“Quiz Me, Mrs. McCutcheon”


Hi everyone, since I got so many requests for another chapter to this story, here it is. If you want me to keep going with this idea, let me know, I’d be happy to delve more into the relationship storyline. Also it’s kind of a long chapter.

Feel free to check out the previous two chapters “Truth or Dare, Mrs. McCutcheon” and “I Dare You, Mrs. McCutcheon”.

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x BluePoppy


It had been a few weeks since that fateful night at Mrs. McCutcheon’s house. Her husband had returned from his business trip and hadn’t been away much, which was why Noah had only been able to meet up twice with Mrs. McCutcheon during that time.

Besides the sex being fantastic, Noah felt himself falling in love a bit with his sexy professor, regardless of their age gap. She made him laugh and he looked forward to lying in bed with her, having her close to him and talking, as much as he did to the actual fucking.

They also texted, which Mrs. McCutcheon had been concerned about at first, since someone could discover their messages through some way, but they had quickly adopted it as their main means of communication. While they, of course, also sexted to fill the time between seeing each other, they talked about all kinds of things and whenever Noah was reading her messages he longed to see her and hold her in his arms again. He still couldn’t believe his luck.


Finals were approaching fast and the mood in all of Noah’s classes was tense. The same went for economics, but Noah, of course, was distracted in that class. Mrs. McCutcheon dressed the same way she always had, except that maybe her skirt was tighter at times, or she wore her hair down more often. She could have worn a potato sack for all Noah cared and he still would have been staring at her.

As much as he tried to restrain himself, it was hard for him not to ogle her ass as she stood upfront, explaining something on the whiteboard. He couldn’t pay any attention to what she was saying.

Her hair flowed down her shoulders in soft waves, leading into her tight waist, covered by another silky blouse. Noah loved the way the fabric felt underneath his fingers when he ran his hands along her body. God, he wanted to touch her again. The skirt she wore accentuated her hips and ass, and seeing her long legs made Noah long for them to be wrapped around him again.

He snuck out his phone and, after checking that nobody was looking at his screen, sent her a text. He had her saved under Liz in his phone, as that was what he had been calling her privately. Elizabeth seemed a bit too formal and Liz wasn’t directly recognizable as her first name in case one of his friends did happen to look through his phone.

*Looking hot today 😉 I wanna bend you over that desk and slide that skirt up around your waist…*

He would have to wait a bit for her to read it, but Noah didn’t mind. He watched Mrs. McCutcheon finish explaining what she had been talking about, and then tracked her movements across the room as she started passing out a surprise quiz.

A groan went through the lecture hall as the students unwillingly started writing.

Noah couldn’t have cared less about the quiz in front of him and instead watched Mrs. McCutcheon as she sat down at her desk and quickly glanced at her phone, only to do a double take at her screen and then quickly glare at Noah.

He couldn’t help but grin as he saw her face turn red.

*Inappropriate!* came her response shortly after.

*…and kiss your neck and play with your pussy until you cum on my fingers.* Noah concluded his text with a giant grin on his face.

This time Mrs. McCutcheon audibly gasped, drawing a few looks, and then started towards Noah. She stopped right in front of him and snatched his paper away.

“Since you were on your phone, Mr. Ainsworth, I’ll have to assume you were cheating. 0 for you on this quiz.” she announced loudly.

Noah sat there speechless as she walked away with his paper.

*Not fair!* he protested via text. She didn’t reply, but smirked at Noah before starting to grade some papers.


When class ended, Mrs. McCutcheon was out the door before anyone else. Noah decided to hang back and when everyone had left so he wouldn’t be seen, walked the halls to her office.

He entered without knocking and quickly locked the door behind him. Mrs. McCutcheon sat at her desk with a bemused look on her face.

“Can I help you?” she asked playfully.

“What was that?” Noah asked incredulously. “That quiz was important for my grade!”

“Well then you should have been working on it, and not sending me dirty texts. Someone could have seen what you were doing,” Mrs. McCutcheon said seriously before she stood up and walked toward him, swaying her hips a little Escort Esenyurt more than usual.

Noah didn’t reply and stood there pouting.

“Come on now, don’t be upset, the same rules apply to everyone,” she whispered while hooking her fingers in the waistband of his jeans.

