Paying Their Way Ch. 02


This is the second part of a story I began years ago. I re-read it recently and realised I had left it hanging after a first part, so here, finally, is the continuation of that story. Hopefully I haven’t forgotten in the last few years how to write these characters and what I was going to do with the story.

“Hello,” Hannah Monroe called out as she walked into the lounge area of her dorm, “Anyone around?”

She was greeted by total silence. The room was dark as Hannah walked in and dropped her bag to the floor, feeling exhausted after her days classes. Nobody was around, it seemed, they’d probably gone out for the evening. That was ok with Hannah who just wanted to collapse on her bed with a good book. Normally, she liked to be the life and soul of the party, but a lonely winter away from her friends and family was changing her outlook on what constituted a good evening. She felt a sigh of relief flood over her at the thought that her room-mate wasn’t going to be around.

Hannah felt that she was a people person and that she could get on with anyone. Her charm, enthusiasm and optimism were normally all it took for anyone to soften up to her and consider her a friend. This was not the case, however, with Annie Jackson, the room-mate she had been paired up with when first arriving here at the college a few months earlier. Spoilt and wealthy, Annie resented having to have a room-mate at all and nothing that Hannah could do would change this. Annie had been to an exclusive and expensive west coast private school and hated having to spend time with someone she thought beneath her, someone like Hannah who had come from a relatively ordinary background to be here. She was an only child who had no real concept of sharing anything and found Hannah’s attempts to befriend her intrusive and irritating and tended to react by making Hannah’s life hell, seeming to go out of her way to make Hannah miserable where before Hannah had gone out of her way to make Annie feel at home.

Before coming here, Hannah had felt sure that her room-mate would be her best friend at college and the hostile reaction that she had received from Annie had severely dented her confidence and self esteem. Where before, making friends had come as second nature to her, now it seemed to her that people had started to ignore her and that she felt ever more lonely. Sure, on the phone to her parents she was full of cheery stories of the fun she was having, but that was no reflection of how she truly felt. She knew that she could admit defeat and leave and go home, but that would be even more pathetic than the state she found herself in when she tried her hardest not to cry herself to sleep because her room-mate would hear and then things would not be so good for her.

Hannah walked into the dark room and banged her shins against the low coffee table, letting out a muffled swear word. She was alone but years of her parents’ disapproval still had her swearing under her breath. Hopping in pain, she headed for the door of her own room, the one she shared with Annie, not even bothering with the light switch, wanting as soon as possible to just collapse on her bed and zone out into oblivion, trying to forget everything she hated about college life so far.

She didn’t bother with the light inside the room either, simply dropping onto her front on the bed. That’s when she realised that she wasn’t really alone. From the other side of the room, Hannah could hear gradually increasing sounds of moaning and groaning. Initially, she put her head in the pillow and tried to smother out the sounds but the moans became more regular and louder until she knew she couldn’t take it any more.

She got up and walked over to where the light switch was next to the door and flicked it on to see Annie lying on her back on her bed with her boyfriend, Josh, on top of her. Annie was very tall and thin, with long legs and a long neck, her facial features were sharp and her dark hair was cut into a short bob. Josh Stacy, her boyfriend, was a long limbed lacrosse player with floppy brown hair and thick, full lips that he was pressing against her thin, sneering ones.

Annie’s black and white pleated skirt had ridden up around her waist while Josh’s hand was exploring the inside of her thigh with her panties pushed aside, Hannah could see that her room-mate had invested in very expensive dark blue silk lingerie. Josh’s other hand was on his girlfriend’s breast which had fallen out of her tight pale blue sweater. Both of them, however, had turned their heads to where Hannah stood by the door with angry, accusatory expressions.

“Can’t you see we’re busy here,” Annie said in a shrill, angry voice, obviously she didn’t like to be interrupted in the middle of this.

Hannah was mortified, as she stood there, watching the writhing, semi-naked bodies of her room-mate and her boyfriend, she could not move, open mouthed with surprise and horror. Annie stared back at her, looking enraged, while Josh was turning away, seeming gorukle escort bayan pretty embarrassed to be discovered. Annie, however, reacted as if Hannah was somehow deliberately interrupting, or as if Hannah really wanted to watch her room-mate having sex. She glared daggers and Hannah.

