Ring, Ring, Ring Ch. 02


Carl sat on the sofa being serviced – having his cock sucked – by Sherry. The 23-year-old was an excellent cock sucker! So good, that he had broken up with Patricia to spend his limited time with the less attractive but more energetic Sherry.

Hearing the entrance door to the apartment unlock, Carl opened his eyes and lifted his head to gaze in the direction of the short hall. He smiled a welcome to his mother.

“You’re early.” He said, his words not affecting Sherry’s attention or suction on his cock.

“I had no idea you would be busy.” Ethel replied. “How are you Sherry?”

Sherry lifted her left hand in a wave of hello.

Sherry was a very slim gal and with her skinny bare posterior pointed for review towards the older woman. Ethel stopped in the middle of the living room to study her ass. Her thick lipped pussy, waxed bare, was such a prominent feature that one’s eyes were automatically drawn to it.

If you find it odd that Sherry was not alarmed at Carl’s mother’s appearance, don’t despair, as we will get there. Carl was aware early on of the young girl’s kinky attitude towards sex and suggested to his mother that they weave her into their web early on. She happily became a willing cohort in their incestuous doings and easily became mesmerized by mother and son fucking.

“How long have you two been at it?” Ethel queried.

“Just a few minutes. Why don’t you join us?” Carl answered and suggested.

Sherry, knowingly, eased her suction on Carl’s cock.

Ethel stepped into her bedroom, keeping her eye on the action in the living room, and began to undress, folding her clothes and setting them on the dresser, leaving the bed clear and ready.

Her bedroom, facing almost due West, was bathed with bright illumination as the sun shone on the pulled down shades of the two large windows.

Returning to the living room, considerably more dim though the living room and bedroom were pretty much an open space separated by a bookcase, pushing the coffee table even further out of the way, she positioned herself behind the young girl and ever so gently her fingers of her right hand began to explore the young girl’s pussy.

Sherry widened her stance to give the older woman access.

Sherry’s pussy was soon wet and felt a finger – Ethel’s middle finger – push into her, causing her to momentarily suck more firmly on Carl’s cock.

After a few moments, Ethel began to finger fuck the young girl aggressively for a few long minutes. Pulling her finger from the young girl, licking the finger as Carl looked on, she moved closer to the sofa throwing her right leg over the girls head, placing her right foot flat on the sofa and offered her son a good look at her thick bushed pussy.

Carla reached with his right hand palming his mother’s mound as his thumb slipped to her pussy lips.

Ethel caressed her own breasts, thumbing and pinching her nipples as she watched her son play with her pussy.

A few long minutes passed as Carl lightly thumbed his mother’s clit causing her to moan softly. He then inverted his hand and pushed his middle finger into her sopping wet hole, pushing and pulling from her slowly.

There was a mélange of moans, groans, declarations of pleasure and desires to please filling the space.

“Sherry, I need his cock!” Ethel exclaimed.

Sherry merrily released Carl’s cock and quickly moved to the sofa facing Carl’s left, placing her back against the arm and pulled her knees against her chest. She began to toy with her pussy with her right hand.

Ethel lowered herself dropping to her right knee and bringing the left knee upon the sofa. The ever-helpful son, Carl held his cock as his mother positioned herself and lowered herself to enveloped his cock.

She blew out breath softly between pursed lips.

“Mercy! What a nice end to a long hard day.” She said. “Sherry, I hope you don’t mind me pulling rank on you?”

“Not at all Mrs. Hollinger!” The young girl chirped. “Carl always has enough for both of us. And I never get tired of watching you two fuck.”

“You’re a good girl!” Ethel praised. “Carl will not admit to his mother how much he likes your pussy but I know he does and I like to watch him fuck you too.”

“Both of your pussy’s are delectable.” Carl entered into the conversation. “Yours has a thick bush and Sherry’s is waxed bare. The best of both worlds in my opinion.”

Carl reached with his left hand, extending his middle finger to slide it into the young girl’s pussy as she stroked her clit. His right hand palmed his mother’s left buttock, squeezing it firmly.

“That’s good Carl!” Sherry moaned, attracting Ethel’s attention.

“You know how to tease and please don’t you boy!” Ethel exclaimed as she began a quick paced rhythm on her son’s cock. “Fuck her faster! Put another finger into her!”

