Reconnecting Ch. 05


I woke, stretched my arms up and looked around, taking a second to orient myself to the new day. Recalling the events of the evening, I smiled. The clock radio on the nightstand read 9:34 so I was not surprised to be alone. JD has always been an early riser. He was probably long gone, hard at work on whatever landscaping or construction job he had at present.

Looking forward to some alone time, I pulled the sheet off my naked body, and rose slowly, definitely feeling some ache from the night’s unbridled pounding. I ran through a few Chi Kung exercises to loosen up my body some and get my blood flowing. JD had left a note on the nightstand, in a heart, he’d written, “I’ll call you”.

After using the toilet, I considered taking a long bath, but instead opted for a shower. The thought of a long soak sounded good, however, this particular tub and bathroom wasn’t terribly inviting. As I lathered up and enjoyed the warm water falling over me, my mind was more than just a little preoccupied with scenes and sensations of my first time with two cocks.

Clean, though not quite rejuvenated, I stepped out of the shower, taking my body wash and shampoo with me. I quickly dressed, and gathered up my stuff to pack it back in my little duffel bag. Having friends that did time cleaning hotels rooms, I made sure to pack up my stuff, and do a quick clean up. I threw all the bedding back onto the bed and gathered up all the used towels in a pile beside the shower.

From my backpack, I pulled out my wallet and took out a few dollar bills. Throwing the pack over my shoulder, I wrote a quick note of thanks and placed it and the money on the counter by the sink where I was sure the cleaning person would find it.

Stepping out the door, as usual, I stopped briefly to take one last look, and think if I’d forgotten anything. Keycard in hand, I shut the door and pulled over the second strap of my backpack. I looked over at Wade’s room. No sign of life there. Probably, he was off at work as well.

Heading down the stairs, I didn’t see anyone else around as I made my way out of the hotel and to the sidewalk along the main road. Given all the noises last night, I let out a deep breath when I’d cleared the scene.

I walked briskly a couple blocks down, until I arrived at a storage lot. Typing in the code at the gate, I waited briefly until I could walk through. My space was towards the back. I waved and smiled at the fellow in the office, he’d cut me a great deal to only rent for a week.

I had a pretty large unit, enough to fit my home of the last few years, an Airstream sport 16 towed behind my truck. Whenever I ventured back into cities, I always tried to rent a storage unit to try deterring theft. I could lock things down well in my Airstream and truck, but not much I could do about someone deciding to drive off with all of it.

It definitely ran costs up a little higher, but thankfully, I seldom had to stay long in the big cities. The beauty of mobile living was being able to flee these areas for the wide-open expanse of the desert, where I spent most of my time.

I flipped on the light, closed the unit’s door behind me, unlocked my Airstream and headed inside. After tossing my pack onto the bed, I turned on my coffee maker, got together the fixings for a mocha, and pulled out a fresh blueberry muffin from the basket of goodies I’d picked up yesterday morning.

With my tray of food and java, I took it with me and sat cross-legged on the bed, leaning against the wall. From my pack, I took out my laptop and opened to my journal. It was already pretty late to record the latest information, and staring at the screen as I sipped from my coffee, I found my mind unable to put much effort into the project anyway.

One thought kept playing over and over in my mind; I had sex with two men last night. I had sex with two men last night AND had the opportunity to do it again tonight, maybe, probably.

I closed my laptop, and moved it away. Leaning back to nibble on my muffin and sip from my mug, I let my mind work through where my crotch had led me last night. Shaking my head, I thought of when I so sternly felt nothing but “NO! No way!”

The trick now was to decide if I’d let myself explore new experiences, or surrendered my soul for one night’s pleasures. Was I a newborn slut nympho soon to be starring in low budget “mature” videos, or simply finding the nerve to explore my sexuality with two very consenting partners who showed great respect?

I laughed at myself when I thought about what JD would not doubt tell me. He’d say I was taking it all far too seriously. All that mattered was that were we safe and had a hell of a good time. I nodded over my coffee mug, agreeing with JD’s perspective.

That said, I am now a woman who has slept with two men and wants to do it again. Hard to fathom considering my lifetime of scant pickings since leaving JD. Letting my hand slide down over my breast, I thought of Wade and the Sakarya Escort amazing way he’d sucked on my tit.

