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In love from the moment Heather met Trace Stewart in their freshman year of college, getting married to one another became their paramount goal. Although both sets of parents were willing to paying their college expenses, neither Heather nor Trace felt right about their parents’ offer. Since marriage before their graduation was their wish Trace counted on student loans to cover undergraduate and graduate degree expenses while Heather found a secretarial job.

By the time Trace finished his MBA and settled with a Fortune 500 firm, the CPA firm of Clever, Underwood, Nagle & Townsend that Heather was with really liked her work and had steadily given her pay raises. Heather’s original intent was to quit her secretarial job to finish the last two years of college after putting everything on hold in order for her husband to finish college and graduate school. Rather than giving up the decent paying job to reenroll full time in college Heather chose a nontraditional degree program.

The week following mid-term examinations one young classmate in Heather’s small group discussion on inculcated racial aversions opened up Pandora’s box with mention of the myth about Black men’s sexual prowess. Other members referring to interracial accounts in Penthouse Letters and pornographic party films containing Black men during the ensuing discussion astounded naïve Heather. With her curiosity piqued Heather couldn’t resist stopping at the newsstand the following day after work to buy the current issue of Penthouse Letters.

Trace playing golf both Saturday and Sunday afforded Heather plenty of privacy to scan and read cover-to-cover Penthouse Letters Second Anniversary Issue of Slut Wives. Not surprisingly the Black on White and White on Black sections astounded prim and proper Heather. Explicit accounts of either Black men seducing previously happily married White wives or sexually frustrated White wives unable to resist once unthinkable interracial extramarital affairs mesmerized Heather. White wives’ unanimous claims of unparalleled sexual gratification with Escort Beylikdüzü extraordinarily well-hung Black men left an indelible impression.

Prior to that weekend Heather had blithely gone about her daily business paying little or no attention to men. Heather stood 5’5″ and a trim 104 lbs., with 35D-22-33 measurements, long auburn hair, brown eyes and a flawless ivory complexion. At 29 Heather politely smiled and flashed her diamond ring and wedding band to show that she was off the market whenever men hit on her. At first this prim and proper married administrative assistant’s ingrained racial prejudice was reinforced by black men’s eyes going from her toes to her nose on the walk from the parking garage to work and back. Although Heather self-consciously blushed and walked faster, surreptitious glances at those and other black men’s visibly prominent phallic bulges appearing to be larger than White men correlated with interracial adulteresses in Penthouse Letters attributing unparalleled sexual gratification to bigger and black is better. Inner turmoil between marital monogamy and spiked nipples in the presence of noticeably well hung black men gradually diminished over the next few weeks. Heather not only became a surreptitious crotch watcher, but also increasingly provocative with Black men having visibly prominent phallic bulges.

About the same time an article entitled “When Your Man Is Not Measuring UP” in Cosmopolitan inspired Heather’s first visit to an adult boutique a few weeks after purchasing the next issue of Penthouse Letters. Heather nervously meandered through the various sexually explicit displays in the boutique. She examined the enthralling marital aids and several videotapes before making her purchases.

Getting home long before her husband’s expected arrival she excitedly loaded “Horny Housewives” interracial triple-X pornographic videotape into the bed room VCR. Taking the dildo from its box this once prim and proper housewife marveled again at its length, width and feel. She Beyoğlu escort touched the lips of her vagina and turned the vibrator on. Nearly jumping with the sensations, she moved her first ever dildo up and down the opening, squirming from the utterly erotic vibrations. Heather touched her clit and almost lost control.

Her vaginal sheath was already sopping wet as she imagined herself in place of the actresses with the black man in the interracial triple-X pornographic videotape. He was a large, well-built man and his penis seemed to be even longer and bigger around than the ebony dildo. She wanted to go slow and enjoy enhancing her private pleasure but at the same time couldn’t wait to cum. Heather’s mind was racing as she brought the tip to her dripping vaginal lips and started to push it in. She fantasized the pornographic actor being there with her … her legs wantonly wrapped around his ebony torso … sliding that big black cock into her.

She continued to stroke the big black dildo in and out, coming down from the wondrous orgasm, reveling in the pleasure. Heather knew she wanted this kind of private pleasure much more frequently and had to thank the unexpected class discussion, Penthouse Letters Second Anniversary Issue of Slut Wives and the article entitled When Your Man Is Not Measuring UP in Cosmopolitan for making it all possible. Seeing, hearing and feeling semblances of interracial sexual pleasure with the new life-like nine-inch black dildo far surpassed merely reading Afrocentristic erotic accounts over the past few months.

The following week Heather returned to the adult boutique going directly to the section labeled Afrodisiac and selected Wanton White Wife. Erotic portrayal of a white woman unable to resist going black concluded with the starlet’s pronouncement, “Can’t deny it anymore…I’m hooked on big black cocks!” Salaciously empathizing with the white suburban housewife’s Afrocentric sexual transformation compelled Heather to wonder what it would be like to do it in person.

Breathlessly, Bomonti escort bayan she shoved more of the nine-inch ebony pleasure probe in and out and in farther. Oh god, it was huge and warm and felt like a real cock. Heather loved being able to move it at her own pace. More inches disappeared into her now inflamed vaginal sheath as it wrapped around the ebony dildo. Heather’s salacious imagination envisioned the black man on the videotape slowly fucking her.

Heather picked up the rhythm and was totally into the fantasy of the black man fucking her with abandon. He was rooting over her, jamming his huge cock, all nine inches of it deeply and completely into her tight white married vagina and she loved the thoughts almost as much as the feel. She’d never ever been plumbed to anywhere near that depth as the big thick black nine-inch midnight-hued magical monster was reaching previously untapped sensual places and driving her wild.

“Fuck me harder” she fantasized aloud … “HARDER … slam it into me .. I love your huge black cock .. fuck me on my husband’s bed …oh good! MORE.HARDER…FUCK ME! I’M CUMMING … YYEESSSSSSSS!!!!”

Her hot wet pussy was erupting …convulsing … exploding with a tremendously strong orgasm. Heather thrashed around on the bed writhing in total pleasure from the illicit sensations emanating from deep within her pussy and the thoughts generated by her lascivious imagination. Being imaginarily fucked to a huge climax on her marital bed made the sensations all the more intense.

Heather wickedly thought to herself, ‘If my self-absorbed husband didn’t ignore my sexual needs, then I wouldn’t feel so erotic with this humongous black dildo twice as big as his white pencil dick giving me unbelievable pleasure on our bed. I LOVED fantasizing I am giving up my hot wet white married pussy to a big black cock!’

Fantasies were wonderful. The big black dildo is even better. But what would it be like to actually have a sexual encounter with a black man?

Did she dare risk the financial and social benefits of marriage to an upwardly mobile? If a black man actually fulfills her unmet sexual needs, then the reward is worth the risk. Heather’s lascivious logic compelled her to accept it will be only a matter of time until she’ll have to be very discreet to retain the image of a prim and proper wife.

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