Roadside Assistance


It’s been a long and dreary day. Xavier gets out of his car once again. His hands are smeared with engine oil. There’s a black line on his forehead from his hands. The white shirt he was wearing, is a crumpled, filthy mess. His jeans are still semi-decent. Luckily he has an extra shirt in the boot. His overnight bag is still there from the weekend.

For a 43 year-old, he looks good. His hair is now the famous salt-and-pepper colouring, kept short, -military style. He is lean, fit. His health is in mint condition and the fact that he this looks good, makes it even better.

He sighs, frustrated, annoyed. Why must the shit always happen when he is in a hurry? He looks up and down the road. There is nothing. No other cars in sight. He grabs his bag from the boot, locks up the car, puts on a fresh shirt and then takes to the road. There is still a good hour’s drive. He’ll be late for his meeting.

He checks his cell phone again. Still no network connection. He kicks at a stone in the road, and hears the rumbling engine of a truck slowing down behind him. He moved out of the road, and sees the woman pulling over. Should he be hopeful?

He runs towards the passenger side of the truck, as the woman leans over and opens the door. “Get in, darling” She purrs.

He climbs in, and smiles gratefully. “Hi, I’m Xavier. I just need a ride to the next town please. My damn car broke down.” The frustration is clear in his voice, and he looks flustered.

“I’m Cassidy.” Her voice sounds sweet and thick, music to Beşevler Rus Escort his ears, “I saw your car back there. You’ll die walking in this heat.” She grins at him, her long black hair falling around her face in beautiful waves. Her sunglasses cover her eyes, but the crow’s feet prove that she laughs often.

He studies her profile as they drive in silence for a while. “How can I repay you? You’re doing me a massive favour, and I really would like to show thanks.”

She smiles again, removes her sunglasses, and the striking blue of her eyes halts the breath in his chest. Her eyes are crystal blue, vibrant with joy and life. She doesn’t need make-up to enhance any of her beauty. In her blue shirt, with jeans and boots, she’ll make any guy go crazy. He feels his erection jump to life as her voice soothes over him once more.

“I’m sure we can figure something out, darling.” Her teasing eyes and smile is driving him insane with lust. Usually he has more control over his hormones, but this girl is sure to drive him to the edge with just a mere whisper. He looks down, sees the obvious bulge in his pants, and shifts to make it less obvious. He blushes, praying she won’t notice.

“So, you got a girl waiting where we’re going?” She asks it so casually, that at first he was confused by her question.

“No, I don’t have a woman in my life. It’s been a while since I’ve been with a woman. Work needs me to travel far often.” He looks at her, Cebeci Rus Escort wondering if he should perhaps reconsider his vow of staying single. God knows after this trip a good jerking wouldn’t even help with his hormones.

Her breasts are perky beneath the top, and he can just barely see her cleavage from his position. He imagines running his hands over the contours of her body, his fingertips splayed over her nipples, as his tongue runs sweet, sensual paths down her stomach. With these images running through his mind, his erection starts throbbing, begging for attention. He looks up and notices Cassidy looking at him, smiling teasingly.

“You know, I can help with that problem, and that in turn would be your way of repaying.” She winks at him, causing him to blush even more, but his cock likes the sound of her voice, and is betraying him severely. He looks out the window, only to notice that they’ve stopped along the side of the road. He looks at her questioningly as she starts undoing the top two buttons of her top. She moves towards the back of the cabin where a bed is neatly made, hidden behind curtains.

Like a little puppy, he gets up, following her. She’s on the bed, her top lying on the driver’s seat, and she’s pulling him down on her. He pins her hands above her head, kissing her passionately. His knee working its way between her legs. Pushing them open and allowing him access to her sweet body.

His one hand holds both hers Kolej Rus Escort above her head with ease, the other roaming and exploring her body. He’s never lusted for a woman this hard before. With a smooth movement he is stark naked, his cock standing gloriously, dripping with nectar. He moves over her slowly, his tongue leaving a hot trail on her skin as he moves downward. When he reaches her jean, he stands back a little, waiting for permission. She nods eagerly and he undoes her jean, dragging it off of her body fluidly.

She pulls him onto her once more, her legs wrapped around his waist, and his cock pressing into the wetness seeping from her wanting pussy. Feeling her lust is only driving him more insane, and without second thought he plunges his cock deep and fast into her. The gasp escaping her lips echoes the breathless sigh from him. God, she feels so good. Her nails etch into his back, and he slowly starts thrusting into her. Slow, long, deep thrusts.

Her nails draw lines across his back, drawing him into her, as soft moans escape her lips. With each moan he thrusts harder, faster. He feels good inside her, and she soon reaches the edge of bliss. With a few hard, deep, forceful thrusts he shoves her into oblivion, only to join her moments later.

With the throes of orgasm ebbing away slowly, their ragged breathing becomes smooth once more. She slowly pushes him off of her, and moves to get dressed.

“What time did you say your meeting was?” She asks so sweetly, not fazed at all. His mind still reeling from the explosive orgasm he’d just felt and had himself.

“I was supposed to be there at eleven.” His reply sounds hollow. He gets dressed and takes his seat once more.

“Well, you’d better call and tell them you need to postpone until tomorrow. You’re going to be a bit… tied up today.” She smiles, winks, starts the truck and drives once more.

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