Raven’s Mystery Train Pt. 02


Raven’s legs are trembling, mostly from the orgasm that just ravaged her body but also from the excitement of having this woman who she really just met ask her to come to her sleeping cabin. Raven was trying to grasp what was happening in her head and was a little reluctant because she knew absolutely nothing about Claire, well, other than how good her fingers and mouth felt. Raven was very daring but this was taking it to another level, even for her. Her head told her to be careful but her body wanted so much more. As always, her body won out.

Raven got up and followed Claire through the train cars on their way to the sleeping cabin that Claire spoke about. Raven watched Claire from behind and really was impressed with her figure. Raven was petite with a very shapely ass and medium size tits that looked really good in what she was wearing. Raven had not really been with many women but she knew the time was upon her. If Claire went to this much trouble to surprise Raven, she must really want her. Raven couldn’t deny the curiosity and also couldn’t deny how wet her panties were not only from what happened minutes earlier but also for what was to come.

They stopped at a door and Claire used a pass key to open it. As the door opened Raven noticed that there was a large window that allowed them to look outside and a bed that was bigger than she had imagined it would be. It was definitely bigger than the room that Raven had booked for herself.

As Raven stepped in the room, Claire turned to Raven and grabbed her and began to kiss her lips. Soft, tender kisses on Raven’s face to begin. Claire ran her tongue over Raven’s lips and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth. Their mouths parted and their tongues began to swirl around the others. Claire pulled Raven close to her as the kiss was deeper now and the heat of the moment was certainly rising.

Claire pressed herself firmly against Raven as her hands began to roam along the wonderful contour of Raven’s body, To Raven it brought back a flood of memories from her night with Travis and the mystery woman that she now knew was Claire. Claire’s touch was soft and sensual but also very firm and direct. Claire began to run her tongue down Raven’s neck and she pulled her blouse to the side and she kissed along her collarbone and shoulder. Raven threw her head back to allow easier access to Claire’s lips and tongue.

As Claire continued to kiss Ravens neck and shoulders, her left hand began to slowly unbutton the blouse that Raven was wearing. As each button was opened, Claire filled the new space with soft kisses until her blouse was completely open. Claire had worked her way all the way down to Raven’s stomach. She pushed her blouse open further, kissing the skin on Raven’s stomach and slowly working her way back upwards. Claire pushed the blouse over Raven’s shoulders allowing it to fall to the floor.

Claire stood back up and pinned Raven against the door and engaged her in the deepest kiss yet. Raven was impressed with Gaziantep Merveşehir Escort Claire’s skills and thoroughly enjoyed the kiss of this very sensual woman. Claire pressed her thigh hard against Raven’s crotch and Raven, almost unconsciously began to grind against Claire’s thigh. She loved to feel the pressure on her pussy and swollen clit and this was definitely doing the trick.

Claire kissed her way back down Raven’s neck and then started to kiss Raven’s lace bra. She used her tongue to tease Raven’s nipples through the sheer material. Raven has rings in her nipples and Claire found a way to tease her nipples by licking and sucking along the rings. Raven has beautiful nipples that she was very proud of and she loved to have them sucked, pinched and squeezed. If she was aroused enough, the harder the better. Claire kept teasing her nipples until they pressed against Raven’s bra and Raven was almost begging Claire to remove it. Claire sensed this and after teasing Raven a little longer, she reached around and unclasped Raven’s bra allowing it to fall to the floor and expose her very nice and very large breast. A moan of approval escaped from Claire’s lips as she looked at Raven with a seductive smile.

The intensity and passion in the room is continuing to climb. Raven has now lost almost all of her nervousness and replaced it with pure lust and desire. She is more excited about what is next and anticipates the moments to cum. She knows she is wet. She can now feel her juices running down her thighs as her nipples are so hard that they she wonders if it is possible for them to get any harder.

Claire senses Raven’s excitement just as she had done moments earlier when she first touched Raven on the train. Claire circles Raven’s nipples with her tongue and then sucks and pulls at them with her teeth. A moan escapes Raven’s lips and she grabs Claire by the head and encourages her with her sounds and actions. Raven’s knees are weak as she stands there pinned against the door. Her body feels like it is on fire and she is amazed at how incredible this woman, this stranger, feels.

Claire pushes Raven’s breast together so her nipples are almost touching and she begins to move her tongue back and forth rapidly between Raven’s swollen and rock hard nipples. She stops occasionally to suck them firmly into her mouth as she rolls her eyes up to look at Raven. Raven is lost in this world of utter desire and pleasure. She is realizing that Claire has her to the point that she will do anything.

Claire stops what she is doing for a second and returns to kiss Raven’s lips. She tells Raven to relax and have fun but she then tells her, “Do what I tell you to do.” The words are so direct and for some reason it really turns Raven on. Raven is used to having some control but the last few experiences have taught her that she gets very aroused when she has little control and she is left to wonder what is next.

