Poor 17


Poor 17I am not a story teller like most people here, but I got really turned-on watching my cousin when I was 17; she was 16. She was staying with my family, because the school was better and her mum was no more with them. Being my mum’s favourite niece and all, her brother and her, stayed at our house during the term. Their dad was well off, but a polygamist and had lots of k**s, so it was no surprise that they considered our house a family home.I decided not to go to school one day, because I had plans, so the night before; I told my parents I was sick. I had no idea, the next morning my cousin too, decided not to go to school either. We didn’t plan it and she never knew I was staying home that morning. Anyway, to continue my being ‘sick’, I stayed in bed while everyone else was preparing to leave for school. I slept till after 10am. Somehow in my dream (was actually for real) I heard water running in the bathroom. I was convinced it was a dream, because I knew I was all alone at home. It seems the running water woke me up, but I am not too sure. After about half an hour of lying in bed awake and thinking, I needed to wee. So I got out of bed headed for the toilet, to do my business. I heard increasing fainted sounds of flowing water as I walked towards the bathroom, but I didn’t pay much attention. The door was not closed, so walked straight in. I Ankara Escort noticed some steam in the bath, but I was not sure. So I continued with my eyes towards the toilet. As I was about to pull out my erected cock to do my wee, my eyes were attracted to the reflection on the side wall mirror, it seems there was someone/water in the bathtub. I wasn’t sure what was happening so I turned to take a closer look; with my manhood, still hanging in my right hand. My cousin was in the bathtub, one hand between her legs, also lying adjacent to her hard was the cord of the shower head. Her other hand was massaging her breast, eyes closed, lips in not as normal. (I don’t seem to remember the exact look of her lips); she was lost in a warm bath of passion. I could sense she was enjoying herself, but I couldn’t make out what she was doing. Unfortunately for me, she was deep in the bath, I couldn’t see her nakedness. So I stayed there watching for what seemed like a few seconds, but I am sure it was less than a second. I finally replaced my cock in my pants and tried to ‘man-Gina’ my cock, as a means to hide my erection. (The initial erection had nothing to do with her, but I had to hide it) It wasn’t fully out when I tried to wee, but the full view of someone in the bathtub; brought the head out too. Balgat Escort Then I finally said, “Next time lock the door”, as I decided to leave her to her privacy. Only then did she notice my presence. With the shock and all; the shower head coming out from under the water; between her legs and squirting water warm water in my direction. The normal human reaction would be to close the eyes and protect oneself from the flowing water, but with her jetting up out of the water, with her body, especially her wet shiny boobs, propelling into motion, I wanted to see and enjoy the view. I only had a glimpse of her boobs, before the water got in my eyes. My manhood could not handle all of that, being curvy and huge’ came straight out from between my legs, harder and wanting. I had just noticed she was masturbating or better said hard the shower head on her pussy; I had just seen her boobs. Oh my! I couldn’t control the erection that appeared under my now wet white boxers. Worst of all for me, she noticed my boner and thought it the outcome of what I saw. She even asked, if that (my wood) was for her. I didn’t know if I should stay there and answer or go out of the bath. It was all too fast and too confusing. I finally ran out and sped straight into my bedroom.She finished her bath and then came and Çankaya Escort knocked at my bedroom door. She said she was finished and that I could use the bath. As I opened my door, a few seconds after, she was standing there; towel wrapped around her, with visible breast and body shape, wet hair, most of her legs visible and an uninviting expression on her face. She first blamed me for watching her, asked why I didn’t use the other toilets in the house and called me names and all. I didn’t know what to say; I was feeling really guilty. Though I was feeling guilty and wondering what I could say, I was also imagining what could be under that towel and also wondering if I could just take it off and have a better view. Well, I said nothing, not even sorry. Finally, she smiled and asked me if the boner was for her. I mustered the courage and said ‘NO’, but I didn’t explain. She didn’t believe me. All she said was ‘take that away from me’.Only then did I notice, the boner was back on. I had not changed boxers, I couldn’t control my cock. I was guilty as charged. She was staring straight down at it, and I was perversely fantasizing of her taking it in her mouth. She decided to blackmail me; She said “if you tell anyone about what you saw; better said think you saw, I would say you were spying on me, while I was having a shower and that you were touching yourself, when I caught you spying.’Until today, when I want to recharge my boner, say after I have just cum, I imagine her in that bath and within seconds I am hard. Needless at this point to stress how miserable, life as a 17-year-old was after that morning, with her living under the same roof as me. Especially as she knew she had that effect on me.

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