This story should be part of my ‘Archives Of A Pretentious Playboy’ series – actual experiences from my misspent youth. But as the first two stories got such poor reader numbers, I’m guessing the title may be too pretentious and put people off reading. Then again, it could just be that no one is interested in my sordid past.Helpful information: The cheapest way to buy beer in 70’s England was in four or seven-pint cans called Party Fours or Party Sevens.I have already mentioned in a couple of my other stories; that in the Seventies, four mates and I travelled to England for the big OE (Overseas Experience). We travelled by Ship (The Chandris Lines – Australis), and by the time we reached England, we had teamed up with another dozen kiwi guys and girls.We all found flats close to one another in North London and fell into a routine of working and saving for summer trips around Europe. We caught up with one another every Friday and Saturday night at one of the local pubs, and after the Pub closed, there was invariably a party somewhere. London was a very different scene from New Zealand; we got introduced to drugs for the first time, and the English girls were much freer with their favours. Although looking back on those times, I’m sure we all fucked as many girls from the antipodes as we did any of the English. Maybe it was just the seventies, or did the girls being so far from home go a little wild? Probably the latter. As for the drugs, it was mostly marijuana, although I did try LSD one night in London.At a party one night, one of our mates (Brian) fucked a little pommy girl outside against the back wall of the house. Afterwards, he returned inside and bragged to several guys about it. She was London born and bred, attractive with huge tits; A little chubby, made more evident by the fact she was about five foot tall. Bruce told the guys he had stood her on two Party-Four cans from the host’s empties pile, as she was so short (Brian was six-two). After that night, she continued hanging out with our group and earned the nickname ‘Party Four’ (even the girls called her that). In the following weeks, a couple of other mates fucked her. One of them also did a copycat and stood her on beer cans. Etlik Escort She was quite proud of her nickname, never seeming to mind the guys teasing her, or fucking her for that matter. As she explained when one of the girls asked her about her being too easy, “I just like to fuck!”We were all at Finchley’s Old Bull and Bush Pub a few Saturdays later. And by closing time, no one had found a party to go to, so most of the guys started to drift off home with their girlfriends for an early night. I had not picked a lady that night and intended to head home, also.Party-Four was hanging around, but although I knew she was easy, asking her out was the furthest thing from my mind. However, when the bell rang, she approached and asked if I would drive her home. I looked down and was confronted by the swell of her white breasts supported by a flimsy lace bra, and my resolve disappeared.They say that everyone you miss out on is one you will never get again, and so weak bastard that I am, I could not refuse her. So I grinned at her and led her out to my Mini. And minutes later, I was driving Party-Four around the North Circular to her bedsit in Neasden. We pulled up in front of a three-storied manor house that had been converted into several bedsits. Her bedsit was in what had once been the lounge on the ground floor of the old house. It was one large room with a small bathroom off it.When we entered, Party Four didn’t mess around. She dragged me to her bed against the far wall, pulled me down, and started kissing. I felt a little self-conscious as opposite us was a large settee made up as a second bed. And under the duvet was huddled a girl and her boyfriend staring at me. The little I saw of her face told me she was young and attractive.Party-Four caught me looking. “Don’t worry about Bethany, she shares with me.” Then she introduced us, “Bethany, this is Dave from the group of friends I’ve told you about.”Bethany said hello, and told me her boyfriend’s name. I had to strain my ears to hear her over the traffic noise coming through the double-glazed windows. But her voice sounded husky and sensual. I would have liked to continue talking Keçiören Escort with her; I felt an instant attraction. But she turned away and resumed kissing her boyfriend. He didn’t look much, certainly not up to her standard. Rather scrawny and malnourished. Although I was soon to learn, the little bugger had stamina.I was intrigued by Bethany, the arm wrapt behind her boyfriend’s neck told me she was thin. Her eyes were a clear blue, and she had a light smattering of freckles on her pale cheeks. Her short brown hair looked styled and shiny. I was to learn later that she worked at a local hairdresser. She had run away from a very strict home and was barely sixteen. This explained why I had not met her before, as she was too young to be able to hang out at the Pub.I tried to scope Bethany out whilst pretending to give all my attention to Party Four, who was almost naked and climbing under the covers. So I stripped to my boxers and climbed over her, so my back was against the wall. I’m a voyeur at heart and wanted to be facing out into the room to perv on Bethany.Party Four demanded all my attention for a good while after that. She grabbed my cock and made to get it between her legs. I tried to slow her down by nuzzling her tits and slipping my hand down to give her some foreplay. But she was not interested and pulled at me to get on top and mount her. So I gave in to her demands and was soon hammering away, attempting to get her off.She was a really good fuck, not at all inhibited. But still, I surreptitiously glanced over to the settee several times and saw the gangly boyfriend mount and start to fuck Bethany. There were two bedside lamps turned on. Both were on the floor at the end of the beds, so the room was bathed in soft light. Fuck, I was jealous of the young guy with Bethany.She saw me looking and kicked her feet up in the air, accidentally kicking the covers from them; or was it accidental? The boyfriend was going to town, and Bethany was very animated, obviously enjoying his attention. I watched his arse hammering away between her splayed legs. And seeing me looking, she wrapped her legs around his butt and Kızılay Escort clenched him hard against her every time he thrust.I couldn’t hold from ejaculating; watching them got me so horny. I came with a groan and whispered sorry in Party Four’s ear. She didn’t seem to mind, just content to have me beside her. It was cramped in the single bed. I could feel the cold creeping into my back as I was pressed up against the wall. Embarrassed at having cum so soon, I slipped my hand between us, slid two fingers into Party Four, and with my thumb on her clit proceeded to get her off. It took a few minutes, and as she had her eyes tightly closed in concentration, I watched Bethany reach her orgasm as I worked on Party Four.When Bethany came, she was noisy, crying out for her boyfriend not to stop and raking his back with her fingernails. That got Party Four off; she yelled out, “Yes, Yes. Fuuuuuck, etc.” as she came.The two girls climaxing was incredibly erotic and got me aroused again. Party Four rolled in against me when she caught her breath. And snuggling her head into the nape of my neck, she giggled and whispered, “Oh! Goody, your hard again.”I lay back, basking in the afterglow, and watched Bethany climb out from under her boyfriend and walk off to the bathroom. She didn’t bother to pull on a robe or anything, and I’m certain she was swaying her hips extra sexily, knowing I was watching. She was waif-thin and petite; there was some tapering at her waist, but her hips were more like an adolescent boy’s. Her skin was ivory white and had me imagining what my tanned olive skin would be like pressed up against her. My cock was in agony. It had not deflated after our sex, as I was so aroused.When Bethany returned from the bathroom, I got to take a good look at her breasts. They were perfect, two globes that looked large on her tiny frame but, in reality, were probably relatively small. Her nipples were so hard and pronounced I could have hung my car keys on them. She smiled knowingly at me, showing off her pearly white teeth, blew me a kiss and crawled under the covers alongside her boyfriend. My mind was running full tilt, trying to figure out how to oust her boyfriend and join her in bed. But I could think of no way without being an absolute arsehole. And the gentleman in me; made me lower my head and give Party Four the attention she wanted. My pent-up arousal had me searching out Party Four’s mouth with a hungry urgency, and she had to be pretty horny herself as she responded in kind, and we spent a few minutes wrestling tongues.

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