Carl did as his mother directed much to the glee of Sherry, whose ass began to rock in rhythm with his finger fucking.

Sherry stopped fingering her clit and alternated between dropping İstanbul Escort her head back and watching mother and son fuck through fluttering eyelids and dilating eyes as the room darkened with the setting sun.

After a few short minutes of frantic intercourse with Carl’s fingers, Sherry’s finger returned to her clit. Carl, seeing it, moved his right hand, finger inverted, between his mother’s legs to give her something to rub her clit against.

The two women, one mature, one young began their climb up the ladder.

Carl felt the pressure in his cock begin to build.

Onward, the three continued their diverse sexual intercourse. Long, long minutes slipped by as they became delirious with lust.

Sherry with direct stimulation directed by her own doing was the first to cry out as the orgasm seized her.

With direct, but varying degrees of direct stimulation, but electrically charged by Sherry’s delirious sounds, Ethel followed suit crying out in a much deeper voice but just as fervent declaration of the ecstasy.

Carl came in a close third erupting strongly inside of his mother’s pussy.

Ethel’s body seized in orgasm but hearing and knowing her son had come she quickly continued her rhythm wanting to draw from him his last squirt of cum.

The bodies of all three relaxed.

Ethel was content. Sherry was content but desired more. Carl was up for anything but needed stimulation or a few minutes to recuperate.

“You two continue on if you want.” Ethel suggested, knowing the young girl was rarely content with one orgasm and she had not really been properly fucked yet. “I’m going to take a good hot bath.” She lifted slowly off her son and as usual staggered slightly as her muscles and bones loosened up heading for the bathroom.

Always amused at his mother’s capacity to fuck hard, he smiled affectionately studying her butt and she moved across the living room.

“You like to fuck her a lot don’t you?” Sherry queried. “How long have you two been doing it?”

“Let’s see! About a year and a half.” Carl replied. “The first few months we fucked like newlyweds but as you can see it takes a toll on her body so it has slowed down a little bit. Maybe, twice or three times a week if I’m lucky and I eat her pussy so she doesn’t have to stress her body.”

“You still fuck her to get off don’t you? Or does she suck you or jerk you off?” Sherry quizzed.

“All of the above!” Carl laughed. “And anything else you can think of. Sometimes she feels better than others. It seems the easiest on her, and my favorite as I do love her ass, is to fuck her while she lays face down. As you can see, it makes my cock hard just to think about laying on and pounding on her ass.”

Sherry had indeed noticed Carl’s renewed erection and slid over by him to take it in her left hand and stroke it firmly. “Well, I don’t have the cushion that your mother has but lets get to the bed so you can pound on my ass a while.”

Sherry stood and started towards the bedroom. For sexual intercourse, Ethel’s bed was always the meeting place. Carl stood and followed her, watching her position herself on her chest, pulling a pillow to rest her head on.

Carl entered the bed and maneuvered over the young gal. He gripped his cock as she spread her legs and put it between her thighs. She postured her ass up as he positioned his cock to her pussy. The head of this cock poked her hole and he pushed into her slowly as her pussy had dried up a bit.

Carl began humping the girl’s ass as she lifted and pushed onto his cock to get him deep inside her like she liked it. For her, the deeper the better and she worked her ass in such a fashion to get what she wanted.

Carl had the benefit of the animated ass under him and he was soon pounding on and into her aggressively.

Carl was unconcerned with bringing the girl to orgasm as his mother had never come in such a position. There was no concern, as he would take care of the young lady presently. But first, he would get himself off and he began to think about filling the young girl’s pussy.

Ethel had partially filled the bathtub when she remembered her underwear. She returned to the living room and instantly saw her son pounding Sherry’s ass. A shiver went through her hearing the young girl’s moans and seeing that she too enjoyed the position.

She walked softly to the bookcase, which was actually half the headboard to the bed. She dropped her elbows on top of the bookcase and studied the pair lost in their own sexual delirium.

Long minutes passed. Ethel’s left hand went to her pussy and her fingers began to toy and explore, finally, pushing a middle finger into her, soon returning to stroke her clit.

Unknown to them and unheard by them, Ethel achieved orgasm moments before her son spent himself inside the young girl. His groan was loud and animalistic. After a few moments, he lifted off her.