“Why don’t you just get out of here, you freak?” she snarled.

This was all that Hannah needed. She turned her back and rushed from the room, slamming the door behind her. She continued to rush away, through the living area, not even stopping to grab her coat and scarf from where she had left them draped across a chair. She just had to get out of the dorm as quick as possible. Slamming another door behind her, she headed outside, still walking breathlessly fast, striding as if with great purpose but not heading anywhere in particular, just hurrying to shake the image out of her head, not just the image of her room-mate having sex, but of the look of unpleasant hate on Annie’s face.

The snow had started to fall now, thick white blobs of it, beginning to cover the sidewalk as she strode through it. Although she had left her coat behind, she didn’t feel the cold breeze flowing through her, her thoughts were too much on how miserable her friendless college life was. After a while of angrily pacing around, she finally found herself taking shelter from the increasingly heavy snowfall beneath a tree. There was a single bench that managed to provide a bit of shelter. Hannah slumped down on it and slumped her shoulders, huddling her body smaller to escape the cold that she now began to feel. She was breathing heavily and could see the gusts of her cold breath out before her.

Letting herself go at last, she let the tears flow down her reddened face. Her vision became blurred with her sobbing tears, while the thickness of the snow made the red brick campus buildings barely visible either. Hannah didn’t care at all what was happening around her, she was so wrapped up in her own feelings. So much so that she failed to notice someone on the bench beside her.

“Are you ok?” came a soft, female voice, breaking Hannah from her slumped depression.

“Oh,” Hannah said with surprise, wiping the tears from her eyes to get a better look at her companion, “I’m sorry. I didn’t see you there.”

“That’s alright. I didn’t mean to interrupt,” replied the other girl, “What is it? What has brought you out here in the cold to cry your eyes out?”

“Just…I don’t know…Everything,” Hannah said with a little giggle, sniffing back the tears, “Life here in this place. I don’t really know how much longer I can take it. What are you doing out here then?”

“Oh. I’ve got my own problems too,” said the girl.

For the first time, Hannah really looked at her new acquaintance. The other girl was about her age, another student. However, she was nothing like Hannah with her braided hair and colourful clothes. This girl was unusually sexy and glamorous. She had the look of a sexy model. She was a classic hot busty blonde, tall with an obviously incredible curvy figure that was apparent even with the tight, tailored jacket she was wearing against the cold. She sat and moved and acted with an alluring confidence that suggested she had always attracted a lot of friends, one of the popular girls in high school. Except now she seemed a bit out of place on her own, sitting out in the cold with Hannah.

For some reason, Hannah just found herself spilling everything to this beautiful stranger. She told her all about how happy she had been in high school, how easy it had been to make friends and how different things were for her now. She told her all about her bitchy room-mate and how impossible she made Hannah’s life. Hannah felt really pleased to find somebody she could talk to, someone she was getting on with so well. It almost made her think that there could be hope for her lonely college life after all. Meanwhile, the other girl too began to feel able to offload some of her own feelings.

“It’s my girlfriend,” she said, “I feel we’re growing apart. She just doesn’t ever seem in the mood any more. She doesn’t have the sex drive that I do.”

This was even more unusual and exciting to Hannah, the discovery that this beautiful, blonde all-American looking girl was a lesbian. It wasn’t something that had ever crossed Hannah’s mind before really, thinking about women in that way, but now, listening to her new friend, she found the idea strangely exciting.

Hannah ended up feeling very much better than she had done in a long while. As she walked back through the deep, thick snow to her dorm again, Hannah’s thoughts continued to dwell on her new friend, thinking that finally things could be about to go her way.


Lizzie Nichols strode through the thick, crisp snow to the college library. She needed to get some books out for an important paper that was due in less than a week. She was beginning to worry about how she hadn’t even started working nilüfer escort bayan on it. She had always been so conscientious in high school but these days she found herself missing deadlines all the time. She knew that today she wasn’t really going to the library just to get books, she was going so she could get out of the apartment for a while.

