Red Canna Massage Parlor Room 01

Big Tits

(I will be returning to my HTD series. I just needed a break. If this becomes a series, it will probably be an anthology series. Meaning, several random stories from this specific massage parlor.)

______Room 1________

Over the past two years Taylor had lost nearly a hundred pounds of fat and put on about 50 pounds of muscle. Despite this fact, he still had body issues. He tended to only see his imperfections, which made him extra shy with women. This was compounded by the fact that he had been raised to believe that sex was for marriage.

He still loved this idea, but at 38 he was starting to question that. More specifically, his libido was screaming for release by something other than his own hand. Only a few of his closest friends new he watched porn online, which was almost as bad as actually having sex according to his peer group.

Despite this, he couldn’t bring himself to violate that one sacred rule. He’d done a few things with past girlfriends. Made out, played with their tits, even fingered them and received a hand job. But sex was a hard boundary for him. Lately though, he had been fantasizing about a woman forcing him to have sex. Whether at gun point, blackmail, or just simply getting him so hot that he couldn’t think straight.

On top of his list of women that he wished would force him into sex, was his masseuse, Mila. She actually looked quite similar to her namesake Mila Kunis. Shoulder length black hair, hazel eyes, and a mostly slim figure. She had a sexy amount of feminine muscle as well as 32D tits vs. Kunis’ 32B

Red Canna Massage Parlor was a very relaxed local business. They only started accepting debit cards a few years prior and started using computer’s for reservations a few months ago. The most casual thing about them was their uniform policy. There was none.

No, they didn’t walk around nude, but they had no set uniform. So, the masseuses could wear whatever they wanted. Typically, this just meant comfortable clothes. Jeans and sweaters in the winter, shorts and t-shirts in the summer. Whatever Mila wore though, she always looked sexy.

This worried Taylor at first, he had to close his eyes and focus on something else so that he would not get an erection. He grew accustomed to Mila’s wardrobe over time, that, and he masturbated in the parlor’s bathroom before she started rubbing on him. An erection would be embarrassing, cumming in front of her would be mortifying, even in spite of his fantasy.

Taking these steps, and through Mila’s prompting over his time of seeing her, he had gradually started wearing less and less clothes under the blanket. When he first came in he would wear briefs, workout shorts, and a t-shirt. Now, he was comfortable enough to just wear the briefs.

Mila had also boosted his confidence. She complimented on Taylor’s physique frequently. Which is something he desperately needed. Almost any other guy would notice Mila’s interest and ask her out, but Taylor was clueless to her advances.

“Taylor, how are you?” Mila walked up and hugged him.

“I’m great. You?” Taylor maneuvered into a side hug so that Mila couldn’t feel his slowly growing erection at the sight of her. Today, She was wearing super short jean shorts and a white tank top that showed off plenty of cleavage. And of course, as always, no shoes. She never wore shoes at work. Taylor wondered if she ever wore shoe’s outside of work either.

“I’m good. Anything sore today?

“My legs and glutes. Yesterday was leg day.”

“I thought it looked like your thigh’s had a little extra pump in them.”

Taylor new she was kidding, but he still reveled in the compliment by his ultra sexy crush. Mila dropped to her knees in front of him and started feeling his thigh from outside his shorts. Looking down at her, Taylor could see nearly see her belly button between her cleavage, her shirt was so loose.

He felt himself getting a pump in a different muscle, and so he looked up at the room nearby. “Is this us?”

“Yes, go on in and get changed and get under the blanket.”

“OK, thanks.”

I wasn’t until Taylor closed the door behind him that he realized that he forgot to go to the bathroom to relieve his balls first. The problem was, he was now fully erect, and he wasn’t going to be able to hide his eight inches. Thinking fast, he decided on a stupid idea, but the only one available.

Every room had a box of tissues and a trash can. These weren’t supplied for patrons to masturbate into, but in a pinch they were handy. Taylor quickly stripped nude and through all his clothes into a pile in the corner. He had to be fast. Thankfully, he was so turned on that that wouldn’t be an issue.

He quickly spent his wad into a couple tissues that were barely able to contain his load. He wrapped those tissues into more tissues and through the whole bundle away. Then he heard the knock on the door.