“Damn mom! How the fuck long have you been there!” He exclaimed, surprised seeing his mother standing there.

Sherry Anadolu Yakası Escort maneuvered to her back showing her own surprised expression.

“Long enough sugar.” Ethel answered. “Don’t keep that sweet girl waiting.”

Carl had no intentions of keeping Sherry waiting. As his mother gathered up her underwear, he slid two fingers into Sherry’s pussy and began to finger-fuck her aggressively.

As Ethel walked back to the bathroom she could hear the young girls lustful yelps and moans begin anew. Carl fucked the young lass in such a fashion until his cock firmed up once more. He maneuvered her legs wide and up. Moving in close, he put his cock to her cum lubricated hole and pushed it quickly into her causing her to gasp. He began to fuck her with a moderate rhythm as she knowingly wiggled her ass to get the stimulation she desired.

As he cradled her in his arms, Sherry found her groove and slowly lost herself in lustful delirium. A few long minutes and her body shuddered with a strong orgasm.

Carl continued to stroke into her for a short minute before pulling from her and dropping to her right.

Sherry retrieved a tissue off of the dresser and held it to her pussy as she walked swiftly to the bathroom. The door was open. She lifted the toilet seat and sat down eyeing Ethel laying in a bubble bath soaking.

Ethel smiled at the young girl “I heard you holler that must of been a good healthy orgasm?”

“That son of yours knows how to please!” Sherry replied, reaching to push the door mostly closed. “He’s probably going to take a nap. Would you like me to begin dinner?”

Ethel heard the slight sound of cum hitting the water in the toilet.

“That son of mine comes like a thoroughbred doesn’t he?” She jokingly commented.

“I can feel it when he shoots off in me.” Sherry offered. “Can you?”

“Just about every time sugar.” She answered humorously. “When you get finished there, why don’t you join me and we can wash each other’s backs?”

Sherry wiped herself and stepped over into the tub sitting down opposite Ethel. Ethel gave her room to slide her legs alongside her body allowing Sherry to cover her chest with the bubbles.

“How did you and Carl begin your ince………. intimate ……….. relationship?”

Ethel related the story of the phone call and expanded with her own thoughts and theories of why it happened.

“I never had any idea I wanted him that way.” She related. “I melted like a piece of butter and I sat on his cock right there on the toilet seat like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“You were not worried about pregnancy?” Sherry quizzed. “Or you on the pill or can’t have kids?”

“The first time I didn’t care. I took care of it with a spermicide. Then, I made a beeline for the doctor’s office to get on the pill. I still try to use a little spermicide every time just in case.”

“It is so erotic watching you and him fuck. When ya’ll are really going at it and he comes in you, it’s everything I can do to keep from hollering out in joy.” Sherry related.

“You enjoy when you and I pleasure each other?” Ethel queried.

“Yes, of course, but Carl has his cock in me if I’m eating you or he has his cock in you while you’re eating me and that’s intoxicating either way.”

“Yes. I suppose it is.” Ethel replied, dispelling the idea of suggesting the two of them go to Carl’s room to be together, girl on girl.

“Mrs. Hollinger?” Sherry said secretively. “I think you were going to suggest something. Tell me if I’m wrong?”

“I was dear child.” Ethel answered looking into the girl’s eyes quizzically. “You’re a very perceptive young lady.”

“Carl would call me kinky.” Sherry offered.

“You have tasted his cum and on occasion so have I, so I think we are clean enough. If he is indeed napping, shall we sneak into his room and explore the possibilities a little bit?”

“I would like that.” The young girl answered.

Hastily finishing up, the two females slipped through the living room. Confirming that Carl was indeed asleep, they slipped into Carl’s small closet/bedroom and shut the door quietly.

Though dark outside now, the apartment still had a dim glow from the streetlights two stories down.

They began cuddling on the twin bed, kissing, fondling and exploring each other’s body. Knowingly, both shied from touching the others pussy, hoping independently that they could be aroused once more.

“You are a treasure my dear girl.” Ethel whispered. “I am so happy that you have joined us in our clandestine relationship.”

“Carl told me that he never thought of you sexually until that first time.” Sherry offered. “The touch of your body makes me shiver with desire. I can understand his lust for you.”

They laid together, the mature lady and the young girl.

