Preparing Melissa Pt. 02


Kirsty had been given an ‘Intimacy 101’ lesson by her friend Melissa’s Mum…one that few other young girls would ever receive (see ‘Preparing Melissa’)…But now she was back, seeking more specific information about how she might lose her virginity.

‘Hi Mrs. J,’ the voice said on the other end of the phone. ‘It’s Kirsty. I’m off to uni, as you know, in a couple of weeks’ time and I’d really appreciate having a bit of a chat with you before I go. So I was wondering when it might be convenient to come around and see you.’

‘Well, how about now?’ I replied. ‘I’m home alone, and just about to make a coffee. Put your running shoes on and call by. See you soon.’

‘Thanks for seeing me,’ Kirsty said when she arrived. ‘I need some advice, and I simply can’t ask Mum.’

‘Well I’m happy to help if I can, as you already know,’ I volunteered. ‘What’s on your mind?’

‘I’ve decided I’m going to take every opportunity that uni will offer me, and I’ve decided it’s time I lost my virginity so I can participate that way, and I’ve decided I really want Luke – who luckily is going to be at the same university – to do the deed…but I really don’t know how to best approach him or how to handle it.’

‘Are you sure?’ I enquired. This was a major change from her previous attitude towards having sex.

‘I’m so sure I’ve already acquired a landing strip, as you suggested.’

‘Are you going to show me?’

‘Sure,’ she said as she stood up, dropped her shorts, then her knickers, and stood proudly in front of me with her feet slightly apart.

‘That’s wonderful,’ I responded, noticing her Star of the Show appearing to peep more prominently than it had before from between her labial curtains.

‘If that doesn’t elicit and immediate erection, nothing will,’ I observed – all the while resisting an urge to stroke her newly-shaped pussy…or give it a pat.

‘There are numerous ways you could approach Luke,’ I said as Kirsty pulled up her pants, again hiding her slash, clit and landing strip. I doubted I’d ever see them again…as Luke, and later some other lucky lads, were about to do. But I’d had the very rare privilege of seeing – and touching – this lovely lady’s most feminine and private parts, so I really couldn’t complain.

‘Perhaps I can only tell you what I might do if I was faced with your challenge. I think I would just approach it truthfully and directly.’

‘I’d somehow get Luke aside during the first week or two of term and I’d tell him you’ve had the hots for him for some time. I’d tell him directly that you are a virgin… but you’ve decided your virginity must go…and you’d like him to ensure it’s done properly…perhaps next week.’

‘He won’t say no!’

‘Tell him you are on the Pill and you thought it would be nice if you could have him all to yourself Bostancı Escort for a whole night, so you were happy to book and pay for a motel room in the next town – and even shout him a pizza for dinner!’

‘I’d then try to keep things as fun and as humorous as possible. Tell him to stay in the car to conserve all his strength for what was about to happen, while you checked in to the motel!’

‘Then when you get in the room, tell him you’d decided to have a shower and that you suggest he to join you, after he’d given you 30 seconds to get wet, so he could see what you had on offer…and so you could decide whether his manly meat might be able to adequately handle the task ahead.’

‘And I’d throw my bra and then my panties out of the bathroom into the bedroom as I got undressed, just to excite him.’

‘You, of course, will want to help dry him off, paying particular attention to the area around his manhood. And if you notice he has trimmed his pubic hair, I’d compliment him for his thoughtfulness…and, if not, I’d fetch a pair of nail scissors and tell him you are going to do so, before his penis is able to come anywhere near your mouth.’

‘He’s also bound to have a giant erection well before he’s positioned to enter you. I’d be giving it a couple of gentle slaps and playfully scold it, telling it that it was ‘a bad boy…just wait a while.”

‘Then it would be totally over to you. Get him playing with you, lots of kissing and sucking, and perhaps even show him your G-spot, which in all likelihood will be a real education for him.’

‘I’d be aiming to have him in me at least twice during the evening – which would make the whole evening, and paying for the motel, a worthwhile investment.’

‘And I wouldn’t worry if you were taking much of the lead’.

‘Gone are those days where girls were expected to just lie there submissively, with legs spread wide apart, to endure whatever pounding the man might provide…and then to be rewarded by discovering they were pregnant and perhaps having to organise an illegal abortion…or having to hang out the sheets after that first experience to prove to the world that they had ‘saved yourself’ for that one moment of excruciating pain when their hymen was ripped apart.’

‘At least we both know you won’t be experiencing anything like that!’ I chuckled.

‘But I should also warn you that you may still feel you’re receiving a pounding in those first few moments. You’ll still be very tight internally, whatever precautions you have taken and, of course, you’ll be extremely nervous – which won’t help you at all. So please just try to relax as much as you can in those first few seconds whilst his penis pushes your vaginal walls apart for the very first time.’