Taylor panicked and quickly jumped under the sheets. His clothes were on the other side of the room, and he didn’t have enough time to throw his underwear Şerifali Escort back on before climbing into bed.

He was just covering himself and face planting into the donut shaped massage pillow when he heard the door open.

Mila was a little surprised by all the movement she saw when she stepped in, but thought nothing about it at first. But then she noticed Taylor’s underwear in the corner. This gave her a couple different emotions. First off, she felt so happy that Taylor finally felt comfortable enough to be nude under the blanket with her.

Second though, she also felt incredibly turned on. She had always gotten a little wet whenever she got to rub all over Taylor’s taught muscles. She would even go into the bathroom and masturbate as soon as she finished. It always left a big mess with her squirting like a fountain. But she couldn’t help herself.

Seeing his underwear was an even bigger turn on for her. People always talked about guy’s having panty fetish’s, no one ever stopped to think that women could have the same fetish. And she did, bad.

“OK, now just relax and I’ll start in just a minute. I just have to get a few things set up.”

She walked to his clothes in the corner, bent over, and delicately picked up his underwear. She quietly sniffed the crotch and felt her heartbeat start to race. Then she noticed a small wet stain. She was about to be grossed out by the thought of having just smelled his pee, but then she realized that’s not what it was.

The smell, color, and look were easy to figure out. It was precum. She glanced over at Taylor to make sure he wasn’t looking and dabbed her tongue to it. It was definitely cum, and Mila had to check her own crotch to make sure she wasn’t leaking any erotic juices.

Mila quickly put them back down and walked to the other side of the table. The smell of his cum actually got stronger though. Then she noticed a big wad of tissues in the trash can. She just instinctively knew what was in there. Mila had to physically restrain herself from digging them out and licking them clean.

Taylor was getting nervous that she discovered what he had done. She never took this long to get started. Just as his heart was about to burst out of his chest, and he was going to confess everything, Mila spoke.

“OK, let’s smooth this sheet out first.”

Mila moved to the head of the bed, took the hem of the sheets and started flourishing them out several times. Taylor froze. She had never done this before, and there was no way she couldn’t see his entire back side as she fluffed the linens. Suddenly, a strange smell wafted to his nose and made him relax.

“Is that some kind of incense burning?”

“No, why?”

“I smell something. It’s kind of sweet, like molasses.”

Mila stopped fluffing the blanket immediately. She sounded suddenly nervous in her reply. “Oh, um, that’s… That’s just my new perfume. Is it to strong?”

“No, it’s great. It’s actually quite relaxing.”

“OH, great. I’ll start with your legs.” As soon as Mila moved away from Taylor’s head, the smell faded.

Mila couldn’t believe her body was betraying her like that. The sweet smell was unmistakably her pussy. She felt it starting to warm when she snuck a look at Taylor’s glute’s, that could have been chiseled out of granite. She quickly pulled the sheet back off of his right leg and started tucking it under.

That was all standard operating procedures until she accidentally felt his toilet paper roll sized member through the sheet. She felt her pussy starting to drip. Even more so after she pushed the sheet up, and uncovered about half his but cheek. She so badly wanted to lean down and bite the muscle.

She looked down and noticed that the crotch of her jean shorts were starting to get a little wet. The longer this massage went on, the more soaked they were going to get. If she didn’t do something, she was going to look like she wet herself before she was done. The only possible option was to take off her shorts and underwear though.

That was a horrible option, but as log as he didn’t look up, he would probably never know. So, as quietly as she could, she wiggled out of the tight shorts and her red scrunch back panties. The smell of her pussy filled the room now that it was uninhibited by her clothes.

“Did you spray more of that perfume?” Taylor asked.

“Oh, um, yea, you said you like it, so I thought I would put more into the air.”


“Yea, no, problem.”

Mila began massaging Taylor’s calf, but everything was beginning to be a bit much for her. Her horniness was clouding her thinking. She had to find a way to relieve her tension without him finding out.

When she moved up to his hamstrings, she figured out what she could do. She started flexing her hips back and forth and humping the corner of the bed. She timed her movements with her hands on his leg so that he wouldn’t notice the extra movement.

