Part Four: Sharing My Japanese Wife – Mos Burger


While Keiko was sucking and fucking her English lover, Mark, I was fucking Yoshie.The second time I saw Yoshie was one Saturday night while I helped out at a friend’s Japanese pub and Yoshie walked in with a woman I knew, and secretly disliked, named Yumi.  I had never forgotten Yoshie with her willowy body and long wavy hair; I had met her at a party a few years before and she would cross my mind from time to time. The night wasn’t busy so I sat down at their table and we had a few laughs. Next week I gave Yumi a call and asked her to set up a time for us all to go out together and I promised to bring along a Hawaiian hula instructor who was popular with Japanese women, knowing she would take the man-bait. She readily agreed but the sound of her voice told me she knew my interest in Yoshie was the real reason for my call.The big night rolled around and we all met up in a dark smoky bar run by an Eastern European bodybuilder with rapidly thinning hair and body odor. The place was loud which made it impossible to hold a conversation without speaking directly into someone’s ear so I focused on Yoshie while the Hula Dancer talked with Yumi.At some point, our Hula Dancer left us and an Aussie whom I barely knew quickly replaced him. Soon Yumi and the Aussie were all over each other and had seemingly forgotten about Yoshie and I. When I suggested to Yoshie that we go somewhere else, just the two of us, to give them some space, she Ankara escort agreed and Yumi seemed eager to be rid of both of us. By then I had gathered that Yumi had told Yoshie that the only reason I wanted us all to get together was so I could be with her and the fact that she agreed gave me the confidence to just go for it. In Japan, if you can get a woman in your apartment you have a 99% chance of sex so I knew I was getting close.We went down the street to a new pub run by a man well-known in town. A long, narrow bright place, it had a bar that went on forever; we sat down on the far end with the owner and a single customer at the other end with no one else in the place.It wasn’t long until we were making out in a way that Japanese seldom do in public and I could see that the proprietor was giving us the space to be alone. Yoshie was taller than Keiko with long arms and legs and a small chest, but that night she was wearing a bra that made her breasts look bigger, a look that didn’t suit her willowy frame at all. I suspected she thought all white men love big tits. She was wrong. She also had thin narrow shoulders like Keiko and I wished the weather were warmer so she could have exposed them. When she walked away to the ladies room I couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass in tight jeans. The skin on her face, neck, and hands was so pale and soft and I could only imagine what it would be like Ankara escort bayan to be with her naked.She got back from the ladies room and her blouse had one extra button undone than before and I wanted to kiss the exposed skin so badly. We faced each other sitting on the stools while holding hands under the bar. I didn’t want to let her go but I knew then that I wasn’t ready to take her to a love hotel even though I was confident she would agree – I liked her just too much for that. We talked a little longer with a few more kisses before walking out into the cool night air and said goodnight with a promise to meet again soon.Keiko called me from Mark’s friend’s place in Tokyo after I got home from my date first date with Yoshie. She told me she had spent the day with him. Mark had run out on an errand so she was alone now and I got her to tell me the details of her day with her tall, skinny, pale Englishman with dark wavy hair.Knowing how much I love to hear of her escapades and that I would be forced to masturbate, she went into great detail of how he had taken her to lunch, then dinner, with a long stroll around a fashionable area of the city in between, hand in hand. She thought his forearms sexy the way he rolled up his shirt sleeves and that alone made her want to fuck him.After dinner, they went to his favorite bar and had a few drinks. She repaid him that evening, as expected, Escort Ankara with her body by kissing his smooth white chest, flicking her tongue across his nipples as she made her way down his lean torso before she took his cock into her mouth. Her great mass of long thick black hair covered his lap and  Mark would push it out of her face so he could watch her service him properly as he sat on the sofa with a smirk on his face. I had my hand on my cock as she spoke.Mark loved having Keiko meet him in Tokyo because she was all his the entire weekend and not just for the usual few hours.  He loved knowing there were no strings attached with this young, hot married Asian woman who wasn’t going to leave her husband and who only wanted to please and be pleased by this Englishman. Keiko told me how he had enjoyed her tight ass as he had gone at her pussy from behind with his piece of meat.Then she told me how she lowered herself down on his erect dick and rode him before he picked her up and laid her down to fuck her in the missionary position, thrusting his cock in and out her dripping wet Japanese pussy until she came. His cock not only felt crazy good but also simply different from my rock-hard cock, his being less rigid while inside her. It was the variety she said she loved.  Then she told me they’d probably fuck again that night after he got back with some beer and definitely would fuck him again tomorrow before taking the train back home. Then she laughed and told me in English to “go touch” myself as Mark was now at the door and the line went dead. I didn’t even have the chance to tell her about Yoshie. No matter. She’d find out soon enough.  I came into my hand thinking about Keiko and Mark then went to bed.

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