Punished for my Sins


Notes & Disclaimers:

This story is set in a land far, far away where unsafe sex has no consequences; a land where HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other STDs don’t exist. PLEASE DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME! It is fiction…it is FANTASY!

This story is a work of FICTION! None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult of legal majority in your jurisdiction.

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This is a work of FICTION by an author using the pen name Suzy Suburbanite. It is a work of FICTION!

Thanks to all who wrote regarding my previous stories! Cheers!

Enjoy, Suzy



My vibrator hummed mightily as I tried to bring myself to a quick orgasm before falling asleep; “ZZZzzzzZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz…” on and on it chugged as I moved the tip up and down my wet slit and over the hood of my clit. I was so close, but had to remember where I was so I didn’t cry out or moan, or even gasp too loudly.

I pressed the length of my plastic lover against my hood as I grabbed my left breast and gave a firm squeeze and had my nightly cum, “Ahhhhh,” I sighed my release. So was my sex life in the Navy barracks where this tale begins.

Chapter I

My name is Maureen, to be more precise, SK2 Maureen Johnson lately of a Navy base in coastal eastern Canada. As the saying goes, “It’s not the end of the world, but you sure can see it from here.” Life here is a lonely, work-a-day existence; bleak and cold with the sun making a rare appearance…enough to tease, but never enough to please.

Admittedly, I’m no beauty queen, but I’m not too hard on the eyes, especially if you like big breasted, sturdy women. I stand proudly at 5’10” tall and weigh about 168Lbs., with very short, dark brown hair, big brown doe eyes, a bit of a big nose, and large 38D boobs. Not every man likes a woman with my proportions, but I managed to find a winner.

At my prior duty station in the wilds of Mississippi I had a good, satisfying sex life with my boyfriend–and now fiancé–Jim. Jimmy was also in the Navy and a year younger than me. He was certainly the only guy I’d ever met that could keep-up with my sex drive. We would spend whole days in bed (or on the kitchen counter, or in the bathtub, or in a dark booth at an adult bookstore) trying new sexy things and watching porno tapes while we rested between orgasms.

I was usually the first one to say, “Oh wow, let’s try that,” as we watched our dirty movies and some sex act I’d never tried before was shown on the screen. Trying porno stunts is not always safe however, and more than a few times we pulled a muscle or ten playing the sex version of twister. Jimmy was so much fun and his mind was as dirty as mine…I liked that a lot.

I was pretty heartbroken when my CONUS rotation was up. We only had 18 months living together as a couple. About two months before I left, Jim asked me to be his wife and I gleefully accepted. About a week before I left, we spent a special day together that culminated in us exchanging “While we’re apart” gifts. I gave Jim an industrial size tub of Vaseline and swore that I wouldn’t get jealous of “Rosy and her five sisters”, and Jimmy gave me a smooth, silver colored, variable speed vibrator to take care of my needs while we were apart.

“Of course, if you want to get it on with other women…” he grinned at me. The pervert had been trying to get me into a threesome, or at least go down on a woman and then tell him about it, since about our third date (of course, we fucked on our first date), “I won’t mind one bit. Just call and let me listen…Pleeeeaasssse,” he begged with his 10 year old boy voice. A voice he used with great effect. He used it to plead with me to allow him to put his dick in my butt, and thank goodness it worked…now I adore his thick meat entering me that way.

But eating pussy wasn’t my thing. I can’t say that I have penis envy, but I do like dick; whether it’s in my pussy, or mouth, or (as I learned with Jim) my ass. I like the way a nice prick throbs in my hand, or when it spills its cream either into or onto my body. I absolutely adore semen. I love the taste, the smell, and the texture, about the only thing I don’t like about it is that it can knock a girl up.

“You’re so sick boy,” I teased my lovely man, whom I would truly miss when we parted, “but that’s why I love you.”

Our parting at the airport was long and drawn-out. Both of us crying and proclaiming that we would be faithful and wait until we could see one another to fulfill our physical needs, that we would love each other forever. I let Jim drag me into the men’s room for one last blow job before my plane boarded.

“I’ll gorukle escort call you at least once a week,” he promised as we waved our last wave, “I love you Mar.”

I jetted-off to my new duty station with cum burps, chapped lips, and an unsatisfied pussy.