It made me think of the hunger of both men, matched by own, and the most intense sexual feelings I’d ever experienced. Thinking of how rich and sublime it felt, I knew it was something I would need to seek out again. And again.

Wade. Wade the fierce sucking machine. Yet another element for me to consider. In most previous sexual experiences, when guys didn’t really do much for me, I never really vocalized what I wanted. They either worried too much about being considerate, or thought nothing at all overconfident in their prowess and unresponsive to my lack of mutual pleasure.

Somehow, Wade not only made sure to ask me what I wanted, both for his own permission and mine, but once granted, took me with an oddly considerate forcefulness. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed his rough handling of my boobs, his forceful pressures in moving me around. Along with following the directions as JD laid them out, it was a perfect mix of openly expressing my desires and letting myself be ravaged.

I set my empty mug on the little shelf by my bed, and moved to lie down in my middle, my arms tucked behind my head. I closed my eyes, took a deep breath and let myself focus in on that word again, “ravaged.”

I had ridden JD’s cock, then Wade’s, then JD’s again. I decided then, I did not want one to only watch until the end next time. It warmed my pussy as I thought what I wanted next time was two cocks involved, taking turns in my pussy and whatever else we might all find ourselves craving.

Whatever else, I thought. And with some considerations, let my mind run through details of how I might like to see things play out. Turning over various ideas in my mind, I tried to focus on what my favorite parts had been and what had surprised me the most.

The possibilities for next time seemed difficult to choose from.

With some thought, I formulated a certain scenario that stirred heat and ache in my pussy. I wiggled out of my clothes, tossing them on the floor beside me. Naked, I bent my knees to rest my feet flat on the bed, and opened my legs wide. It always seemed to heighten my fantasies lying naked and exposed like this. I closed my eyes and let my mind run through the details of one way I would like to see my next meeting with two cocks play out.


She had the day to dwell upon the single most exciting sexual adventure of her life. Running through the hottest moments, she made a mental checklist of what had stirred her the most. After checking and rechecking her list, memories, and desires, she finally settled into a plan for the next evening.

Returning to the hotel room, she found it had been freshly cleaned and the person who made up the room had even left a smiley face and small flower sticker where RT had left the tip earlier. A good first vibe to get the warmth in the room started.

From her duffel bag, she took out many incense burners, packs of different fragrances, colored light bulbs and a couple small lamps. She placed these around the room to set a good mood and fill the air with sweet fragrance. She pulled a pair of speakers out of her bag and set up her MP3 player with the “heat” playlist she’d made earlier.

The men were expected in about thirty minutes. They had each been given an arrival time, asked to be there right on the button, and not do anything until both were present. She hoped that was enough clue she wanted both at the same time. By design, she’d planned to leave few, but very clear, indications of her desires.

Happy with the ambiance of the room, she stripped the bed to leave only the bottom fitted sheet and four pillows. She put two of the pillows lined along the headboard at the top of the bed, then the other two on top of the other at the middle of the bottom edge of the bed.

She stood a moment gazing down at the bed. Her pussy was hot and wet, her hard nipples throbbed against the tight fit of her C cup bra. She surveyed the bed set-up and nodded her head, sure of her opening moves for the evening’s fun to come.

Stepping over to the vanity area, her duffel still open on the counter, she removed her clothes. She stuffed her clothes in the main compartment, and naked, reached in the small side pocket for the last little detail.

Returning to the bed, she laid down with her head at the bottom, and propped her head up with the two pillows. She settled in, and then uncapped the thick red marker she’d taken from her bag. On her chest, just above her boobs, she wrote, “YES” in big capital letters.

Tossing the marker away, she wiggled up a bit and moved the pillows more under her shoulders so her chest was up and her head hung tilted back, slightly off the edge of the bed. She moved her legs so her feet bottoms touched, opening access to her pussy. With that, she was done with her preparations, eager to see what the men would Sakarya Escort Bayan do from there.

Well aware she was ready early, she let herself lie there in suspended hot and aroused-ness, letting the anticipation and lust grow.