Noah’s mind immediately became clouded as her scent enveloped him and he felt her soft hands at his belt. He would never get tired of this, he thought to himself as he got hard.

He reached out to stroke Mrs. McCutcheon’s back and let his hand travel down to her backside, lightly grabbing her ass. “Well how am I supposed to concentrate when you wear a tight skirt like that?”

“Not my problem,” she mumbled playfully before kissing him lightly. “Maybe you can try to make it up to me… and I might be inclined to let you retake the quiz.”

Noah kissed her back, more urgently this time, taking her into his arms. “That sounds promising.”

Mrs. McCutcheon smiled against his lips. “Yeah? My husband won’t be in town for a few days. He leaves the day after tomorrow. You should stop by.”

She was starting to breathe heavier now, as Noah roamed his hands up and down her backside.

“Looking forward to it,” he mumbled, still kissing her in between breaths. He felt Mrs. McCutcheon pressing her body into him and ground his erection into her lower stomach a few times, eliciting a gasp from her. Then he pulled away abruptly.

She looked at him surprised and disappointed. “Why’d you stop?”

“You know I have to study for my finals. And since you messed up my economics grade by taking away that quiz, I’ll have to study extra hard for the others,” Noah said teasingly before leaving her office.

“You’re unbelievable!,” he heard Mrs. McCutcheon call out behind him and he had to smile. It was only fair she was left hanging a little.


Noah’s classes the next two days were boring. “Senioritis” was hitting him hard, and none of the subjects sparked his interest.

On the second day he was waiting impatiently for time to go by so he could get to Mrs. McCutcheon’s house.

She had written him earlier in the day to inform him that her husband had left. Noah quickly took a shower after his last class that day and then headed out.

As he had done the previous times, he parked his car a few streets away and walked the remaining distance to Mrs. McCutcheon’s house. They didn’t need neighbors becoming suspicious of a car standing in the driveway over night. They were lucky that no one seemingly had noticed him visiting at odd hours, yet.

She greeted him dressed in her work clothes and a giant smile on her face as she quickly let him in the house.

Noah barely let her lock the front door before spinning her around to face him and kissing her deeply, slipping his tongue inside her mouth. Mrs. McCutcheon moaned in surprise as they both let themselves get lost in their kiss for a while, their tongues battling each other. Noah let his fingers travel down her sides and pulled her skirt up around her waist, cupping and massaging her bare ass, eliciting further moans from her. Noah loved hearing her moan into his mouth. Mrs. McCutcheon let out a delighted yelp as Noah picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom with her legs wrapped around his waist.

“I have been dreaming about this all week,” she moaned in his ear.

“Well then I better deliver,” Noah replied playfully before softly dropping her onto the bed.

He stood back up, looking at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her face and neck were flushed with arousal, her skirt bunched up around her waist, revealing her black lace panties.

“What are you waiting for?” Mrs. McCutcheon asked with a smile, reaching out her foot to massage his erection through his pants.

“Just thinking about how I got so lucky,” Noah replied, grinning like an idiot.

“Ooh you’re such a sweet talker,” she giggled. “How about you do less thinking though and fuck me?” she asked, biting her lower lip.

Noah didn’t need any further invitation to touch her as he grabbed her foot away from his crotch and spread her legs. He decided tease her a little more, as he began running his hands up and down her legs, trailing his fingers across her soft skin, getting close to her crotch but never actually touching her there.

His mouth was on hers again, kissing her softly as her hands caressed his face and muscular shoulders. When he moved his mouth to Mrs. McCutcheon’s neck, she moaned a little more urgently and Noah felt her hands at his pants, trying to get them unbuckled. He thrust forward into her warm hand and then grabbed her hands away from his dick to pin them above her head.

Mrs. McCutcheon seemed frustrated as she tried to wriggle her hips so her crotch would make contact with his. Noah, however, denied her the friction, as he kept her hands in place while trailing soft kisses along her collarbone.

“Please…” she gasped, while she kept wriggling around trying to get him to touch her.

Noah smiled Etiler escort and pressed his left leg into her crotch, enjoying the feeling of her hips moving against his body.

“What, you don’t like the teasing, Liz?” he whispered in her ear before lightly biting at her earlobe.

“Not right now,” she exclaimed breathlessly while keeping a steady movement of her hips against his leg. “You already left me hanging this afternoon, which, by the way, was not fair.”