Chapter II

Soon after arriving at my new duty station, I was shown to my quarters in the BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters) which was co-ed, but men and women were separated by floor. It wasn’t a bad layout for the women: a single person to a room with a shared bathroom for two rooms and a shared lounge with a TV, fridge, and microwave for each four rooms. ‘Ok, I can deal with this,’ I thought.

The other great feature was a private phone in every room, very rare for a military barracks. I met my roommate, a young woman of 19 who was at her first duty station. Her name was Lisa, and she was a bubbly little blond YN3. She gave me the whole “to do” and “Not to do” list for the base and filled me in on our quad mates.

“Be careful around Shiandra though, everybody thinks she’s a lesbo,” Lisa warned.

I listened to her stories about the single men and about the women who were known for being a “hole” (women that got a few drinks in them and then took-on all comers). She also told me about the guy she was dating and how she was hopeful that he would pop “the question” sometime soon.

She filled me in on the CO and what the weekly room inspection entailed. How often the drug dogs went through the barracks and when “random” drug tests were performed, “Don’t eat anything with poppy seeds on it unless you want to get kicked out of the Navy,” she warned me. A fact I was already well aware of, but it was nice that she reminded me.

“Oh, one last thing Maureen, if you’re a dyke then you should keep it to yourself…Ok?”

I actually laughed out-loud and told her about my intent to make the Navy my career. I also told her all about Jim and how we loved each other. I even threw in the bit about Jimmy wishing to see me with a woman, but that, that wasn’t me.

“Wow, you sound like you’re pretty cool Maureen,” she said.

The last person she told me about was our forth quad-mate, an MA1 named Faye, “She thinks she’s some kind of super spy or something…be careful of her to.”

My job was easy. So easy that I thought I may go nuts from boredom. Nothing ever seemed to happen here that would require my skill or training in logistics. This duty was based purely on routine, and if you could live with the monotony, then you would do well…maybe even upgrade your rate a notch or two. I was afraid that I may get myself knocked down a rate or two as my attitude deteriorated with every passing day.

Although the work was easy, life was not particularly pleasant at this duty station. Harsh weather and alcoholism abounded. Early on, there were many nights I staggered away from the EM (Enlisted Men’s) club unable to remember where I was. I ended that routine quickly though, and soon fell into a pattern of work and masturbation. If I wasn’t at work, then I was getting-off with my silver toy or my fingers…at least I stopped drinking.

Chapter III

HM1 Shiandra Thomas was a very big black woman: big butt, big boobs, big legs…the woman was big, not fat, but very big. She stands at least 6’2” tall and must weigh upwards of 220Lbs. She has very dark skin and a close-cropped natural afro, with a pleasant, gap-toothed smile. We were always amiable towards each other, as were all of the women I shared the quad with. I never got the impression that Shiandra was gay. Now Faye on the other hand, that girl was manly, but I doubt she was gay because her job was very intrusive with routine polygraphs and the like. This was in the time way before “Don’t ask…” so if there was even a hint that a girl liked licking carpet, then the chance of getting booted from the service was very high.

I was into my third month on station and bored to death. Jim kept his promise and called me every week. We would catch-up on gossip from Mississippi, or I would tell him about work or that I frigged myself to sleep every night thinking of him. Mostly we talked dirty to each other for an hour or so and masturbated together. I guess it was better than nothing.

Shiandra caught me coming out of my room one evening as I was headed to chow, “Maureen baby, I hear you every night buzzing away with your toy. Now why would you want to do that when my lips can turn you inside out and make your tight white pussy cum and cum? C’mon baby, nobody will know. It’ll be our little secret. Let me suck on your big titties and tight pussy. No one will ever know and we can both get what we need.”

I was very shocked to say the least, ‘Lisa was right after all,’ I realized.

“Shi I’m not gay,” I tried to explain.

“I didn’t say you were baby. I’m not asking you to suck my twat. I just want to taste your pretty white pussy. Nobody will ever know baby. All the white girls say I do it best baby. It’ll be just between you and me,” she was persistent.

“Shiandra no, I’m not gay. Please! altıparmak eskort bayan Now I’m going to dinner,” and off I went, flustered and disgusted with my quad-mate’s sudden lifestyle revelation.

Almost without exception, every time I ran into Shiandra she would lean close to me and whisper her desire to eat me out and brag on her “pussy eating” skills and that nobody but us would ever know. This went on week after week, up to six or eight times per day. She would whisper to me at the most inopportune times, so that I couldn’t even restate my disgust with her repeated attempts to seduce me without others hearing my protests.

