Room 128 Pt. 04 – Addendum


Room 128: Part 4 – Addendum

I suggest reading parts 1 through 3, though it’s not necessary. An unintentional catharsis for the author, this addendum has lots of talking. Dedicated to the real Janice.

Within a few minutes Jan and I were standing under the warm stream of the hotel shower.

I pressed my lips against her ear. “What do you think about what Roxanne said?”

She turned toward me, rubbing a tiny bar of hotel soap across my chest. “When?”

I held the soft cloth under the hot water before reaching around to scrub her back. “As she left, she said, ‘I love you both.’ Do you think she meant it?”

Jan’s soapy hands worked their way down the front of my body. “I think she meant it in the moment. That’s all that really matters.”

I reached lower to gently squeezed and spread her ass cheeks. “Hm.”

“What? Why?”

I stopped scrubbing her and put my hands on her hips, pulling her close.

“Since you visited L.A., I’ve wanted to call you several times. I wanted to tell you something funny that happened or share a book I’m reading.”

“You could have done that, Lover.”

“But mainly,” I started scrubbing again; this time, on her front. “Mainly I just wanted to hear your voice.”


She looked down where her hands had lathered my pubic hair, and I was wiping hers with a cloth.

I sighed. “Yeah.”

She turned me to face the water, letting it rinse the bubbles from my groin. She spoke softly in my ear. “And now?”

“I was doing fine until the conversation about the valet and your daughter and the guns.”

“Daniel wouldn’t really shoot you, ya big goof.”

“That’s good to hear.”

“He’d sue your ass for alienation of affection.”

I chuckled while I turned off the water. I leaned down as she tilted up to kiss me.

“I don’t like that you have to lie. To your husband or your Avrupa yakası escort kids. I don’t want that to be our future.”

“What is our future?”

I shrugged. “I get on a plane in three days.”

“I guess we don’t have to lie about that.”

I opened the glass door and reached for a towel. Again, we took turns rubbing each other. As Jan was crouched down, her face at dick level drying my calves, she said, “Speaking of husbands,” she kissed the tip of my cock before standing up, “you know Roxanne can’t keep a secret, right? She wouldn’t tell my Daniel, but Cy has certainly heard about it by now.”

I followed her onto the thick floor mat, admiring her perfect form in the mirror. “Do I need to start looking over my shoulder?”

“Maybe. Cy would most likely fuck you from behind.”

The comment brought my attention from her tits to her eyes. I caught her smirk in the mirror. “He’s well hung and wonderfully bi-sexual. As far as you fucking Roxanne, he won’t be angry as much as jealous that she got you first.”

“So, you told Roxanne about our time in L.A.”

“Only because she figured it out from your little foray on Literotica. And she’s my best friend.”

Jan started rubbing body lotion onto her arms.

“But, from what my wife said, y’all have a very close group of ‘best friends.’ The Dallas School Girls?”

Midway through pressing lotion into her thigh, Janice’s porcelain face somehow got paler and her eyes grew wide. “Oh, fuck. She’s probably told all of them. Maybe even what hotel you’re staying at. Hell, she probably told them which room! You said you’re in town for three more days?”

“Yeah. First flight out Monday.”

She quickly walked out of the bathroom, grabbing a robe off the door hook as she went. I followed was best I could, not even bothering to wrap in a towel.

Janice Ataköy escort bayan was pacing. “Quick history: a group of us met in seventh grade; that awkward age of budding sexuality and acne. With conservative Texas parents, we had nowhere to turn but to each other. We did everything together. Movies, road trips, boyfriends, sex, rock concerts, cigarettes, weed, coke, acid … it’s amazing we got out alive.”


“Oh, Lover, lots of sex. We taught each other how to hug and kiss. When my boyfriend did a terrible job going down on me, I cried on your wife’s shoulder. And she suggested we practice on each other. Damn, she gave great head. But you probably…”

“Yeah, I knew that.”

“So that’s why we all share everything. But then one day, after a weekend visiting her nephew in Santa Barbara…”

“Ah ha.”

“Yeah. She came home and announced that,” Janice started counting off on her fingers. “One: she had met the man of her dreams.” A slight nod toward me. “Two: she was going to marry him. And three: she would be exclusive to him forever. No more snogging at the chick-flicks. No more groping in the Nordie’s changing room. No more of her magical tongue on my poor, neglected clit.”


“She said you wouldn’t understand; that you’d be jealous and leave her. Is that true?”

“Maybe. Since we had both been through messy divorces, I was very protective of our time together. And it does explain why Sydney was so weird that one time, way back when.”

“Oh, yeah. The threesome.”

I stared at her.

“No secrets, remember? The point is, now that your wife has passed, we all feel responsible for you. We want to know you’re happy and comfortable and … satisfied.”

She shrugged as she took my limp cock in her fingers. “And, to be honest, we want to see if it’s true.”

“If Escort Şirinevler what is true?”

Jan sighed in exasperation. “If you’re the best lover since, well, since your wife!”

We shared a small laugh. I let my knuckles glide across her nipple. “If I am…”

“I’m afraid you are.”

“IF I am, it’s because of what she taught me, the special way she treated me, how much she loved me.”

Janice put her hand to my cheek. “I know. I see it. I’ve felt it.”

She walked to the bed and sat down; her knees demurely closed but her tits still very much on display.

“You know, it may not work for every woman.”

I sat next to her, letting my fingers run through her magnificent white hair, still damp.

“What may not work? My magical love powers?”

Once again, she started lightly fingering my penis, which responded with an encouraging twitch.

“I think it works for me, and for Roxanne, because we learned from your wife at the same time we were teaching her. The techniques and tricks and intuitive nudges are what we were taught sexual love should be. Does that make sense?”

“I’m sorry. You got me so hard, all I can think about is fucking you. Could you repeat that?”

Jan playfully slapped my shoulder. “You asshole. I’ve never told anyone that story, and I’ve thought about it a lot.” Her head was down, the hair hiding her face, but I heard a sniffle. “I’ve thought about her a lot.”

“Me, too.” Now I was tearing up.

She started stroking me faster. “Bitch had to go and die.”

Both of us crying now.

“I know, right?”

Pumping my dick again and again. “So here you are, full of all her love and skills and passion and I really want to fuck you but there’s no time. I need to get home to my tiny-dick husband without smelling like a bitch in heat.”

“But you are a…”

“Shut up!” We laughed through our tears. “Shut up and let me blow you. At least I can taste your cum one more time before I go home.”

She lowered her head, sliding my hard dick to the back of her throat and out again. Again and again until she swallowed what load of cum I had left.

Just as my wife would have done.

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