Claire tells Raven that she wants to see her play with her own nipples. Raven moves her hands down and takes both of her breast in her hands and begins to rub and massage them. Raven closes her eyes but Claire quickly tells her to open them and look at her. Raven does as she is told and looks at the mischievous smile on Claire’s face. She can tell that Claire is thoroughly enjoying watching her and giving her directions. Raven moved her fingers to her own nipples and rubs them with her fingertips. She is amazed at how hard her nipples are and she feels the pleasure running from them into the rest of her body. Raven continues to look at Claire now wanting her to touch her but Claire leans back and continues to watch.

Claire instructs Raven to twist her own nipples and to pull them. Raven loves this and eagerly responds to the direction. Raven knows that she has an exhibitionist side to her but the fact that it is a stranger and a woman is something that is a little new. Raven pulls her nipples and pulls at the rings and the naughtiness of the moment is beginning to consume her every thought. She notices that Claire has now leaned back more and is running her hands over her own body as she watches Raven. Raven is captivated by how bold Claire is and how smooth her skin seems.

Claire tells Raven to run her hands slowly down her stomach and Raven obliges. She ask Raven if she is wet and Raven smiles and nods affirmatively. Claire tells Raven, “Show me. Show me how wet your pussy is for me.” Ravens right hand now sneaks to her smoothly shaven pussy and her fingers slide along her swollen and very wet lips. She spreads her lips open slightly and Claire can definitely see the wetness shimmering between Raven’s legs. Claire moans lightly her approval and then instructs Raven to rub her clit. Raven takes her middle finger and begins to massage her hard and sensitive clit. Even her own touch sends shivers throughout her entire body. She feels like she is in the most pleasurable fire and she senses an orgasm that she knows is not far away. As Claire watches, her hands are now removing her own clothes and she is caressing herself as she watches Raven. Raven has always enjoyed mutual masturbation but it has always been with another man. She is wrapped up in her own pleasure but she also can’t take her eyes off of Claire.

After a few moments of rubbing her clit, Raven is then told, “Put your fingers inside yourself Raven. I want to hear how juicy your pussy is for me.” Raven follows the direction and gasp as she feels her own finger slide inside her wetness. She is so wet that her insides feel like satin. She is then instructed to add another finger and she eagerly responds. Claire ask Raven how it feels and Raven responds, “Amazing.” Claire tells Raven, “I want you to fuck yourself with your fingers Raven. Show me how you fuck yourself when no one is around.” Raven leans against the wall and slides down it a little so she has easier access. Raven begins pushing two fingers in and out of herself, The sound of wetness is extremely obvious and her own juices are running down her fingers and her hand. Claire instructs Raven to go fast and Raven increases the tempo. She is so swollen inside and she can feel the muscles squeezing her fingers.

Claire stops Raven right as Raven is beginning to reach the point of no return and tells her that she wants to taste her. Claire takes Raven’s hand and slowly pulls it to her own mouth. Raven watches as Claire uses her tongue to lick both of her soaked fingers clean. Claire sucks each finger making sure that she doesn’t miss a drop as she stares into Raven’s eyes. As Claire stands, she takes Raven’s hand in hers and raises it to Raven’s own lips. She leans into Raven and both of their tongues slide deliciously over Raven’s fingers for a short time before they are lowered and only now both ladies are engaged in a long, deep and passionate kiss. Raven can taste the sweet nectar of her own pussy on Claire’s lips and tongue. She likes the way she taste, especially on another’s lips.

Claire takes Raven by the hand and leads her to the bed. She tells Raven to get on all fours and then Claire pulls up a chair and sits on it behind Raven. She is very close but she is still not touching Raven. Claire tells Raven that she has a beautiful body and especially a beautiful ass. Claire instructs Raven to lean forward and arch her back and, once again, Raven complies. Raven is following directions without even a thought now. She finds it extremely arousing to be told what to do by this stranger.

Raven reaches between her legs and begins to rub her clit that now feels like it is on fire. Her body shudders as her fingers play with her swollen button and she knows that Claire can obviously tell how wet she is. Claire tells her to rub herself harder and faster and Raven knows that this command will make her cum quickly. She has been on the verge for quite a while now but is in desperate need of release. As she rubs, she can’t help but think of the last time that she was in this position with Travis buried deep inside her and a toy filling her tight ass. She thinks of how incredibly full she felt and she once again realizes that Claire was there during at least part of her adventure. Raven wonders if Claire watched everything that night. Was she touching herself watching. Even Raven had to admit that there are few things sexier than a woman pleasuring herself.

Raven’s hands are working faster now and her orgasm is literally seconds away. Her breathing becomes more rapid and her moans are certainly an indicator to Claire that she is reaching the climax of this particular moment.

She looks between her legs and sees Claire with her legs spread and obviously touching herself as she watches. This only increases Raven’s pace as she wonders what is next. Her legs begin to shake now and the orgasm is now right at the edge. Suddenly, Claire slaps Raven on her ass and tells her, “I didn’t say you could cum yet.” Raven follows her direction although she is very frustrated because she needed and wanted that orgasm. Raven removes her hand from her dripping pussy and anxiously waits for what is next.

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