The first week I didn’t say anything to Jimmy during our phone call, as I didn’t want to hear about his silly fantasy. During our second phone conversation I told him what was going on with Shiandra. I told him how much this was upsetting me, and I expected him to start in with his boyish whining to go do it and then call him with all the details, but the son-of-a-gun surprised me by being sensitive to my distress.

“You probably have two choices Mar, either report her to the NIS office for investigation or put up with it and hope she gets bored and stops,” My sweet Jim said. As if these options hadn’t run through my mind a million times, “but stop saying “no” to her, that will just make you a challenge.”

Jim was a fairly smart guy, but I didn’t need his obvious advice. I just needed a shoulder to cry on, “Jimmy, just shut-up and listen. Ok?”

“Alright Mar; I love you baby doll.”

“I love you to honey,” I said right before we started talking dirty and engaging in our favorite Friday night activity…phone sex.

Chapter IV

“You think about it though, don’t you baby. C’mon, you can tell ol’ Shi the truth. You lie in bed at night and fuck yourself with that piece of plastic and secretly wish it was my tongue. C’mon baby…why else would you be blushing now,” my lesbian admirer was becoming increasingly more graphic in her attempts to gain access to my vacant, lonely cunt, “remember Maureen…just you and me baby, no one else would ever know.”

‘I am NOT blushing,’ I though indignantly at this, the start of the eighth week of Shiandra’s constant verbal assault on my good senses.

With each passing day she became more and more graphic with her descriptions of what she wanted from my body. Of how she envisioned my body would appear before her lusty eyes. “I bet those big titties of yours have pale blue veins running all over them, just like all the big-titted white girls I fuck; waiting for my tongue to trace that veiny map to your pussy. I’m right baby. You try to tell me I’m wrong, but you can’t because it’s true. Nobody but us will ever know baby…what have you got to loose?” This was a continual seductive process, day after day, week after week.

‘All the white girls love what Shi can do for them. Nobody else will ever know,’ her words echoed through my head, ‘but I’m not gay damn it,’ I reminded myself

Week 12 of my ordeal came and went, by the Friday phone call from my darling fiancé I was ready to talk hard and dirty about heterosexual fucking. But first, I subjected Jim to my weekly whine about Shiandra’s advances and how they were getting more graphic by the hour. Jim took me a bit by surprise as he told me about his first duty station in Yakuska, Japan, and the first time in his life he encountered homosexual advances.

“This tiny little Japanese civilian guy kept telling me about how he could take care of all my needs while I was in his country. A lot like what you are going through, he made offers of un-cumbersome, almost anonymous gay sex. But unlike what your response has been, I took advantage of the little guy. I had him run errands and buy me dinner. He brought my morning coffee to me and he waited, ever hopeful, for me to fuck him. I took control of him rather than allowing his offensive rambling to effect me,” Jimmy was giving me ideas.

‘Yeah,’ I thought, ‘I’ll control Shiandra rather that her controlling me.’

“Darling you’re a genius,” I exclaimed to my dear boy.

“Mar, you’re spending a lot of time thinking about this,” my Jimmy started, “are you afraid of her, or afraid of what your response may be if she did get you into bed?”

I started crying and confessed to Jim that I had started having sexual fantasies about Shiandra and me about a month ago, but contrary to what Shi was suggesting, in my fantasy she was forcing me to eat her big black cunt, “I’m so sorry Jimmy. I don’t know why I’m thinking like this. I would never think this way if you were here baby…never…ever.”

“It’s ok baby. It’s only a fantasy, and you already know how I feel about you being bi-sexual so I won’t go there. I know you’ll do what’s right for you Maureen,” and he let it drop.

Chapter V

Week 16 and I was locked into my usual routine, work and masturbation. This Tuesday night found me eagerly pursuing that routine.

I was close…so damn close, as I pressed and released, and pressed and released, nilüfer eskort bayan and pressed and released the vibrator against my puffy, wet pussy, “nnngg…nnngg,” I grunted as quietly as possible.

I was panting towards my third climax of the evening. On this one I was having my fantasy of Shiandra forcing me to my knees and ordering me to pleasure her rank, stinking cunt with my mouth, and by some unknown compulsion within my psyche, I obediently allowed this big black woman to guide my soft mouth to her filthy cunt.

