Pakistani Couple’s wife Swap Pt. 02

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While Yasir and my wife Mariam went to the eastern part of the resort, we decided to go towards the western area, which was more relaxed and private. This area had a beautiful scenic beach and a cave system which I had planned to explore. I had deliberately chosen this area as I knew Alia was a bit more conservative and would appreciate the more private place to be comfortable. This area also had a private recreation hall that groups used for private parties. The hall was mostly empty during the day as most of the activity was in the evening.

As expected, Alia was cautious and wore conservative swimwear like Mariam under a white cotton dress. However, I had already discussed with Yasir that I would make her wear a black G-string bikini that we had selected for her. I picked her up from the lobby and headed toward the beachside bar.

On the way, I asked her how she felt about all this.

“I am excited and nervous simultaneously,” she said.

Understandably, it was her first date outside of her marriage.

“Get ready for the adventure that I have planned but remember that you have to do everything I said,” I told her.

“Yes, yes, I am in. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have come,” she said, smiling blushingly, and then started laughing.

The beach area of the hotel I had selected was popular with private nudists and was quieter and more secluded with trees. Alia and I ordered drinks at the bar, and I was surprised she ordered a cocktail on her own, considering she wasn’t much of a drinker. Before we were on our way to the sunbeds, I handed her the black bikini with a small triangle top and a tiny G-string bottom.

“Wow, you want me to wear this?” Alia said.

“Yes,” I smiled and said.

She was blushing but was a good sport and went to the nearby changing room and switched to the new bikini. We both started walking towards the sun beds.

“Don’t worry too much; there aren’t many people on this side,” I told her.

“I am not worried at all. I am looking forward to something like this,” she said.

This gave me some confidence, and she was game for whatever was to come. As we reached our sunbeds, we started a very interesting conversation about our sex performance. Seeing her rave about trying anal was interesting, yet both had still not done that. Mariam and I had discussed doing anal, and I was getting her used to the idea and training her ass for anal. However, I felt Alia was more ready for it, and it surprised me that they hadn’t done it yet.

As our drinks were being delivered, Alia removed her dress, exposing Eryaman Escort a fantastic body she had kept under wraps. Her bikini bottom was barely covering anything, and her breasts were popping out of the bikini top.

“Will you keep sitting there or help me put on some sunblock?” She said.

The waiter went on his way, and I jumped to oblige her request. I was waiting for this and laid her face down I could feel she was primed to be fucked.

“Do you want to put it in your mouth?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she said and needed no invitation.

She got on her knees and started sucking my cock like an expert. Yasir was right Alia was good at sucking and giving blow jobs.

“You are so big she said” She stopped to breathe and started again.

I picked her up and walked into the thigh-high water of the natural pool. I laid her down on the edge of the limestone cave and entered the tip of my cock in her already well-lubricated pussy. Alia let out a loud moan and, with a heavy breath, said:

“Oh yes, fuck me,” she cried.

I needed no invitation and started pumping her with slow thrusts. She was so tight yet so wet, her moans getting louder, mixing with the sound of waves and amplified by the caves. I kept going at it raising her legs to my shoulder and going balls deep. The slapping of my balls against her ass and her moans were echoing from the caves giving a sense of porn in cinema. Alia had just had her third intense orgasm, and her body shivered. My cock gave in and let out hot streams of cum deep in her pussy. I plowed myself again and again in her as I could feel streams of cum entering the depth of her pussy, lubing her insides. I collapsed on her as she kissed me and said:

“I am over the moon,”

I was also entirely spent and didn’t expect anything as intense as this at the start of the day. We started kissing and bathed the natural pool, where I could see how much cum I had deposited in her as I helped her wash. We spent the next hour enjoying the natural pool and looking at that cave while naked and unaware that her bottom was gone in the wind.

We decided to head to the sunbeds when we realized our clothes were not kept in a bag and would have been taken by the wind. This was true when we got to the beds as we only had small towels to dry ourselves and none of our clothes. Seeing this as a sign to remain naked, we laughed and lay on the beds ordering another round of well-deserved drinks and sandwiches to regain much-needed energy. We rested for the next few hours, Sincan Escort kissing and looking at other couples around us. Alia went for a quick dip before we were on our way to explore more. At the same time, the waiter came to collect the used dishes and glasses; he looked at me and said:

“Excuse me, Sir, there was a sex party in the room last night, and some equipment is still there. They have cleaned and disinfected every bit of the equipment and the room, but the pick-up is tomorrow. If you want, you can use it. The door is open.”

