Reversal Ch. 02


Hey gang, just realised I kind of forgot to do a proper preamble to this story. It’s not going to be particularly ambitious or complicated – let’s just enjoy the back and forth and see how Siobhan deals with someone who clearly has her all figured out. What sort of connection will bloom? Who’s to say…


“Mmmmm…” Bella intoned softly, her vibrating mouth still wrapped around Siobhan’s thick member. Lifting her head, she let her lips pop clean off the end of the shaft, grinning with self-satisfaction as she did so. “Yummy. That’s the sort of cock I could be convinced to suck again.” Licking her lips, she captured one stray drop of semen that had slipped out the corner of her mouth. Other than that sole reminder of Siobhan’s shattering climax, there was no evidence to be seen. Bella’s mouth was clean and empty, a fact she seemed smugly proud of as she stuck her tongue out at Siobhan.

“Again…?” Siobhan hated how much that one word thrilled her.

“Not tonight,” Bella added with a smirk. “I think I’ve spoiled you quite enough.” Standing up and stretching luxuriously, she reached for her discarded clothes and began getting dressed again.

“W-wait!” Siobhan struggled to sit up on her elbows, her cock still slick with Bella’s spit even as she felt it slowly deflating, sated. “You’re not leaving?”

Bella raised an eyebrow as she clipped her bralette back on, before shaking out the little black dress she’d tossed aside earlier. “I got what I wanted. Besides, I wouldn’t think you’re in a position to complain either. You ever cum that hard before?”

A deep breath. A moment of inner conflict. “…No,” she admitted. “I think my soul left my body.”

“There you go, then,” Bella said, shimmying the tight dress down her perfect, slender body. “Well done for being honest, though. As a reward… here.” Fishing out a slim silver iPhone from her purse, she unlocked it and tossed it lightly onto Siobhan’s chest. “Put your number in. I’ll call you if I feel like it.”

Siobhan scowled as she managed to sit up, grabbing the phone before it slid off her chest. “For what, a booty call with no booty?” Still, she punched her number in and saved it to contacts, before handing it back.

“Don’t tell me you’re dissatisfied after the fact?” Bella teased, stowing her phone and glancing around the room. Spotting her shoes by the door, she picked her way across to put them on. “Tut tut, Siobhan. I thought we were getting somewhere with you! Do you not want me to call?”

Flushing red, Siobhan averted her gaze and mumbled, “I-I didn’t say that.”

“Good. So, here’s the deal. Take it or leave it. I’ll call you when I want you. Could be tomorrow, could be next month.”

Biting her lip in no small frustration, Siobhan acquiesced. “Right.” She’d had girls who played hard to get before, but Bella gave her the feeling she wouldn’t be able to push her luck. She’d play along if it meant she got to feel that mouth again – or more.

“Oh, and one more thing. If you can keep this thing in your pants until I call, I’ll give you a special treat,” Bella said archly, reaching down to give one last, flirtatious stroke to Siobhan’s flaccid cock, which now lay mostly flat between her thick thighs.

Siobhan gasped at Bella’s touch as much as her words. “Wait, what do you mean?”

One animated eyebrow quirked upwards. “Quite simple, really. If you hold back from cumming until I get my hands on you again, I’ll make it the most mind-blowing orgasm you’ve ever had. That means no sex, no masturbating, nothing.”

“You can’t tell me what to do,” Siobhan objected, stumbling to her feet and tugging her pants up indignantly over her soft, round ass.

Bella shrugged airily. “You’re right, I’d never dream of it. You’re free to do as you like, of course. I don’t own you…” A silent ‘yet’ hovered in the air between them as she paused. “But if you do as I say, I’ll make it worth your while.”

Gnawing on her lower lip, Siobhan narrowed her eyes as she searched for something, anything to say. Eventually she settled on, “…So you’re leaving now? Not going to stay a bit longer?”

“That’s right!” Bella said brightly, slipping her phone back into her purse and quickly checking her hair and makeup in Siobhan’s grimy mirror. Somehow, she displayed not a trace of the sticky mess she’d made of Siobhan’s cock just minutes earlier. Whatever lip liner she was using, Siobhan needed one. “I got what I need, you got what you needed, and we have an arrangement for next time. What else is there? You wanna cuddle?” Her eyes sparkled with amusement at the sour look Siobhan gave her.