As instructed, JD was the first to arrive. Upon hearing his tap on the door, she felt her hips jerk involuntarily. She watched his face as he stepped in. He stopped in his tracks once he caught sight of her lying there. His eyes read her chest and seemed to run through a spectrum of emotions, no doubt starting and ending in horny.

He said hello and when she did not answer, he closed the door behind him and stood just inches from her face. He let himself gaze upon her for a while, and then began removing his clothes. She watched silently, enjoying the show and thrilled when he unveiled his hard cock. Naked with nothing to say or do, he just stood and stared at her. She could tell he was probably already planning where to go from here.

Right on time, Wade burst through the door, saw her on the bed, and yelled out, “Whoa!” He slammed the door behind him darting in for a closer view. “Hey JD,” he said and began taking off his clothes.

“Hey Wade. She’s not talking tonight,” JD replied.

Hastily pulling his shirt over her head, Wade smiled, “That so? Hmmmm,” then gesturing to her the word on her chest said, “well, seems to me she’s told us exactly what she wants us to know. And if you don’t mind, I’d say tonight you and I co-direct.”

JD nodded his head quickly, his eyes still glued on her naked vulnerable body. Her eyes were on Wade as his hands were undoing his belt buckle. She wanted to watch his cock emerge.

Wade took a step forward and let his pants drop. He stepped out them and pulled off his shoes and socks. With his cock still within his briefs, he pushed it against her tilted head, rubbing it against her. He pressed firmly, moving his hips side to side and around. She pressed back, and let out a long moan for finally getting some physical contact.

Smiling down at her, he moved so her head was between his legs and reached down to firmly grab both her forearms. While rubbing his wad against her forehead, he pulled her arms up and shoved them down into the waistband of his briefs. She immediately let her fingers explore his hard shaft.

She gripped his cock and pulled him forward as she leaned her head back more and stuck out her tongue. Wade quickly moved his package over her mouth. Through his briefs, she began massaging his balls with her tongue – rubbing, sucking and kissing them as he pressed down against her moaning loudly.

As she did her best to devour Wade’s cock, she felt JD crawl onto the bed. He laid on his belly, propped up on his elbows, gripped her ass tightly in his hands and draped her legs over her shoulders. With his eyes on her face, he began blowing onto her pussy, biding his time, enjoying the show.

She’d long soaked the bottom of Wade’s briefs and her tongue longed to taste his cock within. Hungry for flesh, she let one hand pull the fabric to the side to expose part of his balls, which she sucked greedily into her mouth. Wade mashed down hard on her face, losing himself for a moment.

After letting out a gasp, though all he wanted to do was shove himself into her face, he instead managed to take a step back and untangle himself from her hands and tongue for a moment. Quickly, he pretty much tore his briefs from his body to finally free his hard dick. Needing just a moment more, he took it in his hand, rubbing slowly and staring at her mouth.

JD had stopped blowing on her pussy and begun tracing his fingers up and down, all around her pussy lips, steering clear of her clit. She raised her head to glance down at him and saw he had one hand on her pussy and the other around his cock.

Letting her head fall back, she arranged the pillows again and leaned her head a little farther back. She stuck her tongue out to Wade as he stood there taking a little breather.

JD began working one finger just slightly into her wet hole. He worked it around in circles, occasionally licking her. Between JD’s teasing of her pussy and the view of Wade’s hard cock, everything was working out far better than she’d ever expected.

Stepping up close, Wade put his cock head against her wet lips. She let her tongue dart out slightly to flick against it. He groaned. Ever so slowly, she began letting her tongue explore more of his cock head, from flickers, to rubs, to slow circles around and around it.

She heard JD gasp out and knew he’d been watching her tongue work. When she opened her mouth ever so slightly, Wade wasted no time pushing himself between her lips. He continued pushing himself in until her lips grew tight around his shaft and she started sucking.

Taking him in that way felt so exciting. She’d always loved upside down kisses, and found taking a cock into her mouth this way was just as exciting. Escort Sakarya Wade seemed to concur. His hip jerked forward and he yelled out in pleasure. The force of his hips powering into her mouth travelled all the way down to her toes. Her pussy clenched down on JD’s exploring finger as she called out a muffled, “Ohhhhh”.

Wade began pumping into eager mouth. She loved the angle of penetration, and continued to suck noisily, each thrust driving more and more sparks through her body.

