Peter’s Dream


“That’s it Pete! Fuck me hard! I want to feel that cock deep inside me!”

Peter gripped his sister’s hips and drove his cock into her again, thrusting into her hard and fast. Jan’s moans filled the room as fucked her like she wanted.

“Oh shit! Oh god I love your cock big brother.”

He reached forward, grasping her breasts as they swung beneath her, squeezing them as he thrust into her pussy again and again, his balls slapping her clit as she screamed for more.

“Just like that bro. OH GOD! It feels soo good!”

Their moans filled the room. The bed squeaked beneath them as he fucked her harder and faster, his cock driving in and out of her like a blur.


Peter couldn’t hold it any more. He held on tight as she came, thrashing violently as her orgasm washed over her. He drove into his sister’s spasming pussy one last time escort kartal and moaned loudly as….

The first splash of cum hitting his chest brought Peter back to reality. Just as he had countless times before, he had begun jacking off while looking at porn. Porn that soon lead to thoughts of fucking his older sister.

As the last few shots of his cum left his shrinking cock he sighed. As always it had felt good. He had wanted to fuck his sister since he had accidentally seen her getting out of the shower when they were both in high school. Every night his thoughts turned to her as he masturbated. When she was home last from college he had even set up a hidden camera and watched as her and her high school sweet heart fucked in her room.

He had watched that video as he slowly stroked his cock, watching her tits bounce as her boyfriend thrust into her, watching his cum spray her face and tits.

It’s not that he hadn’t had any luck getting laid. He had fucked plenty of girls in uğur mumcu escort his first year of college. Some had been good, some hadn’t. Some had big tits, some had small. He had fucked girls of all shapes and sizes.

The best was the one at the Spirit Week party. The football team was facing their rivals. After winning the game, there was a big party at one of the sorority houses. There were plenty of hot chicks there, and the booze was flowing like water. But the one he wanted was the quite, shy, nerdy girl that was there with some friends. After a couple of beers, his cock was in her mouth. He could still remember how tight and wet her pussy was as he fucked her and how hot it was to see his cum running down her face and tits. He had pumped three loads onto her after fucking that sweet pussy, her face and chest literally covered in cum. It had been nice, very nice, but not as nice as he knew fucking his sister would be.

Peter thought he would get his chance on his çavuşoğlu escort eighteenth birthday. Her friends had taken her out drinking for her twenty-first birthday a couple days late and she had passed out on the couch. He helped up to her room, his hand on he breast, feeling her nipple getting hard. After laying Janet on her bed, Peter turned to leave, but stopped and decided to “help” her take off her cloths. He took off her shirt and began rubbing her breasts. His cock got hard as he did so and he couldn’t help but start stroking it. He wanted to press his cock against her lips, hoping she would instinctively start sucking it, but he didn’t. Instead he stroked himself as he rubbed her breasts. Finally Janet moaned slightly as he did, her nipples hard as a rock. Finally he could take it no more and he exploded, covering her tits in cum. Wiping his cock on her breast, he tucked it back into his pants and walked out, smiling.

Peter cleaned up his cum and put on some underwear. As he closed his eyes to sleep, his thoughts once again turned to Janet. He had no idea what she was doing at that moment, but as he drifted off to sleep, the same thought that had been on his mind earlier returned.

He didn’t know when, but some day he would fuck his sister.

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