Groaning, Siobhan flopped back down onto her bed, waving her hand dismissively. “Fine. I get it. You’re not one to get too friendly too fast.” For reasons she couldn’t quite articulate, even to herself, Bella was starting to piss her off. Although she had just sucked her soul out through her dick… “Bah! You remember the way out, or do you want me Elvankent Escort to walk you down?”

Bella offered another smile as she turned to leave, this one a slight measure gentler. “It’s fine. I stayed here in my first year too. I know my way around.”

That caught Siobhan’s attention, and she almost forgot to be grumpy. “Wait, you’re older than me? No way.”

The little brunette shrugged again, the door handle half-turned. “I graduated a year ago. I only came out tonight for a bit of nostalgia, honestly. Didn’t expect a what, eighteen-year-old futa to start grinding up on me like that.”

Siobhan flushed red for what felt like the thousandth time last night. “I turn nineteen in a few months!” she protested.

“Aww! You’re a real big girl, then! Eighteen and three-quarters!” Bella giggled, putting on the same exaggerated tone one would use with a particularly precocious four-year-old. “But anyway, I have to get to my grown-up job in the morning, so I’ll be taking my leave. This was fun, sweetie. Remember the deal – I’ll call you when I have time. Ta-ta now!” And just like that, she was gone, the door snapping quietly shut behind her, leaving only a faint whiff of her floral perfume.

Siobhan sat in silence. She blinked slowly, taking a deep, shuddery breath and trying to piece together what had just happened. Her normal hookups took a very predictable pattern. Go to a student bar, find a pretty girl. Dance with her, figure out whether she’s cool with futas (if not, return to step one). Bring her home, make out for a bit, shock her with the size of her cock (preening optional), blowjob or similar foreplay, then roll on an XXL condom and rail her till she screams. Fall asleep exhausted and sticky, wake up all gross and take a shower together. Probably fuck again in the bathroom. Send her home, apologise to floormates. Rinse and repeat the following weekend.

Bella… had thrown a wrench in those plans.

She hadn’t let Siobhan kiss or even touch her.

She hadn’t seemed particularly awed by her size, merely appreciative.

And she’d made Siobhan cum from oral alone. That wasn’t unheard of, but it had never been so fast or so… draining. Normally, she could finish two or three times throughout a session. Right now, however, she honestly didn’t think she could even get hard again if she tried. Convincing Bella to stay would have wound up being more embarrassing than letting her leave.

Sighing, she picked herself up from her bed and crossed to the same mirror that Bella had just used. Though it was a worn, scratched old thing provided by the college like all her other furnishings, it sufficed to show Siobhan a view of herself head to toe. She had been a farm girl all her life, a fact anyone could tell at a glance from her broad shoulders, stocky torso and six-foot frame. Some less-than-kind acquaintances even dared to call her mannish, despite the tumbling locks of voluminous red hair and, perhaps more importantly, her large chest.

It wasn’t as if she wasn’t happy with her tits. She was huge both above and below, and when she got naked with someone smaller, it filled her with a rush of pride to see the contrast. But when she was out and about, she found it more comfortable to wear clothes that were a bit more neutral. Her favourite jeans – the ones she wore now – made her butt look fantastic, and the black-and-white striped t-shirt was… a little tight, but otherwise didn’t draw too much attention to her endowment.

Forcibly dragging herself out of her depressingly narcissistic fugue, Siobhan sighed and mimed a slap towards the mirror. Pull yourself together, girl. She didn’t leave because she thought you were ugly – she would never have come home with you in the first place!

Slapping her freckled cheeks to wake herself up, Siobhan took a deep, refreshing breath and reached for her makeup remover. A hot shower, then bed, that was what she needed. Maybe she’d even make it to that 8am lecture.


The next day, Siobhan woke with the fiercest morning wood she’d ever experienced.

“Fuck…” Siobhan groaned sleepily, kicking the blanket aside to assess the powerful ache building in her nether region. The loose boxers she used as pyjamas were tented viciously, their flimsy cotton straining to contain the bulk of her bulging cock. As she rolled onto her back, the waistband even lifted up a little, giving her a glance at her own swollen member, clearly recovered and ready to go after last night. Smiling blearily, she glanced across at her alarm clock.

“Yeah… I’ve got time,” she mumbled, reaching down to shimmy her boxers down her thick, smooth thighs. Her cock bounced out, apparently glad to be free as it reached for the ceiling, eleven thick, immense inches of girldick that pulsed gently in the morning sunlight that leaked through her curtains.

