Raping Brooke the babysitter. – The Brooke trilogy 2


This is the second of the Brooke trilogy (young – teen – now), written at the request of a fan who sent me pics and sexy ideas to work from. It is loosely based on what she told me were true things that happened in her life. Kisses Brooke.

About a year ago our mother had walked out on the family. I guess it was to be expected. She and Dad fought all the time but we didn’t expect that she would completely drop out of our lives like she did. We only see her about two times a month when we go visit her and the new guy she is living with about two hours from here in Sacramento.

I’m Jake and my twin brother is Pat. We just turned fourteen. We are fraternal twins and don’t look a lot alike. I’m two inches taller and have darker hair. Dad is Harold. He is 37, white, six foot one and in good shape. He plays on a community softball team. Mom is black, five foot three and tiny but she has big jugs. You can tell by looking at us that one of our parents is black. We have medium brown skin and curly hair.

Dad now let’s us stay home alone after school till he gets home from work but if he goes out at night, we still have a sitter. Brooke has been our sitter for several years. She is a really pretty black girl that lives about three blocks from us. She is three years older than us. She has a great body. We only started paying attention to it a few months ago. I guess that means we are growing up. We really like to look at and talk about her big tits.

We are both virgins but have been watching a lot of porn on the computer the last few months and learning all about fucking. Our favorite scenes are where the girl takes the guy’s cock all the way into her throat and then he cums in her mouth and on her face. We jerk each other off after watching. It feels better than when we do it ourselves but I’m sure nowhere near as good as it will be when a girl is doing it to us. We have talked and would like to have one girl do us both at the same time. Pat and I have worked out a plan for the next time Brooke baby-sits us. If it works, we won’t be virgins anymore.

A week later, Dad said that he was going out for the evening and Brooke would be over to baby-sit. He said that we were getting big enough that this would probably be one of the last times that we would need a sitter. He was about ready to let us try staying home at night without one unless he had to go out of town overnight. Pat and I looked at each other and smiled.

At eight o’clock, Brooke arrived and Dad left. He told Brooke that he would be home about eleven and that he expected us to be sound asleep well before that. Brooke said that she would see that we were. Brooke was looking really hot that night, at least to us. She was wearing short cutoff jeans shorts and a bright yellow tube top. It looked like her tits had grown even from the last time we saw her. We watched as they bounced a little as she walked. We settled in to watch some TV but spent more time smiling at each other than watching the tube. At nine, when that show ended, we went to our room to talk about our plan.

We walked back into the living room. Escort Etlik Brooke was sitting on the couch with her legs up and crossed, reading a teen magazine. We could almost see her pussy up the legs of her shorts. I had my camera by my side and Pat had a DVD that was a copy we made from a porn show on the computer. “Brooke, we want to watch this movie. OK?” Brooke said, “Sure.” I stood between her and the TV but off to the side a little bit and Pat walked behind her.

Brooke kept reading her magazine. Pat picked up the TV control, switched it to DVD and pressed play. I got ready to pull up my camera and take some pics. At first, Brooke did not pay attention but when she heard sexual moaning, she looked up to see a naked white girl sucking on a ridged black cock while another white guy pounded her from the back, doggie style. As soon as Brooke looked up, Pat reached around her and yanked her tube top up to her chin and smiled for the camera. Her firm, full, milk chocolate tits popped out. Pat quickly moved one hand to her tit. I shot pictures as fast as I could.

“What the fuck do you guys think you are doing?” “We think we are going to get you to let us fuck you.” “You’re fucking nuts and I am going to tell your father what you did. “We ran to our room and slammed and locked the door. If you do, we’ll send these pictures to every e-mail address that we can find here in Redding. Do you want everyone to see you getting your tits felt up by a fourteen-year-old?” Brooke pounded on the door. “Give me that God damned camera.” “Too late. We’ve already downloaded the pictures into the computer.” Brooke quit pounding.

A couple minutes later Brooke quietly spoke. “Guys, come out and let’s talk about this.” The door slowly opened. Jake and Pat walked out. “Look, I’m not going to let you fuck me. That’s all there is to it. What else can I do to make you get rid of those pictures?” The boys huddled. “We are not going to delete the pictures but if you jerk us both off while we all watch the movie together, we won’t send them to anyone.”
Brooke thought for a minute. “Deal.”

As they walked back into the living room, the movie was still playing. This time it was showing a black girl with two older white guys. She was on her back, on top of one guy and under the other. She had cocks working on both her cunt and her ass hole at the same time. “You guys found quite a movie.” “Ya, it’s a good one, isn’t it?” Brooke sat on the couch and the boys pulled down their pants and sat on either side of her.

“Take your clothes off, Brooke.” “No.” “At least take your top off. We’ve already seen your boobs” Jake said, almost in a begging voice. Without much hesitation, Brooke pulled her top up and off, again showing her wonderful chest. Jake reached out and cupped her left breast. Brooke gently slapped his hand away. She sat there watching the video, reached out with both hands and took a young cock in each one. They were only about five inches. Pat was thicker than Jake. Brooke started sliding her hands up and down on the boy’s poles.

