You can taste your juices all over my hand, and it makes you even hotter.

My Sakarya Escort mouth is sucking hard. Every once in awhile, I pull at your nipple with my teeth. The sexual energy in the room is unbelievable.

Finally I drop to my knees, pushing your legs apart. You arch your back against the wall, pushing your cunt towards my mouth. I hungrily begin to eat you. My goatee feels wonderful against your shaved cunt, and your juices are the best taste I have ever enjoyed. I suck them up, drinking in your wetness. My tongue flicks your clit, and you push down harder. You come close to orgasm, and I stop, not wanting you to go over the edge just yet.

I stand up again, and take one step back from you. I look at you, leaning against the wall, your eyes locked on mine. They are half closed. They have passion in them. Your eyes speak to me … saying to me how much you want to fuck. Your breathing is so heavy and your shoulders rise and fall with every breath. Your nipples are hard and your breasts are red from the sucking and fondling they just received. Your legs are still spread apart, and I can see juices dripping down the inside of your thighs.

I smile, and you smile back. Without saying a word, I unzip my jeans and let my cock out. I reach up and put my hands on your shoulders and push you to your knees. I reach down with one hand and take ahold of my manhood. With my other hand I take the back of your head, and position you in front of me. You simply stare at the head of my cock, looking at the precum that has formed around the tip of it.

Your tongue darts out of your mouth and licks off the precum. Then you go to work. You take me into your mouth and begin to suck. I groan. Both my hands go to your head and I keep you on me. You are so horny that you can’t get enough of my cock, sucking and slurping my shaft.

I push your head deeper onto me. At first you almost gag at taking in more cock, but then you relax and enjoy it. You suck hard, wanting to please me. And you do please me.

Soon I am close to cumming, so I pull you away from me. At first you fight me, not wanting to stop. You want my load in your mouth and you don’t like not getting the prize yet. But I insist, pulling you back to your feet and turning you around Sakarya Escort Bayan so that you are pressed against the wall again, this time face forward.

I pull your hips out off of the wall, and drop to my knees again. I kiss your ass checks, squeezing them with both hands. I spread them apart and kiss your asshole, my tongue flicking at it, licking it. Every once in awhile, I allow my tongue to slide in your very wet pussy.

Suddenly, without warning, I slap your ass hard. It hurts slightly, more because you weren’t expecting it. I do it again, and then kiss it. Another slap. Another kiss.

Then I stand. My cock is still sticking out of my zipper, and I position myself between your legs.

You moan as you feel the tip of my cock rub against the lips of your pussy. Without any effort, it simply slides between the lips and inside of you.

You push your hips back, “Oh, fuck me!” I push in deeper and begin to do just that. We pump hard and fast. Within minutes you begin to climax and moan as you hit your first orgasm.

As your pussy lips tighten around my shaft, I can’t take it anymore. My cock begins to swell, and we both know I’m about to explode. I quickly pull out of you and you spin around, dropping to your knees and taking me into your mouth in one movement.

I push your head onto my cock as I blast my cum into your hot mouth. You smile slightly as you swallow all that I give you.

After I’ve spent my load in your mouth, we both catch our breath. You stand up, still completely naked and fall into my arms. We walk over to the bed and lay down, my cock still hanging outside of my jeans.

We say nothing for a few minutes, simply take in the fact that here we are, in each other’s arms, two people who have only ever talked over a computer, now enjoying each other’s orgasms.

Finally I speak, although it is only a whisper, “Well, nice to meet you.”

You smile, “hmmmm, yes it is.” You look into my face and we kiss again. We chat for a few minutes, but our minds are already thinking about round two.

Slowly you pull my shirt off and undo my jeans and remove them. My cock is still soft, so you begin to kiss me. You move down to my chest and begin to suck on my nipples, biting Escort Sakarya them and pulling at them. Your hands reach down to my cock and you begin to fondle it, encouraging it to begin to grow.

Suddenly you move down and take me into your mouth. You begin to suck and I moan as I begin to grow erect inside your mouth. You suck harder as you feel my soft penis get hard.

Soon I am fully erect again, and you slide your tongue all over my shaft. You move down a little further and begin to suck on my balls, pulling on them, causing me to flinch with a slight bit of pain. One hands reaches around my shaft and you begin to pump me up and down, continuing to suck my balls.

You move back up, this time on top of me until our mouth meet again. Our lips are moist and our tongues are warm. You can still taste yourself in my goatee, and you can’t wait to enjoy my tongue on you again.

You push your knees up and sit down on top of me, directing my cock inside of you. You are already very wet again, and I easily enter you. Our eyes lock as you begin to ride up and down on my manhood. My hands reach up and begin to play with your tits, pulling at your nipples. You do the same with your hands on my nipples.

As I look into your eyes, I can see the lust that is behind them. You have wanted to ride me for some time now, and you plan on enjoying it now that we are together.

You pump hard, your ass slapping down against my thighs as my cock slides deep inside you. I take one hand away from a breast and move it to your pussy, rubbing my thumb against your clit as my shaft darts in and out of you.

“Let me eat you again.” I finally say, trying to get you to slow down. Quickly you spin around, straddling over top of me on all fours, and open your legs over my head. Your wonderful cunt drops down to my mouth and I kiss it softly as I feel my cock slide between your lips. You begin to suck me as my tongue darts inside of you.

It doesn’t take long to hit climax again, and soon you begin to moan as a wave of orgasm hits you. I pull you hard onto my mouth as you tighten and explode. At the same time, my cock begins to swell, and I let loose with another orgasm into your mouth.

After we are done, we stay in position for a few minutes. I softly kiss you pussy lips, feeling your juices all over my beard and inside my mouth. My cock remains in your hot mouth, and you gently massage it with you tongue.

Finally you turn around and lay down beside me. Our initial passion is spent, and it’s time to chat with each other.

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