It wasn’t unusual for Siobhan to masturbate every day. While Beşevler Escort she only had so much time (and money) for going out to clubs or bars to hook up, jerking off had been a favourite pastime of hers ever since she’d figured out what it was. Teenage hormones had obviously played a part in that, she reflected as she wrapped both hands around her cock, letting out a sweet sigh of relief as the hot, thick shaft settled between her palms. Still, she had a feeling it wasn’t normal to be quite this horny all the time.

It was manageable, though, which was all that mattered. Wriggling back down into the warm nest of her tangled sheets, Siobhan let her imagination wander as she pleasured herself. She felt her balls twitch between her thighs as she warmed herself up. There was something delightfully naughty about this being the very first thing she did after waking, and the thought spurred her on. Slowly, she ran her hands up and down her length, squeezing gently and watching the thick, stretched skin of her cock shifting subtly as she tugged on it. The manicure tipping her long, strong fingers was faded and chipping, she noticed absently.

Trembles of pleasure started trickling through her body, slowly waking her up. As she masturbated, she kicked her pyjama bottoms off, wriggling her hips pleasurably and spreading her legs out. It felt delightful to be lying in bed like this, cock out in the early morning with nobody to distract her from pumping it to what would surely be a splendid orgasm. After last night, she kind of needed it. She let her eyes drift closed again, thinking back on the petite little brunette that had barely stayed twenty minutes, but had made her cum like a firehouse straight down her throat, swallowing every drop…


“Please, fuck me,” Bella begged. Her sweet, wide brown eyes were anguished as she lay, legs spread, on Siobhan’s bed. She was naked this time, those mint-green panties hanging from one ankle and her fingers spreading her glistening, neatly shaved pussy open as she pleaded with Siobhan with a thick, teary voice. “I need it! I need your cock!”

“That’s more like it,” Siobhan chuckled triumphantly as she climbed slowly onto the bed, looming over the smaller woman. She was naked too this time, her breasts hanging heavily between them, nipples brushing Bella’s chest with every movement. Wasting no time, she gave her cock a perfunctory stroke before guiding it down into Bella’s sex. Since this was only a fantasy, she had no reason to hold back or take things slowly. Instead, she braced herself with both hands on the bed and immediately drove her cock balls deep into the little tease.

“Ohh, ffffffffuck me!” Bella wailed, slamming her head back into the pillow as her hips rose reflexively to meet Siobhan’s. Her stomach distended visibly from the sheer length and girth of the futanari’s cock, a bump tracing a line almost up to her belly button as Siobhan slammed her cock home. Bella cried out unrestrainedly, her mouth hanging open as wordless sounds came babbling forth.

Siobhan grinned. No longer was the little minx acting like she was just so tough. “You’re tight,” she groaned. “Just like I knew you’d be.” Lifting her hips again, she started fucking Bella in earnest, jostling her up the bed with every slow, powerful thrust. “This is better, isn’t it? No more trying to boss me around! Just lie there and mmmph, take it!”

Bella looped her arms deliriously around Siobhan’s neck, shakily tugging her closer. “P-please,” she stammered, her eyes unfocused as she tried to look Siobhan in the eyes, “please fuck me harder!”

“Fuck, you little slut! I’ll fill you with my cum! I’ll knock you up!” She was raving now, sounding less and less like herself with every word, but she felt her orgasm approaching and she was going to take full advantage of not having to worry about getting a daydream pregnant. “Gonna cum!” she groaned.

“Oh?” Bella’s eyes suddenly locked onto Siobhan’s directly, a familiar smirk wiping away the tableau of mindless pleasure in an instant. “And who told you you were allowed to do that, hmm?”


Siobhan’s eyes snapped open wide, her hand freezing mid-stroke on her throbbing cock. She gasped for breath, casting her gaze around the room. Panting like an athlete who’d just run a 200-metre dash, she watched as a single, slovenly bead of precum oozed from the tip of her shaft and slid glacially down the side, rolling over her thumb before continuing down her wrist.

The memories of the previous evening came rolling back. Bella had asked – no, told her not to cum until she called. But Siobhan didn’t have to listen to her.


Hissing in frustration, she released her thick, dripping cock, letting it spring away from her fingers. “Fuckin’ hell,” she swore aloud, running a hand through her hair. Why was she even entertaining this? Bella didn’t control her. Hell, it’s not like Cebeci Escort she’d even know. If they hooked up again in a week, two weeks, even tomorrow, there’d be no way she could tell if Siobhan had busted a nut in secret.