She concentrated on the movie while stroking the two young pricks in her Etlik Escort hands but the boys closely watched her hands working up and down on their rock hard boners. Brooke could feel herself starting to get wet between her legs. Soon she was so turned on by the movie and what she was doing with the two young boys that without thinking, she bent over and took Pat into her mouth as she jerked him. Jake pulled away and quickly moved around to where his prick was at her mouth too. Brooke switched and licked the tip of the other cock. Soon she had taken her hands away and was concentrating on giving both boys hard fast blowjobs. Her pussy tingled and leaked a large amount of girl cum.

Brooke was far from being a virgin. She loved fucking but usually went with men older than herself. They tended to last longer and pay more attention to also making her happy. Her first fuck was with her uncle when the family had spent a weekend at the lake. He wasn’t the one to break her cherry as she had already done that herself with a plastic cock that one of her girlfriends had, during a sleepover.

Brooke was busy sucking the boy’s cocks while the movie played in the background and the boys felt and sounded like they were nearly ready to cum and give her the sperm treat that she was looking forward to, when the front door opened. Harold walked in. His had ended his date early, as it was not going well.

“What the fuck is going on here? What are you doing to my boys?” Brooke and the boys jumped up. Brooke stood there with her arms across her chest and the boys stood there with their erections standing out. “You two, get to your room.” Jake and Pat ran out of the room but did not go to theirs. They stopped and peeked around the hall corner to see what was going to happen. “Well, you little slut, if you like sucking my sons cocks, you should really like sucking mine.” Harold dropped his pants and stood there with his seven inches pointing straight at Brooke. “Well, get at it.” Brooke dropped to her knees and took Harold’s prick in her hand.

Brooke was busy giving Harold a great blowjob and the boys were having a great time watching. Jake was busy taking pictures. “Take those pants off and get on your hands and knees.” Brooke quickly did as she was told and Harold easily slipped his white seven inches into Brooke’s cleanly shaven brown pussy. He held her hips and gave her twat a hard pounding. Jake got shots of every bit of the action. The boys really enjoyed watching Brooke’s tits swaying back and forth as their father pounded their long time babysitter. Brooke was moaning and pushing back to match each of his thrusts.

Harold pulled himself out of Brooke’s hot and tight fuck tunnel long enough to wipe the slippery fluids from his cock onto her puckered small hole and then put it back where it had come from. The fresh lube allowed him to be able to work his thumb into Brooke’s ass hole. As he pushed his digit in, she pushed hack till he had both of her holes filled. Harold managed to last probably five more minutes, finger fucking her bunghole and working his cock in her pussy in a matching rhythm.

As Harold reached climax, Etlik Escort Bayan he pulled out and shot rope after rope of cum onto Brooke’s brown ass. He scooped it up with his fingers and pushed it at her mouth. Brooke opened her mouth and sucked Harold’s fingers clean. “How long have you been fucking around with my boys?” “This was the first time. They made me do it.” “It didn’t look like you were being forced, to me. I want you back here again tomorrow night to ‘baby-sit’ and I’ll be here too. I think the boys deserve to have you finish what you started.”
“OK” Brooke replied.

Brooke put on her clothes and headed home. When she walked in, her stepfather was not home but his girlfriend, Denise was. “Hello Brooke,” she said in a very fake sexy voice. Brooke was pretty sure she knew what was about to come. Denise had caught Brooke with some joints. They were a friend’s but they were about to try them. Brooke’s step-dad was very strongly against drugs and he would raise holy hell if he found out that she was trying them. Denise knew this and was using the joints to control Brooke.

Brooke’s hair was messed, her clothes were wrinkled and there was cum on her thighs. “You look like you have had a fun evening, Brooke. Jamal went to a ball game with some of his guy friends and left me all alone and horny as hell. So I thought i would come over to see you and get some relief. It looks like you started without me, Hon. Let’s go to your room.” Brooke knew that she did not have any choice but she never let Denise know that she enjoyed being with another woman almost as she enjoyed fucking with a guy. The only problem with being sexually controlled by her step-father’s girlfriend was that Denise never returned the favor. It was just her getting pleasured.

This arrangement had happened enough times now that Brooke knew just what she was expected to do. Brooke stripped, then she put on a show, playing with her own tits and rubbing her pussy and moaning. Next she approached Denise and stripped her, while telling her how beautiful she is and what a spectacular body she has. Putting Denise on the bed, Brooke would start kissing her and running her tongue into her mouth to wrestle tongues. Then she would work her way down to her sagging B-cup tits and give them several minutes of sucking and gentle biting. Slowly she would then work her way down over Denise’s stomach to her snatch.

Once she got down there, Denise would roll over and Brooke was expected to do a good job on her ass hole. Licking it and pushing her tongue in as deep as she could, intermittently taking time to kiss and massage Denise’s big ass cheeks. She was a real black bubble butt. Then Brooke was to lie on her back while Denise mounted her face. Licking and sucking Denise’s pussy while she rubbed it up and down Brooke’s face would bring Denise to a hard orgasm. Brooke continued to lick and suck till she had swallowed all of Denise’s cum and she was nice and clean.

Brooke never let Denise know how much she really enjoyed doing this. She only wished that Denise would return the favor. Denise got dressed and left. “See you again, Hon. Keep that tongue all ready for me.” Brooke collapsed on her bed. She thought about everything that had happened that day and what was going to happen the next day as she drifted off to sleep.


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