Mila was just about to cum, when she realized that she needed to Göztepe Escort move on to his glutes. The problem was she couldn’t effectively reach his glutes and still hump the corner of the table. She couldn’t stop now though, so she tried her riskiest maneuver yet.

Taylor noticed she was bumping the table a little more than normal, but he didn’t care. He was to busy trying to think of something else as her hands slowly crept closer and closer to his butt.

“I’m going to try something new if that’s OK with you?”

“Um, sure, what’s that?”

“I have this special tool that I’m going to use to massage your heel as I massage your glute. You know, since those two are so intrinsically connected.”

“Yea, that makes sense.”

Taylor felt Mila move his leg partially off the bed and place something warm, wet, and soft on his heel. The object seemed to flex and pull as it moved up and down. Taylor knew deep down what was actually on his heel, but he was too embarrassed and turned on to admit it to even his conscious mind.

Then she started on his glutes. That started normal enough. Mila used her elbow to dig deep into the fascia. Every few seconds her elbow shifted to a different part of his cheek and continued its circles. Over time, the sheet covering half his butt cheek road up further and further until he could tell it was completely exposed.

Taylor felt embarrassed and ashamed, but turned on as well. He felt himself starting to grow, but with the bed in the way, the shaft lengthened straight down. He was too ashamed to speak up, and so he tried to control his rapid breathing.

But then he heard Mila breathing heavily too. “Are you OK?”

Breathlessly, Mila answered. “Yea…” Her voice was shaky, “Why…Why do you ask?”

“Well, you’e breathing really heavily.”

“OH, that’s… That’s just because this new machine is hard to manipulate.”

Taylor started to lift his head to tell her that she didn’t have to use it, but Mila reached up and shoved his head back down. “Don’t look up! I’m sorry, um… It’s just that this machine sporadically squirts out lubrication and I don’t want it getting in your eyes.”

“Thanks.” Taylor said awkwardly.

Mila knew she needed to stop after that close call, but she couldn’t. She was too close to cumming. She continued grinding her pussy into Taylor’s heel and groping his butt. It could not be called massaging in any way at this point. It was all she could do not to grope the thick rod that she could see growing under the sheet.

She couldn’t help herself anymore. “I’m going to try a little acupressure, so you might feel a tiny sting.”


Mila bent down and gave his cheek a love bite, and that was all she needed. She came and squirt all over the back of his leg. Once she came down from her high, she covered his right glute and leg and moved onto the left.

“You were right, that machine did squirt a lot of lubrication.”

Mila simply hummed an affirmative as she realized that she would have to do the same thing to his left leg. A part of her worried that this doubled the chance of him finding out, but there was a bigger part that was still extremely horny.

She copied everything she did with the right side, on the left. But when she got to his hamstring, she let the back of her fingers graze the underside of his shaft every time she pushed up. Mila knew she was playing with fire, but this was her concession to not getting to take the giant sausage into her mouth.

Taylor felt her finger graze his shaft over and over again. It was driving him wild. He wasn’t sure if she was doing it on purpose, but if she kept it up, he would end up cumming on her bed. But still he said nothing out of shame. He had never cum with his penis aiming downward before, and the idea sounded painful. It was already painful in the way it was restricted.

Right when Taylor was about to have a very painful cum, Mila stopped and stepped away from him. He heard some rustling, and then she said, “Sorry, I forgot something outside. I’ll be right back.”

As soon as he heard the door close, Taylor jumped up and shot a massive load into the trash can. He cleaned up with the tissue and jumped back in bed just as he heard the knock again.

Mila at the last second had realized that she had been causing Taylor pain by getting him hard with it in the down position. Unable to think of another way around the situation, she quickly threw on her shorts and exited the room. She short-changed herself of another orgasm, but the last thing she wanted to do was embarrass Taylor.

When she came back in he was just settling back underneath the blanket. Thankfully for her, she did manage to catch a brief glimpse of his deflating erection as he tried to hurry back under the covers. That just continued to stir her arousal.

She decided to skip going back to the legs, but knew she needed to finish the left glute. She mustered all of her will power to massage it like normal, and not bite it, before moving on Ümraniye Escort to his lower back.

Taylor couldn’t believe how lucky he got with her needing to leave the room. Everything seemed to be calming down now too. She wasn’t doing anything overtly sexual anymore as she worked her way up his back.