Noah chuckled. “Well, you did take my quiz from me. I wanted to get back at you. So did you relieve your tension after I left?” he asked teasingly, nuzzling her neck.

“I’ll tell you if you take your pants off,” Mrs. McCutcheon moaned in response.

Noah happily complied as his erection had become painfully hard in his jeans. As soon as he released her hands, Mrs. McCutcheon started unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a matching black bra underneath. Noah, now in his boxers, grabbed onto her waist and leaned down to kiss the exposed skin of her breasts.

“So?” he asked, reminding her of her promised answer and kissing her lightly before giving her a chance to answer.

“Well,” Mrs. McCutcheon said with a smile, as she grabbed onto Noah’s dick through the soft fabric of his underwear and started lightly stroking it. “… yes I did. I think I soaked through the fabric of my desk chair.” she whispered in his ear. Now it was Noah’s turn to groan.

“Did you lock the door?” he asked curiously, which earned him a light smack on the shoulder.

“Of course I did! I’m not some slut who wants to get walked in on while masturbating.”

“I’d surely love to walk in on you,” Noah replied with a grin, before kissing her again. He then trailed a line of kisses down Mrs. McCutcheon’s upper body until he reached her pussy, which was radiating heat. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them off smoothly, before latching on to her clit.

“Ah, fuck!” Mrs. McCutcheon exclaimed as she used her hands to press Noah’s mouth harder into her. Noah started licking her slit up and down before focusing on her clit again and then decided to add a few fingers into her dripping hole. He knew she was going to cum before he even got to his knuckles. He felt her walls contract around his fingers as she moaned loudly, her whole body bucking as warm liquid ran out onto Noah’s fingers. He kept moving his hand around, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her, before hurriedly pulling off his underwear and aligning himself with her pussy.

Mrs. McCutcheon was still recovering from her orgasm but managed to moan “Fuck me”, which Noah was only too happy to do. He started out slow, feeling her wetness on every inch of his dick as he rhythmically moved in and out of her tight hole.

He loved watching Mrs. McCutcheon’s face as he fucked her, seeing the effect he had on her. Watching her forehead wrinkle in pleasure and seeing the fire in her eyes turned him on beyond compare. Noah sped up his pace, his eyes leaving her face for a short while to watch her breasts which were jiggling with every push.

He looked back up at Mrs. McCutcheon’s face to see her biting her lip, a telltale sign that she was close, her eyes desperately clinging to his. Keeping up his rhythm, Noah bent down to nuzzle her neck and listened to her labored breath mixed with a few moans next to him. Then, Mrs. McCutcheon dug her hands into his back, holding him in place. Noah felt her convulse around his dick as she softly whimpered into his ear and he knew couldn’t hold out much longer. Her walls were hugging his dick, clinging to every feature as he moved in and out of her and before long, Noah was cumming inside of her, both of them groaning as their naked bodies writhed against each other. They were in their own world and Noah truly felt like he was in heaven.


After they had recovered, Mrs. McCutcheon put on a short silk robe and announced that she would make some dinner. Noah watched her legs as she left the room and, after putting his underwear and shirt back on so he wouldn’t be completely exposed, decided to join her.

When he reached the kitchen, Mrs. McCutcheon was standing in front of the freezer, contemplating what to make. Noah’s eyes were drawn to her nipples, which were standing out prominently against her robe, due to the cold.

“I was thinking I could warm up some lasagna?” she asked him without looking in his direction.

“Sounds great,” Noah replied. He was struck by how much this felt like a regular relationship to him. Sure, he was in her house which she shared with her husband, but at the moment Mrs. McCutcheon just felt like his girlfriend.

As they waited for the lasagna to cook, Noah and Mrs. McCutcheon sat on the couch in her living room and watched TV. She was curled up beside him, his hand on her thigh and her head resting on his strong chest as they joked about the silly reality show they were watching. Every once in a while, Mrs. McCutcheon would tilt her head up towards Noah and smile Eyüp escort bayan at him directly, making his heart jump in his chest. He really was starting to fall for her.


After dinner, Mrs. McCutcheon was doing the dishes at the sink with Noah standing behind her, hugging her around her waist. As he smelled her hair, he felt his dick start to rise again and softly pushed into her from behind.

“So about that quiz…” Noah began, as he started caressing her hips with his fingers.