Lizzie found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on her school work. She could no longer sit and study without her mind running on all of her other concerns. She knew that she couldn’t afford to pay for the apartment she shared with Jessie, her beautiful girlfriend, yet she hated the escorting work that they had to do to make the money. She couldn’t get the thought of all those dirty, sleazy men out of her mind. All through the day she tried to work and study but she couldn’t, she tried to cuddle up to Jessie in the evening but the work had made sex such an unpleasant thought to her that even in the warm embrace of her lover, she couldn’t let herself go.

She tried to focus her mind instead on the work she had to do. Inside the library, sheltered from the cold breeze outside, her layers of clothing felt too hot and constricting. She headed for the long rows of shelves, searching for the book she needed, running her eyes along the numbers on the spines of the books for the one she was looking for, a book on the poems of Emily Dickinson, the subject of her paper. Finally, she saw it and was about to pull the book out from the others when she saw another hand grab it. Lizzie too grabbed the book at the same time, determined not to let this get away from her, determined to at least have one thing in her life work out and be under her control.

Looking up from the hand holding fiercely onto the book she wanted, Lizzie saw a girl with an expression of equal determination, mirroring Lizzie’s own face. The other girl was quite short, but still taller than the very small Lizzie, not skinny but with a nice figure. She was quite pretty with her blonde hair in fun braids. She was dressed in a long coat and a bright, multi-coloured scarf. She looked a little shocked at Lizzie’s determination to hold onto the book and a little put out, but she also didn’t seem about to give it up.

“I’m sorry,” Lizzie said, her old shyness beginning to take hold again in the face of the other girl’s determination, “I didn’t realise someone else wanted this book. It’s just that I really need it.”

“I really need it too,” came the reply.

Lizzie stared at her for a moment, neither of them were going to back down. She looked into the other girl’s pale blue eyes and giggled. This whole situation was just silly. Fortunately, the other girl relaxed too and gave a little smile back.

“Oh well,” she said, “I guess we could probably share it.”

“It seems like you must have some pretty good taste. I guess that sharing could work,” Lizzie said back, actually quite enjoying the idea.

“Maybe we could grab a coffee and discuss it,” said the other girl.

It sounded like a pretty good idea to Lizzie, not so much because she wanted the book but because she liked the idea of just spending relaxing, pleasant time with another woman, just like friends. It was an experience that she sorely missed. She hadn’t spent any free time with anyone but Jessie for weeks. Every moment she used up with either studying or escorting work. Now, she got the chance to just behave like a normal person.

Hannah, that was the other girl’s name, was great company too. Lizzie found it easy to talk to her and found their afternoon drifting by so quickly as they sat around drinking coffee. Lizzie didn’t mention her problems, either with how she made her money or how it was affecting her relationship with Jessie, she was pleased to let those problems drift away for that one afternoon. Hannah seemed keen too not to dwell on her usual college life and seemed pleased instead to spend the time with Lizzie. Instead, they just talked about all the things they liked to do and see and read. It felt just like things had been with Jessie back in high school when that gorgeous girl had made the shy and retiring Lizzie start to feel good about herself by her friendly and affectionate manner, eventually bringing out Lizzie’s loving side. Lizzie began to think that the pretty Hannah could do the same thing for her now.

Unfortunately, these happy thoughts were not to last. Lizzie’s long, relaxing afternoon was called to an abrupt halt by her ringing cellphone. She should have known she could never escape the tawdry drudgery of her working life. It was a little awkward talking to Hannah, trying to find an excuse or explanation for why she had to hurry away after having such a pleasant time together. However, Lizzie knew she had to take the call, knew she had to go to the client, not just for her sake but for Jessie too. She managed to exit relatively politely, agreeing to meet up with Hannah again another time, before rushing bursa otele gelen escort bayan to meet her client.