This gave me an idea. As Alia came back, she said:

“Come with me. I am craving more of your cock.”

“I have something more adventurous,” I replied.

As I told her this, I could feel her getting excited, and in the same naked state, we walked towards the party room. Alia was so horny that she didn’t observe the room and immediately started kissing me. She again went down and took my cock in her mouth, sucking it like a pro. With every passing minute, she took more of it till she couldn’t get any more in. I grabbed her head and pushed further in as she gagged and took it out. My cock was rock hard. I was ready to do her but using the equipment in the room.

I placed her back on the inclined wooden rack, her head side down, and her legs on a higher angle. I raised Alia till her pussy was at the edge of the rack, her legs spread, and blood flow flowing down to her head. The rack was an ideal height where her pussy was reaching the height of my cock. I then separated her legs and entered her pussy with my tip. Alia squirmed as I entered her, and in the first few thrusts of a couple of inches, she orgasmed. This position stimulated her G-spot, and she could not control her moans and pleasure. I got down and started licking her clit, and she started moaning louder and louder as I softly bit her clit with my teeth.

I was gradually building pace and, with a sudden lunge, entered her fully. I was balls deep in Alia and was now fucking her like a madman. Alia was moaning and screaming, and after a few minutes of intensive fuck, I moved toward her mouth, slowly and intimately face fucking her. I also started to eat her pussy from this angle as my pace grew. Then the moment came, my cock twitched, and my balls emptied a huge load deep into her mouth. Alia expertly swallowed all of it as an intense orgasm hit her. As we both caught our breath, we looked at each other and smiled.

“What will they be doing?” I asked.

“Knowing Yasir, probably the same Etlik Escort thing. He will be deep in Mariam as you have been in me,” Alia replied as she giggled.

As we caught our breath, Alia approached me and started kissing me. She then moved down and took the tip of my semi-erect cock in her mouth. I could see how hot she was again as she moaned while taking my cock in her mouth. I could feel her energy.

“Now I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she said.

I had never tried anal with my wife, and I thought it was an opportunity to experience this. I saw lubricant on a countertop and decided to use it. I was rock hard now and moved Alia to the wooden bench again. This time I placed her on her front and used the leather straps to strap her hands and back. Her ass was now raised and protruding.

I took the lube out and massaged her ass while eating her pussy. She started moaning.

“Have you taken anything as big as my cock.” I asked.

She replied in negative.

“I have always wanted, but we have never done it, just limited to fingers.” She said.

“Well, today is our lucky day,” I said.

I took some of the lube in my hand and rubbed her asshole. I told her to relax, which she did. I slowly inserted my two fingers in her asshole, to which she squirmed and moaned.

“Slowly.” She said.

Once I felt she was used to the fingers, I spread her butt cheeks with my hand and inserted half of the slim lube bottle in her ass. I pressed hard on the remaining bottle to ensure most of it was deposited in her anus. I then took the bottle out and rubbed the remaining on my aching cock.

I then moved the tip of my cock on her anus and plowed in.

“Ooh God, it’s too big,” Alia said.

I continued fucking her slowly and gradually, building up pace and going deeper and deeper. It was so good, and she was so tight. After a few minutes, I was balls deep in her ass, and Alia was moaning and screaming in pleasure and pain. In her position, I could go deep into her. I also started to rub her clit, which made her moan like crazy. After fucking her ass for a few minutes, I released all I had in her with one last lunge making Alia pass out.

I caught my breath as Alia regained consciousness from her intense orgasm. I was panting heavily and took my cock out. A stream of semen and lube followed my exit from her ass. I was exhausted, and I could only imagine how Alia would be.

We both caught our breath and made out and kissed, laughing and joking about the experience as we returned to the hotel room. It was already evening, and we were looking forward to sharing our adventures with Yasir & Mariam. We walked towards our room buck naked, going through the lobby to the elevators to the naughty gaze of multiple people, embarrassed yet trying to stop our laughing.

As we entered our room, we heard Yasir and Mariam already there.

More to come.

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