Reunited with Vicki’s Vagina


When I received the invitation, it arrived at an opportune time. My girlfriend and I were wondering where we could go to get away for a few days. The invitation was to a family reunion to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of Vicki’s parent’s wedding day. It was being held at the Marriott in Atlanta, so I made reservations there for my girlfriend and me.

At the reception, there were many relatives whom I had not seen in fifteen years or more. Thankfully, everyone wore name tags and that helped to identify who was related to whom. I was standing at the bar, waiting for drinks that I ordered for Rachel and me.

Suddenly, someone put her lips close to my ear and asked, “Hey, stranger, would you like me to sit on your face?”

I turned and recognized Vicki, who had grown up in a very nice way. She sat on the stool next to me. Her hair was short, much shorter than when I last saw her. She had and needed little makeup. She wore a silk blouse that allowed a good image of her nipples underneath, and the blouse had a low neck which advertised luscious cleavage. Her short skirt slid up to reveal her thighs. She always did have nice legs.

“Hello, Vicki. I’m fine and thanks for asking,” I said with a hint of sarcasm.

She smiled that beautiful smile and asked, “But you DO remember how I used to sit on your face, right? I mean, you really loved it.”

“How could I forget? You never forget your first. How have you been?”

“I am living the dream, with a good job that I love and that allows me to go where I want. Met a guy, fell in love, had a kid, he cheated on me, so I divorced him and he and took custody of the kid. But since we’ve run into each other, I’d love to get together with you and maybe relive some old times?”

“Thanks, but I’m dating a wonderful Bostancı Escort girl. As a matter of fact, she is sitting at the table talking to your parents now.”

Vicki looked over at the host table. “Oh, you mean the girl in the blue dress and auburn hair?”

“That’s Rachel, my girlfriend.”

Vicki smiled. “She’s hot, Will. Does she sit on your face for you?”

“That’s a little crude, Vicki.”

“But I know how you used to beg for it. Damn, Will, I’d let her sit on MY face.”

The bartender gave me our drinks and I turned to walk away and join Rachel at the table. Vicki yelled at my back, “Ask her if she’d like a threesome!”

For the next half hour, Rachel and I mingled so I could introduce her to some family members. At one point, she handed me her drink so she could go to the ladies’ restroom. She seemed to have been gone for an unusually long time, and when she returned, she took her drink glass from me and said, “I think we need to talk.”

We walked outside on the patio and sat on a concrete bench. “Is there something wrong?” I asked.

“I just spent a few minutes in the bathroom listening to your cousin, Vicki, tell me all about your sex life when you were teenagers.”

“Vicki has probably had too much to drink, Rachel, don’t pay any attention to what she said.”

“Vicki told me that she doesn’t drink, and she was very serious. She even flirted with me, by the way. She told me the thing you crave the most is to have a girl sit on your face. Is that right?”

“Well, I enjoy it, yeah, but it’s just another position to get in to give oral sex.”

“You’ve given me oral sex, and orgasms lots of times but never asked to do it that way. Why not? Am I too heavy or something?”

“No! No, no, God no, Rachel. It’s Ümraniye Escort just a little embarrassing to ask a girl to do that. I mean, it’s just a personal thing with me because of how we first did it; it has nothing to do with you.”

“Why did you do it so much with Vicki? She said you couldn’t get enough.”

“Look, let’s discuss this some other time; I’m getting frustrated trying to explain it anyway.” I took my drink and went back into the party. I mulled around another half hour and when I went looking for Rachel, someone said she stormed out, which meant she was back in our room. I decided to let her calm down while I thought about how to settle the issue.

(What I didn’t know at that point was that upstairs, Rachel was lying naked on our bed and Vicki, also naked was sitting on her face giving her instructions.)

“When you get ready to do it, just tell him you want to sit on his face and don’t take “no” for an answer. Position yourself just like this on his face, and lean back just a little, like I am doing, to push your pussy right against his mouth.”

“That’s it, Rachel, he will immediately start licking just like you are. Let him do it until you get good and wet, then lift up a little, like this…just enough to rub your wet pussy across his face. Men love it. And Will really loves it. When you settle back down, he will try to suck you dry.”

“Just lick my clit, nice and slow, Rachel. That’s it…perfect.”

“Talk to him. Make him do what YOU want; tell him to lick faster or slower or even to stop; it will drive him nuts. Tell him to tongue you and then reach back and stroke his cock. You’ll be amazed how hard it will be. Tell him to eat your cunt; that word drives him wild; and you’ll be surprised how far he will jam Anadolu Yakası Escort his tongue inside you.”

“Squeeze your thighs firmly against the sides of his face. I guarantee that will make him moan. Rub your fingers through his hair and tell him what a good boy he is; men love to hear that when they’re eating your pussy. Make him stroke his cock while he eats you. Tell him he can’t come until he makes you come. He’ll whine like a baby.”

“Make him suck your clit so you can come; he knows how to use just the right amount of suction and pressure to give you a good orgasm that way. If you want to embarrass him, ride his face, hard, rubbing your pussy across it, and even if you don’t come, pretend that you do. He won’t be able to restrain his need to come and he’ll shoot his load while you’re riding his face.”

“Then get on your hands and knees and move down so you are face to face. Kiss his messy wet mouth and tell him to fuck you. He’ll roll you over and give you the hardest, longest fuck of your life. You know he won’t be able to come again soon so you can enjoy it and maybe even get off again.”

“And by the way, Rachel, you may not know it, but I have had three orgasms while you’ve been licking me. That’s something you should practice; don’t let him know you had an orgasm and he’ll just keep licking and sucking you for as long as you want.”

As Vicki was getting dressed to leave, Rachel remained lying on the bed. “When he gets here, I’m going to sit on his face and drown him. I’m soaked down there.”

“It was nice meeting you, Rachel. I never intended to do anything with Will, I just wanted to tease him. He loves being teased. As much as I would love to dive into your beautiful pussy myself, I respect your asking me for advice on how to please him. Have fun.”

“Thanks, Vicki; this has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me.”

(When I came back to our room, Rachel told me all about Vicki’s visit. But not until after she sat on my face and drove me to the point of fucking her brains out that night.)

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