Wait, why am I even rationalising it? I don’t have to explain myself to her. Huffing, Siobhan grasped her still-throbbing cock again…

…and then let it go. “Fuck. Fine.” She’d play along. Next time she met Bella, she’d meet her on an equal footing. Give her nothing. No excuses for being bitchy – if Siobhan kept her end of the bargain, Bella would have to deliver.

Besides, all she had to do was not jerk off for a while. It wasn’t as if it was a tall order.


Siobhan made it a week. Not even a week, really – it had been Sunday night when Bella left her with that promise, and it was 10:17 p.m. on Friday that Siobhan found herself at the same club once again. Her classes had kept her sufficiently distracted throughout the week, with professors piling on more and more homework. By the time Friday evening rolled around, however, it was growing difficult to focus. Her cock seemed to have become significantly more sensitive after not being touched for a few days; it frequently hardened at the slightest provocation. Siobhan had always been quick to arousal, but now she found herself walking on eggshells.

8:23 p.m. had been her breaking point. After a close encounter with a cute neighbour wearing only a towel on the way back from a shower caused her cock to painfully all but burst out of her jeans – or at least, that was what it felt like – Siobhan stormed back into her room, swiftly did her makeup, and booked an Uber.

Club Indigo was, as usual for a Friday night, packed with eighteen-to-twenty-somethings. The dancefloor heaved to the trashy, pounding EDM, the heady smell of sweat and booze already filtering through the hot air.

Within ten minutes Siobhan had found her mark. Twenty minutes later their bodies rocked together as the music blared, dance moves blurring together as hands roved cheekily.

The girl – a bright, peppy blonde that Siobhan vaguely recognised from stats class – tossed her hair and lifted her arms, up and back around Siobhan’s neck. At the same time, she arched her back and bumped her sweet, round ass back into Siobhan’s crotch.

“I knew you were into girls!” Siobhan murmur-shouted, her lips right up against the blonde’s ear but her words still almost drowned out by the music.

Winking playfully, the girl – Jessica, she’d said – twirled against Siobhan, tucking herself into the taller girl’s chest as her hands landed on Siobhan’s shoulders. “Life’s too short to be completely straight,” she giggled. “You wanna make out? You’re so pretty.”

For some reason, Siobhan forgot what she’d been about to say. Instead, she ducked her head and let her lips crash against Jessica’s as they danced – or rather, tried to keep dancing (it was more difficult than she’d expected).

Ten minutes later, she finally surfaced, her lipstick almost completely kissed away. Fuck, she was hard. It was a wonder Jessica hadn’t noticed.

“You wanna show me what you’re working with down there?”

Okay, maybe she had noticed. Siobhan felt a grin creep onto her kiss-drunk lips. “You don’t mind?”

Jessica’s sharp blue eyes looked positively ravenous. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips against Siobhan’s ear and whispered dramatically, “I haven’t been fucked properly since I dumped my stupid ex. Your place or mine?”

Siobhan groaned involuntarily, sliding her hands over the blonde’s hips, rumpling her short blue dress. This was almost too good to be true. “I don’t think I can wait that long,” she confessed. She had a hard time remembering the last time she’d gone five days without an orgasm. Bella asked for the impossible.

Screw Bella.


The ladies’ room at Club Indigo was not the most glamorous location for a hookup, but with Jessica’s tongue down her throat, Siobhan forgot her objections. At least it was reasonably clean, being early in the evening. She’d seen it in far worse shape, stumbling in at 2am before going home.

This felt right. She shoved Jessica against a sink, relishing the fact that the blonde didn’t fuss, push her away, or try and make up any new rules on the spot. She just giggled against Siobhan’s lips, her sloppy tongue begging for attention as she threw her arms around Siobhan’s shoulders. A pair of drunk girls squeaked at the sight, giggling hysterically as they finished fixing their makeup, ogling the kissing couple in the mirror.

“Cubicle!” Jessica panted, barely breaking the rough, wet kiss.

Wrenching her away from the sinks, Siobhan kicked open a door behind her – the handicapped stall – and almost threw the giggly blonde through, pinning her to the wall with the considerable full length of her body.

Jessica let out a breathy little ‘oof’ of surprise, reaching around to squeeze Siobhan’s generous ass. “How are you so stacked, like, everywhere?” she grumbled, wiggling pleasurably as Siobhan’s fingers made their way to the hem of her skirt. “Fat ass, big yitties, it’s not fair!”

“You haven’t seen my dick yet,” Siobhan teased, though it wouldn’t have surprised her if the rock hard member was visible even through her jeans.

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