‘Almost there,’ I was being overtaken by a wave of guilty orgasmic pleasure as I imagined the big woman forcing me to perform the most disgusting acts with her, ‘So close…so close…so close.’

“Knock, knock, knock,” there was a firm knocking at my door.

“Goddamnit,” I said loudly, “hang on a sec,” very annoyed that my pending orgasm was interrupted. I looked at the clock and it was a little after midnight.

‘Shit,’ I thought, ‘what asshole is knocking at my door at midnight,’ I threw on a robe and turned on the bedside light before opening the door. I opened the door a crack to peek and see who was disturbing my nightly masturbation, but before I could see who it was; Shiandra had pushed her way past me, closed and locked the door.

“Don’t’ say a word Maureen,” she commanded me as she released the sash on my robe and slipped it off my shoulders and onto the floor. This big woman was dressed in men’s pajamas with a light-weight robe over; she looked and acted like a lusty man. She pushed me, naked, back on my bed, grabbed a pillow from the bed and put it on the floor between my splayed legs, knelt, and started to kiss, lick, and suck my inner thighs.

“Shi I’m not…uuunnngggg,” I didn’t get to finish my protest as her big, fat black lips gave my pussy a wet, open-mouthed kiss. She bathed my fur with her saliva and made my already aroused cunt start its flow of juice again.

“Oh my…oh my,” I gasped as Shiandra reached on the floor for my discarded, day old panties and shoved them in my mouth to quiet me, lest we get caught. My nostrils filled with the smell of stale pee and needy pussy as I groaned and puffed through the improvised gag.

Either she truly was as good at eating pussy as she bragged, or was it my six months without physical contact, I don’t know which–at that point I didn’t care–but she soon elicited a trembling climax from my pussy. Shi just kept licking and sucking my hole. She raised my legs high and licked my asshole before returning her talent to my clitoris. I came and came on her soft, warm tongue and into her magical, wet sucking mouth.

My eyes were shut tight both from the immense pleasure and immense guilt I felt. Shiandra crawled up my body and started to kiss me with those amazing, big soft lips. I could taste my pungent aroma as her tongue entered my mouth while she increased the passion of her kiss. All too soon she broke away as she stood and sat me on the edge of the bed.

I watched, in a sexual stupor, as she dropped her robe and untied the drawstring to her PJ bottoms. She stood before me with those tree-trunk thighs gleaming in the soft light cast by the table lamp. Shi led me by my hand to kneel on the pillow that she had used moments before to cushion her knees during my lesbian initiation. I knelt before this Nubian goddess as she placed one foot on my bed and exposed the bright pink inside of her cunt to my gaze. Without a word, she held my head in both of her strong hands, and forced my mouth to her cunt.

‘This is my fantasy come true,’ I thought very briefly as she mashed my face into her excited pussy. I did what she demanded and started to lick and suck her dark flesh into my mouth. Her kinky hairs tickled my nose and lips, but I forged ahead. I was determined to bring pleasure to my dominant lesbian seducer.

When she finished with me she whispered into my ear, “Tomorrow, leave your door unlocked after 2200 and I will give you what you need baby,” I listened, stunned, my face wet with her juice, as I readily agreed to her demands.

Shiandra left my room quietly, staring at me for a brief moment–as if seeking the answer to an unasked question–she then smirked at me and closed the door. I didn’t sleep well that night. I enjoyed what happed, and that disturbed me greatly. I didn’t want to be gay. Jimmy’s words about me being bi-sexual ran through my head…but I wasn’t sure I wanted to be bi either.

The next night was almost an exact repeat of the night before. Shiandra still had to knock, and still pushed her way into my room. She once again ate me to a wondrous climax. But, this time she bent over my bed and had me orally pleasure her asshole for close to an hour before she reached her satisfaction. I was doubly disgusted with myself for being told to stick my tongue in her big, fat ass, and I not only did it, but I liked doing it. I liked the way she told me what to do and took control.

Thursday, I left my door unlocked. She didn’t bother with my pleasure that night as she came into my room, opened her robe and mounted my face as I lay on the bed. After she reached her climax, she instructed me to masturbate while telling her how much I loved her cunt…I did. My shame, guilt, and disgust with myself were growing, ‘I’m not a lesbian. Why am I doing these filthy things?’ I doubted my willpower to overcome my immoral lust.

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