When She got to his shoulders, he saw her feet appear in his line of sight through the donut pillow. Taylor wasn’t into feet, but hers were actually quite beautiful, especially with the bright red polish on the nails. The legs they were attached to weren’t bad either.

Mila then squat down and started massaging his scalp. But when she did this, he could see right down her shirt. Mostly he just saw her amazing cleavage. But with he movements, he sporadically got glimpses of her thick eraser like nipples. He wanted to close his eyes to preserve her modesty, but he just couldn’t. So he just watched as her tits danced and wiggled back and forth in front of his eyes for several minutes.

Finally, she stood again and began massaging his lats. Mila grabbed Taylor’s arms and positioned them into a superman pose extending off the front of the table. She then went back to massaging his lats, but she quickly seemed to grow a little frustrated about something.

“Taylor, just relax your arms.”

“I’m sorry, I’m trying to, but they keep wanting to fall to the sides of the table.”

“Here, I have an idea.” Mila took his hands and stuck them into the back pockets of her jeans. “This way they will stay put automatically.”

Taylor could not believe his hands were on her butt. He had wanted to grab her cheeks from the moment he saw them. He worked hard not to grope her though. That would be a violation of trust in his mind. She trusted him enough to put his hands in such a personal area.

They weren’t there long before Taylor yanked them out and seized up in pain. Mila had found an especially tough and painful knot in his back.

“Shhh, it’s OK, it’s OK.” She cajoled gently. “We’ll get this kink worked out together. Just put her hands back into my pockets. Squeeze as much as you need to work through the pain.”

“Are you sure?”


“OK.” Taylor said, before shoving his hands back into her pockets. Except, he knew immediately that he went a layer too deep. He fest denim on the back of his hands, but flesh and a satiny material on his palms. He had his hands directly on her panties and butt.

Before he could pull them out and apologize profusely, Mila started on the knot in his back. He gripped her cheeks tightly as they rode out this storm together. He re-gripped several more times until her panties had bunched up into her crack, and he was holding raw flesh. Taylor had never felt so much pain and pleasure simultaneously in his life.

His hands reached further and further in, until his fingers felt wetness, and his right pointer finger was in something wet and soft. He was horrified at how he was man handling her, but all he could focus on was the pain as it slowly began to subside.

When it was finally gone, Taylor said, “I’m sorry. My finger’s not in your butt is it?”

Mila laughed. “It’s in a hole, but it’s definitely not my butt.”

“Sorry.” Taylor said again.

“I’d have an easier time believing that apology if you weren’t still fingering me.”

Taylor immediately pulled his hands out and sat up on the bed, completely forgetting that he was naked. Mila took notice of Taylor’s shaft and ached for it to be in her mouth.

“I’m so sorry, please don’t tell anyone. I’ll do anything to make it up to you.”

“Anything?” Mila asked with a cocked eyebrow.


Mila eyed him for a second, before walking around in front of him and kissed him passionately. Her left hand laced through his hair, while her right hand curled around his growing erection. She slowly pumped him up and down. Taylor had no blood in his head to make any more objections.

Taylor reached forward and unbuttoned her shorts and shoved them down, quickly followed by her panties. His fingers slid up and down across her lips before entering her with his finger.

They made out like this for several minutes before Mila began kissing her way down his chest. Her tongue traced a circle around his nipple which made him moan. She continued down until she took her long awaited prize into her mouth. Her beautiful hazel eyes stared up into his as she engulfed him over and over again.

After about a minute of this, Taylor raised her up and lifted her shirt over her head. He stared dumbly at her exquisite tits.

Mila caught his eye and said in a gentle voice, “It’s OK.” Then she brought his head to her chest, and he suckled like a newborn. He spent what felt like an eternity on her breasts, before she pushed him to his back and climbed onto the table with him.

Mila lowered her pussy onto his lips, and returned her lips to his shaft. Taylor needed no further instruction on the 69 position as they voraciously consumed each other. Taylor’s hands wandered over Mila’s back and butt, while she gently fondled his balls like they were delicate eggs.

Mila came and squirted all over Taylor’s face as her pelvis shook uncontrollably. If she hadn’t had his shaft in her mouth, she wouldn’t have been able to keep from crying out.

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