He was one of the rich kids who have everything but still can’t satisfy themselves with a woman without paying for it. She remembered guys like him from high school. She had grown up in a community of rich and privileged types. They thought that money could bring them everything and Lizzie had always felt how wrong it was to think that. Now that she had no money and had to do things like this to get some, she wasn’t so sure that money wasn’t important but she still resented people who thought that it was the most important thing of all. This guy was fairly typical. He carried himself in a vain, disdainful way. He was tall and fairly athletic, with floppy hair and lips that had a slightly feminine pout.

Lizzie had been over to change out of her regular clothes and into the slutty look her clients preferred. She dropped her jacket to the floor to reveal she was dressed in a tight red latex dress that clung to her large breasts in a way Lizzie felt was a little embarrassing but seemed to impress the guys who paid for her services. The skirt came down to her thighs, revealing much of the length of her legs. Her short stature was slightly increased by the six inch heels on her clear platforms.

The guy looked pleased at her slutty look. He wasn’t messing about with any foreplay, he just wanted to get straight into the action. Lizzie was by now used to this sort of behaviour, the guys who didn’t want the gentle affection of their girlfriends, but instead fast, hard, soulless sex with a slutty stranger. He pushed her down onto her knees and pulled out his cock, it was hardly the biggest she had ever seen but she knew well not to bring this up. It seemed that his stuck up girlfriend wouldn’t suck him off, so it was now up to Lizzie to do it for him.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine herself wrapped in Jessie’s warm embrace as she reached out and touched the warm flesh of his cock. All this escorting work had done nothing to make her attracted to men, it just left her cold towards their cocks, but she knew that the quicker she worked, the quicker it could be all over. She opened her lips and slipped his limp cock inside her mouth, licking her tongue around it, trying to get it hard.

“Come on bitch,” he said in a posh, slightly lisping accent, “Suck my cock. Make me hard.”

Lizzie was finding it more difficult than usual to make this little dick become firm and erect. She didn’t know whether it was her that was at fault for her desire to be anywhere else but here or him not getting turned on by her. He was certainly trying hard enough with the way he was talking to her.

“Oh yeah, slut,” he sighed, “I love to see a nice, hard cock in a girl’s pretty mouth. Annie would never do anything like this.”

With feigned eagerness, Lizzie started bobbing up and down on his cock, taking a bit more control of the situation. This was something he seemed to like a bit more, letting her do the work, letting her be in charge. His cock began to grow hard at last in her mouth as Lizzie began to consider that maybe this was just what he wanted. His girlfriend was obviously the controlling type and, although he had let it be known in no uncertain terms that he had hired an escort in order to take control and get what his girlfriend wouldn’t give him, Lizzie began to suspect that it was that letting other people take control that really excited him. Desperate to get this over as quickly as possible, she screwed up her courage and took a bold decision.

“That’s such a little cock you’ve got there,” she said, letting it slip from her mouth, “No wonder your girlfriend doesn’t want to suck it. But I’m gonna make that tiny cock cum for me. Is that what you want?”

“Oh God yes,” he sighed, his dick growing noticeably harder with Lizzie’s taunts, proving she was getting things just right, “I want you to suck my little dick until it’s nice and hard. And I want to fuck your tight ass!”

Lizzie let his cock go from her mouth and turned her back to him. As she bent over, her tight, short latex dress revealed her ass and black lace thong. She slid the thong down to show off her bare ass.

“Come on then. You want to fuck an ass, come and give it to me,” she said commandingly.

She was used to getting some pretty big dicks back there so it wasn’t difficult at all to get his inside her. Still keen on getting things over as quickly as possible, she rode her ass back against his cock, making him shaft in and out of her. She was used to being submissive to other people’s wants and desires, both with her clients and with her more gentle and loving but still in control girlfriend, however now she knew that she would have to seem to be in command to get things over with here.

“Come on, you can do better than that,” she said, “I can barely feel that little dick inside me!”

“Ohhh,” he sighed, “I’m trying. I love your sexy ass, it looks so hot with my cock inside it.”

“Is that it? You like to fuck ass and not pussy. You like the look of a hard cock in someone’s ass. Sounds like maybe you’re a bit gay?” Lizzie found herself saying anything she could think of in desperation to make him cum and get it over with, “You like to fuck ass, gay boy?”

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