JD had two fingers in her now and alternated between watching her suck on Wade and licking her pussy. He continued to pump his shaft with his hand but yearned for more.

She wiggled and writhed against JD’s hand, also yearning for more, her clit aching to be rubbed. Sucking Wade’s cock as he pumped in and out, she let her hands rub and squeeze his balls.

Every moment was new levels of steamy as she lay completely open to the two men. Each moment Wade’s cock filled her mouth and JD played with her pussy, flooded her with such new, dirty, and crazy hot pleasures. Possessed by this sexual hunger, she managed to take Wade a little deeper, and moaned loudly as she sucked wildy on his hard pole.

A loud holler of, “Uhnnnn”, stirred her back to attention. Still groaning, Wade took a step back, his breathing labored. “Oh RT, you are tooooo much! I almost lost it there already.”

He jogged a bit on the balls of his feet and shook out his back. She watched his cock bob up and down, waiting impatiently as JD continued his finger work.

“JD,” Wade said, “Let’s switch.”

JD nearly jumped up from the bed. In a flash, he was standing with his cock right against my face. She reached her hands up and began rubbing his shaft against her face and squeezing his balls. With loud moans, he moved to straddle her head as she continued to fondle his cock and balls.

After licking, kissing, and fondling his cock, she took it in one hand and opened her mouth to take it in. Holding just the tip in her mouth, she started sucking hard. JD jerked forward as he shouted, “Ohhhhh!”

She stopped sucking for a moment to let him regroup.

She was about to take him in deeper and start sucking again, when Wade moved onto the bed. On his knees, his tucked in right against her ass, lifting her legs up over his. His cock right up next to her pussy, he held his shaft and used his cock head to began massaging up and down along her glistening slit.

The long moan she let out was cut short by JD pushing his cock into her mouth. She took him as deep as she could, then tightened her lips around his shaft and started sucking noisily. She was lost to how wonderful it felt to have JD’s cock in her mouth while Wade continued to rub his cock head up and down her slit, bit by bit increasing pressure.

JD kept moving in and out of her sucking mouth while Wade continued to slide his cock up and down her slit. She desperately ached to feel cock in her pussy.

She began sucking even harder on JD, her mouth expressing the hunger her pussy felt for cock. JD yelled out, “Ahhhhh, Ohhhh, RTeeeeee!” At the same moment, Wade let the tip of his cock rub down right on her clit, then slide down to enter her hole. She hollered out as well, clamping down on Wade’s cock head, cumming softly.

“Oh RT,” JD said, holding his cock over her face, “I nearly lost it when you sucked liked that.”

“Been there,” Wade said, his cock head held firmly by her pussy as he looked up at her.

JD closed his eyes and held his cock, taking deep breathes to calm down. Wade pulled out and got up to stand beside the bed.

“So JD,” Wade said as he slowly stroked his cock and stared at the naked body with “YES” written on it. “What’s next and who is first?”

“I need to be buried deep,” JD replied between deep breaths.

“Yeah, me too,” Wade said. “RT, turn around and lay with your head at the top of the bed, in the middle.”

She moved around obediently, looking to him to see what was next.

“Put your hands behind your thighs and lift your legs up, spread as wide as you can.”

She complied, happily exposing her wet folds, eager for them to be filled.

Wade moved to stand at the end of the bed next to JD. They both gazed between her legs. Pumping his shaft with his hand, Wade said, “I think we need to take turns on her this time. I’m going to climb in there and pump her pussy and fondle her breasts until I feel like I can’t stand it anymore. Then you take your turn. Next go around, we turn her over and get down and dirty.”

JD just stood staring at her open to him and nodded his head. Wade grabbed a condom from the table nearby and rolled it down his hard shaft before putting a knee on the bed to crawl on top of her. He moved up and tucked his knees around her ass. Letting his cock rub against her pussy, he leaned over and took one of her boobs into his mouth. Mashing his junk against her, he took her hard nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, delighted by her moans and squirms.

He devoured one nipple, then the other, all the while his cock throbbed to enter her. Grasping both tits, he mashed them together and buried his face between them. Her hips forced the same motion on his. She shivered and yelled out, “Ohhhhhh”.

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