Mrs. McCutcheon giggled and, after drying her hands, turned around to face him.

“Ah yes, you wanted to retake that, didn’t you?” she asked playfully.


“Well, alright. I have a proposition for you.” She paused to lightly kiss him. ” How about you give me a massage and I’ll read you the questions and we’ll turn it into an oral quiz.”

Noah’s dick was now fully hard again. “An oral quiz, huh?” he groaned. This woman was driving him crazy.

“Mhmm. And don’t think I’ll go easy on you.” With that, Mrs. McCutcheon slid away from him and walked toward her office.

“Why don’t you go on ahead to the bedroom and get some oil from my nightstand. I’ll get the quiz and then we can get started” she said with a wink.


Mrs. McCutcheon positioned herself lying on her stomach first, quiz in hand, as Noah started massaging her back. Her muscles did seem a bit tense and she moaned in pleasure as his strong hands worked on her body.

“Alright, Mr. Ainsworth. First question, an easy one: define economies of scale.”

“Um, a situation where long-run average cost decreases as a firm’s output increases” Noah answered quickly.

Mrs. McCutcheon nodded approvingly. “Sounds to me like you just learned all of the textbook definitions,” she chuckled. “Well alright, this quiz should be easy for you then.”

“Second question: who came up with the lemons model?”

Noah paused a bit to think of the answer and stopped moving his hands.

“You can keep on massaging me while you think,” Mrs. McCutcheon interrupted his thinking.

Grinning, Noah complied, moving his hands lower towards her butt now, eliciting another moan from Mrs. McCutcheon.

“George Akerlof,” he then answered.

“That is correct,” Mrs. McCutcheon confirmed, her breathing becoming a little irregular as Noah moved his hands even further down her body to cup her butt cheeks. He teasingly pulled them apart to have an unobstructed view of her tight asshole and pussy, which was already glistening again.

“If you want me to be able to finish this quiz, I suggest you do my legs before you touch anything else” she moaned before reading Noah the next question.

“What has to happen in order to achieve economic efficiency according to the Efficiency Principle?”

“Total economic surplus has to be maximized.” Noah answered absentmindedly while massaging her calves.

“Liz, come on, I know the stuff on that quiz, do I really have to keep answering the questions?” he pleaded.

“Mr. Ainsworth, you are my student taking a quiz which you failed to take during class. I would suggest that you keep answering for your grade’s sake. And that’s Mrs. McCutcheon to you,” she replied playfully.

“I see how it is, Mrs. McCutcheon” Noah replied, emphasizing her last name. His hands were now above her knees, kneading her thighs and getting closer and closer to her crotch.

“Do you usually have students massage you while naked?”

“Only the special ones,” she laughed. “Alright, I’ll ask you one more question and if you get it right, I’ll give you an A on the quiz, deal?”

Noah moved his hands back to her firm ass before grumbling a yes.

“Uhhh… alright, last question: what’s the Scarcity Problem?”

“That’s an easy one. Having to make a choice where having more of one good thing means having less of another.” Noah replied. “Much like fucking you right now means having to stop taking this fun quiz.”

With that, his hands finally reached her wetness and Noah immediately inserted a finger into Mrs. McCutcheon’s waiting hole. She dropped the piece of paper in her hand and groaned into the mattress as she bucked her hips against Noah’s probing hand.

He kept his ministrations up and let his other fingers travel over Mrs. McCutcheon’s asshole, which made her moan even louder, her hips rising up to drive his fingers deeper into her pussy. Noah became painfully aware of his dick standing up hard in his underwear and quickly pulled his clothing off.

Mrs. McCutcheon in the meantime had gotten onto her knees and now roughly pushed Noah onto his back before straddling him.

“Did I pass?” Noah groaned in anticipation of feeling her around his dick.

“You were excellent,” she smiled, leaning forward to suck on his lower lip. “And now I want to fuck you.”

Noah felt her grab his cock and they moaned in unison as Mrs. McCutcheon slowly lowered herself down onto his hard pole. While Noah enjoyed being the one in control, the feeling of his professor riding him was indescribable. Mrs. McCutcheon started by moving her hips around slowly before using his chest to push herself up and down his dick. In between movements she would contract her strong walls around him, essentially milking him and it cost Noah all of his self-control to not cum.

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