The mature one with moderately large breast that hung down heavily, not a broad ass but much more ample then the younger and a larger body that was 50 pounds heavier Kartal Escort than the slim young Sherry.

Sherry’s mound and pussy showed not a sign of pubic hair, while her senior had a lavishly thick bush that only thinned out around the labia and only entirely disappeared short of her rosebud.

“This bed is too small!” Sherry protested. “Turn to your back.”

As Ethel maneuvered to her back, she watched the young girl stand and reverse her direction as she reentered the bed, covering her and putting them in a 69 position.

Sherry, as best she could, took care to keep her weight off of the older woman.

Simultaneously, they sought out each other’s pussy as they gripped each other’s ass. Each put tongue to clit.

Had an alien appeared, hovering over life forms it did not understand, it would have appeared as if the two creatures were in a struggle to devour each other. The heavier and older seemingly to be losing the battle to the lighter, younger and more energetic creature atop her.

The alien would notice the older creature’s claws digging in to the younger creature’s skinny backsides trying desperately to draw her into her mouth.

The alien, witnessing this seemingly horrific scene, hearing the moans and groans, in his kindness would want to help and separate the two. But, he was under strict orders not to interfere with the life forms of the planet.

The alien watched the two grapple for a lengthy period until;

Then, oh his alarm, when the older of the two groaned loudly in its death throes as it lifted its bottom half off of the bed in agony. It drove the younger into a frenzzy, its head appeared seemingly to tear at the older.

His sympathy for the older was rallied as the younger creature groaned in her own misery. Though dying, the older was tearing a substantial piece of the younger. The young creature might survive the encounter but no doubt wear a scar.

Shock and surprise would seize the alien as the younger of the two crawled to invert its body over the older. Their appendages wrapping around each other as their ugly faces meshed hungrily together, as the older wrapped her lower beefy appendages around the middle of the younger.

Hearing no more moans and groans of agony, seeing no life-giving liquid seeping from their bodies, it finally dawned on the young alien that all of this must’ve been a mating ritual of some kind.

But they seemed so alike. How could this race multiply?

And then another shock as the younger maneuvered lower to take into its mouth a smallish, robust tidbit atop a larger mount of flesh of the older. Another soft groan emitted by the older, causing her to stroke the other’s head.

Alarm would seize the alien as a larger more muscular creature abruptly entered the room. He would not understand the language but it’s tone seemed upset and angry.

He removed the younger creature from atop the older with little effort, dropping it to the floor. The young creature seemed to cower in fear! More alarm as the alien saw a lengthy appendage sticking from the muscular, seemingly dominant body. It dropped onto the older and shoved the lower appendages of the older poor creature apart, moved between them and stabbed into it with no mercy. He began to stab her slowly but determinedly, over and over and over and over and over. The creature underneath made a feeble attempt to push the aggressor away but it was apparently too exhausted from its previous engagement.

The determination of the larger creature was too great. It soon emitted a wild groan as it stabbed hard and deep into the poor creature beneath him.

Seemingly to have asserted its dominance on the older, he reached to latch onto the younger. Propping it up against the edge of the bed in a submissive posture close to the older creature’s head he offered its now limp appendage to the younger. It accepted it and began to suck on it and in short order it became a weapon once more.

The aggressor lifted the younger and pushed her against the wall, propping one of her lower appendages on the bed, and again, close to the older creature’s head. It said something directed at the older before stabbing the younger causing it to intake breath, seemingly in pain and distress.

Moments after being stabbed, the young creature wrapped all four appendages around the aggressor.

The older creature lying on its back reached between the appendages of the aggressor and took hold a the sack of some sort.

As before, the stronger stabbed the young thing relentlessly but much longer than before until both groaned together.

It seemed the older lying on the bed had a good enough view to witness the assault directly.

Again, the aggressor angrily addressed the two in its unintelligible language.

“Your ass is mine and only mine!” Carl shouted at his mother. “If I choose to share I will be there………watching and participating! And you! You skinny ass bitch! The same goes for you or you can carry your ass elsewhere. If you choose to leave, you best keep your mouth shut!”

“I don’t want to leave Carl.” Sherry quivered a reply.

Carl stomped out of the room.

The alien could stand no more and silently slipped from the scene. He would report that this world was too savage to consider contact.

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