‘And I don’t just mean this will happen with Luke’s penis Anadolu Yakası Escort – it would happen with whichever man was lucky enough to have the honour of deflowering you.’

‘You should try to get to the point, as rapidly as you can, where your muscles down there want to grab the penis and hold it firmly in you – even though your man may then be wanting to withdraw it.’

‘But all this might take a while – which is why I really hope you and Luke try to repeat the experience several times that first night. Most things take some practice before you learn to perfect them – so why should having sex the first time be any different?’

‘And things may not work out like that at all. Luke could well ejaculate even before he enters you…or ejaculate before he’s half way down your love tunnel.’

‘If he’s also a virgin, that’s more likely to happen. If he has had previous sexual experience, he’s more likely to give you a more satisfying, gentler experience as you lose your virginity.’

‘All I can wish is for you to have the best possible first experience. And you’ve really done all you can to prepare for it.’


‘Now, what else can I suggest?’ I asked, well aware I’d done most of the talking.

‘Probably not much – but you’ve made me quite wet just talking about it.’

‘And I am too, you lucky girl.’

‘Do you think I need to do anything else, like dressing up in some way specially for the occasion?’ Kirsty asked.

‘I wouldn’t…but if Luke was to become a regular visitor to your room, I’d be tempted at some time in the future to open the door dressed in something like a maid’s uniform, with the uniform skirt and apron hitched so high that there was no way he could avoid noticing your tight, pure white panties – and giving him the unmistakable message that you want him to pull them right down, and then right off. That’s the sort of thing that, perhaps, you might consider doing on his birthday.’

‘And don’t go getting a special hair-do, or splashing yourself with any more perfume than usual. That would just distract Luke, who’ll already have enough incentive to ravish you the way you will want.’

‘I’ll have to wish Luke well, before he leaves for uni.. As he doesn’t have a sister, I might give him a bit of a talk about looking after the girls there, but certainly won’t let on to him that you have plans, or even that you have had your eyes on him,’ I said.

‘I’d love to be a fly on the wall that day,’ Kirsty replied.

As she left, I planted another kiss on her forehead. ‘Good luck, enjoy yourself, behave yourself!’

‘And keep in touch. I expect you to ring me some time after Luke has popped that cherry of yours, to tell me how it all goes.’

* * * * *

A few weeks later I got that phone call I was expecting.

‘It’s Ataşehir Escort happened, and pretty much along the lines of what you had suggested.’

‘Luke’s cock was a bit thicker than what I’d imagined it would be, so there was a fair bit more pain than I had bargained for…but we coped.’

‘And guess what,’ she said excitedly. ‘I climaxed twice that night!’

‘That’s wonderful. Two orgasms on your very first night! How envious so many other girls would be, if only they knew,’ I replied. ‘You had better thank your Mum and Dad for endowing you appropriately.’

‘Unfortunately there is no way I could do that,’ she responded. ‘In fact, I just hope they can keep on believing that I’m keeping my virginity for my wedding night…and they don’t ask me to hang out any blooded sheets afterwards!’ she chuckled.

‘But I do have to thank you – you are the most wonderful inspiration. You should really put up a shingle advertising your services to other virgins who are about to…’

I had vaguely thought exactly along those lines myself.

‘And you obviously had a talk to Luke. His pubes had clearly been well-trimmed for the occasion, and he should be just as pleased with how they looked as I am now with my cute little Brazilian. So thanks also for suggesting that.’

‘So, what about the future?’ I asked, taking the topic in a different direction.

‘Well, I’ve decided Luke certainly won’t be the last man I’ll have in my bed…and, if Luke wants some more, I’ll happily open my door – and open my legs – for him,’ she confided.

* * * * *

I heaved a silent sigh of relief, and allowed a smile to spread across my face as I thought back several decades.

Kirsty had been fortunate. She obviously has enjoyed her experience.

In contrast, I had encountered the biggest cock I was to ever see on the night I lost my virginity.

I was expecting to be treated gently – but the monster was simply thrust down, rapidly, in one cruel and swift movement, right through what may still have been my virgin hymen.

I had screamed.

And I bled.

Oh God, how I bled!

I bled for several days. And I cried – unable to tell my parents, unable to tell my friends.

It was not the experience I had expected.

I determined there and then that, if I ever had a daughter, she should never lose her virginity in the same way.

But I would never really know. I could never know. Even today, mothers are not given many details, if any, by their daughters about what happened during that most private of experiences.

And mothers never ask – and feel they should never ask – their daughters.

So how lucky I had been to have such a unique relationship with Kirsty.

Not only had she felt she could share her joy with me, but I’d actually seen and physically penetrated – if only briefly, if just with one finger – her virgin hole that Luke, MY nephew…MY VERY OWN nephew, would completely fill so soon thereafter with his teenage manhood and his cum.

Kirsty, I’ll love you forever. You’ll never know how much.

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